Nov 12 2020 - Nov 12 2020

Speaker Series

Welcome to our 2021 Virtual Speaker Series! Join Mary Conley as she shares her experiences uncovering her grandfather's past as a minister and a solider, and restoring his memory with her family,  and stay tuned for tales of Christmas in Charlotte County from author David Goss, and Jane Garnett!
"A photo of Alexander Grant on her Facebook feed led Mary Conley on a journey of discovery about a grandfather little known to her. Listen in to hear more of her experience uncovering Alexander's fascinating life from his service in the Boer War to life as an ordained minister, to the trenches of World War I, and how this journey reunited his memory with her family. Mary’s message for others? “I thought the archives just had this information by magic… and then I realized, it is really the family’s responsibility to tell their story and put it in the archives.” You can read more in Mary's book ""A Wild Journey with our Grandfather Alexander Grant" coauthored by Stephen Grant." Watch here
Coming Soon Christmas Memories with Jane Garnett. A Charlotte County Christmas Story read by author David Goss from his book "Christmas in Atlantic Canada"
  • Nov 12 2020 - Nov 12 2020