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Our atmospherically controlled vault contains over 170 metres of documents recording the history of Charlotte County, including letters, maps, ledgers, photographs, logbooks, certificates, yearbooks, ephemera, organizational records, artworks, diaries, deeds, and more. Search below to get an idea of our holdings, though note that improving access to our materials is an ongoing process.

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Our research room also holds books relating to the history of the area and relevant subjects; numerous local newspapers on microfilm, many with name indexes; researcher-contributed genealogies; vertical files of subject interest; and other research resources. Many of these are also searchable below.


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IDDates of CreationAcc NumberMC NumberMap NumberTitleLocationDescriptionPhysical Description
Acc.2021.194923Funeral Records and Obituaries from the Collection of Pastor Phillip Andrews4G3Funeral records, clergy eulogy cards, and obituaries c.1970 - 2021 from St. Stephen, Milltown, St. Andrews, Chamcook, Bayside, Campobello, Oak Bay, Back Bay, Tower Hill, Waweig, Honeydale, Lawrence Station, L'etang, Bac; Bangor and Calais.10 cm of manuscript documets
2021.03394John Henry Milligan Baptism Certificate 19433.00E+01Baptism certificate for John Henry Miligan [Milligan?], son of Philip Henry Miligan and Jane Maher. Baptised on Milltown by Charles P.J. Carleton
1968450The Early Granite Industry and Recollection of “Its People” by Miss Eulalia O’Halloran7 pages written by M.Eulalia O'Halloran June 1968 details the Granite Industry in New Brunswick from 1870 up to 1968
2021.033The First ColonyInformation package on St Croix Island and it’s environs researched and presented by Ruth Spicer for the Charlotte County Heritage Regions symposium 1992, including maps and manuscripts from William Francis Ganong.
19772021.071000203.1/14St. Stephen, Canada-United States of AmericaMap Cabinet 2 Drawer 7Topographical Map. St Stephen, Canada-United States of America. 1977. Scale 1:50,000. 2 copies.
c 1970s?2021.0711000Map. The Watersheds of Eastern Charlotte Proposed Water Plan
19082020.0721000203.1/8Town of St. Andrews proposed sewerage systemMap Cabinet 2 Drawer 5Blueprint. Town of St. Andrews proposed sewerage system 1908. Scale 80 feet to 1 inch.
2021.0731000203.1.9Lands to be conveyed to Canadian Tuna Corporation Champlain Industrial Park. Seaboard Surveys Ltd. Fredericton NBMap Cabinet 2 Drawer 6Map. Plan of lands to be conveyed to Canadian Tuna Corporation. Champlain Industrial Park. Seaboard Surveys Ltd. Fredericton NB. March 14, 1966
19632021.0741000203.1/8Topographic Surveys 1963Map Cabinet 2 Drawer 5Series of topographic surveys of Charlotte County produced in 1963. Scale 400 feet to 1 inch. Covers Cummings Corner, Joe's Point, St. Andrews, Chamcook, Navy Island, Lower Bayside,
19522021.0751000203New Brunswick Topographical Survey 1952Topographical survey. Lepreau, Chance, and Dipper habours. Compiled 1949, revised May 1952.
19772021.0761000203.1/1 203.11 and 203.1/14 andTopographical Surveys of Charlotte County 1977Map Cabinet 2, Drawers 3, 6, 7 andSeries of topographical surveys of Charlotte County compiled in 1977. Scale 1:50,000. Covers St. George, St. Stephen, Campobello, and Grand Manan.
19392021.0771000Magaguadavic River and settlements.Map Cabinet 2 Drawer 6Survey, Magaguadavic River and settlements.1939 by William McMorran.
11977.0011Arden Hotel letterhead1A1Letterhead of Arden Hotel, St. George, NB 1900. C. Hazen McGee, proprietor2 pages slightly torn
51977.002226Keay family fonds1J2"Tales of a Loyalist Town" (1948) a script written for a pageant bt Mrs. R. Fraser Keay adapted from Grace Helen Mowat's book 'A Diverting History of a Loyalist Town'. It was presented by the Music, Art and Drama club on July 14th and 15th, 1948 in Andr2.5 cm textual records [1 book and 1 program]
81977.0033Moses Seeley fonds1A1Letter from Moses Seeley in San Francisco, California describing conditions to this brother in St. George, N.B.1 item (3 p.) of textual records
91977.0055McKenzie family fonds1A1,1ATopStatement of account Hector N. McKenzie, St. George, Dimock and Wilson Aug 2 - Sept 17th, 1850one sheet
101977.0066International Correspondence Schools1A1Invitation to exhibition of the International Correspondence Schools, IN P.G. Hanson's Store, St. Andrews, N.B., July 23rd to 27th, 1904.1 item (4 p. + 1 attached postcard)
111977.0044Frances Wren collection1ATopLetter concerning the St. Andrews built schooner, 'George Lamb'. Personal note to Miss Wren from Mrs. William Carson (nee Mary K Gove) signed M.K.C., includes reference to Mr. Applebee's list of St. Andrews ships.1 page
131977.0075McKenzie family fonds1A1&topLog book of ship 'Empress' from Liverpool to New Orleans in the winter of 1858-9, and other voyages. In 1863 Peter Morrison of Mascarene used it as a scriap book obliterating some of the entries.1 book in boards and leather binding
141977.0087David Ludlow fonds. 1858-18731A1Documents include, sale of church pew, receipts for school tuition, draft of will, and a deed.5 cm. of textual records
151977.0098Deed of land to James Paul, 18181A1Deed of lot, King and Queen Streets, St. Andrews (Crown), to James Paul, also plan showing adjacent properties 1818. The plan shows the market house, slaughter house, jail and courthouse, Bridge Brook and lots belonging to Robert Pagan, Thomas Wyer and H2 p. (1 parchment, one thick paper)
161977.019Charlotte County Grammar School fonds1A1Register of pupils for the Charlotte County Grammar School, Jan. 11th, 1886 - June 30, 1899. Also includes total enrolment April 30, 1884 - June 30, 18991 notebook (bound in boards)
171977.01110Register of marks of sheep in St. Stephen1A1Register of marks of sheep etc. in the Parish of St. Stephen, May 14, 1798 - May 8, 18065:00 PM
181977.01211Treadwell family fonds1A1, 1ATopPapers consist of Nathan Treadwell's commission as captain in First Battalion, Charlotte County Militia, Dec. 12, 1864, 10 certificates of discharge of seaman Hedley V. Treadwell from ship 'Senator Weber (Liverpool), 1876-9 and ship 'Regent' 1880-3, and t14 p.
191977.01420Princess Royal (Brig), Alex McGill commander.1A1The brig Princess Royal was built by William Allison Broderick at Parrsboro, N.S. in 1840. It was registered at the port of Halifax in January, 1941, James Ratchford and ageorge Humphray, owners. Registerd at St. Andrews, July 1841 to Frederick A. Babco1 log book (board, leather binding)
201977.015205John Medcof fonds1I5-1J2A cook book believed to have been kept by Mrs. Thomas Rudolph Wren; handwritten and a few recipes pasted in.1 book (front cover detached)
211977.016226St. Croix Harbor, a great national port for Canada 1914An Birth certificate, deeds to property in St. Andrews, photographs relating to him, seven deeds to property in Harvey parish probably concerned with her family, copy of 'Quoddy Eagle."1 booklet
221977.018226Programme for celebration of King George VI, May 12th, 1937 St. AndrewsmissingNotice of band concert at 7 pm. Bonfire, fireworks at Indian Point and Grand Costume Ball in Algonquin Casino, St. Andrews.1 item
231977.019175Mann Family fonds1I4Six original letters, ten transcriptions (some now lost) made years ago by an unknown hand. Letters between Perthshire Scotland and St. George, NB by members of the Mann family and others.25 pp originals; 105 pages copies
241977.02205Dr. Carl Medcof collection1I5-1J2Advertisement from the Hourd & Company, Ltd. re "The Peerless" folding table; 1908.
A note to Miss Paul regarding tuition fees, 1848
2 items
251977.029194Lord Beaverbrook (William Maxwell Aitken) fonds1I4An order of service in memory of Lord Beaverbrook, All Saints Church, St. Andrews, addresses by Rev. J.F.N. Jones, the Chaplain of Lord Beaverbrook's regiment and other ministers.1 item
261977.0316Petitions of John Fryer and James Curtain, 18411A1The fonds consists of two petitions, one from John Fryer and One from James Curtain regarding the operation of ferries between Chitty's Cove and Joe's Point in St. Andrews and the American side (1841).1 item handwritten transcript
271977.03117William Deming fonds1A1Three papers from estate of William Deming, Calais Me, 1834-58. Includes a brewery receipt 1858, court summons 1839 and bill of exchange 1834.3 items
281977.03219Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATop"Salt Sea Breezes of St. Andrews -by-the-Sea NB". A booklet put out by the Tourist Association of St. Andrews probably in 1920's or earlier. It is illustrated with photographs and drawings.1 booklet, 16 pp (brown ink on cream pages)
291977.03319Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopTwo papers of F. Hazen Grimmer in 1898. Letter and invoice addressed to Mr. F.H. Grimmer, St. Stephen, NB. On the reverse of the letter is a list of the principal business firms at St. John at that time.2 items
301977.03420Princess Royal (Brig) fonds1A1Photostats from the St. Andrews Register obtained from the Public Archives in Ottawa. The ship was owned by a number of St. Andrews men.4 items (photostat negatives)
311977.0355McKenzie family fonds1A1Log book of barque Sophia McKenzie (1852-1853), voyages to Calcutta and London. The barque sailed out of St. George.1 log book
321977.0365McKenzie family fonds1A1, 1ATopLog book of barque Sophia McKenzie, voyages to New Orleans and London in 1848-1849. The ship was commanded by Captain G.W. McKenzie fo St. George.1 log book
331977.03719Grimmer family fondsRef.Reprint of Feb. 10th 1927 from the St. Croix Courier of Feb 11, 1927 from the St. Croix of Feb. 11 1897. Mr. Grimmer was a St. Andrews lawyer and member of the New Brunswick legislature.1 newspaper clipping
341977.03821Hanson Scrapbook1A1, Refscrap book containing genealogical research by J.C. Hanson Jr,4 cm textual records
351977.0484Programme of celebration of the Armistice and ending of the war, 19181.00E+01Program held in St. Andrews on November 12, 1918. Names of members of committee included.1 item
361977.04123Rev. Duncan McColl Biography1A1Written by Rev. J. Austin Jardine, St. Stephen, May 12, 1964. Rev. Duncan McColl was the first Methodist minister in St. Stephen, 17852 copies, 5 sheets
371977.04218The Beacon, June 24, 18972I3The Beacon, published in St. Andrews: January 11, 1900; 1917; May 26, 1904; December 15, 1904;1 newspaper
381977.04318The Beacon2I3The Beacon newspaper,
391977.04518The Beacon2I3The Beacon, St. Andrews, (continues the St. Andrews Beacon)
401977.04618The Beacon Supplement2I3The Beacon Supplement, St. Andrews,
411977.04718The Beacon2I3The Beacon, St. Andrews,
421977.04818The Beacon2I3The Beacon, St. Andrews August 9, 19191 newspaper
431977.04918The Beacon2I3The Beacon, St Andrews; 3 issues; August 4th 1917, Aug 18 1917, November 16, 19183 newspapers
441977.0518The Beacon2I3The Beacon, St. Andrews. Thursday February 10th, 1898 No. 411 newspapers (4 pp)
451977.051392St. Andrews Courant2I3St. Andrews Courant - newspaper. Volume 1 no. 3 , Friday May 27th, 1831, published in office of Colin Campbell at his office in Water Street St. Andrews.1 newspaper (4 pp)
461977.05224Alumni oration delivered by Wallace Broad, B.A., D.Sc. U.N.B. Encaenia, 19271A1Alumni oration delivered at the Encaenia of the University of New Brunswick Fredericton, NB, Thursday, May 12, 1927 by Dr. Wallace Broad in 1927 at Fredericton and printed by him, Sept 1927 at his Beacon Press. It was the 50th anniversary of his graduati1 booklet: 10 pp
471977.05325St. Andrews Fire Department1A2Bi - laws of the Torrent Engine Fire Company No.1, St. Andrews NB 1857.1 booklet: 16 pp
481977.055450Weslyan Methodist Register, St. Stephen, 1846-1907Ref.1 folder typed transcript
491977.05628Family history of Rev. Samuel Andrews1A2Family history of Rev. Samuel Andrews, first rector in St. Andrews, from 1786. History of Wallingford, Conn. With biographical sketch of Rev. S. Andrews, "Historical references to William Andrews of New Haven, Conn. "The family fo Lucian Cone Andrews",typed sheets; printed booklet ; blueprint
501977.057395Miramichi folk songs3.00E+01typed folksongs of the Miramichi7 pp
511977.058395Folksongs of New Brunswick3.00E+014 pp
521977.05931Invitation to opening ball for Andraeleo Club1A2Invitation to opening ball of the Andraeleo Club in St. Andrews to be held in Andraeleo Hall held Wednesday evening Jan. 13, 1904. Committee: W.F. Kennedy; W.F. Craig; D. Coakley; A.B. O'Neill.1 card and envelope
531992.064763Townsend family fonds2G3John, William, Robert Townsend. William Townsend was a shipwright, many shipbuilding related materials. Also includes some genealogical notes concerning Townsends.10 cm (1 box); original ms
542001.001581John Williamson Collection4A3St. Andrews ephemera5 cm
551977.0618The Beacon2I3The Beacon St. Andrews -- newspaper. Issues of February 29th and March 7th, 1912
561977.06118The Beacon2I3Part of an issue of 'The Beacon' 3 August 1916 giving names of automobile owners. Pages 4-6. Source of names of county residents, also editorial re establishing a market in St. Andrews - social notes -- other items.p 4-6 of newspaper
572016.01926Saint Andrews Library fonds1A23 books from the first St Andrews Library. Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott ;An Apology for the Bible by Rev. Richard Watson ; An Autumn near the Rhine.3 items of textual records
581977.06318The Beacon2I3Issue of The Beacon published in St. Andrews, August 17th, 1918.1 newspaper
591977.06435The Bay Pilot2I3October 28th 1886, Vol. IV no. 39 ; issue of 'The Bay Pilot' newspaper.1 newspaper, 4 pp
601977.06536Mrs. B's Scrapbook1A2Account book turned into scrapbook. (Mrs. B__'s? scrapbook). Clippings of poetry, from English, American and Canadian newspapers. Date uncertain (19th century). 2 loose clippings and fragments of letters. Items pastes in.1 item
611977.06637Dan Coakley scrapbooks1A22 scrapbooks, clippings etc. of general rather than local interest. A book of agricultural reports was used for one scrapbook and the other used an 1874 report of schools in the province. Many of the items were clipped from papers that were published bef2 items
631977.06838Common Place Books vol 1 & 2 1811 - 18151A22 scrapbooks kept in England by Lou ____? At Humberstone Gate and Leicester. Items are mostly from papers and magazines but some are handwritten. Pages numbered and indexed.102 pp & 142 pp
641977.06939Sons of Temperance, Safeguard Division #58 (Pennfield)1A2Financial secretary's book (1896-1899).1 item
651977.0739Sons of Temperance, Safeguard Division #58 (Pennfield)1A2A minute book (1896-1897).1 item
661977.07139Sons of Temperance, Safeguard Division #58 (Pennfield)1A2Treasurer's book (1897-1900).1 item
671977.07239Sons of Temperance, Safeguard Division #58 (Pennfield)1A2Membership book (1896-1900).1 item
681977.07339Sons of Temperance, Safeguard Division #58 (Pennfield)1A2Notes and programmes found in record books of Sons of Temperance (Pennfield).
692001.0021000George Haney collectionMISSING2 Cassette tapes -- Granite Works in Maine part 1 and part 2. Talk by Brant Livingston of Calais Maine2 cassette tapes
701977.07440O'Dell Account Book1ATopO'Dell and Turner account book (March 1, 1849 - May 9th 1858) for dry goods business. T.T. O'Dell was in partnership with Mrs. Turner (a widow).1 account book (5 cm)
711977.07541The Town Improvement Association of St. Andrews and The St. Andrews Light Club1A2The fonds consists of a minute book of the Town Improvement Association of Saint Andrews (March 4, 1895 - June 28, 1895) and the St. Andrews Light Club (February 14, 1905 - April 26, 1906).1 volume
721977.07642B.R. Stevenson fonds1A2- 1C1Records of the St. Andrews Mechanics Institute 185. Also minutes for the founding meeting of the Argyll Hotel Co. Company, St. Andrews.1 volume
731977.07742B.R. Stevenson fonds1A2- 1C1Loose papers concerned with the Argyll Hotel, St. Andrews 1879-1881.7 sheets
741977.07842B.R. Stevenson collection1A2- 1C1Centenary of Charlotte County Grammar School Aug. 16th, 1918.1 sheet (folded)
751977.079739Independent Order of Foresters fonds3.00E+01Minute book (1890-1900)
761977.08739Independent Order of Foresters fonds3.00E+01Minute book (1922-1947)
771977.081739Independent Order of Foresters fonds3.00E+01Account book (1890-1897)
781977.08243General store of John Grimmer1C1An account book for a general store belonging to John Grimmer of St. Stephen 1823-18331 item
791977.08344Grocery Store of Henry Swift, St. Andrews1C1Account book of grocery store in St. Andrews (1857-1859)1 item
801977.08444Grocery store of Henry Swift, St. Andrews1C11 account book (includes part of a copy book belonging to Elizabeth Swift)1 item
811977.08539Sons of Temperance, Safeguard Division #58, Pennfield fonds1A2Financial secretary's book (1896-1899) kept by Mr. M. Hawkins.1 book
822001.003591Randall Gleason fonds3see preliminary listing10 cm
831992.005530May Hanson fonds3Correspondence of May Hanson (1883-1887).5 cm of textual records
841977.08644Grocery stores in St. Andrews1C1Grocery shop account book (1823-1832), St. Andrews, NB. May have belonged to the Swift family like other volumes found in this attic. Mrs. Swift married a Mr. Lynn after her husband's death and was keeping a shop in 1851 (census).1 book
851977.08744Henry Swift Fonds1C1Grocery store account book (1828-1854).1 book
861977.08845St. Croix Skating Rink Company (St. Stephen)1C1St. Croix Skating Rink Company (St. Stephen) cash book (October 1882 - May 1894).1 book
871977.089739Independent Order of Foresters fonds3.00E+01Independent Order of Foresters fonds No. 508 (1903-1921)1 book
881977.0946Charlotte County Grammar School and Intermediate School Work Samples1C1Samples of the work of students of the Intermediate and Grammar Schools - grades 4, 7, 8, 9, 10. Names of the students appear on each page.1 book
891977.09147Scrap book of Arthur Whiteside1C1Scrapbook of Arthur Whiteside prior to 1920 - clippings of early Maritimes history. Handwritten account of French capture of Jemseg, 1670 and 2 series of newspaper clippings by Archdeacon W.O. Raymond.1 exercise book
901977.09248Bessie Gove autograph book1C1Bessie Gove's autograph book "Mental Photographs an Album for Confessions of Tastes, Habits, and Convictions" edited by Robert Saxton, New York.1 book
911977.09349Captain James McLeod fonds1C1The Captain James McLeod fonds (1882-1888) consists of shipping documents from Scammel Bros., ship brokers, St. John, N.B. involving Captain James McLeod of St. George as Master of the Bark Maud Scammell and Bark J. Walter Scammell.17 sheets some folded (5 cm)
921977.09420Princess Royal (Brig) fonds.1A1Financial records concerned with shipping dated 1827 and 1858 found in log book of Princess Royal (brig). Concerned with shipping butter fish and beef.1 single and 1 double sheet blue paper
932002.001592Phoebe Magee fonds3"Hitler: my part in his downfall! A wartime memoir"16 p.
941977.09532Grammar School Review St. Andrews NB May 18931A2Published on the first of each month by the students of the Charlotte County Grammer School St. Andrews, NB Vol. 1 May 1893 No. 24 pp
951977.09618The Beacon, St. Andrews, NB May 26, 19172I3newspaper: 4 pp
961977.09751Sea Coast Resort of the Atlantic Coast1C1An illustrated guide book to the coast of Eastern Maine, New Brusnwick, Nova Scotai, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton. Published in 1893 by the International Steamship Co.Maine and the Maritime Provinces it includes travel informaiton and prices of ti128 pp
972019.05934Diary for 18671A2Leather-bound diary recording events from 1867, author unknown, however, the name 'Townsend' is featured frequently. The diary records day to day employment in shops construction, transcripts of poetry, USA experiences.1 Volume
982019.06429Bill of Sale for ship, Freeman Colgate 18761A2Bill of sale for the ship Freeman Colgate, 1876. Based in St. Andrews
991977.130Baptist Church, St. George1A2Financial records 1856-18731 vol. - photocopy
1001977.10150The King's Highway2I3"The King's Highway" of February 28, 1894 No. 5. The organ of the reformed Baptist Church of Canada, published semi-monthly at Woodstock, NB by a Committee of the Alliance.1 newspaper
1011977.10250The King's Highway2I3"The King's Highway" December 15, 1897 No. 10. The organ of the Reformed Baptists of Canada published semi-monthly at Woodstock, NB by a Committee of the Alliance.14 p.
1021977.10318The Beacon2I3The Beacon, Thursday, January 10, 1907.1 newspaper
1031977.10418The BeaconThe Beacon, August 2, 1900. Weekly journal devoted to the interests of Charlotte County. Published in St. Andrews.1 newspaper
1041977.105390James Stoop and family fonds3.00E+01The James Stoop and family fonds (1838 - 1909), consists of: appointment of James Stoop as Police Magistrate of St. Andrews in 1909; mortgage Hugh Maxwell and Henry Johnston to Angus D.M. Martin Nov. 1838; Henry Johnson sale property to Hugh Maxwell, Ma.5 cm textual records
1051977.106391Register of Attendance (grades of instruction and general standing), St. Andrews Schools 19153.00E+01Register of pupils attending school in St. Andrews District No 1 Parish of St. Andrews , County of Charlotte with a record of visitation for the school year ending June 30th, 1915.12:00 PM
1061977.10752Custom House, St. Andrews fonds1C1- 1C2Correspondence from the Custom House, London to officials at the Custom House in St. Andrews (1824).1 vol.
1071977.10852Custom House, St. Andrews fonds1C1- 1C2Correspondence from the Custom House, London to officials at the Custom House in St. Andrews (1825).1 vol.
1081977.10952Custom House, St. Andrews fonds1C1- 1C2Correspondence from the Custom House, London to officials at the Custom House in St. Andrews (1826).1 vol.
1091977.1152Custom House, St. Andrews fonds1C1- 1C2Correspondence from the Custom House, London to officials at the Custom House in St. Andrews (1827).1 vol.
1101977.11152Custom House, St. Andrews fonds1C1- 1C2Board orders, orders in council and treasury orders from London to St. Andrews Customs officers
1111977.11253Richard Fitzgerald letter1C2A letter from Richard Fitzgerald in San Francisco to his friend 'Coakley' in St. Andrews, May 3rd, 1856.1 photocopy, 1 transcript : 2 items (2 pages each) of textual records
1131977.11455The Lady's Magazine June 17992I3This issue of the Lady's Magazine was published in June 1799 and was described as an entertaining magazine for the fair sex.45 p. magazine
1141977.11556The Granite Town Greetings, St. George, NB2I1Newspaper, The Granite Town Greetings, St. George, NB Friday March 10 1911, Vol 6 no. 358 p. newspaper
1151977.11657The Calais Times2I3v 11 no.2 Friday, May 9, 1879 Calais, Maine USA4 p. newspaper
1161977.11757The Calais Times2I3Vol. 11 no. 16 Friday August 15th, 1879.2 p. newspaper
1171977.11857The Calais Times2I3vol. 11 no 26 Friday October 24, 1879 Calais, Maine USA4 p. newspaper
1181977.11957The Calais Times2Hvol 11 no 30 Friday, November 21, 1879 Calais, Maine USA4 p. newspaper
1191977.1257The Calais Times2I3vol. 11 no 37 Friday, January 9, 18804 p. newspaper
1201977.12157The Calais Times2I3vol 11 no 38 Friday, January 16, 18804 p. newspaper
1211977.12257The Calais Times2I3Friday, January 23, 18804 p. newspaper
1221977.12335The Bay Pilot, St. Andrews, NB June 19, 1879 vol 2 no 52I3Issue of The Bay Pilot newspaper4 p. newspaper
1231977.12458St. Andrews Standard Sept. 17 1879 vol XLVI no 382I3Newspaper published in St. Andrews by A.W. Smith4 p. newspaper
1241977.12558St. Andrews Standard August 20, 1879 Vol XLVI no 342I3The St. Andrews Standard was published in St. Andrews, NB in by A.W. Smith1 sheet, 4 p. newspaper
1251977.12658St. Andrews Standard, August 6, 1879 vol XLVI no 322I3The St. Andrews Standard newspaper was published by A.W. Smith in St. Andrews, NB4 p. newspaper
1261977.12758St. Andrews Standard 1879 vol XLVI2HThe St. Andrews Standard was published in St. Andrews by A.W. Smith.4 p. newspaper
1271977.128393Presbyterian Church, St. George fonds. -- 18333.00E+01The fonds consists of the deed for a sale of land, John Gunnison to John McKean et al. for the Presbyterian Church in St. George in 1833.1 item of textual records
1281977.1295McKenzie family fonds1A1Hector N. McKenzie papers, St. George NB and Sonora California 1849-1859. Hector N. was the second son of George McKenzie Senior.20 p.
1291977.135McKenzie family fonds1A1Four personal letters to members of the McKenzie family. A letter from Thomas Tomlinson to Mrs. P.B. Morrison, St. George NB following the death of her husband Captain P.B. Morrison (son of Hugh Morrison of St. Andrews and probably a nephew of George McKe4 sheets
1301977.1315McKenzie family fonds1A1Included are letters invoices, orders etc. concerned with lumbering and shipping. Letter etc. re "Sophia McKenzie" and "Thistle"
1311977.13259The Passamaquoddy Reporter2HThe Passamaquoddy Reporter June 1964 - Sept 1965 -- A Summerside Guide to St. Stephen, St. Andrews, Deer Island, Campobello, Grand Manan. Included Vol. 1 no.'s 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and Vol.2 no.'s 9, 10,11, 12, 13newspapers, 16 p.'s each
1321977.13319Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopLetters and invoices of George S. Grimmer concerned with St. John's Chapel, the Anglican church in Chamcook. Also included are a diary kept by G.S. Grimmer of a trip to Quebec in 1873; letters to the Grimmers from Canon Ketchum; photograph of Chapel.5 cm textual records
1331977.13419Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopCorrespondence and financial papers (1864-1885) of G.S. Grimmer, a native of St. Stephen, practiced law there and in St. Andrews and held various important offices in Charlotte County. He lived at Forest Lodge in Chamcook and died March 22, 1887.textual records
1341977.13519Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopCorrespondence and business records of F. Howard Grimmer. F. Frank Howard Grimmer was the fourth son of George S. Grimmer and practiced law in St. Andrews. He was concerned with the management of the Algonquin Hotel and collection contains items connecttextual records
1351977.13619Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopRecords of George Durrell Grimmer, merchant, was the second son of George S. Grimmer of Chamcook.textual records
1361977.13719Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopCorrespondence, verses, school compositions, newclippings of Mr. and Mrs. J. Davidson Grimmer family.textual records
1371977.13819Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopPapers found in the collection: receipt for legacies from heirs of John Grimmer of St. Stephen, 1883, letter to J.W. Grimmer from J.M. Murchie, St. Stephen, 18889 and unrelated papers.textual records
1381977.13919Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopGeorge S. Grimmer papers including: payments to Alexander Donald, Lorenzo Hurst and John Craig for reparing Market Wharf; to David Keezer for ringing Town bell.textual records
1391977.1470Algonquin Hotel fonds1D2,1DTopIncludes floor plan of first Algonquin Hotel and letter from R.S. Gardiner to S.M. Horton with instructions for making inventory and packing materials for the winter. Sept. 7, 1889. Papers probably belonged to F. Howard Grimmer (MC 19).4 items of textual records
1401977.14119Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopLetter to Mayor of St. Andrews from Dominion Commissioner of police re search for 4 men alleged to be engaged in illegal enlistments. Names and descriptions of men attached. Probably from papers of George S. Grimmer.4 items of textual records
1411977.14219Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopReport on straightening road at LeTang December 1879, Parish of St. George. Report submitted to George S. Grimmer Secretary of Charlotte County by Thomas Seely and J.M. Scott, commissioners of highways and permission from C.A. and J.D. White to put road2 items of textual records
1422002.0031593Mrs. G. Ernest Pass scrapbooksMISSINGScrapbooks kept by Mrs. Ernest Pass include clippings from 1935 - 1998 mainly from St. Croix Courier, but does include other newspapers ie Telegraph Journal. Titles of Scrapbooks include: Miscellaneous; Hobbies; Hobbies and People; John Diefenbaker; "Way2.4 cm
1432002.004361Richard Wilbur fonds3D3-3D4"Sou'wester" articles written by Dick Wilbur on fisheries affairs in Charlotte County during 19895 cm textual records
1442002.0059Charlotte County Grammar School fonds1A1,1ATopGraduation exercise programs 1913; 1918; 1920 for Charlotte County Grammar School3 programmes
1452002.006581John Williamson Collection4A3Map of Grand Manan. 4 photographs of Camp Utopia during World War 2.
1461977.14319Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopMarriage certificate for John McWhinney and Elizabeth Gillespie of Pennfield in 1873. The couple were married by Rev. Ronald E. Smith rector of Pennfield.1 p textual records
1471977.14419Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopFuneral service of the late Lady Van Horne. Order of service and hymns.3 sheets
1482002.008595Sir James Dunn Academy fonds3Sir James Dunn Academy yearbooks for 1972-1976; 1978; 198110 cm textual records
1491977.14519Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopCentenary celebration programme of Greenock Presbyterian Church St. Andrews, August 1-3, 1924. The programme contains the order of evening service, Friday August 1st, Centenary Tea, Sat. August 2nd, regular services were held morning and evening on Sunda1 item of textual records
1501977.14619Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopPapers of Rev. Peter Keay and Mrs. Alexina Keay of St. Andrews. Rev. Mr. Keay was Prebyterian minister at the Greenock Presbyterian Church when he died on Dec. 29th, 1873. The papers consist of 2 unbound books of sermons, that probably belonged to a pre
1511977.14719Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopNotebook of Rev. Peter Keay of the Greenock Presbyterian Church in St. Andrews. Volume 2 of notes on religion and philosophy and many blank pages. Scottish songs and verses in back of book.Printing template for Rev. Peter Keay’s business cards.
1521977.14819Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopManuscript verses etc. collected by Mrs. J. Davidson Grimmer and family. Items written by many hands, some original and others copied. Also includes some of the compositions of Mrs. Grimmer's youngest son who wrote poetry.
1542003.001450"Two islands Grand Manan and Sanibel" by Katharine Scherman.Ref.256 pp
1552003.002450Heritage trails and footpaths on Grand Manan Island New Brunswick Canada by Kevin O'Donnell.Ref.25 pp
1562003.003450Footprints: a brief history of his ministry form the memoirs of Duncan McColl" by Mary Nesbitt and Jean SmytheRef.43 pp
1572002.01597Smith and Robinson family fonds4Fonds includes: 2 journals/diaries of Lucy H. Smith 1854 and 1859-60; 1 housekeeping journal of Constance Gordon Smith 1909-1915; journal with listing of wedding presents - what they were and who gave them and newspaper wedding notices of Constance Smith4 cm textual records
1582003.004598Bob Wright collection4This collection includes: 1 scanned photograph of Clara Hosmer; 1 scanned photograph of May McArthur (Spurge) (donor's aunt) in Ireland; 1 letter from Miss Olive Hosmer (daughter of Clara Hosmer) to May McArthur (Mrs. Spurge), May 1962.2 scanned photographs; 1 photocopy of a letter
1592003.0051600William Mann bibleAttic or MHoly Bible owned origninally by William Mann of St. George, NB. May have been the great-great uncle of the donor Ernest Connell.1 Bible
1602003.006599Brownrigg collection4Collection includes 1 scanned photograph of Clara Hosmer; 1 scanned photograph of May McArthur (Spurge) (donor's aunt) in Ireland; 1 letter from Miss Olive Hosmer (daughter of Clara Hosmer) to May McArthur (Mrs. Spurge), May 1962.1 cm textual records
1612003.007450The diverting history of a loyalist town1G52nd edition 1937 (c 1932). By Grace Helen Mowat146 pp
1622003.008450The diverting history of a loyalist townRefWritten by Grace Helen Mowat in 1932. This is a 2nd edition, 1937.146 pp
1632003.009179The sea coast resorts & eastern Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton 18931I4Published by International Steamship Co. in 1893. Includes a map of International Steamship Company routes and connections.128 p.
1642003.01450St. Andrews by-the-sea (New Brunswick) written by Betty Thornley and illustrated by G. Horne Russell1G5 (booksPublished by Canadian Pacific Railway c 1917. All painting by G. Horne Russell.16 p.
1652003.011600Jamie Coughey1.00E+01Includes 3 pages from Jamie Coughey's grandmother's scrapbook. Includes a program for a dance at St. Mark's Lodge in St. Andrews and pictures of the Argyll Hotel.3 pp
1662003.01267St. Andrews Rural Cemetery fonds1D2Includes an Act of Incorporation and bye-laws, rules and regulations of the Saint Andrews Rural Cemetery Company, adopted as revised 18th March, 1979 revised edition.2 booklets
1672003.0134Frances Wren family fonds1A1The Frances Wren family fonds includes John Wren papers; Ranby Wren papers; Frances Wren newspaper clippings; pamplets and brochures with illustrations by Frances Wren including Algonquin sketch book and Cottage Craft. John Wren papers: funeral invoices;6 cm textual records
1682003.01456The Granite Town Greetings, St. George, NB2I1The Granite Town Greetings newspaper. Vol 4 no 30 -- St. George, NB. Wednesday, January 27th 1909.8 p. newspaper
1692003.015601Gowan family fonds4This book (photocopy) contains a record of the births, deaths and marriages which have taken place in the community during the past years, as well as important events in the life of the community and the Gowan family. This listing was created by Mrs. Tho22 p. (photocopy)
1702003.016602Treaty of peace and friendship concluded with the delegates of the St. John and Passamaquoddy Tribes of Indians at Halifax, February 1760.4A photocopy of Treaty of Peace and Friendship - Indian Tribes is a copy from Provincial Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS).13 p. photocopy
1712003.017603John Dick fonds4Fonds consists of 2 letters to John Dick from his father, brother and mother in Ireland. John Dick married Susanna McGibbon, they came from County Aphram and settled in St. Stephen and Moores Mills.0.5 cm textual record
1722003.018304Stephen Hitchings fonds1K2Stephen Hitchings legal papers2 cm orig. ms
1732003.019581John Williamson Collection4A3Correspondence etc. from John Williamson to do with Fort Tipperary property in St. Andrews.2 cm textual records
1742003.02353St. Andrews Civic Trust fonds3D2St. Andrews Civic Trust Steering Committee records re proposed St. Andrews Conservation Area (1974-1976): correspondence; interim report; minutes; news release; copy of 'New Brunswick Historic Sites Protection Act'.2 cm textual records
1752003.021450Documents relating to the history of the Passamaquoddy Indian presence in Charlotte County, New BrunswickRef."Documents relating to the history of the Passamaquoddy Indian presence in Charlotte County, New Brunswick" collected and edited, with a brief discussion by James Wherry, Fredericton, NB.172 p ; copy
1762003.022450The Bamford Saga 1764-1989Ref."The Bamford Saga" by Louise M. Bamford409 p
1772003.023450Family of Jonathan Spinney of St. George (L'Etang), N.B and Stuart family history St. Stephen, N.B, Henniker, N.H. and Londonderry, N.H.Ref.Spinney family line of descent via England, Bay of Fundy, Kittery, Maine, Kennebunkport, Maine, St. George, L'Etang, New Brunswick, and Calais, Maine.
Family history of John Stuart (The Minister's Lad), and his wife, Jean Barr Stuart, Londonderry, New Ham
21 pp
1782003.024604Voter's List - Polling Sub-division No. 17 in the Parish of St. Patrick in the County of Charlotte, N.B. for the year 19254Voter's list - Polling Sub-Division No. 17 in the Parish of St. Patrick in the County of Charlotte, N.B. for the year 19251 booklet
1792003.025377Alexander Stevenson fonds3.00E+01Includes - 5 pages of genealogy; copy of deed; newspaper copy of letter to Robert Stevenson from his mother in Scotland; diary of Alexander Stevenson in combination with a record of pupils attending the school in Chamcook starts 1835.1 cm textual records -- photocopies
1802003.026450The loyal Americans: the military role of the Loyalist Provincial Corps and their settlement in British North America, 1775-1784Ref.This book "The Loyal Americans" was put together for a bicentennial travelling exhibition of the Canadian War Musuem in collaboration with the New Brunswick Museum in 19831 book; 126 pp
1812003.027605James Rogerson, Theodore Doughty, Joseph Cline, C.E. Tewksbury.4B3Included in these papers are: bills and correspondence of James Rogerson and Theodore Doughty of Deer Island; 3 mortgages (James Rogerson mortgagor and G.H. Grimmer mortgagee) and correspondence pertaining to these mortgages; a pilotage licence for Char7 cm textual records
1822003.028450'Fascinating houses and beautiful doorways of Saint Andrews New Brunswick' by Mary W. HasheyRef.Fascinating houses and beautiful doorways of Saint Andrews New Brunswick' by Mary W. Hashey is a published book.60 p
1832003.029450The McAleenan Family compiled by Marion J. McAleenanRef.The McAleenan Family -- compiled by Marion J. McAleenan is a family history.154 p
1842003.03450The kings loyal Americans: the Canadian fact passenger listsRef.The king's loyal Americans: the Canadian fact passenger lists455 p
1852003.031606203.1/8Walter Williamson fonds4B3J30 St. Andrews - Chamcook - Bayside, Lands and Mines, 1951. Map of St. Andrews from aerial photographs.1100 x 892 mm
1862003.032606Walter Williamson fonds4B3Charlie Akagi on cover of 'The 8th Hussar' / published weekly by the 8th Princess Louise (NB) Hussars. Vol. 1 No. 9, Groningen, Holland -- 20th Oct. 1945.Charlie was referred to as "Charlie Motorcycle" - real name Charlie Matuski Akagi.1 photocopy
1872003.033607Rankin and McKinney fonds4Includes: deeds of James McKinney and William McKinney from 1881 to 1932; a title search for William McKinney of Henry Swift property Lot No. 7 Block D Morris Division water lot in 1904. Also includes correspondence to David Rankin of Chamcook from his b3 cm orig. ms
1882003.038610Independent Order of Foresters, Court Gannet Rock, No. 4372, Seal Cove, New Brunswick4B3Independent Order of Foresters, Court Gannet Rock, No. 4372, Seal Cove, New Brunswick fonds consists of: a minute book (1902-1909); Ritual of the Independent Order of Foresters for Subordinate Courts (1901, 1903); treasurer's book; treasurer's receipt bo10 cm textual records: 1 back black & white balloting balls: 1 shoulder sash
1892003.039749Telephone Directories Collection5A1This collection consists of11 telephone directories for Southwestern NB, St. Stephen and Charlotte County and includes: Telephone Directory Southern New Brunswick July 1948, 1949 and 1950; St. Stephen and District Telephone Directory August 1958; Southwes7 cm (11 telephone directories)
1902003.04749Telephone Directories for Charlotte County2Telephone Directories for Charlotte County: 1975-1979; 1983-2000.23 directories
1912003.037609Lady Dunn fonds4B3The Lady Dunn fonds includes: correspondence between Lady Dunn and Bill O'Neill pertaining to the the Sir James Dunn Arena; programme celebrating what would have been Sir James Dunn's 88th birthday (including menu); Lady Dunn's speech given on what would2 cm textual records
1922003.041554W.C.O'Neill family fonds1C3Includes: Address presented to William O'Neill, Esquire, Secretary of the St. Andrews Amateur Athletic Association signed by 41 male members of the community on the Occasion of their fourth annual banquet held in "Pat's Café" on February 27th, 1930; a let2 items of textual records
1932003.042554O'Neill Family fonds3I2Poster -- William Charles O'Neill (1905-1971) and Sir James Dunn Arena.1 poster : b&w ; 51 x 29 cm
1941977.14919Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopBook of verses handwritten in a school composition book, mostly of a religious nature and all but two in the same hand. They may have been written by Mrs Grimmer or her mother Mrs. Keay.1 school notebook : 18 x 21 cm
1951977.1519Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopManuscript verses collected by Mrs. J.D. Davidson Grimmer and family in Chamcook (Book #2). Includes many religious verses in same hand as Book #1, other writing also and some written and printed items pasted in.1 notebook
1961977.15119Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopNewspaper and magazine clippings, mainly verses as well as four small notebooks.clippings
1971977.15219Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopPages of various newspapers collected from various newspapers from 1890s on, many from the Montreal Standard, most contain verses.newspaper pages
1981977.15319Grimmer family fonds220 photographs20 photographs
1991977.15419Grimmer family fondsC2 D7Genealogical chart of descendants of Thomas Grimmer of St. Stephen, NB. The Grimmers were originally a St. Stephen family. The St. Andrews and Chamcook branches are descendants of George Skiffington Grimmer, a grandson of Thomas Grimmer who came as a me1 very large sheet
2001977.15519Grimmer family fonds2I3The Atlantic Post Vol 1 No 1 1974. Documentary history (in newspaper form) of the postal history of the Maritime Provinces. Includes item from St. Andrews, 1827 re intention of Patrick Kellehar to establish a stagecoach line, St. Andrews to St. John to cnewspaper : 8 p.
2011977.15663Prince Arthur School Collection1D1Architects drawings of Prince Arthur School prepared by H. Neil Brodie, architect from ST. John
2021977.15760Henry O'Neill1C2-3&*Henry O'Neill business papers 1863-1873. Business papers that belonged to Mr. Henry O'Neill who had a store in St. Andrews.textual records : 5 cm
2031977.15861203.1/8G. Horne Russell house plansD8Blueprints for the artisit G. Horne Russell's summer home "Derry Bay" on Joe's Point Road, designed by Edward Maxwell.6 blueprints
2041977.15962McQuoid family fonds1C4-1D2Mainly invoices that were originally the property of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. McQuoid, parents of Hope McQuoid.27 loose sheets
2051977.1662McQuoid family fonds1C4-1D1 *Three invitations: 1) Glee Club social hop 1893 2) Glee Club social hop 1894 3) Forester's Ball, 1894.3 items
2061977.16118St. Andrews BeaconSt. Andrews Beacon issues for January 4 1919 and July 4 1919.2 newspapers
2071977.16264Blacktin - McLeod marriage announcement1D1Marriage announcement for Blacktin-McLeod, Milltown 1889.1 folded card
2081977.163400Maloney fonds3.00E+03The Sargent Maloney fonds consists of correspondence, financial and shipping papers. -- 1853-1855.5 cm textual records
2091977.16470Algonquin Hotel fonds1D2,1DTopAlgonquin Hotel guest account book 1890-1893.1 large leather bound book
2101977.16565Plan showing residents along the St. Croix River between St. Andrews and Waweigmissing ?MPlan in pencil - dates uncertain.1 item
2111977.166409The Inn, St. Andrews, NB postcard3.00E+03
2121977.19167St. Andrews Rural Cemetery fonds1D2,1DTopPhotocopy from the Cemetery Records of a history compiled by the late D.G. Hanson collector of Customs in St. Andrews, who served as President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Cemetery Committee for many years.3:00 PM
2131977.19267Plan of the Episcopal Burial Ground St. Andrews 18451D2Plan of the Episcopal Burial Ground St. Andrews prepared by William Mahood October 11th 1845. Lots numbered, names on a few at the Prince of Wales end.1 item
2141977.193617Armistice Thanksgiving Service All Saints Anglican Church, St. Andrews, NB, November 13, 19211B2Order of service and hymns for Armistice Thanksgiving Service at All Saints Anglican Church on November 13, 1921.4:00 PM
2151977.194617All Saints Anglican Church, St. Andrews NB4B4Photocopies of seven documents relating the history of All Saints Anglican Church, St. Andrews, NB.7:00 PM
2161977.195617All Saints Anglican Church, St. Andrews4B4Negatives and photographs used as illustrations for the "Brief History of All Saints Anglican Church St. Andrews NB 1783-1967" by J.C. Medcof.55 p booklet
2171977.196617All Saints Anglican Church, St. Andrews4B4Negatives and photographs used as illustrations for the "Brief History of All Saints Anglican Church St. Andrews NB 1783-1967" by J.C. Medcof.negatives & photographs
2181977.19711Treadwell family fonds1A1,1ATopA certificate of merit for Nathan Treadwell from the Charlotte County Grammar School in 1868. Certificate tied with blue ribbon and signed by Francis Partridge, Master, and the directors of the school; William D. Ketchum, John Ross, Geo. W. Street, S.T.1 item
2191977.19887203.1/10Corrected plan of projected Town at Oak Bay on the property of Isaac Garcelon (no date).1D6Corrected plan of projected Town at Oak Bay on the property of Isaac Garcelon; also shows existing buildings at Oak Bay. Isaac Garcelon died in 1872 aged 84 and Joseph Garcelon died in 1884 aged 87, both are buried at Oak Bay.1 item
2201977.2029Charlotte County Grammar School1A1Closing exercises of the Charlotte County Grammar School, St. Andrews, June 26, 1907. Folder with programme of exercises held in Andraeleo Hall and names of graduating class.1 folder
2212004.001612Harmon family letters4Harmon family letters (1858-1861)1.5 cm textual records
2222004.002613Harris Hatch land grantD 101 land grant ;: 38 x 68 cm + wax seal
2232004.003614Albert C. Lambert - St. Marks Lodge -- Freemasons - NB4Certificate of "The Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of New Brunswick, St. Marks Lodge, St. Andrews", 1875 of being received into freemasonry in NB.1certificate : 37 x 29 cm
2242004.004450Treadwell family genealogyRef.Treadwell family genealogy - compiled by Don Treadwell of California.20 p
2252004.005615Mr. William Brodie -- Charlotte County Grammar School4Letter to Mr. Brodie (July 13th 1899) regarding his departure from St. Andrews. William Brodie was teacher and principal at the Charlotte County Grammar School. The letter is signed by many residents of the town.2:00 PM
2262004.0069Charlotte County Grammar School1A1Programme for graduation class of 1911, Charlotte County Grammar School.4 p booklet
2272004.007620Mayfield Women's Institute: history of the first ten years Oct. 1963 - Oct. 19734B5Mayfield Women's Institute: History of the first ten years Oct. 1963 - Oct. 1973 compiled by Bernice G.5:00 PM
2282004.008616Deeds to Town Lot No. 2 Block Letter L in Parr Division, St. Andrews4Pheasant, Houghton, Hetherington to Brickwell - 1847; Hatch to Green, 1849; Green & wife to Samuel Whitlock 1853; S. Whitlock to Fitsimmons 1861; S. Whitlock executor of Fitsimmons to Leanard Chase 1874; Chase to Thilock 1874; S. Whitlock to Julius Whitlo8 originals deeds
2292004.009203.1Passamaquoddy Bay and St. Croix RiverMD 1Map of Passamaquoddy Bay and St. Croix River / surveyed by Captain W.F.W Owen (1848)1 map
2302004.01450Shoots: A guide to your family's photographic heritageComp. Rm.Book written by Thomas L. Davies76 p
2312004.011617Anglican Church -- Charlotte County4B4Copies made of Anglican Church records for Charlotte County at PANB. Copies include: Licence of occupation to the Corporation of Saint Andrews Church to parts of St. Andrews Island; several deeds of consecration including; All Saints Church 1867, St. And2 cm photocopies
2322004.012618St. Andrews, New Brunswick - Agenda Paper for Historical Sites and Monuments Board of Canada4Agenda Paper to assess St. Andrews as a National Historic District by Katherine Spencer-Ross, Historical Services Branch, 1995.70 p
2331977.20419Grimmer Family Fonds1A1,1ATopArticle discusses post office practices and locations -- also includes ten receipts.Post Offices -- early Charlotte County -- article by by Muriel Grimmer5 p + 10 receipts
2341977.20570Algonquin Hotel fonds1D2,1DTopSt. Andrews-By-the-Sea and the Algonquin Hotel - Illustrated C.P.R. advertising booklet. This includes exterior and interior pictures of the hotel, many views of St. Andrews and surroundings and a picture of the CPR Inn. This was the original hotel thatbooklet
2351977.20787Deed of conveyance from Daniel McMaster, St. Andrews to Richard Hasluck, Birmingham, England, lots in Charlotte County 18291B2Large transfer of property from McMaster to Hasluck. Deed cites previous ownership of lots. Total amount paid 3,500 pounds.1 deed
2361977.20819Grimmer Family Fonds1A1,1ATopThis instruction booklet "Infantry Sword Exercise" was used by the 62 Regiment, Halifax, NS in 1861.1 booklet
2381977.2192Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*Appointment of David Mowatt of St. Andrews as a Coroner of Charlotte County in 1822 and commission as a major in the Charlotte County Militia, 1828. The appointment as coroner was signed in Fredericton for Lieutenant Governor George Stracey Smyth by Wm.1 orig. ms
2391977.21192Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*Bill of sale by Elizabeth Quinton of St. Stephen to David Mowat of St. Andrews of the ship "Ann and Betsey", 1804. The deed records the history of the sailing ship "Ann and Betsey" which was built on the "River Scoudiac" (St. Croix) in 1801.1 orig. ms
2401977.21393St. Andrews Herald, April 18212I34:00 PM
2411977.21435The Bay Pilot, St. Andrews, January 10 18892I34:00 PM
2421977.21518The Beacon, St. Andrews, January 24th 19012H1Contains article on David Owen of Campobello by Kate Gannet Wells, reprinted from Acadiensis.4:00 PM
2431977.21696"Last of the Great Log Drives Down the St. Croix", New York Herald Tribune, May 20, 19622I3Article by William G. Wing, Woodland, Me. Illustrated4 pp
2441977.21797St. John Daily Telegraph (daily) June 24 and June 19, 18802I32:00 PM
2451977.21898Edward Stentiford fonds1F5Wagonmaker's account book - Edward Stentiford - St. Andrews 1878-1882. Edward Stentiford's customers were widely distributed over the country. The list of funeral expenses at the beginning is interesting. Edward Stentiford himself died in 1883. Loose2 cm of textual records
2461977.21966Bay of Fundy Red Granite Company fonds1D1-1D2Pay book with names and signatures of men working in quarries March 1875 - April 1878 for the Bay of Fundy Red Granite Company in St. George.1 pay book
2471977.2266Bay of Fundy Red Granite Company fonds1D1-1D2Time book with names of men working in quarries, January 1875 - December 1877 - probably Bay of Fundy Red Granite Company, St. George. Some pages describe actual tasks completed.1 time book
2481978.00199House at 167 Montague Street, list of deeds 1784-19001F5List of deeds 1784-1900 Lot 6 Block E Bulkeley's Division St. Andrews and article "The Loyalist House 1783, St. Andrews" by Harriet Folsom Clark from Folsom Bulletin 2 (1) pp 6 &8, July 1977.3:00 PM
2501978.003104Lease of Blockhouse propertyand pamhplet to Grand Opening1F5Lease of Blockhouse property St. Andrews 25 October 1887l pamphlet for the official opening inauguration of the St. Andrews Blockhouse, 19671 large photocopy + smaller sheet attached
2511978.00418The Beacon2I3The Beacon, St. Andrews, June 28, 1919; weekly newspaper.16 p (2 copies of newspaper)
2521978.005766The Charlotte County Bank 1825 by Vera H. Daye with biographical sketches2G3Photocopy of article from the Maritime Advocate and Busy East (p 13,14 &22) November 1833.3:00 PM
2531978.00658St. Andrews Standard, December 21, 18702I3St. Andrews Standard, December 21, 18701 newspaper (8 p)
2541978.00793St. Andrews Herald, July 17 18212I3St. Andrews Herald, July 17, 18211 photocopy of newspaper (4 p)
2551978.00893St. Andrews Herald, Feb. 5, 1827St. Andrews Herald Feb. 5th 18272 p photocopy
2561978.00993St. Andrews Herald, March 26, 18272I3St. Andrews Herald, March 26, 18274 p photocopy
2571978.0194New Brunswick Royal Gazette January 25, 18202I3New Brunswick Royal Gazette, January 25, 18204 p photocopy
2581978.011St. John Daily Telegraph and Morning Advertiser, May 4, 18702I3St. John Daily Telegraph and Morning Advertiser May 4, 18704 p photocopy
2591978.01218The Beacon, St. Andrews -- February 9, 19112I3The Beacon, St. Andrews -- February 9, 19114 p newspaper
2601978.01378Saint John Globe, September 2, 18702H1Saint John Globe, September 2, 18704 p newspaper
2611978.014103Daily News article regarding murder committed by Mary Ward and Thomas Dowd1F5These papers were apparently kept because of a sensational trial at St. Andrews for a murder committed by two Charlotte County people at New River. Thomas Dowd and Mrs. Mary Ward. Dowd was hanged at the Charlotte County Gaol and Mrs. Ward sent to prison.2 issues (8 p each)
2621978.01594The New Brunswick Royal Gazette, February 23, 18192I3The New Brunswick Royal Gazette, February 23, 18194 p photocopy of newspaper
2631978.016767James Russel and Lucy Perkins Family Records1F5Family records of James Russell and Lucy Perkins of Penobscot and St. Andrews and of Lucy and Thomas Bradford of St. Andrews7 photocopies
2641978.0179Charlotte County Grammar School1A1Subscribers to St. Andrews Grammar School 1816. Explains that 200 pounds insufficient to build school so extra money raised by subscriptions -- lists subsribers.1 sheet folded
2651978.018105Petitions regarding Town plateau of St. Andrews and the Commons, 18311F5There was some doubt about the exact boundary line between the Town Plat and the Commons due to different surveys. Petitioners want matter settled for good - includes names of petitioners and surveyors.1 item
2662004.013619Lila Haughn collection fonds4B4The material included here includes: 1) Algonquin Hotel material including tourism brochures, menus, employee handbooks etc. 2) newspapers re St. Andrews 3) St. Andrews tourism information 4) photographs to do with the Algonquin and Bicentennial Royal Vi15 cm of textual records
2672004.014750New Brunswick Directory (not sure of title - title page and 589 pages missing)5A1New Brunswick Directory by County -- all counties up until Kent County missing (including Charlotte County). Advertising sections at the back of interest including St. Stephen, St. Andrews and St. George.543 p
2681978.0270Algonquin Hotel fonds1D2,1DTopAlgonquin Hotel prospectus - printed illustrated brochure giving rates and listing attractions and advertising C.P.R. generally, plan of golf course and hotel.8 p printed brochure
2691978.021144Mallory family fonds1I4Newspaper clipping and letter re St. Andrews town bell - 1939, 1978. Bellringrers listed. Letter re trophy donated to Agricultural Fair in St. Stephen by Miss Adeline Van Horne.2 small clippings and 1 p letter
2701978.022108Willa Walker fonds1F5-1G1*The First Telephones in St. Andrews by Mrs. David (Willa Walker) -- 1977. Based largely on the recollections of Miss Margaret E. Rigby, first operator in 1903.3:00 PM
2711978.02379Hibbard Family Fonds1.00E+021892 CPR railway passes issued to Miss Hibbard's (donor) father George F. Hibbard, MP, a friend of Sir William Van Horne who wished him to see western Canada. Neither set of passes was used.3 photocopies
2721978.024109Logbook of voyage from Campobello to New York, 18551G1Fonds consists of a log-book recording a voyage from Campobello to New York (November 7, 1855), John Coe Master, and a voyage from New York to London (December 11, 1855), Peter Morrison Master.1.5 cm of textual records
2731978.025110John Simpson fonds1G1The fonds consists of John Simpson's United States Inspectors Certificate's to Masters and Pilot issues no.1, no. 3, no. 4, no. 6 and no. 7 (1881-1883, 1885, 1887), entrusting to perform duties as Master of steam vessels on the waters of the New England5 photocopies
2742004.015345Town of St. Andrews New Brunswick fonds3D1Town of St. Andrews voter's list for 1892; town list 1889; Bye-law to Regulate Traffic on Streets in the Town of St. Andrews (1925); Annual Reports 1921,1923, 1925 - 1931.5 cm textual records; orig. ms
2752004.016621Seal Cove Smoked Herring Stands, Seal Cove, Grand Manan, New Brunswick4Agenda Paper - Historical Sites and Monuments Board of Canada by Dr. Gerald L. Pocius of Memorial University of Newfoundland -- 1995. Paper done in order to assess Seal Cove herring stands on the seawall as a National Historic Site.65 p
2762004.017622Seaside Hall Company Limited4B4Seaside Hall Company Limited: Membership and Minute Book. -- 1927-1972. The company located in Knights of Pythias Lodge 9 building which was bought and owned by K of P. A separate incorporated company was ensured that if K of P ever disbanded assets woul3 cm textual records (1 book)
2771978.026111'Shipbuilding at Brandy Cove' by G.F. McRoberts, St. Andrews, 19771G1Article by Fred McRoberts about shipbuilding at Brandy Cove . It should be noted that there is some confusion about the location of Brandy Cove. According to Miss B. Short the McRoberts home was not here but at "Lower Bay" St. Andrews . It would appea3 typed sheets
2781978.027112Coastal Place Names - Point Lepreau to Musquash, NB by David H. Thompson1G1Coastal Place Names - Point Lepreau to Musquash, NB by David H. Thompson. Mr. Thomspon carried on an investigation funded by the Canada Council and this is the result.photocopies
2791978.028113Hanson family fonds1G1-5,GTopPersonal business papers of Jeremiah Mun Hanson, Bocabec and St. Andrews shoemaker and manufacturer 1863-1895. J.M. Hanson transferred his shoe repair shop from Bocabec to St. Andrews and later started a shoe factory. He was an ardent temperance man and2 account books and letters
2801978.029113Hanson Family fonds1G1-5,GTopHanson Bros. Shoe Factory papers, St. Andrews 1883-1895. With support of brothers R.B. Hanson & D.G. Hanson, J.M. Hanson established a steam-powered factory in St. Andrews in 1883. It was not successful and its affairs were wound up in 1895. The collecBound account books, letters, invoices, receipts etc.
2811978.03113Hanson family fonds1G1-5,GTopHanson & Grady Tailoring Business account books, St. Andrews, 1889-1902. Operated by Percy G. Hanson (nephew of J.M.) and J.H Grady in former shoe factory. Six book in all include indexes of customers and records of measurements. A seventh book, accoun7 account & sale books
2821978.031113Hanson family fonds1G1-5,GTopHanson Bros. Outfitter's Shop, St. George, business papers 1903-1911. Buisness owned by Percy G. & Phil A. Hanson (nephews of J.M.) and operated by P.A. Papers consist largely of invoices and receipts, share certificate and correspondence with D'Israeli10 cm textual records
2831978.03242B.R. Stevenson fonds (1865 - 1890).1A2- 1C1*Papers of B.R. Stevenson (1835-1890), St. Andrews lawyer, M.L.A., Surveyor General of N.B. & Judge of Probate, Charlotte County. Benjamin Robert Stevenson grandson of Robert S. from Scotland 1819, was active in many projects in St. Andrews. The fonds cons10 m of textual records
2841978.03373A.D. Stevenson papers (Albert des Brisay)1D2-1D3A.D. Stevenson papers (Albert des Brisay)
2851978.03466Bay of Fundy Red Granite Company fonds,1873-1877.1D1-1D2Bay of Fundy Red Granite Company fonds. -- 1873-1877.

The fonds consists of Board of Director's papers; secretary's letter book (1873-1875); company correspondence (1872-1878); employee records; architectural plans and specifications; financial paper
1 m. of textual records
2861978.03574Melville N.Cockburn fonds1D3-1E1The fonds consists of Supreme Court documentss; Civil Court documents; estates documents; legal documents; correspondence; papers of Independent Order of Foresters; billsa nd receipts; published materials; insurance policies; court address; St. Andrews Sc3 m. of textual records
2871978.03675St. Andrews Water Company fonds1.00E+01St. Andrews Water Company Register of Shareholders1 item of textual records
2881978.03742B.R. Stevenson fonds1A2- 1C1MC 42 MS 12 Papers of All Saints Church Building Committee St. Andrews. -- 1865-1870. B.R. Stevenson was a member of the Building Committee and retained papers concerned with building of present church.
2891978.03842B.R. Stevenson fonds1A2-1C1,*B.R. Stevenson fonds. Repairs to All Saints Rectory St. Andrews April-June 1872. The then rectory repaired at a cost of over $300. Rev. Doctor Ketchum was the rector at the time.
2901978.03942B.R. Stevenson fonds1A2- 1C1 *Argyll Hotel papers (MC 42 MS 13) in the B.R. Stevenson fonds -- 1874-1885. Miscellaneous papers including proposal for carpenter work on hotel.
2911978.0442B.R. Stevenson fonds1A2- 1C1 *Parish of St. Andrews school taxes (MC 42 MS 16) in the B.R. Stevenson fonds. -- 1883-1886. Lists of residents and amounts of taxes.
2921978.041226MD.28Keay family fonds1J2Ada Margaret Fraser of Toronto married Captain Richard Hutchison Keay son of Peter and Mrs. Alexia Keay of St. Andrews and accompanied him on a voyage to Australia shortly after their marriage. They had a son Richard Fraser Keay in 1900.16 pp
2931978.042114New York to Queenstown by RMS "City of Paris" account of steamboat accident1G5New York to Queenstown by RMS "City of Paris" Account of steamboat accident by "Annonymous", a friend of the late Capt. Richard Keay of St. Andrews.25 p. photocopy of typescript
2941978.043115Walter Greenlaw, Bayside1G5Walter Greenlaw family information, Bayside. Includes correspondence of 1964-1965 regarding this old Bayside family.
2951978.044615Henry William Stinson family, St. AndrewsRecord of Henry William Stinson family, St. Andrews 1828-1915 from family bible.

Captain Henry Stinson was a packet master and his wife was the eldest daughter of Capt. James McMaster of St. Andrews.
3:00 PM
2962004.019450Early families of "The Mackadavy": Settlers - before, during, and following the Loyalist period: Magaguadavic Valley, Parish of St. George, Southwestern New Brunswick, CanadaRef.'Early families of "The Mackadavy" : Settlers - before, during, and following the Loyalist period: Magaguadavic Valley, Parish of St. George, Southwestern New Brunswick, Canada' / by Calvin Lee Craig, UE Certified Genealogist500 p.
2972004.018623Madeline and Alice Coughey fonds4Madeline Coughey fonds includes: Notebooks, programmes, newsletter, letterhead, notes pertaining to Women's Canadian Club of St. Andrews (1913-1968); correspondence (1958, 1960), notes, cardboard sign with names of members on back pertaining to St. Andre42 cm textual records
2982004.02450'Muster roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's army'Ref.'Muster roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's army 1745-1746' edited by Alastair Livingstone, Christian W.H. Aikman and Betty Stuart Hart231 pp
2992004.022450'Index to death roll of the St. John Globe 1897-1926'Ref.'Index to death roll of the St. John Globe 1897-1926' by Ruby M. Cusack148 p
3002004.023450Passengers to New Brunswick: the Custom House records 1833,1834,1837, 1838Ref.Passengers to New Brunswick: the Custom House records 1933, 1934, 1837, 1838 by Peter M. Toner, Daniel F. Johnson (ed.), Kenneth Kanner (ed.)491 p
3012004.024450'Come back with me' by Steve CampbellRef.'Come back with me' by Steve Campbell89 p
3022004.02518The Beacon2I1The Beacon, St. Andrews. -- July 15, 1916; October 7, 1916; October 21, 1916; April 17, 1917; May 5, 1917old newspapers
3031997.006625Alexander Grant fonds4Rev Alexander Grant consists of notebooks; notes; 3 photographs.

Alexander Grant was a Presbyterian Minister, studied in Winnipeg and ministered in Ontario.
5 cm textual records
3042004.028627Chipman Memorial Hospital Alumnae minutes (1923-1999)4Chipman Memorial Hospital Alumnae minutes. Dates include:
3052004.029628'Tale of a survivor of Nazis in Norway" - Telgraph Journal - letter from Mrs. Myre to sisters and brothers in Canada.4B5Letter reprinted in the Telegraph Journal in 1975 originally printed in 1945. The letter is from Mrs. Myre to her sisters and brothers in Canada describing her time in a concentration camp in Norway for 7 months. Mrs Nodding is one of the sisters and wa1 p newspaper article
3062004.0354203.1/8(Illustrated map of St. Andrews area) / Frances WrenD5Map of St. Andrews drawn and illustrated by Frances Wren depicting history of St. Andrews.41 x 56 cm
3072004.03670Algonquin Hotel fonds1D2,1DTopPro Pocket Guide The Algonquin Golf Course for 1979, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1990, 2000; Fairmont Algonquin brochure 2004 including Golf Course inserts.4 cm
3082004.037617All Saints Anglican Church fonds4B4Photo-directory of Anglican Parish of St. Andrews -- 200328 pp
3092004.038630Music Art and Drama Club of St. Andrews (M.A.D. Club) fonds4Includes minutes of the Music Art and Drama Club for dates: September 24th 1955 - September 19th 1960; October 21 1963 - June 12th 1963.4 cm of textual records
3102004.039631Letter from architect H. Ross Wiggs to Mrs. Blair Gordon concerning details of house designed by him for the Gordons.4C3Letter from architect of house built fro Mr. & Mrs. Blair Gordon -- then Chris and Claire Gordon -- sold to MR. & MRs. Ball in 2003. House is located on Brandy Cove Road (Cedar Lane? - Elbow Bend?).1 item of textual records
3122004.042450From telegrapher to Titan: the life of William C. Van Horne / Valerie KnowlesRef.From telegrapher to Titan: the life of William C. Van Horne / Valerie Knowes. Pulbished 2004501 p
3132004.043450Genealogies for Haughn, Grrom, Cunningham and Hanson1E2 & Ref5 cm photocopies of textual records
3142004.044450Maine remembers those who served : tributes from the Pine Tree State / Dan A. Gwadosky Secretary of StateRef.Maine remembers those who served : tributes from the Pine Tree State / Dan A. Gwadosky Secretary of State212 p
3152004.045450The saga of the brigantine Flotilla and the final voyage of her master Captain Peter Thompson / Joseph D. Choffy and Shirley O'NeillRef.The saga of the brigantine Flotilla and the final voyage of her master Captain Peter Thompson / Joseph D. Choffy and Shirley O'Neill.
Published in Generations, the Journal of the New Brunwsick Genealogical Society.
8:00 PM
3162004.046450JohnsonRef.Johnson genealogy
3172004.047450Family Bible Names compiled by Shirley O'NeillRef.Family bible information gathered by Shirley O'Neill.
3182004.048366Ste-Croix 2004 Coordinating Committee fonds : [St. Croix Island - Champlain's Island - Dochet's Island - Douchet's Island]3D5Ste-Croix Island 2004 Coordinating Committee was formed to oversee and develop plans to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the first French settlement in North America on St. Croix Island.

The fonds consists of memorabilia from the Ste-Croix Commemorat
5 cm textual records
3192004.049597Smith and Robinson family fonds4Includes: genealogies of Smith and Robinson families; obituary of J. De Lancey Robinson by D.R. Jack; letter from John Starnes to Margot Sackett concerning Lucy Helen Smith diary and other family information ( Margot Sackett and John Starnes wife Helen ar12:00 PM
3201978.04577Norris, John Cadman fonds1.00E+01John Cadman Norris fonds includes: Grading certificate from the Intermediate School, St. Andrews (1891); confirmation and first communion (1922); Norris family information, death and birthdates and marriage dates taken from family bible; Edward Brickson's.5 cm textual records
3211978.046117Old Methodist Cemetery inscriptions, St. Andrews (1842-63)1G5Inscriptions from the old Methodist Cemetery copied by Stillman Matheson in July 1978.2:00 PM
3221978.0470The Granite Town Greetings, St. George March 24This copy marked "George Best July 10-10"8 pages
3232004.05636McKeenan account book4Two account books: 1) McKeenan - rent etc.; 2) Eastman house rents2 booklets
3242004.051450Irvins, Irvines, and Irvings of St. Stephen, New Brunswick: a genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Irvin and Margaret Jane BellRef.Irvins, Irvines, and Irvings of St. Stephen, New Brunswick: a genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Irvin and Margaret Jane Bell compiled by Willliam John Adams, Jr. and Vernard Irvine Adams406 p
3251978.048119Recollections of the brewery well and the foundry, St. Andrews by Gladys M. and Bessie Thompson 19781G5Describes wells and fire tanks near the Thompson home on Queen Street used before water was piped from Chamcook Lake. A second article describes the old foundry on Water Street.
3262005.001637The Saint Andrews Bay Pilot and The Bay Pilot2H1"The Saint Andrews Bay Pilot" Vol 3 No 13 - Vol 5 No 13; "The Bay Pilot" Vol 6 No 1 - Vol 6 No 12, see listing of donation with Accession Book4 cm textual records
3272005.002638Lelia Johnstone scrapbook, Elmsville, NB4Scrapbook of newspaper clippings compiled by Lelia Johnstone of Elmsville, NB; 1942-1946. Pasted in "Experimental Farms" 1911.10 cm (1 book)
3282005.003639Souvenir District Number 5 1/2 Lambert Town, Deer Island, 1905, Miss Fannie B. English, Teacher4C3Names of pupils on second page, including Arla Lambert (mother of donor Jeanne Anderson) who later married Steadman Fountain.2 p small cardboard tied with ribbon
3292005.004450The Canadian Register of Heritage Properties: First Annual Report 1992Ref.98 p
3302005.005640Ottis W. Clark, Robert Clark logbook & account book4C3Ottis W. Clark & Robert Clark, logbook (1830's) later account book (1868 - 1869 & 1920's - 1940) for business.1 bound volume 4 cm of textual records
3311978.055120Worrell family fonds1G5Grade 10 and 11 certificates from Charlotte County Grammar School, St. Andrews (1890 - 1892) with highest standing issued to Samuel A. Worrell.3 certificates
3321978.056120Worrell family fonds1G5Maud (Greenlaw) Hartt autograph album 1879-1888, Waweig.1 autograph album
3331978.057120Worrell family fonds1G5Dr. J.F. Worrell scrapbooks, St. Andrews -- November 17 1938 - March 16, 1950.
3341978.058121St. Andrews N.B. in the 1870s as remembered by Ethel Naunton Julian (Mrs. W. Stanley Emery)1G5Plan of St. Andrews Town Plat with notes about Mrs. Emery's family and friends living there in the 1870s, made in 1930s.4 p of textual records
3351978.063126Steamboat receipts, newspaper clippings, and grocery bill1G5Steamboat receipts 1907 and newspaper clipping (wedding reception) 1914 - 1918 period from St. Andrews and grocery bill from Mrs. W. Clark from J.A. Thompson, grocer in Chamcook.4 p of textual records
3361978.064210Chamcook Lake Tragedy newspaper article1J2Chamcook Lake tragedy - pictures of victims and ice boat in which they were travelling. Clipping from St. Croix Courier Vol. 74 no 18. ; "Five St Andrews men drown at Chamcook Lake" The Evening Times-Globe, 24 January 19382 pp. textual records
3371978.066127R.A. McKenzie fonds1G5A brief history of fresh water in St. Andrews, N.B. by R.A. McKenzie 1966-1968. List of slides of Centennial Events, St Andrews 196731 p. 7 plans
3381978.067205John Carl Medcof fonds1I5-1J2Six trade cards from Nelson Pye workshop (demolished in 1961) in St. Andrews.1 photocopy
3391978.068770Three deeds to "Dover Hill", the home of F.H. Todd in St. Stephen2G3Three deeds to "Dover Hill", the home of F.H. Todd in St. Stephen (1799 - 1839).1 p parchment 3 sheets paper (deeds)
3401978.069775Letter from John M. Brine, St. John's Newfoundland to Col. N. Marks, 18471G5Letter from John M. Brine, St. John's Newfoundland to Col. N. Marks (1847), St. Stephen April 26, 1847 concerning the cargo of "Gertrude". Letter regrets that "Gertrude" was not coppered and discusses price of lumber and value of sovereigns. Has wax sea1 p. of textual records
3411978.07769Petition to the N.B. House of Assembly against Captain W.F.W Owen, 18382G3A printed petition to the N.B. House of Assembly in support of the sitting member Dr. Robert Thompson, against Captain W.F.W. Owen (Jan. 22, 1838).

This petition published by the House of Assembly was signed by many prominent citizens including Hugh Mc
1:00 PM
3421978.071768Tavern license issued by the Town of St. Stephen, 18752G3Tavern license issued by the Town of St. Stephen, signed by town clerk C.N. Vroom, to William Owen (May 7, 1875). License valid for 11 1/2 months, bears seal of Town of St. Stephen.1:00 PM
3431978.072772Share no. 50 in the Ferry Point Bridge Corporation, 18272G3Share no. 50 in the Ferry Point Bridge Corporation issued to Nehemiah Marks (December 20, 1827) and signed by T. Whitney, president and Neal D. Shaw, clerk. Embossed seal dated 1827 - no value given.1 p. printed certificate with embossed paper seal
3441978.073771Catalogue of the Trustees, Instructors and Pupils of St. Stephen Academy2G3First Catalogue of the Trustees, Instructors and Pupils of St. Stephen Academy (January, 1853). Also an outline of the course of study and the tuition fees.16 p booklet - thin paper cover hand sewn
3451978.074773Teaching License belonging to Mary Jane Bixby, 18462G3Licence to keep a school in St. Stephen issued to Mary Jane Bixby by the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick (February 7, 1846), Sir William Colebrooke and signed by John I. Saunders.a p. heavy blusih paper printed with embossed seal
3461978.075128Certificate for two shares in the St. Stephen Rural Cemetery, 18561G5A certificate for two shares in the St. Stephen Rural Cemetery, value 5 pounds issued to Nehemiah Marks December 17, 1856 and signed by F.H. Todd, Pres. and D. Brown secretary; a certificate for Lot No. 234 on Cedar Avenue, value 18 pounds, issued to Riv.2 p printed certificates
3472005.006641Royal Canadian Legion fonds4C3-4This file contains minutes and financial records of the Great War Veterans Association (1917-1948), the St. Croix Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion (1945-1990), the Ladies Auxiliary (1946-1989), and the Junior Ladies Auxiliary (1945-1967). Some of the60 cm of textual records
3482005.00735The Bay Pilot St. Andrews, N.B.2I1The Bay Pilot St. Andrews, N.B. April 30, 1885 Vol 7 No 511 newspaper
3492005.008637The Saint Andrews Bay Pilot2H1The Saint Andrews Bay Pilot (1986-1999; 1992). Vol. 1 no. 1 - Vol. 6 no. 310 cm of textual records
3502005.009643Inhaling the salubrious air of St. Andrews, N.B.; the creation of a summer resort by Andrew Sackett4 & RefInhaling the salubrious air of St. Andrews, N.B.; the creation of a summer resort by Andrew Sackett91 pp
3512005.01644Sir Charles Tupper4Material consists of material re Sir Charles Tupper and includes: telegram in code (also translation); letter denying receipt of funds from CPR; petition of Charles Tupper to House of Assembly for medical relief of sick Mikmaq; notice of 'The expenses inc1 cm textual records : photocopies
3522005.011450An eye to the future: a history of Pocologan, New River, Lepreau and Little Lepreau by Ethel ThompsonRef.An eye to the future: a history of Pocologan, New River, Lepreau and Little Lepreau by Ethel Thompson96 p
3532005.012450Descendants of Governor William Bradford through Josephus Bradford Hopps and Mary Jane Fike by Patricia Fain DysartRef.Descendants of Governor William Bradford through Josephus Bradford Hopps and Mary Jane Fike by Patricia Fain Dysart
3542005.013645The Quoddy Tides : most easterly newspaper published in the United States2H1The Quoddy Tides : most eastery newspaper published in the United States. Vol. 22 No. 3 & Vol. 24 No.'s 2, 4 & 84 newspapers
3552005.01492Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*Charlotte County Cottage Craft patterns for sweaters. Local residents in advertisement on front of booklets.3 booklets
3562005.015450The Milltown Story : (Union Mills, Upper Mills, Burnt Hill, Mohannes) by Doug DoughertyRef.The Milltown Story : (Union Mills, Upper Mills, Burnt Hill, Mohannes) by Doug Dougherty203 p
3572005.016450The history of the Saint Andrews United Baptist Church Saint Andrews, New Brunswick 1862-1990Ref.The history of the Saint Andrews United Baptist Church Saint Andrews, New Brunswick 1862-1990 compiled by Alice Coughey23 p
3582005.017450An honourable independence: the Irish Catholic settlers of Johnville Carleton County, New Brunswick by Patrick Kilfoil and Mary Kilfoil McDevittRef.An honourable independence: the Irish Catholic settlers of Johnville Carleton County, New Brunswick by Patrick Kilfoil and Mary Kilfoil McDevittxv; 376 pp; 35 pp
3592005.018450'Woven in time: an oral history of the Milltown (St. Croix) Cotton Mill' by Bill EaganRef.'Woven in time: an oral history of the Milltown (St. Croix) Cotton Mill' by Bill Eagan280 pp
3602005.019450'Hart to Hartt: a family history 1614-2004' edited by Carole Dick, with am Suppliment 2005 ed. By Carol DickRef.'Hart to Hartt: a family history 1614-2004' edited by Carole Dick, with am Suppliment 2005 ed. By Carol Dick445 pp & 342 pp
3612004.034629St. Andrews and District schools including Prince Arthur School and Sir James Dunn Academy4B5-C2*Prince Arthur School: attendance registers (1929-1962); grading lists (1922-1968)
Sir James Dunn Academy: attendance registers (1968-1991); Personnel folders (1967-1974); examination gr 7-9 (1975-1976)
Vincent Massey Elementary School: Provincial treasure
2.5 m textual records
3622005.02623Madeline and Alice Coughey fonds42 publications 'Support School Expansion' (1951) promoting the idea that Prince Arthur School could no longer meet requirements for schooling in St. Andrews and that another school should be built. A vote was to be held on June 28, 1951.2 publications
3632005.021646Dr. Donne Smith fonds4St. Andrews Health Centre papers
3642005.022450'The how book for genealogists' by Keith Watkins'The how book for genealogists' by Keith Watkins
3652005.023450'The native peoples of Atlantic Canada' by H.F. MageeRef.
3662005.024450'Canadian Indians and the Law' by Derek Smith'Canadian Indians and the Law' by Derek Smith
3672005.025450'Searching for your ancestors in Canada' by Eunice Reuter Baker'Searching for your ancestors in Canada' by Eunice Reuter Baker
3682005.028226Keay family fonds1J2Music Art and Drama Club material including: newspaper clippings; programmes; scripts; drawings; photographs.10 cm textual records
3692005.027450Eleven reference books -- see listing attached to accession.Ref.11 books
3702005.029450Reference booksRef.18 books from gift shop to go in reference room18 books
3712005.032563Crocker Hill School, School District No. 9 fonds3This material from Crocker Hill School includes: Instructions for Deputy Returning Officers at Ordinary Polls (1962); Acts and Regulations respecting the Public Schools of New Brunswick (1945); Province of New Brunswick The Schools Act (1952); Register of10 cm of textual records
3722005.03647Good Hope Club fonds (1918-2001)4Good Hope Club fonds includes: minutes; Treasurer's books; financial records; deeds; insurance records; correspondence (1928-2001).30 cm of textual records
3732005.031648Haley & Son Ltd. Fonds4Haley & Son lumber company fonds includes accounting books (1924 - 1950).
See attached listing in accession records.
60 cm textual records
3742005.033649John A. Doon Company fonds (1920's - 1970's)4D3-4,TopJohn A. Doon Company fonds consists of ledgers; ; minute books; (1920's - 1970's)…
See listing
70 cm textual records
3752005.034108Willa Walker fonds1F5-1G1*Index cards kept while working on "No Hay Fever and Railway".
'Dayspringand the Dunns" by Willa Walker
2 small boxes of index cards
3762005.035650St. Stephen NB Fire Department fonds4D3-4 & *St. Stephen Fire Department records (1927-1976)3 boxes
3772005.036450Geographical Names of New Brunswick by Alan RayburnRefToponymny Study : Geographcial names of New Brunswick by Alan Rayburn for Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names. Published by Dept. of Energey, Mines and Resources Canada312 pp; photocopy
3782005.037450Place Names of Atlantic Canada by William B. HamiltonRef.Place Names of Atlantic Canada by William B. Hamiltonx ; 502 pp
3792005.038651Christina Higgins scrapbooks (1930's - 1950's)4D4Three scrapbooks pertaining to St. Andrews; royalty and some world events (1930's -1950's).8 cm textual records (3 scrapbooks)
3802005.04653Hooper WWII Ration books4WWII ration books belonging to Fred Hooper, Perry Hooper and Myrtle Hooper of Back Bay.2.5 cm textual records
3812005.0264Frances Wren fonds1A1,1ATopMaterial consists of 16 Christmas cards from Frances Wren and painted by her to friend Mary Avison (sp?) ;(1981-1989)1 cm
3822005.041654Peggy Everett Hilditch fonds4Material includes: Canadian hymns and hymn writers by A. Wylie Mahon, B.D.; Elm Corner receipts. St. Andrews, NB; The prank that failed by Grace Helen Mowat; Funny fables of Fundy by Grace Helen Mowat; Broken barrier (1951) by Grace Helen Mowat; The diver3 books; 2 booklets
3832005.042450Hope restored: the American Revolution and the founding of New Brunswick / Robert L. DallisonRef.Hope restored: the American Revolution and the founding of New Brunswick / Robert L. Dallison
New Brunswick military heritage series; 2
120 p
3842006.001655St. Andrews Chamber of Commerce fonds4St. Andrews Chamber of Commerce fonds includes: Story of St. Andrews Arenas with W.C. (Bill) O'Neill) 1923-1971; A Proposal to The Town of Saint Andrews for the Provision of Community Co-ordination and Promotional Services from Osprey Travel & Promotion (
3852006.002656Ken Langmaid fonds4includes family history research and information, marriage, baptism etc certificates, 2 record albums, Charlotte County Grammar School certificates and programes for Graduating Exercises, UNB certificates for BSc and MSc
3862006.003617All Saints Anglican Church fonds1B2This All Saints Anglican Church accession includes: clippings - St. John Chapel of Ease (history); Rev. John Matheson with parents - ordained deacon (1980); Anglican Church Choir with Archdeacon Jones leading humn sing for all churches (1987); Plaque han1 cm textual records includes photocopies
3872006.004617Anglican Church -- Charlotte County4Clippings re churches - Campobello (St. Anne's) ; St. Stephen; St. George; Rev. David Walker Blackall re retirement after 26 years (1908 - 1934?). Letter (transcript) of condolence from Blackall..5 cm textual records
3882006.005617All Saints Anglican Church FondsMissingArchitectural plans
3892006.00870Algonquin Hotel fonds1D2,1DTopThis accession consists of a booklet entitled 'Audit program for C.P.R. Hotels'.1 booklet
3902006.00919Grimmer family fonds1A1, 1ATopAccession consists of: a pamphlet for 2nd Annual Banquet St. Andrews Brass Band; citation for Frank Grimmer's military medalcopies
3912006.01450The history of the Saint Andrews United Baptist Church, St. Andrews, NB 1862-1990 by Alice CougheyRef.23 pp
3922006.011450Fascinating houses and beautiful doorways of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick by Mary HasheyRef.
3932006.013659Chamcook Lake tragedy4Poem re drowing of 5 men at Chamcook Lake in 1938 (?). The paper is dated Jan 23, 1941.1:00 PM
3952006.014510Kiwanis Club fonds3G5"Old Railway Station - Site Visit Nov. 1, 1988' submitted by Robert Power, MRAIC Dec 22, 1988. Re. Upgrading old railway station in St. Andrews. Railway Station owned by Kiwanis and used for meetings etc.4:00 PM
3962006.015361Richard Wilbur fonds3D3-3D4Taped interviews by Richard Wilbur in his writing of 'Silver Harvest', a history of the weir fishery. Includes interviews with Mr. and Mrs. Perry Justason (2 tapes) and Beecher Allan (1 tape). All have been transcribed by Richard Wilbur.3 cassette tapes
3972006.01670Algonquin Hotel fonds1D2,1DTop"The Algonquin Hotel a colorful colony St. Andrews By the Sea New Brunswick Canada" advertising booklet in colour.1 col. booklet : 16 p
3992006.0170Elizabeth Toy collection or fonds -- in vault -- needs sorting -- includes Granite Town Greetings -- Fundy Fisherman etc.2J3Elizabeth Toy collection -- includes Granite Town Greetings etc.
4002006.02450Under power in Quoddy : Mail, passenger & freight transport in Quoddy waters (1824 -1966) / Ralph B. WelchRef.Under power in Quoddy : Mail, passenger & freight transport in Quoddy waters (1824 -1966) / Ralph B. Welch 2006174 p.
4012006.021450Summers in St. Andrews: Canada's idyllic seaside resort / Willa Walker Rev. ed.Ref.Summers in St. Andrews: Canada's idyllic seaside resort / Willa Walker Rev. ed.190 p
4022006.022450Pilot's log: the log, diary, letters and verse of Lt. Leonard A. Richardson Royal Flying Corps 1917-1918 / compiled and edited by Elizabeth Richardson-Whealy
4042006.023660George Goodeill fonds4Information, writing, research etc about St. Andrews by George Goodeill. Includes Gun Box, Notes from interview with George Goodeil5 cm textual records
4052006.024629St. Andrews and District Schools including Prince Arthur School and Sir James Dunn Academy4B5-C2St. Andrews and District schools including Prince Arthur School and Sir James Dunn Academy

This accession includes:
-- Order of ceremonies for opening of the Sir James Dunn Academy
-- Speech by the Chairman of the St. Andrews Board of School Trustees
5 cm textual records
4062006.025450Steen we rise again and revisit the past / Judith Ann Koch (Steen)Ref.Steen we rise again and revisit the past / Judith Ann Koch (Steen)71 p
4072006.026450Shirley O'Neill collection of books - Accession Numbers 2006.026 - 2006.033) includes:

Hynes, Leo J. The Catholic Irish in New Brunswick 1783-1900 : a history of their prominent role in the shaping of the Province and the structuring of the Rom
4082006.027450New Ireland remembered: historical essays on the Irish in New Brunswick. 1988 by P.M. Toner
4092006.028450Bagnell, Kenneth. The little immigrants: the orphans who came to Canada. 1980Ref.Bagnell, Kenneth. The little immigrants: the orphans who came to Canada. 1980
4102006.029450Baird, Donal, Women at sea in the age of sail / Donal Baird. 2001Ref.
4112006.03450Pork, molasses and timber: stories of bygone days in the logging camps of Maine / Eaton, L. 1954Ref.Pork, molasses and timber: stories of bygone days in the logging camps of Maine / Eaton, L. 1954
4122006.031450Town of St. George 1904-2004Ref.Town of St. George 1904-2004
4132006.032450Indian place names of the Penobscot Valley and the Maine coast / Eckstorm, Fannie Hardy. 1978Ref.Indian place names of the Penobscot Valley and the Maine coast / Eckstorm, Fannie Hardy. 1978
4142006.033450Official historical booklet Diocese of Saint John. September 19, 1948Ref.Official historical booklet Diocese of Saint John. September 19, 1948
4152006.034581John Williamson Collection1H3This addition to the John Williamson collection includes: Bicentennial celebration papers (1983)
4162006.035661George Frederick Irving (1896-1965) fonds4George Frederick Irving accession includes: telegram informing mother that her son is wounded in action (March 1918); medical card from the Casualty Clearing Station in in Lens, France; Discharge certificate from the Canadian Expeditionary Force (June 192.5 cm textual records
4171978.0771005Diary of Aaron Upton Aug 16 - September 15 1815 with notes by Maxwell Vesey (newspaper clipping)1G5From Saint Croix Courier Vol 75 No. 51.1 newspaper clipping
4181978.0781280David Upton fonds 1824-1837 St. StephenDiaries of David Upton, St. Stephen 1824-1837 consists of eleven books: 1) 3 Feb - 16 Oct 1824; 2) 17 Oct 1824 - 4 Nov 1825; 3) Nov 1825 - 4 Nov 1826 4) 5 Nov 1826 - 1 Jan 1828 5) 1 Jan 1828 - 5 April 1829; 6) 6 April 1829 - 31 December 1830; 7) 1 Jan 18311 homemade booklets
4191978.079129John Wilson fonds1G5The fonds consists of two petitions regarding John Wilson's paper mill and grist mill at Chamcook ( 1828, 1832 ).2 p. photocopied [1978]
4201978.081005Upton family fonds1G5The Uptons - brief family history from 1630 by Mrs. John Bolton (Christianna Upton)4 p. photocopy
4211978.081130Robert Clark fonds1G5Robert Clark day book (1816-1853) consists of accounts kept by Robert Clark a one-time teacher, farmer and small shopkeeper of Lower Elmsville.1.5 cm textual records
4221978.08567St. Andrews Rural Cemetery fonds. -- 1966-1960.1D2,1DTopSt. Andrews Rural Cemetery owner's register from 1866-1960 with plan showing numbers of plots.50 p. of textual records
4231979.002136St. Andrews by-the-Sea (New Brunswick) by Betty Thornley, illustrated by G.Horne Russell, R.C.A., CPR, 19171I4Promotional booklet published by the Canadian Pacific Railway to advertise the Algonquin, golf course and bathing beaches with views of the town.
4242006.038361Richard Wilbur fonds3D3-3D4Articles written from January 2, 1998 - June 16, 2006 by Richard (Dick) Wilbur for "Fisheries Files" a weekly column in the Saint Croix Courier Weekend.5 cm textual records
4252006.012658Kavanaugh family fonds4Kavanaugh family fonds consists of a deed of property in Rollingdam from Clair D. Goodill to Charles Kavanagh (Dec 5 1905).3 p. of textual records [photocopies]
4262006.039345Town of St. Andrews fonds3D1This addition to the Town of St. Andrews fonds consists of 10 Annual Reports (1957 - 1966 ).3 cm of textual records
4272006.04662Parish of Campobello -- School Report 18594D5Parish of Campobello -- School Report 18594 p of textual records
4292006.0416634This portion of the Ed Snell fonds consists of; article re St. Paul's Church on Grand Manan that mentions Ed Snell's ancestor John Snell a schoolmaster as one of first to give services; "The heritage of the past" settlers: Edward Yorke and Mary Fones Joh2 cm of textual records
4302006.04292Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*Elizabeth Simms addition to the Grace Helen Mowat fonds consists of: 1) "The diverting history of a loyalist town" by Grace Helen Mowat
2) 2 books -- Christmas presents to Sandy Simms (father of donor) from Grace Helen Mowat
photos, sketches, books and 1 clipping
4312006.037594Judge Earl Caughey fonds4A1,2,3This addition to the Judge Earl Caughey collection is a Logbook of the Charlotte County embodied militia, 1866. There is also a book of by laws etc. of the "Gordon Volunteer Rifles" of St. Andrews, N.B, which has a few pages of Roll Call at the back of th3 cm of textual references
4321979.007138Sub-District Board of Health for Charlotte County, Minute Book 1919-19661ITopThe Board was constituted in 1919 and many interesting health problems were disscussed at its meetings.3.5 cm of textual records
4331979.0012300Ledger for 1831-1833 kept by unknown person, and used by Robert Densmore of Chamcook 1862-721K2Accounts for 1831-1833 by unknown person and unknown location, then Robert Densmore's accounts 1862-1872, listing grocery purchases and sales of farm produce and farm labour including plowing, and also fire wood. It also contains subscriptions to a fund1cm of textual material
4341979.013300Densmore Familyfonds 1832-1905
Legal and Personal Papers
1K2Legal and personal papers of James and Robert Densmore and family

1) Bond, a loan agreement between Densmore and James, 18 Bonds, Deeds, and Morgages, indentures, Bill of sale, Court Order, Sarah ` will and probate

1 receipt

7 letters
0.6 cm of textual records, 18 documents and 7 letters
4351979.014300Densmore Family fonds 1860-1880
Business Papers Chamcook 1860-1880
1K2Business Papers: a miscellaneous collection of notes of hand and documents re hauling hemlock, purchase of thoroughbred Jersey bull, grocery account and contract for hauling ice from Chamcook Lake. Also blank form for mail contract.15 sheets of assorted size
4361979.017300Densmore Family fonds 1862-19051K2Papers from Robert Densmore consisting of: petitions for road and wharf improvement in Chamcook, expenditures by commissioners and list of property owners with amounts of tax paid, also printed instructions to commissioners.1 cm textual records
4371979.015338Gordon Cummings and family fonds 1927-19613D1The fonds consists of correspondence, invoices from local merchants, including H. O'Neill and Haughn's Auto parts, W.R. Rankine, Metropolitan Life and Phoenix Assurance Company (England) insurance policies, 2 Land Deeds, one of which was for land inherite1 cm textual records
4391979.016388Gordon Cummings and Family fonds3.00E+01the fonds consist of unsorted invoices and receipts to Robert Ancil Cummings (Gordon Cummings' son) and his wife Muirel Cummings nee Benson from, but not inclusively, Metropolitan Life, New Brunswick Electric Power Comission, New Brunswick Telephone Co. L1.5 cm textual records
4411979.012300Densmore Family fonds 1862-1905
Ledger used by Robert Densmore 1862-1872
1K21/2 A ledger (1832), kept by an unknown person and later used by Robert Densmore (1862-1872) for miscellaneous accounts including grocery purchases, sales of farm produce.
2/2 A ledger 1885-1890 the name Julia Rollins on front cover, but from contents bel
1.25 cm textual records
4421979.018300Densmore Family fonds
Chamcook School District Accounts 1872-1878
1K2Account book kept by Robert Densmore, which includes names of taxpayers and Teachers, and lists purchases made by the school, with a few personal accounts1cm textual records
4431979.019300Densmore Family fonds
Chamcook School Papers 1872-1905
1B5Papers of Robert Densmore, trustee of the Chamcook School, include the choice of location for a new school 1872-1875, hiring Mr Meaghen 1873, small notebook of school accounts 1874-1876, including entries for individuals liable for school tax 1875-60.5 cm textual records
4441979.02134Election Address of Gilbert W Ganong 8 October 19041I4Letter from GW Ganong, possibly to Robert Densmore, asking for support in the upcoming Federal Election of 3 November 1904.single sheet
4451979.021141MacCoubrey Family Fonds1I4The fonds consists of correspondence from James MacCoubrey in Ireland to John MacCoubrey in Bayside (1843) and from John's daughter Theresa to her maternal aunt Mrs George McRoberts (Sarah Boyd) ( 1883)2 letters, 1 is transcribed
4461984.9141MacCoubrey Family Fonds1I4A photocopy of two articles written by H. Willa MacCoubrey, published in 'The Canadian Field-Naturalist (1966) V.80 pp. 252-3, "Mocking Birds in New Brunswick" and "Seaside Sparrows in New Brunswick"4 sheets of paper
4471979.022450MacCoubrey Family FondsRes. RoomGenealogical Records of MacCoubrey and related families mostly from Bayside, names include McFarlane, Peacock, MacLellan, McRoberts and Mears among others. The MacCoubreys were from Ireland1 cm textual records
4481979.0239Charlotte County Grammer School1A1Programs for Graduating Class 1904, 1906-1915, 1917-19201 cm of textual records
4491979.025143Arnold B. Ajello / Edward Mitchell Bannister (1828-1904)1I4The fonds consists of a short biography written by Ajello, about Edward Mitchell Bannister, who was born in St Andrews, and moved to the United States where he became a painter. He went on to become the first black painter to win a national award at the0.2 cm, 13 pages of textual records
4501979.026764The Inccredible Saxby-Allison Hurricane Forecast by T.R. LeMaire2G3photocopy of article published in the Old Farmers Almanac 1975, it concerns the prediction of the Saxby Gale of 4 October 1869 which swept the Bay of Fundy and caused devastation in Charlotte County3 pages textual material
4511979.02762McQuoid Family fonds 1881-19242G4
4521979.028145Dominion Express Co Receipt dated November 18, 1920 and Kathleen O'Neill's District Nurse business card, n.d.1I4Dominion Express Co receipt made out to Mrs J.M. Hare in the amount of $2.81, for one crate from Farmington. It is believed that it may have contained parts for a furnace in the Hare family home.2 pages textual records
4531979.029146Report of Passamaquoddy, New Brunswick by Captain Peter Clinch 1784 and letter from his son Patrick Clinch 18351I4These are transcriptions from the Edward Winslow Papers, housed at the National Archives of Canada.9 pages of textual records
4541980.002148Autobiography of Harry W. Martin of Rollingdam1I4autobiography and transcript fom Morristown Times-Herald April 3, 193710 pages textual material
4551980.003149Minute Book of the Society of the Children of Mary 1886-18911I4The Society was a organised by the Roman Catholic Church of St Andrew. It was for young ladies of the parish, supervised by the Chaplain, Rev T.M. O'Flaherty. It was a social society, poems were recited and piano pieces performed. At the back of the book0.6 cm textual records
4571980.00495George Horne Russell (1861-1933)1F5The fonds contain biographical material, recollections of people in St Andrews abut him, an obituary from St Croix Courier and extract from 'A Standard Dictionary of Canadian Biography' (Vol II pp.383-4), List of paintings used by Mrs Clarke for her prese9 pages textual records
4581980.005106Two letters to Sir John Wentworth 1784-17851F5photocopies of letters at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, to Sir John Wentworthfrom Robert Calder 17 June 1784 and Ben Marston 23 March 17853 pages textual records
4591980.00681Biographical sketch of George Innes, landscape painter 1825-18941.00E+01Sketch prepared for a catolouge of exhibition 'American Art from Native Americans
through American Moderns' held by Education Department and the Docent Council of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, November 17, 1979. The painting exhibited was Innes'
4 pages textual records
4601980.007150Charles Frederick Trenholm fonds1I4Item is a receipt from P.F. Collier for Bible. The receipt shows that the bible was paid for by instalments from January to October1 page of textual records
4611980.00882The Fundy Fisherman newspaper Vol. XLI No. 16, 30 July 1969 (final issue)5A3The newspaper was devoted to the fishery of Charlotte County, and had been in existance since 19296 folded pages of textual records
4621980.009151Invitation to Inspection Trip St John to St Stephen, 4 January 1882 on Grand Southern Railway1I4The invitation is to E.R. O'Brien Esq (Edwin) of St George. The train stopped in St George for two hours during the trip.1 page textual record
4631980.0195George Horne Russell R.C.A.1F5List of 53 paintings loaned by residents of St Andrews and other people in the Maritimes and Montreal. Also has biography of the George Horne Russell4 pages of textual records
4641980.011133Letter from Thomas Kelly 1857 to cousin Nancy1I4Thomas E. Kelly was living in Pine Grove, Sierra County, California the letter was written to his cousin Nancy possibly Ann who was the daughter of Daniel of St Patrick she would have been 20 in 18572 pages textual record
4652007.001450Farm boy horizons, people, places and participations in the life of gerald winston friarsRef.Autobiographical account of authors life. He was born in Sussex, he and his wife retired to St Andrews.pp. 40
4662007.02450First Person: A biography of Cairine Wilson Canada's First Woman SenatorRef.Biography by Valerie Knowlespp. 304
4672007.003450Sailing Ships of the MaritimesRefAn illustrated history of shipping and shipbuilding in the maritime provinces of Canada 1750-19252 cm textual records
4682007.004450Sails of the maritimesRefThe story of the development of cargo schooners built in atlantic canada during the eighty years of their existence.pp. 226
4692006.007450The Haley Genealogies and the Mayflower connection (copy 1)Ref.Haley Genealogy by Frank B. & J. Lucius Haleypp. 209
4712007.005450The Hansons of York, MaineRefFamily Historypp. 104
4722007.006450Maine's visible black historyRefThere is a section in the book on some of the black people who lived here, and related to the donar, Caddy Norriss and others. Elaine Bragdon helped the authors by supplying information about her people.pp. 429
4732007.007450Saint Croix: The Sentiel River?1G5 Refpp. 281
4742007.008168The emigrant's guide to New Brunswick, British North America1I4The author was Pastor of Mascreen Kirk, St George, NB the book was published on his return to Scotland in 1842pp. 215
4752007.009450New Brunswick History ChecklistRef.It provides a list of secondary sources compiled by Hugh A Taylor, Provincial Archivist.pp. 254
4762007.01450New Brunswick History Checklist: First SupplimentRefpp.96
4772007.011749Telephone Directories5A2This collection consists of 2 telephone directories for Southwestern NB, St Stephen and Charlotte County, June 2005-6; June 2006-72 cm textual records
4782007.012749Telephone Directories5A@This collection consists of 3 directories for southwestern NB, including McAdam for June 1968, 1969, 19701.5 cm of textual records
4792007.013749Telephone Directories Collection2This collection consists of 24 directories for Southern Division New Brunswick for July 1932, January 1933, July 1934, January and July 1935, January 1936, January and July 1937, January 1938, January and July 1939, January and July 1940, January 1941, Ja27 cm textual records
4802007.014749Telephone Directories5A1This collection consists of 9 directories for Southern New Brunswick for July 1951, August 1952, August 1953, August 1954, August 1955, August 1956, Southwestern New Brunswick for December 1962, June 1963, St Andrews Special Telephone Directory for Octobe5 cm textual records
481200.015450We, the undersigned
A Historical Overview of New Brunswick Women's Political and Legaaal Status 1784-1984
Ref.written by Elspeth Tulloch for the New Brunswick Council on the Status of Women 1985pp.xx; 147
4822007.016450The Haley Genealogies and the Mayflower Connection (2 nd Copy signed by authour)officepp. 208
4832007.17450Historical Guide to New BrunswickRef.pp. 119
4842007.018617All Saints Anglican Church Fonds1B2Brief History of the Anglican Church, St Andrews, NB,7 p. booklet
4852007.019450Place Names of Altantic Canada (second copy)Officepp.x; 502
4862007.015450We, the undersigned: a historical overview of new brunswick womwn's political and legal status 1784-1984Refwritten by Elspeth Tulloch for the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women 1985pp 147 J. Clarence Websterpp 119
4882007.027501964 Towns and Cities, Atlantic Edition5A1provides information on all Atlantic provinces, information for New Brunswick includes, towns, cities, villages and improvement districts and countiespp 80
4892007.021450Horse-Drawn Carriages and SleighsRef.pp. 72
4902007.022450Silver Harvest (signed copy)The fundy weirmen's storypp. 95
4912007.023450Herring Weirs: The only sustainable fisheryRefpp. 76
4931991.021400Maloney fonds3.00E+03He is referred to as: "Mr, Sargent and Captain". The fonds consist of correspondence, financial and shipping papers all dated 1853, some in very fragile condition only parts remain.3 cm textual records
4941991.041400Maloney fonds3.00E+03The fonds consist of correspondence, financial and shipping papers. Maloney is called Sargent and Captain in the documents.1 cm textual records
4952007.0249Charlotte County Grammar School1A1Graduating Exercises programmes: 1933, 1936,1937, 1938, 1939, 1941 (3), 1947, 1949, 1950, 1952, 19531 cm textual records
4962007.0259Charlotte County Grammar School1A1programs for school graduation exercises: 1924 (+ 2 card copoies without covers, 1925, 1926 (3), 1927 (3), 1929 (4 with graduation dance cards, and 1 invitation to the Graduation Dance), 1931, 1939 (an invitation to 1939 ceremony), 1942 (2), 1943 ( + inv4 cm textual records
4972007.0269Charlotte County Grammar School1A1Programmes for Graduation exercises 1953, 19540.2 cm
4992007.027665Parks Canada, National Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Manuscript Report Number 134, St Andrews, NB: Miscellaneous Reports4D5(i) The West blockhouse St Andrews, NB A Structural Report by George C. Ingram April 1965; (ii) West Blockhouse St Andrews, NB: Report of Examination and Recommendations for Restoration by John R Stevens December 1965; (iii) The early history of St Andre1.5 cm textual record
5002007.028643'The views in every direction are enticing', Campobello Island as a summer resort 1880-19104C4 & refwritten by Andrew Sackett in 1995 for Design Research, St Andrews, NB42 pp
5012007.029750McAlpines Gazetteer of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, 19195A1pp 648
5022007.03751Canadian Almanac 19295A1pp 606
5032007.03135The Bay Pilot for: October 27, 1881, July 5, 1883, august 26, 1886, September 23, 1886, June 28, 188856 newspapers of 4 pages each
5042007.0324Frances Wren fonds1A1Hand made and painted Christmas card from Wren to her friend Edythe Keay 18 Dec 19891 card
5052007.033666Edward Maxwell fonds4the fond consists of a photocopy of a letter dated 8 September 1899, from FH Grimmer to Edward Maxwell, re purchase of a lot on the bar road1:00 PM
5062007.034450The Pelton FamilyRefFamily history0.3 cm textual records
5082008.011633Thompson Family of Waweig fonds4C3Sample and Ordering book for Bibles used 1886-18872.5 cm of textual records
5092007.036667John B. Robinson fonds4D5,4E1-2letters and invoices to John B Robinson (General Merchant) and William Hughes, from Halstead Building, St Stephen items date 1899 -1902. File #1: invoices, letters to J. B Robinson, L.W. Hughes and letters, invoices re wool from James Skene, Pennfield 18
5102007.037668Joseph Flewelling fonds4.00E+02Fonds consists of: Minute Book for Liberal Consevative Association of Charlotte County 1896-1921; Minute Books Canadian Patriotic Fund Committee 1914-7,1918; Scrapbook - St Stephen Board of Trade 1913-1922; Bill of sale John Atherton of St Andrews to Jona4.25cm
5112007.038574Two Reports on granite industry in New Brunswick3I4 & Ref(1) Preliminary report of the granite industry of St George, Charlotte County N.B. by W.J. Wright 1934; (2) a section Granites of New Brunswick from an untitled source, probably a published book with a handwritten date of 195556 pp. typed reports
5122007.039575Selected Correspondence of the Glasgow Colonial Society 1825-1840.315the fond consists photocopies from the book published in 1994, it includes the introduction by Elizabeth Ann Kerr and John S. Moir and some pages of correspondence regarding the maritime colonies28 pp of typed textual records
5132007.4656Ken Langmaid fonds4consists of 2 Discharge Certificates from the merchant ship Rocklands, 1881 and 1887
5142007.041646Dr. Donne Smith fonds4C4-1D1 *Corresponence regarding the James Dunn Arena during the years up to the withdrawal of funds from the Dunn Foundation after the Town gave approval for Algonquin hotel expansion; correspondence regarding the new Fire Hall; a book of thanks for the gift to t9 cm textual records
5152007.042646Dr. Donne Smith fonds4C4-1D1*Folder 1: Charlotte County Grammar School Graduating Programme 1923, thank you card to Dr and Mrs Smith; Folder 2: Correspondence with Community College by Dr Donne Smith and Robert Thompson re. Community College Educational and Recreational Honour Fund;9 cm of textual records
5162007.043646Dr. Donne Smith fonds4C4-1D1*Correspondence between Dr Smith and Lady Dunn/ Beaverbook on mainly medical matters, medical test reports, invocies for 1962, 1963-4,1965,1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 also medical file for Olymbia Kedros 1960-19908 cm textual records
5171999.00125St Andrews Fire Department fonds1A2transcribed records of St Andrews Fire Department names of firemen 1853-1988 and other information compiled by George Goodeill1 cm textual records
5182008.001749Telephone Directory 2004-20055A1Telephone Directory for St Andrews, St Stephen, St George, Blacks Harbour, Campobello, Grand Manan and Deer Island1 cm textual records
5191989.008511Spinney family fonds3G53 folders of family papers concerned with property dispute of James E. Woodbury vs Douglas Spinney that were sent to the Supreme Court in 1907 and was settled before the trial ended. M.N. Cockburn acted for Spinney's. Miscellaneous papers include: miscell2.1 cm of textual records
5201989.001506Crown grant to Robert Pagan of lots 4,5, and 6 in the Gaol Block in the town of St. Andrews, 23 April 1818 with attached planD9Lots granted to Robert Pagan at the time of the required new gaol.2 sheets, folded, parchment and heavy paper
5211989.0031515Eulalia O'Halloran CollectionShipping and other documents related to Thomas Barry 1850-1860, St. George, NBPapers relating to Barry, then a merchant, St. George, later involved with the Bay of Fundy Red Granite Company. Also included are notes about various people in St. George and a7 original photocopies
5221989.004505Sinclair and Vail Collection3G5Account of Rural Life, Flume Ridge, Charlotte County, 1850-1901 by Margaret Elizabeth Neal, with correspondence 1951-8520 pp of textual records
5231989.005226Papers related to R. Fraser Keay, St. Andrews, and his wife Edythe Margaret Mitchell, formerly of Saint JohnIC3Fonds consist of: Birth certificate, deeds to property in St. Andrews, photographs relating to him, seven deeds to property in Harvey parish probably concerned with her family, copy of 'Quoddy Eagle."12 documents, assorted sizes
5242008.002646Dr. Donne Smith fonds4c$-D1 *1. The Charlotte County Hospital St. Stephen, N.B By- Laws, September 16, 1985. Amendments June 27, 1988 and April 24, 1989. Amendments January 29, 1990 and Febuary 26, 1990.

2.The Paralytic shellfish poisoning in eastern Canada
1.5cm of printed records
5252008.003749Telephone Directory5!ATelephone directory for St. Andrews, St. Stephen, St. Gorge, Blacks Harbour, Campobello, Grand Manan, Deer Island 2007/081cm Textual Records
5262008.004450'DeWolfe in sheep's clothingReferenceThe story of Doctor Edward DeWolfe, Three wives and his Eleven children.2mm Textual Records
5272008.005450Greenock Presbyterian Church RecordsReferenceTranscribed by Nancy Burnham and Shirley O'Neill, June 2008. PANB Microfilm #F11974
Marriages 1824-1987
Baptisms 1824- 1985
Deaths 1868- 1881
3cm Textual Records
5281989.002504Van Horne Estate fonds3G4,3FTopFonds are five leather bound account books. Books, Covenhoven, St. Andrews, NB, 1912-1922 / revised title: Van Horne, Sir William C. and Miss Adelaide Estate Books of Covenhoven farm, St. Andrews, NB, 1912-1922five volumes
5292008.006578Albert McQuoid fonds3Plaques of appreciation, painting by Annie McQuoid, Certificates for both Raymond and Albert. 3 Scraps books, two are for Raymond, one of which is full of cards and messages of condolences for Raymond who was a Flying Officer, shot down in WWII, Raymonds10cm textual records, 9cm plaques and framed certificates.
5302008.007670Assessment Records of Properties in Charlotte County4St Croix Parish A-M; Mc-Z. St David's Parish A-H, I-M, Mc-Z. Grand Manan Parish A-E; F-Greenlaw; Grey-I; J-Mc; N-T; U-V.
The dates of the assessments range from 1940-1958
25 cm textual records
5311990.001500Children's Aid Society for Charlotte County 1940-19663FTopThe fond consists of minutes of regular and executive meetings and those of the annual general meetings and financial reports, constitutionfor the period 1940-1966.4 cm of textual records
5321990.002501Jean Smythe collection3G5Research papers of Mrs Jean Smythe on St Stephen houses and occupants which appeared in the St Croix Courier starting March 24, 1966. They include the house of Sarah Henriette Marks and A.E. Andrews, 39 Prince William Street; J Carleton Brown, 40 Prince W4 cm of ms and typescript Textual records (photocopies)
5331990.005503St Andrews Music Art and Drama Club (M.A.D.)3G5This fond includes tickets, programmes, letters, receip[ts, newsletters, calendar of events1 cm textual record
5341990.00618St Andrews BeaconMISSINGThursday October 30, 1890, Volume 2 No. 27

5351990.007450The Loyalists of Massachusetts and the other sie of the revolution by James StarkRef1 paperback book, 509 pp.
5361990.008450The History of the Morison or Morrison Family with complete history of Morison Settlers of Londonderry NH by Leonard A. Morrsion
RefPhotocopy of book borrowed from Mrs Melvin Reed (Olive Merril) Valley Road St Stephen (spiral bound)3 cm textual record
5371990.0091513Douglas Everett Insurance Business fonds

1C3Index cards from Douglas Everett's Insurance Business, St Andrews, showing rates, dwellings and details of building contents (general) circa 1950-1960
5381990.01529Bunny Hubbard Hodgson fonds3H2The fonds include photographs of the Roosevelt, Hubbard among others, stories by Gorham Hubbard etc, Invitation from the Whitehouse etc1 cm textual records (photocopies)
5391990.0111515Eulalia O'Halloran fondsMISSINGWriting and research material of M. Eulalia O'Halloran
5401990.0151518Genealogical ChartMissingGenealogical Chart of Ballou Family1 page textual record
5411990.016450The Old United Empire Loyalist List
Goodspeeds Catalogue (MISSING)
3 cm textual record (book)
5421990.017724McVicar Property Land Grant in L'Etang2G TopOriginal Grant of McVicar property of 1822 (Peter McVicar Estate in L'Etang)1 page textual record
5431990.018536Medical Report on recruits Active Militia 1942 fond3List of 58 recruits Active Militia 1942. Also gives cost of medical information for each recruit consists of date of examination, height, and chest measurements, fit or unfit.3 pages of textual record
5441990.019573Burton Hall fonds3I4-4A1The fonds contain mostly financial records, but has not been appraised.152cm of textual records
5451991.001310Hill Family fonds1K2-3C5*This fonds includes papers from Henry E. Hill Business King Street in St. Stephen later Hills Bros. And then Hill Ltd. The business ran from from 1882 - May 11th, 1990. Also included are insolvency Acts of George Hill as Assignee.1.5 cm of textual records
5461991.00292Charlotte County Cottage Craft Fonds1E2-1F5*Fonds consists of letters of Grace Helen Mowat concerning a pottery business. Most of the letters are to Paul Kene the potter who was to come to St. Andrews and was involved with the business.2 cm textual record
5471991.003522DeWolfe Hardware Company FondsMISSING2 volumes Minute Books5.5 cm
5481991.0041508Philip Christie Collection FondsRm 2Fonds are photographs copied by Provincial Archivesv. good
5491991.0051376Michael McGarry CollectionFonds are photographs - identified43 (5 x 7 B & W Prints)
5501990.0131516Sons of Temperence, Howard's Division, No. 1 (St Stephen) fondsMISSINGMinute Book 1847-18534 cm textual records
5511991.0061506Mr. Dalton Johnson Collection FondsD3 MISSINGFonds are from the earliest 1810 up to 1860's. Acc't sales of lots in Jail Block 1828 of the St. Stephen plan
5531991.045506Mr. Dalton Johnson CollectionDFonds are:
Acc't sales of lots in Jail Block 1828
St. Stephen Plan
5541991.007108Willa Walker fonds1F5-1G1*Fonds are textual and a photograph relating to the Gill House - 134 Maplehurst Carleton Street Fonds3 pages typed
5551991.008450Guide to the Legal Manuscripts in the New Brunswick MuseumRefFond is Reference Book 1 Volume
5561991.009132Wren Drug Store Papers, St. Andrews, NB1G5-1I4*Fonds are papers from Wren Drugstore which operated on Water Street for many years in St. AndrewsLarge mimex
5571991.01450Subject Index to Microfilm at PANBReferenceFond is a Reference Bookbound volume
5581991.011507Captain's Log for H.M. S. Pompee and H.M. Sloop Columbine3G5The Captain's Log from H.M. Sloop Columbine describes how 13 seamen and 3 marines deserting to Moose Island (Eastport) on the 5th of July, 1809. The joly boat was found on the 6th, and the deserters were sent to Halifax for Court Martial. Description of t4 pp of textual records
5591991.012347Philip Christie collection3D1-3D2Fonds are: Minutes of Historical Society, and Bulletins
5601991.013205Dr. Carl Medcof Collection - Autograph BookmissingFond is Autograph Book - Annie Bradford 1880 part of 7 1/2 cm 2 volumesBooks
5621991.044205Dr. Carl Medcoff Collection "The Shipmaster's Assistant and Commercial Digest"1I5-1J2Fonds are: Book by Joseph Blunt 1837 one of 2 vol.7 1/2 cm books
5631991.0140Bill McMullon - Collection of PhotographsFonds are: photographs and negatives of St. Andrews areaPhotographs and Negatives
5641991.0151203Dewar Family FondsMISSINGFonds are: 35 Dewar Family photographs and text35 photographs, maps, plans, and text
5651991.016510Kiwanis Club of St. Andrews Inc. Fonds3G5Fonds are textual 1 volume
5661991.017512Bessie Young Fonds3G5-3H2*128 cm (11 boxes) of textual references
5671991.018450James P. Collins, M.D. 1824 - 1847 "A Martyr to his Duty"
By: Harold E. Wright
refFond is a soft covered Reference Book1 volume
5681991.019523St. Andrews Yacht Club Fonds3Fonds are textual records, correspondence, by laws, projects, memberships, races, and regattas.40 cm textual records
5691991.021509Dewar Family FondsmissingSee 1991.15
5701991.0221405Index to St. Andrews graveyards ; Civic Trust papersrefFonds are copies of land index to St. Andrews graveyard with a photograph of each tombstone.textual index with photographs
5711989.01144Mallory family fonds1I4Fonds are correspondence re: the history of Navy Island where Maloney ancestors of the Mallory's settled; also clipping concerning the career of James Mallory, son of Sheriff Mallory; sermon preached by Rev Samuel Davies PhD in Greeenock Church, August 19textual records
5721989.01192Grace Helen Mowat Fonds1.00E+02?
5731989.02560Eldridge Family Fonds of Beaver Harbour fonds1C3Fonds are eight documents 1881-1914: Marriage certificate - James Martin Eldridge and Eliza A. Perley 19 Feb. 1881 ; land grant # 18390 to Martin Eldridge 27 Sept. 1881 of land in Pennfield ; map of Pennfield 1832 showing Eldridge lotson Pearl St, Pennfie8 pp of textual records
5742008.009522Dewolfe Hardware and Family Papers fonds3H2, 3HTopThe fonds consists of a numer of receipts dating from 1866-1967, receipts and cheques 1916-1968; correspondance 1905-1990; miscellaneous items 1875-1977; probate records, deeds, marriages 1908-1986, receipts March 1912-196935.5 cm of txtual records
5752008.01450Family History of John Bell 1812-1876, Bocabec, St Patrick's Parish, Charlotte countyRefan undated history dated August 23, 2008, to replace the one in the reference room,Acc. # 2007.034 was de-accessioned and given to Audrey Cline1cm of textual records
5761991.0231524D.G. Hanson ScrapbookmissingFond is scrapbook of D.G. Hanson
5771991.024450Harmon Family TreeRefItem is a bound book on the Harmon Family Tree2 cm textual
5781991.025450Who Are You? As Hanson the Source of Your Name?RefItem is book by Ruby Helkins Ellistyped text
5791991.02668203.1/8Mrs. C.W. Brown fonds1E1 & C1D4Contained is a journal from 1873, a program from a "Tales of a Loyalist Town" play that was preformed in 1948, a pamphlet from the Algonquin Golf Club from 1896, a St. Andrews booklet, a script from a M.A.D. pagent, and various letters. Donation also contphotographs, maps, etc.
5811991.0271550Ziba Pope FondsMISSINGFonds are the diary of Ziba Pope 1812 - 1832 and Free Will Baptist(Newlights)1 reel microfilm
5821991.028450Private Cemetery of the Bartlett Family and relatives in Charlotte County Prepared by: Lester B. BartlettRef.Fond is private cemetery of Bartlett family and relativestextual
5831991.029450Fonds of Immigrant Ancestor Thomas Duston (1606- 1662) through Farnham Abbot Dustin (1792 - 1863)Ref.Fonds are textual records form Thomas Duston (1601 - 1662) through Farnham Abbot Duston (1792 - 1863) Bethel, Maine to St. George, NBtextual
5862008.012450Cunningham Family - The Decendants of John William CunninghamRefFamily History0.5 cm textual records
5872006.0061657John Matheson CollectionUnknownvarious clipping from John Matheson
588tbd380Tristram Moore, Account & Note Book - Moore's Mills, St. James Parish 1807-18243.00E+01Item is Tristram Moore's Account & Note Book for Moore's Mills, St. James Parish in the years 1807-1824.1 cm of textual records
5891980.0121152Manuscript corncerning the Andrews children of Minister's Island 1900 from a book on St andrews by F.R. Stevenson 1967MissingItem is pp 143-148 of the original manuscript
5902009.006450Bates GenealogyREFFamily History: Bates Family c.1835- 19931cm of Textual Records
5912009.007450The Young Emigrants and Craigs of the MagaguadavicRefFamily History of the Craigs of Magaguadvic1 book ; pp. 251
5921985.0011418Tanner's Account Book ascribed to Robert Stevenson St Andrews 1851-18531ITopThis book came from the home of the late Daniel Hanson, a collector of St Andrews memorabilia, donated to the auction. It is not known who used it as a scrap book (81 pp.), but it was at one time in the family of Hon. B.R. Stevenson as his daughter ChrissBound book 20 x 30 x 4.5 cm.
5931985.002419Account of the barque Arabian, a fast slaving vessel built at Calais 1852 by William HindsMISSINGTyped account of its early voages of Arabian whose name was changed to Caribbee.5 pp. textual records
5941985.003419Program of 1961 Meeting of Canadian Library Association at St Andrews with article on the "St andrews Herald" by S.T. Egott3E3-3F1*Ms Egott's article on p. 24 is based on issues of 16 October 1821, 5 June 1826, 12 March 1827 and 28 July 1829 from photostats supplied by the American Antiquarian Society.booklet 16.5 x 25 cm of textual records
5951985.004262Ms. report on the identity of Charles Briscoe, customs officer of St Andrews1J4The report writen by Miss Joan Ross for the Charlotte County Historical Society, after investigating rumours current in St Andrews that Charles Briscoe was the illegitimate son of King George IV of England. Briscoe was a [----] and tide water in the Custo2 pp.
5961985.005420Prospectus of the St Andrews and Quebec Railroad 18363F1Prospectus of the St Andrews and Quebec Railroad 1836. This first prospectus of the railway in New Brunswick was printed at the Standard Office, Water Street.booklet : sew with linen thread ; 0.5 cm of textual records
5971985.00632Grammar School Review1A2Charlotte County Grammar School student publication for 7th, 21st of October1935, 4th, 11th, 18th of November 1935.0.5 cm of textual records
5981985.007421Letter from George McMaster, Boston and a newspaper clipping re fist fight at St George, January 18893F1Item is a Letter from George McMaster, Boston and a newspaper clipping re fist fight at St George, January 1889 ; title is based on contents of item1 sheet of textual records
5991985.008220School District No 2 fonds.1J2Item is a Souvenir of School District No 2, Lower Bayside presented by E. Bleakney, Teacher 1899-1900, and information on pupils 1985 ; title is based on contents of item5 pp
6012008.013642Grant Hurley fonds1D4Item includes:

Frances Wren book- The Paris Sketch and Art Criticisms by William Makepeace Thackeray. The book was given on the occasion of passing her guide test 0ctober 25, 1936.

Menu for the 11th Annual Dinner, Canadian Good Roads Assciation, Algonqu
2.1cm of Textual Records
6021985.009264Papers relating to the Dunn-Whitlock house at the corner of Queen and Adolphus streets, St Andrews1J4Will of John Dunn [1829] incomplete 1 page only ; inventory of Dunn property 11 July 1829 ; list of real estate ; testamentary note of James Henry Whitlock [18--] ; receipt J. H. Whitlock to William Whitlock 13 September, 1882 re purchase to share in esta1 cm of textual records (photocopies)
6031985.01265Edythe Keay's Coronation Scrapbook, 19371J4Mrs Keay's scapbook of newspaper clippings concerned with the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, May 12 1937. Included with the clippings are six photographs of coronation events in St Andrews.4.5 cm of textual records
6041985.0111266New Brunswick High School Entrance Examination Paper 1929 - English composition1B5MISSINGExamitation paper written by Mrs Wren's sister, Josephine Wren Calder in St Andrews, June 19291 sheet of printed textual record
6051985.012263Collection of clippings from St Croix Courier (photocopies) and genealogical notes on Hill and Maxwell families1J40.7 cm of textual records
6061985.013267Charles E McCann fonds1KTopAccount Book and two cash books, Rolling Dam 1904-1913
6071985.015268Poster advertising meeting of Conservative candidates at St George Federal Elections 1944MISSINGPoster shows photographs of the federal candidates for 1944 election. They were R.B. Hanson M.P. and C. Douglas Everett of St Andrews, L. Keith Ingersol of Grand Manan, Vernan H. Connell of St George and D.E.O. Thomascard 30 x 40 cm
6081985.016422The St. Stephen Journal 23 December 1874, Vol III No. VIII3F1The paper has very little news mainly advertisements. Accounts of public examinations in two St Stephen Schools might be of interestnewspaper
6091985.017419Plan and grant to John Wilson of lot extending into St Andrews Harbour for a wharf 10 July 18333E3-3F1*Plan and grant to John Wilson of lot extending into St Andrews Harbour for a wharf 10 July 1833. The plan and grant fastened together by the embossed seal of King William IVhand drawn plan and document
6101985.018209Boone Family fonds1J2Boone Family deeds to part lots 3C and 8B Buckley's Division St andrews with will of David Johnston of St Julie, Que, also deed to land at Chamcook 1858-18991 cm of textual records
6111985423General Inventory of James Brown papers at PANB prepared by Ann Rigby3F1Item is a general inventory of James Brown papers at PANB prepared by Ann Rigby31 pages
6121985.02423Descendants of Hon. James Brown of St David by Carolyn E Wedekind and Helen Schober3F1Genealogy given to PANB in connection with the James Brown papers q.v., also includes a letter from Mrs Wedekind giving directions for finding James Brown's gravestone8 pages (photocopy)
6131985.021423Biographical Sketch and selections from the James Brown papers at PANB3F1Autobiographical sketch of Hon James Brown (copy) ; pages from diaries, 1813, 1844-5 and 1859; text of Temperance song composed by Brown ; text of prize winning poem "The de'il's reply to Robert Burns with biographical sketch by Maxwell Vesey" ; also comm0.5 cm of textual records
6141985.023270List of teachers employed in Charlotte County Schools 19631J4The list is arranged by school, and includes name and addresses of each teacher and the grades they taught0.2 cm of textual records
6151985.024236Account book of Thomas Wren ship carpenter and joiner, St Andrews 1856-1880, it inclucles a transcrpt of a discuusion between J.C. Medcof and J.R. Wren about the book1J3Accounts with Dimock and Wilson's store, Chamcook, when working there with Townsend, followed by days spent working on various vessels in St Andrews.0.5 cm of textual records
6161985.025321Private Investment account book of Hon. Robert Robinson, St Andrews, 26 June 1869-24 January 18793C5
6171985.026271Registers of attendance at Upper Bayside School, St Croix Parish, Charlotte County 1940 and 1948-57 inc.1J4The registers include teachers and visitors as well as pupils. It includes a teacher's agreement for Alice J. Calder 1953 and a requisition for free text books 19562.4 cm of textual records
6181985.027111Assessment list for the Parish of St Andrews1G1Item is an assessment list for the Parish of St Andrews 1904. It lists value of real and personal property of inhabitants with total amount of road taxes levied on individuals and on the parish1 cm of textual records
6191985.028111Journal of 1868-90 of Daniel McRoberts of St Stephen1G1Journal lists time worked on vessels and other projects during the years and other notes, also tiny sketches of carpentry, e.g. railings1.5 cm of textual records
6201985.0294Proceedings of 2nd Annuual communication of Freemasons Saint John 1869 with a list of lodge members, also insurance receipts St Mark's lodge St Andrews, 1939-431A1Proceedings of meeting, list of representatives attending, also list of lodge members including St Marks, St andrews,Sussex, St Stephen and St George. St George also mentions of Alley, Upper Mills.
6211985.034Frances Wren fonds1A1,1ATopMiscellaneous Papers of James Bell, block and spar maker, St Andrews (1823-1893). Papers include deeds and insurance policies for Bell`s home on Water Street, purchased from Dr S.T. Gove, bill of sale for schooner `Clara`, receipts for share in `Broadfiel9cm
6221985.03442Letters of Benjamin R. Stevenson c 1870 and 18811A2- 1C1 *Item is a number of letters of Benjamin R. Stevenson c 1870 and 1881
6231985.035421Items relating to the Bay of Fundy, Red Granite Works3F1photocopies of items relating to the Bay of Fundy, Red Granite Works4 pp
6241985.036272Letter from William Pike, Lahama Hawaii to Messrs Demming & Sons,31 December 18561J4Item is a letter asking that Mrs Pike be given money when needed, attached to the letter is a second Bill of Exchange in the amount of $1,862.50 from the Ship "Onward", the master of the ship is James A Norton1 p. textual records
6251985.037273Brief history of Mace's Bay, Dipper Harbour, Chance Harbour and Little Lepreau1J4Item is a brief history of Mace's Bay, Dipper Harbour, Chance Harbour and Little Lepreau,0.3 cm of textual records
6261985.03870Algonquin Hotel Register 18951D2,1DTopItem is the Algonquin Hotel Register for 18955 cm of textual records
6271985.039361The varied History of the Chamcook Watershed3D3-3D4The report was prepared for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in 1984 or 5. The site described is now the location of the North Atlantic Salmon Research Centre and remains of many of the old installations were found when the centre was established.0.3 cm of textual records
6281985.04275Record Books of Seaside Lodge No. 9 Knights of Pythias 1891-19501J4Fonds consists of the Record Books of Seaside Lodge No. 9 Knights of Pythias 1911-1950 ; membership book 1891-1926 ; minute book June 19, 1891- November 20, 1911 ; minute book December 6, 1911-January 10, 1924, it lists deceased members at the back ; cash8 cm of textual records
6291985.041417Minute Books of Loyal Orange Lodge No. 149, St Stevenson's Hall, St Andrews, NB3.00E+03Minute Book September 27, 1906-July 5, 19322 cm of textual records
6301985.042427Robert Lindsay of Digdeguash fonds3F1Fonds consist of will of Robert Lindsay, 16 September 1814 ; deed, sale of land for 102 acres by Robert Lindsay to Robert Clerk, school teacher for 120 pounds, November 12, 1818 ; Bill of Sale,for one heifer, one calf, farm equipment and all the hay on Ro0.2 cm of textual records
6311985.043276Helen O'Neill fonds1J4Collection consists of news paper article from the Tribune of 1984, by Arthur T. Doyle on Nan PacPhersan (Mrs E.A.) Smith of St Andrews and Saint John ; Sermon preached by Rev Samuel Davies B.D., PhD, in Greenock Church [c. 1940] ; A Song for Canada0.2 cm of textual records
6321985.044320Louise Ross Collection3C5Items are: Notice and fees for the St Andrews District Nurse Service ; Memorandum from R.H. Harper, Bilston to his cousin Mrs C. Hazen, New Brunswick, America, April 10, 18760.1 cm of textual records
6331985.045299Freeman H. Todd fonds1J5-1K1*Fonds consist of Day Books 1854-1856, 1864-1865, 1865-1821 and Account Books #2 1857-1858, #6 1865-1867, #7 1872-1875, #9 1869-1874, #9 Ledger B 1869-1874, #11 Cash Book 1873-1881, #11 Inventories & Financial Statements 1872-187529.5 cm of textual records
6341985.046278Account book of unknown carpenter and cabinet maker from, St Stephen [possibly Thomas Caswell]1J4Item is an Account book of unknown carpenter and cabinet maker from, St Stephen [possibly Thomas Caswell], it would appear to be a small business, owner made furniture, framed pictures and even laid out bodies for some to whom he sold caskets. Part of the0.7 cm of textual records
6351985.047279Records of the Second Falls, Magaquadavic Baptist Church 1851-19221J4Item is Record Book of the Second Falls, Magaquadavic Baptist Church 1851-1922, it includes vital statistics and session minute book2 cm of textual records
6361985.048280Two [Maine] Surveyors' Notebooks - C.J. Briscoe, J.D Lewin and J. Ganby 1845-1848 and 1848-1854, St Andrews, NB1J4Items are two Maine Surveyors' Notebooks - C.J. Briscoe, J.D Lewin and J. Ganby 1845-1848 and 1848-1854, St andrews, NB. They consist of measurements of sailing vessels at St Andrews by surveyors of the Customs Department.1.5 cm of textual records
6371985.049281Bayside United Baptist Church1J4These notes were made by an unknown person and transcribed by Fred Nutter in 1982. It is possible that this item was collected by Sue Anderson, CCHS genealogist, who died November 1985 and lived at Bayside and was researching the area.3 pp of textual records
6381985.05282Wesley United Church, St Andrews, NB, 135 Years of Christian Fellowship1J4-1J5Item is an account of Wesley United Church, St Andrews, NB, 135 Years of Christian Fellowship, by D.G. Hanson. It lists all the important events and notes about people involved in the church from the foundation of the Wesleyan Methodist Society in 1830 to0.2 cm of textual records
6391985.051409Booklet advertising The Inn, St Andrews, NB, owned by Canadian Pacific Railway3.00E+03Item is a booklet advertising The Inn, St Andrews, NB, owned by Canadian Pacific Railway
6401985.052283Newspaper obituaries of James Vroom, Archdeacon O.S. Newnham, Rev D.W. Blackall, and Archdeacon Canon Hailston1J4collection consists of newspaper obituaries of James Vroom, Archdeacon O.S. Newnham, Rev D.W. Blackall, and a biographical sketch of Archdeacon Canon Hailston5 pp of textual records
6411985.053674Elinor Mawson Collection2E1,2E3-E5item is photocopied extracts from Reuben Butchart's "The Disciples of Christ in Canada since 1830".0.2 cm of textual records
6421985.054284St Stephen Rural Cemetery1J4Item is a Certificate of Ownership of plot in St Stephen Rural Cemetery for David Upton, 28 February 18571 p of textual records
6431985.055285Discharge papers of Private Dugald Clark, 74th Highlanders, Fort George Penobscot 24 December 1783 (photocopy)1J4Item is a photocopy of the discharge papers of Private Dugald Clark, 74th Highlanders, Fort George Penobscot 24 December 17833 pp of textual records
6441985.056286Petition of John Wilson for financial assistance with his paper mill at Chamcook, NB 1828 (photocopy)1J4Item is a photocopy of a petition of John Wilson for financial assistance with his paper mill at Chamcook, NB 18283 pp of textual records
6451985.057287Request from Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier to W.F. Todd, MP of St Stephen to move address in answer to speech from the Throne, 22 December, 19081J4Item is a request from Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier to W.F. Todd, MP of St Stephen to move address in answer to speech from the Throne, 22 December, 1908. The Prime Minister suggests topics that might be included in the speech.1 p signed typescript
6461985.058288Names from stones in Bocabec Presbyterian Church yard1J4Item is a photocopy of tombstone inscriptions, Bocabec Presbyterian Church made in 19380.1 cm of textual records
6471986.005290Barbara A. Morrison's teacher licenses 1847 and 18651J4Item is a photocopy of Barbara A. Morrison's teacher licenses 1847 and 1865, Parish of St James Charlotte County.2 pp. of textual records
6481986.006289St Stephen University Educational Prospectus 1972-731J4Item is a copy of theSt Stephen University Educational Prospectus 1972-730.5 cm of textual records
6491986.007310Hill Family fonds1K2-3C5*Item is a photocopied letter from R. Bunten, St Stephen to George Hill, student at University at Hanover, N.H., dated 23 January 1818. It describes conditions at St Stephen at that date and family affairs.4 pp of textual records
6501986.008311Pages from Marjorie Knight's scrapbook3C5Item is pages from Marjorie Knight's scrapbook with obituary's of the Haddock family, St Andrews and others. Late 19th century (photocopies)11 pp of textual records
6511986.009312The Elmsville Advertiser Vol. VII No 1. n.d.3C5Item is a copy of The Elmsville Advertiser Vol. VII No 1. n.d., a publication of J.H. Dyer's General Store in Elmsville. Printed to look like a newspaper.folded sheet giving 4 pp of textual records
6521986.0193St Andrews Herald Vol 1, No.1, 2 March 1979, Special ed. Epidemiological study of town of St Andrews5A1Item is the St Andrews Herald Vol 1, No.1, 2 March 1979, Special ed. Epidemiological study of town of St Andrews8 pp of textual records
6531986.011363Henry Benedict Hachey (1901 - 1985) Obituary of3D5Item is an obituary of Henry Benedict Hachey (1901 - 1985) oceanographer, soldier, Mayor of St. Andrews, biogrphical sketch by: N.J. Campbell of the Canadian Dept. of Fisheries and Oceanspp.3 of textual records
6541986.014143"Bannister the Idealist" by George W. Whitaker 19141I4"Bannister the Idealist" by George W. Whitaker 1914This item is an exerpt from Whitaker's "Reminiscences of Providence Artists". For an extensive account of his life, for further information is a biographical sketch by Arnold Ajella3 pp of textual records
6551986.01511Treadwell Family Fonds1A1,1ATopThe item is about members of the Treadwell family who moved to California.4 pp textual
6562009.008450William Hatch of Bayham Township Ontario, by Donald G. LaneRef.Family history contining information on the origins of the Hatch family in Kent, England c. 1400 through to immigration in 1638 to New England. This family included Haws Hatch (b.1747) and Christopher Hatch (b.1755) of Boston.82 pp of textual records
6572009.009450Beacon Press Deaths, Reported 1907-1919RefItem is a transcription from newspapers of reported deathsduring the Years 1907-1919pp. 43 of textual records
6582009.01450Index of Names in the 1851 Census of Charlotte CountyRefItem is an Index of Names in the 1851 Census of Charlotte County, sorted by surname, given names, age, volume, page no., parish
6591986.016292Daily Telegraph, Saint John, 21 June 1877 - Great FireMissingItem is a newspaper issued in Saint John the day after the disastrous fire of 1877. An imperfect account as there had not been time to assess damage.
6601986.01756Granite Town Greetings2J3Local newspapers received by her grand-daughter Mrs John MacLeod. St George News: August 8th, 1900, June 3rd, 1908 and May 19th, 1911.
6611986.01818The St Andrews Beacon 2 June 1891MissingThe Beacon contains a good description of St George at that period, including the Granite Works, also an account of summer activities in St Andrews.
6621986.019293Christian Visitor, Saint John, N.B. 14 October 1869 with account of Saxby GaleMISSINGItem is a copy of the Christian Visitor, Saint John, N.B. 14 October 1869 with account of Saxby Gale
6631993.015504Van Horne fonds3G4,3FTopItem is a photocopy of the Crown Grant August 26, 1785, and Deeds March 1791 - August 26, 1977 ; photocopy of Deed February 16, 1936 -September 29, 1975 ; photocopy of portion of Crown Grant Sheet No. 161; photocopy of portion of L.R.I.S. Sheet No. 21G/03.5cm of textual records
6641993.017504Van Horne fonds3G4,3FTopphotocopies of drawings and text regarding the Van Horne coachman Dreyer ; 5 drawings of Van Horne dogs ; drawing of sailors loading a landing craft with clothing and rugs; drawings and text of a hospital stay ; some historical information; booklet regar1 cm of textual records
6651986.02318Order of the Eastern Star, Queen Mary Chapter, Milltown, NB3C5Item is the handwritten text of the 30th Anniversary Address 19513 pp. of textual records
6661986.021319Memorial of Neil Morrison3C5Item is a Memorial of Neil Morrison and other settlers from Scotland asking for Crown Land or other land Mr Pagan and others will inform you of, in Charlotte County 6 July 1804, it lists 20 families, also a list of emigrants asking for land on the new S5 pp. of textual records
6671986.024420An Account of the St Andrews and Quebec Railway 1835-18693F1Item is An Account of the St Andrews and Quebec Railway being the original intercolonial railway from its First Inception in 1835 to the present time. Printed by H. Chubb & Co., Prince William Street, Saint JOHN, NB 1869pp. 72 of textual records
6681986.027324"The Loss of the Albion" an account of shipwreck on voyage from St andrews across the Atlantic in 1810 by J.W. Kirby, Captain of the ship.3C5Item is a an account of the shipwreck of the Albion reported to the Merchants and Underwriter of Lloyds of London.17 pp of textual records
6691986.028325The St Croix Herald, Vol 2 No. 32 11 March 1859 and The Calais Advertiser, Vol 112 No 33 Section 2 18 August 19485A1Item includes copies of The St Croix Herald, Vol 2 No. 32 11 March 1859 and The Calais Advertiser, Vol 112 No 33 Section 2 18 August 19486 pp of textual records
6701986.03246Town of Milltown Voters Lists 30 August 18731J3Item is two voters lists for town of Milltown both dated 30 August 1873, compiled by Thomas J. Robinson, Town Clerk2 pp of textual records
6711986.032328Grand Manan Fog Whistle3C5Item consists of copies of materials from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans regarding the Grand Manan Fog Wistle. It is situated on the extreme north west of Grand Manan built in 18749 pp of textual records
6721986.033329Moses H Perley, Saint John, correspondence between St Andrews Customs house and himself re emigrants to St Andrews May-July 18463C5Item is correspondence between the St Andrews Custom House and Moses H Perley, Saint John regarding emigrants to St Andrews May-July 194612 pp of textual records
6731986.03462McQuoid Family fonds1C4-D1,TopNotice to Robert Alexander re property to be sold for debt 15 April 1865 and a summons to William McQuoid to appear in Court in St andrews 23 August 1886 for Beach of Peace2 pp of textual records
6741986.035330Waweig United Church through the Years by Mrs Allan Armstrong3C5Item is a booklet entitled Waweig United Church through the Years by Mrs Allan Armstrong. It provides a record of the Church history, which began life as a Presbyterian Church built in 1848.36 pp of textual records
6751986.03692Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*Grace Helen Mowat's blocks for steel engravings of Christmas cards etc. Various dates prior to 1960.19 steel blocks, 3 copper blocks
6761986.037419Two letters of John Dunn of New York and St Andrews from John Moore, Kingston, Jamaica February -June 17843E3-3F1*3 pages of textual records
6771986.038419Eddy Williamson3E3-3F1*Printed Accounts of Town of St andrews 1919. Closing exercises of Charlotte County Grammar School 1906 and Ferry Schedule between St Andrews and Robbinston Mane (n.d.)
6781986.039430Deeds of Sale: Archibald McDiarmid to Joseph Cherry and Robert Davis, St George 1 April 1837 and John Caleff to Archibald McDiarmid, Mascarene 1 December 18103F16 pp. of textual records
6791986.04554Story of St Andrews Arena with W.C. (Bill) O'Neill 1923-1971.3I2This is a scrapbook compiled by Carmelita (O'Neil) O'Hagan, concerning her brother's activities in community service and in recreational and sporting activities, in particular with promoting ice hockey in St Andrews and the construction of the St Andrews1.5 cm of textual records
6801986.041175Mann Family fonds1I4Dewar Mann and related family papers, Mascarene, St George 1822-1852. contains letters from Scotland 1826-1834, letters from St James to Mascarene 1848-52. There is also genealogical details from early families who came to Scotch Ridge about 1809 includi1 cm of textual records
6811986.045175Mann Family fonds1I4Item is a deed of sale Hugh McKay to John and Robert Mann a lot of land on the north side of the Maguagadavick River, below the first falls in the Parish of St George containing 100 acres, dated 5 May 18311 folded page
6821986.042296Robert Pagan, St andrews to Ward Chipman Saint John 18 June 18051J4Item is a letter from Robert Pagan, St andrews to Ward Chipman Saint John 18 June 1805, it is regarding a protested bill.3 pp of textual record
6831986.043429A Co-operative Venture in Learning3F1Item is an account of the official opening of the Huntsman Marine Laboratory, St andrews 24 August 1970, which appeared in Fisheries Canada Vol 22 No 2 pp.19-21, 19702 pp of textual records
6841986.044428Architectual descriptions of three St Andrews houses and an historical account of the town by Melinda Elson 19713F1The houses described are 78 King Street, said to have been built by Judge Charles Hatheway, 107 Queen Street, known as the Salt Box and once the home of Customs Officer C.J. Briscoe, and 340 Water Street, a more recent building occupied for many years by0.5 cm of textual records
6851986.046298Assessment List, District No. 3 St George and St Patrick for levy of School Taxes 11 July 19321J4Item is an Assessment List, District No. 3 St George and St Patrick for levy of School Taxes 11 July 19321 p folded of textual records
6861986.047333Permit to Leave Canada 1917 and Resident Aliens Border Crossin Identification Card 19503C5Permit to leave Canada, Joseph Hastey of Dewolfe, St Stephen, requesting permission to travel to Calais and other towns in Maine for business. The resident Aliens border crossing identification card, Margaret Hastey issued by the US Department of Justice2 pp of textual records
6871986.0484Frances Wren - The Early History of St Andrews - text of historical tableaux, St andrews, August 1942MISSINGSeries of tableaux based on Grace Helen Mowats book the Diverting History of a Loyalist Town, with additional material collected by Francis Wren.12 pp of textual records
6881986.049334Deed - Rachel McCullum St Patrick to Dorcas Amelia Botterall for property at Bocabec, 6 December 1883.3C5Item is a Deed - Rachel McCullum St Patrick to Dorcas Amelia Botterall for property at Bocabec, 6 December 1883. for one hundred dollars4 pp of textual records
6891986.05335Smith and Wesley Family fonds3C5Ration Books for Otis B. Smith, James W. Smith and Cora M. Beane ; St Stephen tax notices 1890, 1893, 1889, 1899 ; St Stephen , district 6 school tax notice 1892 ; page from Inches and Grimmer, Water Street, St Stephen, account book for Wesley Smith [189-1.5 cm of textual records
6901986.051336Account book of freight sent and received. New Brunswick and Canadian Railroad, St. Andrews, NB 1857-18673D1Item is Account book of freight sent and received. New Brunswick and Canadian Railroad, St. Andrews, NB 1857-18675 cm of textual records
6911986.052299Freeman H. Todd fonds1J5-1K1*Item is a time keeping ledger Sep 1898-Apr 1901. It provides a picture of a mill operation on a daily basis. Giving the names and numbers of men employed in several capacities, the hours worked and their wages.1 cm textual record
6921986.053299Freeman H. Todd fonds1J5-1K1*Item is a merchandise, lumber and shipping journal 3 Oct 1848-3 Jan 18503.5 cm of textual recrods
6931986.054337Lumbering and general merchandise account book for St Stephen, 2 January 1832 to 20 August 1846 possibly belong to J.E. Eaton3D1Most customers listed in the account book lived in St Stephen. There are charges for both general merchandise and lumber. Some debts paid by work at lumbering. Pencilled note near end suggests connection with Eaton family.3 cm of textual records
6941986.056339William Porter, merchant, lumberer and mill owner. Daily Journal, St Stephen August 1831 to June 18333DTopBook lists a variety of transactions in general merchandise and an enterprise known as "Logging Adventure" an apparently speculative venture, the building and operation of the ship "Royal William". Also of operation of ship "Hermione". There is no name bu5 cm of textual records
6951986338Ledger of Thomas Boyle, St Andrews 1825-19393D1Item is Thomas Boyle's ledger during his time in St Andrews 1825-1839, the ledger also includes tailor's account for 1852 also a brief list of a number of letters sent to Saint Jogn 1817 and other writings.3 cm of textual records
6961986.057340Huntsman Marine Laboratory3C5It gives a brief history of the Biological Station and lists the scientists who worked there up to 1958.St Andrews, NB 1908-1958. "Fifty Years in Aquatic Biology" by J.L. Hart with a list of scientistspp 35 of textual records
6971986.058213John O'Neill Collection1J2Charles M Grove, St Andrews correspondence with Charles C Colby Sroustead, QC October 1876 re advantages of St Andrews as a winter port.
The correspondence between Charles M Gove and Charles C Colby relates to the Bay of Fundy, and weather conditions dist
pp 41 of textual records
6981986.059189Vroom family fonds1I4St Croix Courier November 3, 1892 ; cutting from Calais newspaper June 10 18?] re stange sickness on both sides of the St Croix border during 1835 ; Certificate of Fireman William Vroom 19 April 1869 ; Programme of the Teachers' Institute of St John and C1 cm of textual recors
6991986.06225List of inhabitants of Boston, who on the evacuation by the British, in March, 1776, removed to Halifax with the Army.1J2Item is a photocopy from the society's journal. The list contains the name of Zebedee Terry among the refugees, he later became assistant surveyor for the Loyalists in Passammaquoddy Bay, Daniel McMaster another refugee settled in St Andrews, also Thomas3 pp of textual records
7001986.061301Bond Mary McCollough to Martha Orr for rearing and education of Annie McCollough, St Patrick 1893 with typed transcript1K2Item is a Bond Mary McCullough to Martha Orr for rearing and education of Annie McCullough, St Patrick 1893 with typed transcript2 pp of textual records
7011986.062342A History of the Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project3C5Item is a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a degree of MA (History), Univerity of Maine, Orono, by Theodore Holmes. It provides a history of tidal power plan from its birth as an idea to bill presented to the US Congress.1 cm of textual records
7021986.063306Alexander McKelpin, letter to finder dated 8 May 17951K2Item is a letter written by Alexander McKelpin, who states that since 1750 he was a hunter and trapper but is returning home to Scotland. He placed the letter in a tin box on Oak Point Farm (Todd's Point). It concerns the sum of 2000 pounds which he has1 p of textual records
7031986.094226Keay Family fonds1J2Item is a script for a pageant entitled Legends of a Loyalist Town by Edythe Keay, 1948. It was performed by the MAD club0.3 cm of textual records
7041986.0951302The Dyer Family of Elmsville and other newspaper clippings mostly from St andrewsMISSING
7051986.096353St Andrews Civic Trust fonds3D2Records of Charlotte County Court House, Gaol and selected historic homes in St Andrews.
7061986.097303Notes on the CPR Railway Station at St Andrews prior to 19501K2Item is written by Doris Finnegan daughter of the Station's Agent, the notes are based on her memory and lists the names of the Station's Agents after 19503 pp of textual records
7071986.09892Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*Four Christmas Cards, steel engraved and hand coloured 1955 and n.d. by Grace Helen Mowat
7081986.099354Margaret McMillan of St Stephen, 2 scrap books and newspaper clippings with another much earlier scrap book3D2Scrap books of newspaper clippings two of the books attributed to Margaret McMillan were originally account books from Bocabec, the third book contains historical anecdotes of new Brunswick and has an index at the back9 cm of textual records
7091986.125St Andrews Fire Wards fonds1A2The fonds consists of minute books (1863-1966) ; record books including roll books for Fire engine Company No. 1 and No. 2 (1874-1939) ; records of fires in town (1940-1959) ; accounts (1901-1903) ; bank statements (1973) ; Annual Report of the Fire Marsh11 cm of textual records
7101987.001355Elijah Fisk fonds3D2Fonds include correspondences between Elijah Fisk, Easport (1800) and Passamaquoddy (1805 and 1814) to his father Elijah Fisk, Hillsborough Maine, Certificate of marriage for Thomas Burton McBride and Mary E. Fisk (10 Agust 1897), the Maine Log Rule, let0.4 cm of textual records
7111987.002304Letter to S.H. Hitchings, Milltown from Henry Bowes Snr, Cumberland Union Bank, Workington, England 11 February 18591K2Item is a letter describing the dealing that Henry Bowes father and S.H. Hutchings regarding the estate of the late John and Eliza Farish and their heirs2 pp of textual records
7121987.003305Recent Archaeological Reseach in the Insular Quoddy Region, NB, Canada1K2Item is a paper presented by David W. Black and Christopher j. Turnbull, at Sunbury Shores, St Andrews, 19869 pp of textual records
7131987.005306Crown Grant to John Smith, 44 Lot C Dufferin, 2 March 1831Mold Box
7141987.004356Invoice from Welshpool Market to Winslow Townsend 8 July 19023D2Item is a statement of account from George M Byron, Manager of Welshpool Market to Winslow Townsend, 8 July 1902. It lists all the items bought for the month of January in the amount of $23.851 p of textual records
7151987.0061357Marks Family fondsMISSING
7161987.0071358Elmer Scott fondsMISSINGFonds consists of diaries many kept after his retirement and other material
7171987.008359Property Tax Records District 2, Parish of St David (1903-19303D224 books
7181987.01360Neville Parker fonds3D2-3D3The fonds consist of Early papers (1816-1817); Clients, business and personal papers (1822-1839); Bank of New Brunswick papers (1820-1837); Mayor's Court papers (1819-1827); shipping papers (1819-1824); Thompson Estate papers (1826-1828); Robert Rankin e55 cm of textual records
7191987.011361Richward Wilbur collection3D3-3D4Collection includes, material on the sardine history through the ages, transcribed interviews and a draft copy of the book manuscript14 cm of textual records
7201987.012362Hill & Robinson fonds3D4-3D5*Item is genealogical records of Daniel and Japhat Hill
7211987.013362Hill & Robinson fonds3D4-3D5*Fonds contains deed, bonds, leases and other papers belonging to Stephen and Abner Hill
7221987.016208Account of trial of Thomas Roland Hutchings for murder, St Andrews1J2The Collection is an account of events written by George Goodeil, keeper of the Charlotte County Gaol with newspaper clippings September-December 19420.5 cm of textual records
7231987.014306Horses owned by Lieut. Gov. W.F. Todd, St Croix Stock FarmMD10The collection contains of nine large portraits and seven smaller portraits by Mr A.J. Schultz of the the horses owned by Lieut. Gov. W.F. Todd, St Croix Stock Farm, at Todd's Point, St Stephen. They were all done on the farm some showing the St Croix Ri7 pictures: b&w ; 15 x 20 cms ; 9 pictures : b&w ; 27 x 28 cm ; on mat ; 31 x 38 cm
7241987.017203.1/8Plan of Roman Catholic Rural Cemetry, St AndrewsMD4Plan of Roman Catholic Rural Cemetry, St Andrews with the names and number of burials in each plot, also list of burials with full names1 map and 9 pp. of textual records
7251987.018345Annual Reports of the Town of St Andrews3D1Town of St Andrews Annual Reports which contain financial reports, the town council personnel, dog licences, business licences, and the auditors report, names of school board trustees for the years: 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 191.5 cm of textual records
7261987.019425Clifford Pendleton fonds3F1The fonds consist of: two logs books recording places visited with Dexter P. Cooper ; two account books ; a Deed for sale of land from Joseph and Flora Stuart to Madeline Pendletondated 29 May 1916 for a parcel of land in Lords Cove, Deer Island ; two ins7 cm of textual records
7271987.026347Philip Christie collection3D1-3D2Item is Assessors' lists for Lawrence, Charlotte County 14 March 1939. Martin Madsen, Burton Ames and Burton Millberry were the assessors. A number of different taxations are included, as are the different districts. Information includes names of property0.5 cm of textual records
7281987.023364Moore's Mills Union Church fonds3D5Act to Incorporate Moore's Mills Union Church and Cemetry in the Parish of Saint David, 10 April 1875 and an Agreement between the Trustees of the Church and the Pewholders, with a list of the Pewholders7 pp. of textual records
7291987.024365Verses written by Margaret Louisa Sampson on the death of her friend Mary Armstrong 23 December 18663D5Item is a poem written by Margaret Louisa Sampson on the death of her friend Mary Armstrong, who died in childbirth, the baby apparently still-born, dated 23 December 1866 at Waweig4 pp. of textual records
7301987.025346Petition of John Ryan and John Budd for land at Waiweig on the road leading from St Andrews, March 30, 18213D1Item is a Petition of John Ryan and John Budd for land at Waiweig on the road leading from St Andrews. The land in question was on Crown Reserve in St David's Parish.6 pp. of textual records
7311987.02760Henry O'Neill fonds1C2-3,&TopItem consists of Order Book June 29-November 18, 1899 and Day Book November 5, 1900 - February 8 19013 cm of textual records
7321987.028348John Hanson fonds3D1,3D2Item is a ship owner's account book, for the Schooner "Harold", St Andrews, NB 7 December1782-22 November 1882, with the building cost on a loose sheet in the book1.5 cm of textual records
7331987.029348John Hanson fonds3D1,3D2Item is the Financial Scribe's ledger of the St Andrews Division No 358 of the Sons of Temperance, 1 October 1891 - 10 March 1910 it lists the names of its members ; and By-laws of the St Andrews Iron Clad Reform Club which began on 24 February 1867, it w2 cm of textual records
7341987.03367Oscar Hanson fonds3D5Ledger regarding taxes from 1862; Business papers, 1880’s; postage collected from 1901-1903; ledger belonging to James Hanson’s, 1858; General record of registered letters, 1886, 1901 & 1904; bank book belonging to Oscar Hanson10 cm of textual records
7351987.031310Hill Family fonds1K2-3C5*The collection consists of family correspondence of the Hill family of St Stephen between the years 1815-1857. Including George Hill, Abner Hill, Joel Hill, Edgar Hill, Augusta, E. Moore, Louisa Hill, Sarah Hill, Sally (Hill) Upton, Aunt M.W. Hill and Pet1 cm of textual records
7361987.03292Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*Item consists of orders received between August 1936 and January1937 for Charlotte County Cottage Crafts, St Andrews, NB, Proprietor G.Helen Mowat. Some of the orders include wool or cloth samples7 cm of textual records
7371987.03388Bertha Carson fonds1DTop,1E1The collection consists of death certificate for Essie Bertha Carson, 12 November 1979, William Carson's Certificate of Service as Master of a fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel in the coating trade 20 August 1903, a mortgage and bill of sale for property6 pp of textual records
7381987.034349Harris Hatch fonds3D2Item contains Letter dated 23 June 1820 to Harris Hatch from David Howe, Halifax regarding establishment of a boarding school in St Andrews ; receipt from James Scott to Mr William Hatch for hire of a boat, 8 August 1830 ; letter from John Wilson to Harr4 pp. of textual records
7391987.035370Moses and Benjamin Franklin Lever fonds3.00E+01The fonds contains 8 deeds to property at Leverville in the Parish of St David 1867-1888, and three envelopes
7401987.036102Biographical sketches of St. Andrews doctors1F5Biographical sketches of Dr Samuel Tilley Gove (1813- ) and Dr Harry Gove 1845- ) physicians of St Andrews; Deed from Peter Christie to John Gove 1779; and an account sent out in St Andrews by Dr Gove 1839; offer to gift the Old Gove House in St Andrews t2.3 cm of textual records
7411987.037371Snell Family fondsFonds contains a portrait of John Snell ; testimonial for Edward Snell pilot for Bay of Fundy ; family tree of Jarvis Family ; bill of sale 27 April 1854 ; page 1 of "A method of knowing the principlea of fixed stars by John Snell ; letter from John Snell5 cm of textual records
7421987.038625Alexander Grant fonds3.00E+01Item consists of Alexander Grant's diary 30 April 1915 - 3 February 1916. It begins with him enlisting with the 37th Battalion and end while he is on leave in England and Scotland. There are some loose sheets in the diary, some of which consists of poems.5 cm of textual records
7431987.04373Seven published sermons by Rev Samuel Andrews, Wallingford, Conn. And St Andrews, NB 1770-18173.00E+01Coolection consists of Seven published sermons by Rev Samuel Andrews, Wallingford, Conn. And St Andrews, NB 1770-18171.5 cm of textual records
7441987.042450Boat Building in Charlotte County 1880-1970 by Albion Richardson, Deer IslandRefItem consists of a history of Boat building in Charlotte County
7451987.043375Registraion of Grant to Neil McNichol et al 30 January 1797, and Grant to John Mackenzie et al 6 September 17903.00E+01Collection consists of the Registration of Grant to Neil McNichol, Alexander Young, Margaret Chatto, Alexander Dick, John Low, John Dick, Hugh McFarlane, Alexander McArthur, John Campbell, John O'Rouke, Timothy O'Rourke, Robert Pagan Esquire, William Holl17 pp of textual records
7461987.044376Michael McGarry Collection3.00E+01Item is a typed transcript with annotations by Marvin W. Maxwell, the diary 1827 was probably written by the two daughters of William Grant, Oak Ridge.13 pp. of textual records
7471987.045377Diary of Alexander Stevenson, St Stephen, NB 1874-18763.00E+015 cm of textual records
7481987.046378Record of Cases, Charlotte County Civil Court 11 January 1879 to 22 July 1882 by C.E.O. Hatheway J.P.3.00E+01Item consists of accounts of court cases held at the Charlotte County Court with Judge C.E.O Hatheway1 cm of textual records
7501987.41475Hugh Love General Store Day Book 13 October 1885-22 December 18863FTopItem is Hugh Love's General Store Day Book 13 October 1885-22 December 1886, St Stephen, with clippings on horse racing1.5 cm of textual records
7511984.02860Henry O'Neil fonds1C2-3,&TopItem is a Ledger 28 May1853- 23 August 1854 for dry goods1 cm of textual records
7522010.001474D. C. Rollins fonds3FTopFonds consist of 4 ledgers belonging to D.C. Rollins for his blacksmith shop: account book April 1893-October 1895, account book August 1895- August 1897, account book January 1901-July 1903, account book January 1910-December 19128 cm of textual records
7532010.002671James Beckerton fonds4E2,E TopThe fonds consists of 6 ledgers: Vol. III 8 Jan. 1870- 8 July 1872 ; Vol. IV 30 Dec. 1872- 28 May 1876 ; Vol. A Oct. 1873 - 16 July 1878 ; 7 Dec 1878 - 14 June 1879 ; Vol. I 5 July 1879- 7 Feb.1883. Index book for Volume 1. Blotter 28 March 1877 - 2 July16 cm of textual records
7541988.02344James Rait fonds3D1Cash book for James Rait & Co, St andrews, kept by Thomas Watt 28 March 1836- 28 January 1837. The ledger then became the property of F. J. Blair M.D. in 1881, there is only one entry.5 cm of textual records
7552010.00319Grimmer Family fonds1A1,1ATopThe item consists of a scrap book containing invitations, invoices, school tax bills, requests, insurance, etc. for the years 1869-18812.5 cm of textual records
7562010.00488Bertha Carson fonds1DTop,1E1The item is a ledger belonging to the Charlotte County Bank for the years 1854-1857. It was used as a scrap book possibly by Bertha Carson.7 cm of textual records
7572009.011594Earl Caughey Collection3The collections consists of 7 ledgers: James Sloop account book 1889-1921 ; Interest tables 1859 ; Charlotte County Court Proceedings 1901-1916 ; William Phillips ledger 1823-1874 ; W Whitock letter book 1885-1862 ; C.E. Jarvis and W. Whitlock insurance p20 cm of textual records
7582010.005362Hill and Robinson Fonds.3D4-3D5*Accounts and Day Books- Day Book 1856- 1857, Day Book 1854- 1876, Day Book 1861- 1862, Day Book 1864- 1866, Day Book 1886- 1888, Day Book 1890- 1892, Day Book 1892- 1895, Account Book 1850- 1854, Account Book 1851- 1854, Account Book 1854- 1855, Account B111cm
7591987.047350Mr & Mrs Robert Shreve Collection3D2• Acc.1987.047: Deed regarding property in St Stephen Thomas Smith to Ethel L. Todd 1886-7 ; Forty-first Report of the Charlotte County Agricultural Society, St Andrews 1861, Robert Stevenson, President ; half of page of the Courier Sept 27, 1883 obit f0.5 cm of textual records
7601987.0494Frances Wren fonds1A1Item is a scrapbook kept by Frances Wren containing photographs, newspaper clippings, concept programs, christmas greetings, ect…3 cm of textual records
7611987.05353St Andrews Civic Trust fonds3D2The collection contains several copies of the Civic Trust's walking tour ; 2 copies of "The Early Court Houses of New Brunswick" by C.A. Hale 1977 ; Charlotte County Court House ; Court House and Gaol ; The flight of the Loyalists ; Title searches for Che1.4 cm of textual records
7621987.051352Stations of the Cross3D2"Stations of the Preachers" Eightieth Annual conference of Methodist ministers held in Sheffield England 1823 sent to Rev Duncan McColl of St Stephen.3 pp of textual records
7631988.001363Henry B and Katherine A. Hachey collection3D5The collection contains: 'Grandpa's Golden Years' an autobriography written by Hachey in 1983 ; John Hachey's writing excercises book from Prince Arthur School 1946 ; Katherine Hachey's Antique Exhibit ; St Croix Harbour a report by A.D. swan ; a folder4 cm of textual records
7641988.002243Records of Christ Church St Stephen (Church of England) and history of the Parishv. fileThe collection includes accounts of purchase of Altar Plate, list of Church Wardens,list of records and history of the Parish also a photocopy of a history of St Stephen.
7651988.003379Ana Leland fonds3.00E+01Item contains the will and probate record 1883
7661988.044380[Tristram Moore] Account and note book, Moores Mills, Parish of St David 1807-18243.00E+01Item is an account and note book , it provides names of settlers in Moores Mills, and notes from some court cases.1 cm of textual records
7671988.005231Martha Barto fonds1J2-1J3The collection contains various records pertaining to genealogical research conducted by Mrs. Barto, who had a particular interest in Deer Island families.10 cm of textual records
7681988.007381Surveyors Plan of the Grant to John Dunbar et al 16 September 17843.00E+01Item is a photocopy of the surveyor's plan of the Grant to John Dunbar et al 16 September 1784, garden lots in the Town of St Stephen1 page
7691988.008381James Brown, photograph and election address 12 December 18423.00E+01Item is a photocopies of a photograph of James Brown and his printed election address 12 December 18422 pages
7701988.009382Resume of Arthur Duston Odell3.00E+01Item is a resume of Arthur Duston Odell3 pp of textual records
7711988.01383Land grants at Sealy's Cove to Thomas Rafton 1872 ; Land grant to island in Crew Harbour, Penfield to John Walsh 1872 ; survey plans for expiration of land for a wharf Sealey's Cove 19623.00E+01The collection contains Land grants at Sealy's Cove to Thomas Rafton 1872 ; Land grant to island in Crew Harbour, Penfield to John Walsh 1872 ; survey plans for expiration of land for a wharf Sealey's Cove 196211 pp of textul records
7721988.011384Capt. Howard Watson McCurdy fonds3.00E+01The fonds contains a certificate which acompanied Their Majesties' Siver Jubilee dated 6 May1935 ; a certificate of qualification to H. W. McCurdy from the Canadian Pacific Railway Company 2 September 1914 ; Boston Semi-Weekly Advertiser 6 January 1850 wh0.4 cm of textual records
7731988.013363Henry B Hachey Collection3D5Item is a diploma awarded to Henry Benedict Hachey by the Royal Society of Canada 5 June 1950Diploma : 33 x 40 cm
7741988.014385Elias Wright documents Beaver Harbour 1787-1822 and other early records of Quakers3.00E+01Collection contains Deed of sale from Amos White to Elias White for house and lotts 9 October 1787 ; Bill of Sale John Stricklin to Elias Wright 10 October 1787 for lot of Ten Arcres known by No. 51 in the Company of Friends ; Indenture between John Stric13 pp of textual records
7751988.015386Canadian Club of St Andrews And St Stephen fonds3E1-3E2The fonds contain financial and other records of the club, flag the Canadian Red Ensign, minute book 1959-1969, constitution of the Canadian Club, note book 1968-72, 1975 Committee Report, letter to High Commioner of Indiafrom Mrs G.C. Perry 17 August 197
7761988.016387Margaret Dewar of St George, Teachers Licence, 7 March 18593.00E+01Item is Margaret Dewar's 2 nd Class Teachers' Licence issued by the Province of New Brunswick, she may teach in the Counties of Charlotte, Saint John and Queens.1 p of textual records
7771988.017107Discharge Book of Charlotte County Gaol, St Andrews, NB 19 January -May 18871F56 pages from the Discharge Book of Charlotte County Archives. Causes of commitment include debt, assault, drunkeness, resisting constable, larceny, abuse, refusing duty, refusing to pay taxes, setting fire, murder, bastardy, stealing horses, abusive lang6 pp. of textual records
7781988.018389B.H. Kelly & Brooke Account Book3.00E+02The ledger is used by B.H. Kelly & Brooke as a lumber shipped record book during the years 1865-67 ; the ledger is then used by an unknown person and is used as following: account of pigs bought this season 1884 and then as a record of fish bought from bo1 cm of textual records
7791988.019343Unknown owner, Account Book [St Stephen] 1836-373C5A well kept account book kept by skilled clerk, identified as St Stephen by names of customers, no details of merchandise sold only one third of the book used.
7811980.013299Freeman H. Todd fonds1J5-1K1*Election Address of F.H Todd M.L.A. 1965 and Election Address of John Bolton M.P. 18672 pp. of textual records
7821980.014153Captain Jacob Paul of St Andrews fonds1I4Fonds contain letters related to Captain Jacob Paul of St Andrews 1844-1848 ; 6 letters belonged to Mrs Anna Maria Paul and Capt Jacob Paul of St Andrews, lost at sea in 1848 ; 3 letters written by Captain Paul to his wife Lydia in 1844 ; 3 letters from W17 pp of textual records
7831980.016349RC Hatheway Harris Hatch fonds3D2Letters directed to Harris Hatch by various persons including a letter from David Owen re Customs House at Campobello ; accounts re purchase of sundries, building stone, oxen, and education of his children7 sheets, assorted sizes
7841980.017617All Saints Church fonds4B4Transcriptions from original church records 1792-1921by Bertha Carson ; an invoice to the Church Guild from S.H. Rigby 6 August 1897 ; receipt from St andrews Beacon 27 August 1872 ; part of a printed statement of receipts and expenditure for the year 18516 pp. of textual records
7851980.01888Genealogical notes by Bertha Carson re Carson, Cassilis, Townsend and other families, obituary of Bertha Carson1.00E+01Item contains genealogical notes by Bertha Carson re Carson, Cassilis, Townsend and other families, obituary of Bertha Carson
7861980.01988Bertha Carson fonds1DTop,1E1Miscellaneous transcripts by Bertha Carson and an unknown person related to Dr Gove, others to ships and Loyalists24 sheets of textual records
7871980.0288Bertha Carson fondsMissingItem contains 25 assorted clippings mostly from the St Croix Courier and concerned with current and past events in Charlotte County25 items of textual records
7881980.022156William Connick Collection1I4,1ITopThe collection contains family record from bible 1813-1855 ; obituary of William Connick May 10 1922 ; history and biographical record of Alexander G Connick5 pp of textual records
7891980.023450McQuoid Family RecordUnit 1Record of the descendants of the family of Charles McQuoid d.1887 aged 79 and his wife Margaret d 1890 aged 71 photocopied from two bibles (see provenance file for details) also two newspaper clippings, obituaries of Hope McQuoid d 1975 and Octavia Elizab
7901980.02462McQuoid Family fonds1C4-1D111 items of miscellaneous McQuoid Family papers 1883-1979
7911980.025118Letter from James Boyd, St Andrews to Joshua Knight, 20 June 18421G5Item is a letter from James Boyd to Joshua Knight dated 20 June 1842 regarding the condition of Bye Roads in St Andrews Parish1 p of textual records
7921980.026157Map of St Croix River Basin showing holdings of St Croix Paper Co. Woodland Me, June 1813C2-D1The Map shows northern part of Charlotte and southern part of York Counties NB and a large part of Washington County Maine and part of Aroonstook, Penobscot and Hancock counties compiled by E Lisherner, Engineer
7931980.02710000Family Information concerning Reed family of St David photocopied from "Ludwig Genealogy" Augusta< Me 1866MISSINGThe collection contains family information concerning Reed family of St David photocopied from "Ludwig Genealogy" Augusta< Me 186618 pp. of textual records
7941980.02818St Andrews Beacon 9 July 1914 - 30 November 19185A4/5The collection is incomplete the newspapers are as follows : January 9 - December 24, 1914 ; January 21,1915 ;February 4 - November 18, 1915 ; May 6, 13, 20, September 23 - December 23, 1916 ; February 24, March 10, 31, April 7, 14, 28 ; May 5, 12, Augu190 cm of textual records
7951980.03160Information re. Carson family of St Patrick collected from various sourcesMISSINGThe item contains information regarding the Carson family of St Patrick collected from various sources10 pp. of textual records
7961980160Letters from Charlotte County to Thomas and Mattie (Linton) McCann, Eureka California 1890-941I4The collection contains letters from Charlotte County to Thomas and Margret (Linton) McCann, Eureka California 1890-94 from Maggie Linton, Waweig; Nancy McMillan McCullough, Bocabec; Jane Reid McCann, Dumbarton; Lucy McCann, Greenock; Samuel McCann, Gree29 pp of textual records
7971980.032161Scotch Ridge United Church 150th Aniversary Historical Sketch 19761I4Item is a photocopy of the historical sketch 1826-19762 pp of textual records
7981980.033162Odell Family fonds1I4The fonds contains legal documents: 22 deeds to land in St andrews. 3 other documents and a passport 1852-1932.0.5 cm of textual records
7991980.0341163Descendants of James Grierson (Grearson) 1741-1846 and Margaret (nee Kelly) 1778-1872, MascareneMISSING
8001980.035225Muster Roll of Loyalists at St Andrews, Passamaquody Bay, Nova Scotia, May-July 17841J2Item is the Muster Roll of Loyalists at St Andrews and Passamaquody May-June 1784, it includes the disbanded men, women and children of the 74th Regiment May 20 1784, the men women and children of the late Royal Fencible American Regiment, the men, women0.02 cm of textual records
8011980.0361165The Descendents of Charles Dyer Wilcox on Grand Manan IslandMISSINGThe geneology of the Wilcox family by Elmer Wilcox in 1980, reproduced as a booklet with historical notes and illustrations
8021980.037450Justason HeritageRef.A printed genealogy of the Justason family who settled in Pennfiled, Black's Harbour and Letang by Mildred E. (Justason) YeldonBook, 91 pp.
8031980.038155Passamaquody, Geanealogies of West Isles Families, by Martha Fore Barto1I4Some of the geanealogies prepared by Mrs Barto are incomplete but they are very valuable in giving the early history of many families
8041980.039156William Connick account book1I4,1ITopItem is an account book, the firstpage includes some vital statistics of the Connick family. The account book ranges from 1830-1878, it also includes wages at the back of the book. His wife Agnes Connick also wrote an elegy in the account bookfair
8051980.045101Samuel McFarlane J.P. Rollingdam fonds1F5Item consists of photocopied pages of the Rollingdam Bye Road papers, 1841-42, by Samuel McFarlane JP and Commissioner of highways for the upper part of St Patrick. The papers include the names of all residents who worked on the roads as well as subervi26 pp of textual records
8061980.046101Samuel McFarlane J.P. Rollingdam fonds1F5Item is the Dumbarton Magistrates's account book, Samuel McFarlane J.P. 1859-1868. Most of the cases in it concerned disputes about small amounts of money.28 pp of textual records
8071980.047101Samuel McFarlane J.P. Rollingdam fonds1F5Review by Justice R. Parker, Supreme Court 20 December 1841of case of James Elliot vs John Stewart heard by Samuel McFarlane, J.P. Rollingdam. This case involved a yoke of Oxen owned by "one Miller"7 pp of textual records
8081980.048101Samuel McFarlane J.P. Rollingdam fonds1F5Item consists of notes made by Miss Graham in her home at Rollingdam, formerly the Samuel McFarlane residence, from reminiscenses by her mother who was brought up by the McFarlanes.12 pp of textual records
8091980.04932Grammar School Review Vol 2 No.11A2Item consists of a copy of the Grammar School Review Vol 2 No.1, October 7 1935.1 folded page of textual records
8101980.058450Marks Family RecordsRefWork sheets on the genealogy of Mordecai Marks family and a copy of "The Story of St Stephen from the founding May 26, 1784" and "Sabine Loyalists0.5 cm of textual records
8111980.051171203.1/7Map showing the Parish of PennfieldMD3Item is an outline Map of St George-Pennfield area, with place names inserted by the late Llewellyn Spinney2 pp. of textual records
8121980.052172Correspondence re disappearence of gravestone of John and Catherine Young (both d. 1847) from Ledge Church Cemetry Jan-Feb 19801I4The item contains a letter re the disappearence of gravestone of John and Catherine Young (both d. 1847) from Ledge Church Cemetry Jan-Feb 1980 and a plan of the Ledge Church cemetry and the names of those buied in the plots4 pp of textual records
8131980.05318The Beacon, St Andrews NB, Vol XVII No. 48, 27 May 1916Item is a copy of the Beacon, St Andrews NB, Vol XVII No. 48, 27 May 1916
8141980.054122Autograph Album of Mary Monaghan1G5Item is an autograph album of Mary Monaghan of Elmsville 1882-1888.0.5 cm of textual records
8151980.055124Canada's Need of Better Port and Railway Facilities.1G5Item is a printed booklet entitled Canada's Need of Better Port and Railway Facilities. Development of L'Etang an easy solution of the problem. It contains an argument for the developmentof L'Etang harbour by the Dominion Government as a major port on th7 pp of textual records
8161980.056175Genealogical data on Mann and related families Pomeroy Ridge and Mascarene 1809-Ref.Item is genealogical data on Mann and related families Pomeroy Ridge and Mascarene 1809-5 pp of textual records
8171980.057175Mann Family Fonds1I4Item is a letter fom John Mann of St George to Becky and a transcription, also a newspaper photograph of John Mann and wife7 pp of textual records
8181980.059450Family tree of Baldwin Family of St Patrick and St Andrews 1749-1959 with a list of land transactionsReference
8191980.0652Customs House, St Andrews fonds1C1- 1C2Item is a letter book of C.M. Gove, Customs Officer at StAndrew 13 September 1886-1 February 18973 cm of textual records
8201980.0611180Day Book of John Doling, St Stephen, 10 September 1832- 18 December 1838MISSING
8211980.062181Fred M. Murchie fonds1I4Fred Murchie was a general merchant in St Stephen. The fonds contains, business papers, personal papers, Ontario Business College papers and miscelleaous records for the period 1879-19064 cm of textual records
8221980.063125Smuggling on the St Croix and the Cliffs at Grand Manan and1GTopCollection consists of three pages from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper for 6 September 1873, p.413 "The smuggling trade--a night scene in a smugglers headquaters near Calis Maine - asssorting the swag' sketched by J. Becker and p. 412 'The smugglin3 pp of engraving and photolithograph and textual records
8231980.064140Log Book of the Schooner Maria Jane 1864-18661I4,1ITopItem is a Log Book of the Schooner Maria Jane 1864-18663 cm of textual records
8241980.066Assessment Rolls Charlotte County Parish of St George 1956, 1958 and 1959MISSINGCollection contains Assessment Rolls Charlotte County Parish of St George 1956, 1958 and 1959
8251980.067571Girl Guides, Brownies & Rangers Passamaquoddy Division3I4Item consists of two account books for 28 February 1936 - 25 November 1960 and 1 January 1960- 1 January 19611.5 cm of textual records
8261980.068132Wren Drug Store fondsMISSINGItem is a Wren Drug Store Day Book 19 April 1881-30 May 1885
8271980.069205203.1/8Wharf Construction Contract 20 May 1841, St Andrews, NBC1 D4Item is a plan for wharf contruction to be built in St Andrews, a wharf that would fill the space between Market wharf and the wharf of Thomas Simes.1 p of textual records
8281981.001182The New Brunswick Almanac for 18441I4Item is a copy of The New Brunswick almanac for 1844 with a few pages inserted in St Andrews diary of D.G. Hanson.06 cm of textual records
8291981.002137'Notes and Queries on the history of the Vroom Surname' by James Vroom, St Stephen, NB 19301I4Item is a booklet entitled 'Notes and Queries on the history of the Vroom Surname' by James Vroom, St Stephen, NB 193011 pp. of textual records
8301981.003183Barbara Ann Scott program1I4Item is a programme entitled "The Princess of the Ice" held at the Arean in St andrews March 17-18 1949. On the back cover of the programme is a history of the arena 1923-19494 pp of textual records
8311981.0051184McFarlane Family Quarterly Newsletters Vols I to III 1978-1980MISSINGCollection consists of the McFarlane Family Quarterly Newsletters Vols I to III 1978-1980
8321981.008144Mallory family fonds1I4Item is a copy of the menu for the 11th Annual Dinner, of the Canadian Good Roads Association, held at the Algonquin Hotel, St Andrews, June 26, 1924, with a coloured illustrarion of boats in St andrews harbour and the Algonquin Hotel in the background2 pp of textual records
8331981.009144Mallory family fonds1I4The collection contains greeting cards and letters to Mr and Mrs C.W. Mallory during World War II, from sevice personnel in various units. They illustrated the varied war experiences of young people from St andrews. Many of the envelopes bear special mili1.5 cm of textual records
8341981.006142The Order of Service for the Unveiling and Dedication of the Mural Tablet erected to the Memory of Sir James Dunn, Bart. Q.C. in All Saints Church, St andrews, NB 10 February 19561I4The item is the Order of Service for the Unveiling and Dedication of the Mural Tablet erected to the Memory of Sir James Dunn, Bart. Q.C. in All Saints Church, St andrews, NB 10 February 19562 pp of textual records, folded & stapled
8351981.00763Prince Arthur School Collection1D1The item is a programme for"The Pagent of History" given by the pupils of Prince Arthur School in Commemoration of the Silver Jubilee of His Majesty King George V, 6 May 1935.1 p of textual records
8361981.01144Mallory family fonds1I4Collection consists of 5 letters to Mrs C.W. Mallory from Miss A. Van Horne and 1 Calling Card of Miss Van Horne, thanking the Mallory's for their Christmas card, and 1 letter to Mrs Mallory from Nan Macpherson Smith, and four newpaper clippings relatin.05 cm of textual records
8371981.011224The Story of the Fighting 26th by R.W. Gould and S.K. smith1.00E+01Item is paper bound book which contains the history of the New Brunswick 26th Infantry during the first two years of the First World War. It contains the names of all personnel in alphabetical order. One lieutenant, two sargeants, one lance-corporal and 448 pp of textual records
8381981.012147Minute Book of the St Andrews Friendly Society 11 December 1862 - 11 March 18691I4Item is a Minute Book of the St Andrews Friendly Society 11 December 1862 - 11 March 1869. There is also a list of members for the years 1855-68.05 cm of textual records
8391981.013174Conley Family fonds1I4Item is a leaflet entitled "Lobsters every day in the year" from Conley's Lobsters, St Aandrews c. 1950, it describes the operation and provides instructions for cooking lobster with pictures of a lobster pound on Deer Island and plants at St andrews. The4 pp of textual records
8401981.014414"Dochet" article from the Cornhill Magazine 19273.00E+03Item is a photocopied article by A.D. Ritchie, from the Cornhill Magazine 805 (1927) 83-885 pp of textual records
8411981.015180Programme for St Andrews Old Home Month August 19471I4Item is a program for St Andrews Old Home Month August 1947. On the front are two songs written for the occasion by Dr J.F. Worrell with music composed by Mrs W. Woods and a picture of the blockhouse, and on the back is a list of events and activities tak1 p of textual records
8421981.016185Will of John Hilliker of Dosh's Isl.1I4Item is the Will of John Hilliker of Dosh's Isl. In which John Hilliken bequeaths his interest and title to "Dosh's Island" (Dochet or St Croix Island)to his wife.
8431981.0171186Family record of Stephen Hill Young and wife Ada B. Hazen 1843-1901MISSINGItem is a photocopy of the family record of Stephen Hill Young and wife Ada B. Hazen 1843-1901 from New Testament. It includes the weights and tables, measures and other statistics
8441981.0181187Short record of Johnston and Holmes families, St Andrews 1833-1927MISSINGItem is a record of the Johnston and Holmes families. It lists names and dates of both families with a copy of Royal Reader No V that belonged to Barbara Johnston2 pp of textual records
8451981.0195Mckenzie family fonds1A1&1ATopThe fonds contain an Account Book and Letter Book 1848 -1870. The Account Book begun in 1848 by Hector N McKenzie, in charge of a general store, and continued by George Mackenzie, his father, when Hector went to California in 1851. Occassional entries ar2.5 cm of textual records
8461981.025McKenzie family fonds1A1The collection contains correspondence found in the MacKenzie account book. They include 6 original and photocopies. Among them are a letter to George McKenzie from J.G. Stevens, St Stephen re agricultural meeting in St George 1863; letter to father fromtextual records
8481981.021189Experiences of a theological1I4Item is a unbound booklet by F.W.Vroom who writes of his experiences of a theological student at King's College, Windsor NS, 1876-78, it includes some pen and ink drawings by the author.49 pp of textual records, cut from a journal
8491981.0221000203.1/12Survey Map of two tracts of land west of Digeguash River (Dumbarton granted to Joseph Watson and sold to John Wilson to be subdivided into lots for settlement 1860MD6Item is a Survey Map prepared by John E Moore, Deputy Surveyor in 1860. Joseph Watson was granted the two tracts of land and sold them to John Wilson for development. There is an attached sheet giving acerage of lots and names of purchasers have been ente1 map with attached sheet
8501981.023191Letter and Greeting Card from Alf Horton, 4th Pioneer Regiment France 28 June 1918 to Alice Coughey, St Andrews1I4The collection contains a letter and greeting card from Alf Horton, 4th Pioneer Regiment France 28 June 1918 to Alice Coughey, St Andrews. It also contains an article "From your soldier boy" regarding the embroidered cards sent from the tenches during the5 pp of textual records
8511981.024192Letters of Robert Parker to Hugh Johnston & Co. 21 August and 21 May 1827, and James Ewing to Robert Parker n.d.1I4Collection contains letters of Robert Parker to Hugh Johnston & Co. 21 August and 21 May 1827, and James Ewing to Robert Parker n.d.7 pp of textual records
8521981.025193Deed of Sale by Araminta J Turner, of land at Bocobec to Rector, Church Wardens and Vestery of St Patrick for Church of Heveanly Rest 22 May 19061I4Item is a Deed of Sale by Araminta J Turner, of land at Bocobec to Rector, Church Wardens and Vestery of St Patrick for Church of Hevenly Rest May 22nd 19063 pp of textual records
8531981.026194Lord Beaverbrook (William Maxwell Aitken) fonds1I4An order of service in memory of Lord Beaverbrook, All Saints Church, St. Andrews, addresses by Rev. J.F.N. Jones, the Chaplain of Lord Beaverbrook's regiment and other ministers.1 item
8541981.027164"Medical Research"1I4Item consists of a photocopy of the ms of autobiographical address by Prof Charles H. Best a talk given on Health Day at the Canadian National Exhibition, 19 August 197719 pp of textual records
8551981.029196Campbell family fondsMISSINGThe collection contains Campbell family letters between St Andrews, NB, Lochgilphead, Argyll and Oakland Cal. 1884-1918
8561981.03196Campbell family fonds1I5The collection consists of copies of three genealogies prepared by J.A. Campbell 1904 for the "Oban Times" (Scotland), by Henry Campbell, San Franscisco 1915 and as extended by Mrs Robinson in 1976..05 cm of textual records
8571981.031196Campbell Family fondsMISSINGLetters concerning Campbell ancestry from and concerning Miss Annie Campbell, who lived with her friend Susan Mowat at "Elen Corner" (Edward and Carleton Streets) St Andrews.
8581981.032196Campbell Family fondsMISSINGCollection consists of documents concerned with the Barque Fanny and Steamer S.B. Wheeler of St Stephen, N.B., San Fransico 1851. (a) paragraph from "Paddle Wheel Days in California" by Jerry McMullen, Standford 1944, telling the story of Fanny and Wheel
8591981.033196Campbell Family fondsMISSINGJames Campbell probate records 1817 and 1830 and obituary of George F. Campbell (1803)
8601981.034196Campbell family fondsMissingWill of Amy Campbell of St Andrews 1880, with additional papers from from PANB
8611981.03567St Andrews Rural Cemetry fonds1D2,1DTopItem is a copy of the Act of Incorporation, Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations of the St Andrews Rural Cemetery Company, Revised Edition, St Andrews 19471 item
8621981.036197History of Lot 5, Block D, Morris Division, St Andrews, 1784-19311I5Item is a list of transfers of property from deeds and wills in the RegistryOffice, St Andrews prepared for Miss Stinson whose home is located on Lot 5 Block D Morris Division, St andrews, 1784-1931 with a note re Almar's Hill3 pp of textual records
8631981.037198Letter from M. McFarlane, Sheet Harbour, NS to his brother [St Andrews], 12 June 18911I5Item is a letter from M. McFarlane, Sheet Harbour, NS to his brother [St Andrews], 12 June 1891. It comments on the current political situation in Canada, especially the death of Sir J.A. MacDonald.1 p. of textual record
8641981.038199Paul family information from Bible 1822-1883 and obituary of Sherriff Alexander T. Paul (1822-1883) Markham and St Andrews1I5Item contains Paul family information from Bible 1822-1883 and obituary of Sherriff Alexander T. Paul (1822-1883) Markham and St Andrews
8651981.039200Scrap Book of Miss Aubrey Street1JTopItem is a scrap book of Miss Aubrey Street, Newcastle NB and St andrews c. 1893
8661981.0492Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*Original letters and other documents of Captain David Mowat, his descendants and other relatives, with genealogical material collected by Grace Helen Mowat. Also Grace Helen Mowat's writings, correspondence and verses together with newspaper clippings and
8681981.04192Grace Helen Mowat FondsMISSINGItem is an article by Louis Arthur entitled 'Among the Cottage Crafters" published in the Canadian Home Journal March 1933
8691981.0421201Richard Sylvester Hanson Family History, Bocabec and St David from 1815MISSINGItem is a family history of Richard Sylvester Hanson, Bocabec and St David from 1815
8701981.043202St Stephen Board of School Trustees fonds1JTopThe fonds consists of account books 6 Feb 1872 - 31 Dec 1929 and minute books 2 Sep 1901- 8 Feb 1929 and 4 March 1929 - 23 Jan 194513 cm of textual records
8711981.045177Merchants in St Andrews 18771I4Item is an alphabetical list of tradesmen, presumably taken from a directory of 18772 pp of textual records
8721981.046203Old Roman Catholic Cemetry, St Andrews, NB 1825-18591I5Item consists of the names of persons buried in the Old Roman Catholic Cemetry, St andrews, NB 1825-1859 with plan and photographs
8731981.047204Handbills - Rates of cartage, St Andrews 1858 and sale of leases on school land, Chamcook 1895-961I5Collection contains hadbills, one for rates of cartage for St Andrews in 1858 and Notices of auction for twentyone year leases for school land at Chamcook for Lot 1 (2 copies) and Lot 6 (2 Copies)5 pp. of textual records
8741981.048183Harold Glew fonds1I4The collection contains the New Brunswick Handicrafts booklet 1958 which lists St Croix weavers, St Stephen; Craftsmen of Quoddy, Charlotte County Cottage Craft, St Andrews Woolens and Sea Captain's Loft, St Andrews; a craft group with an outlet at the Tr2 Items
8751981.04932Grammar School Review Vol. 2, No. 1. St Andrews , NB October, 19351A2Item is a copy of the Grammar School Review Vol. 2, No. 1. St Andrews , NB October, 19351 Item
8761981.0592Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*Item is Grace Helen Mowats obituary and account of Memorial Exhibit, newspaper clippings with no date.2 pp of textual record
8771981.05292Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*the Collection contains a brief history and other items from Charlotte County Cottage Craft, St Andrews6 items
8781981.05592Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*The collection contains eleven Christmas cards, with original water colour sketch, all signed "from Nell"11 items
8791981.057206St Croix Harbour: A great national port for Canada, room for two hundred largest ships aflaot without any expense for dredging1J2Item is a booklet containg a report on St Croix Harbour by A.D. Swan, M. Inst. C.E., M. Inst. M.E., a report of three master-mariners, representing the Shipping Federation of Canada and a letter from Capt Mowatt, late superintendent for the C.P.R. It also1 item
8801984.001209Boone Family Collection1J2The collection concerns Bradfor W. Boone 1880-1900 and Samuel W. Boone for the years 1880-1926, and contains land purchase, invoices, receipts, correspondance, bills, printed poem A Womans Pocket. It also includes six labels: R. Boone and one label Mr R.117 items
8811984.002222Pages relating to Charlotte County from McAlpines Illustrated Tourists and Traveller Guide1J2The guide includes descriptions with photographs of St Andrews, St Stephen and St George with advertisements of local businesses. Also included schedule of steamers leaving the Maritime ports, local and overseas, prices included.23 pp of textual records
8821984.003211Scrapbook of newspaper clippings and photograghs compiled by Phyllis Mary (Cockburn) Anderson of St Andrews 1916-19181J2Item is a scrapbook of newspaper clippings and photograghs compiled by Phyllis Mary (Cockburn) Anderson of St Andrews 1916-19183 cm of textual records
8831984.00925Presentation of an address to Mr Edward Lorimer by the Captain and Officers and Members of the Fire Engine Company 18781A2Item is a phottocopy of the certificate given to retiring captain of Fire Engine Company Faugh-a-Ballagh No 2, St andrews on June 1878. Signed by 34 members of the Company.1 p. of textual record
8841984.01214Genealogical information on family of Isaac Justason of Penfield, NB (c.1758-1812)1J2 & RefItem is a family history of Isaac Justason of Pennfield, NB18 pp of textual records
8851984.011215John Perkins was not a Tory1J2Item is a copy of a paper written by Dr Charles A Hall, entitled John Perkins was not a Tory22 pp of textual records
8861984.012216Notes on the Journals kept by William Mahood (1808- 1855) Deputy Surveyor of Crown Lands for Charlotte County1J2Item consists of notes on the Journals kept by William Mahood (1808- 1855) Deputy Surveyor of Crown Lands for Charlotte County5 pp of textual records
8871984.013217History of St Thomas Anglican Church, Moores Mills and biographical sketch of Rev Edward S. Medley (1838-1910)1J2The collection contains a history of St Thomas Anglican Church, Moores Mills, celebrating its centeniel with the incumbant Rev. Victor Regan, and biographical sketch of Rev Edward S. Medley (1838-1910)3 pp of textual records
8882017.016218An Organization of the Scientific Investigation of the Indian Place-nomenclature of the Maritime Provinces of Canada.1J2By W.F. Ganong.Item is an excerpt from the Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, Volume VI, Section II- 1912.20 pp. textual records.
8891981.017a18St Andrews Beacon5A3The collection consists of 2 copies of the Beacon, St andrews: February 15 1912 and March 21 1912
8901984.018Eastport Citizen5B1Item is a copy of the Eastport Citizen 6 February 1912, Vol. 7, No. 208 pp of textual records
8911984.019219203.1/1Plan of Campobello Island, NB 1883MD.2Item is a photocopy of a plan of Campobello Island 1883 on which has been written E.M. Brook's1 item
8931984.02220School District 2 Fonds.1J2Item is list of homeowners with estimated real estate and personal property posted to allow for appeals before the tax was collected.7 pp of textual records
8941984.022221Biographical sketch of Norman Guthrie aka John Creighton (1876-1929) of Ottawa and St Andrews1J2Item is a biographical sketch of Norman Guthrie aka John Crichton (1876-1929) of Ottawa and St Andrews, he was a lawyer and a poet4 pp of textual records
8951984.023205John Medcof fonds1I5-1J2Item is a short biography of Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley (1818-1896), a summer resident in St andrews by W.F. Merritt.1 item
8961984.024207History of Quakers who immigrated to Nova Scotia c. 1783 and partial genealogy of the Wright family who settled at Bell Vue, now Beaver Harbour, NB1J2Item is a history of Quakers who immigrated to Nova Scotia c. 1783 and partial genealogy of the Wright family who settled at Bell Vue, now Beaver Harbour, NB by Martha Ford Barto13 pp of textual records
8971984.025205John Medcof fonds1I5-1J2Item is two copies of a typed letter from Percy J. Anderson, Lawrence Station to W.A. Holt, St Andrews regarding insurance policies, 25 January 1923. On one of the copies is a draft letter dated 19 November 1929 to Murphy, and on the reverse of the other2 pp of textual records
8981984.0261222Genealogy of Calder family of Campobello IslandMISSINGItem is afamily history of the Calder family of Campobello Island
8991984.02784Celebration of the Armistice and ending of the War, St andrews, NB 12 November1918, "Girl Guide Concert and Dance Recital", Marina Theatre, St andrews, 28-29 April 1937, "Dance Recital", Andraeleo Hall, St Andrews 29 April 19381.00E+01The collection consists of three programms for the following: Celebration of the Armistice and ending of the War, St andrews, NB 12 November1918, "Girl Guide Concert and Dance Recital", Marina Theatre, St andrews, 28-29 April 1937, "Dance Recital", Andrae3 items
9011984.0291006Family record of William Todd from Bible, 1804, St StephenRefItem is the family record handwritten on the front inside coer of family bible, beginning with William Todd born 24 February 17761 p of textual records
9021984.03822George F. Stickney and Mary Isabel Millar Collection2G4Collection consists of documents relating to famiilies of George F. Stickney and Mary Isabel Millar of St Andrews, mar. 1849. It contains a Nova Scotia Bank statement booklet, acccount records from Geo. Stickney store, genealogical information on Stickney0.4 mm textual material
9031984.031132Wren Drug Store fonds1G5-1I4 *Collection contains receipts of Thomas Rudolf Wren and Wren's Drug Store 1929 1891-18977 items
9041984.032226MD.28Keay Family fonds1J2 & MD1The collection contains a journal of Ada M. Keay of her trip from Freemantle to London on the ship America 1899, ship's log for City of Paris 1890, a poem on birch bark written by by Sam Boone for Capt. Richard H. Keay ; letter from Richard Keay to his m
9051984.03379Hibbard Family fonds1B2Collection contains 3 postcards of St Andrews, programme for Old Home Month August 1947, programme for Canadian Manufacturers Association June 23, 1922, Third Competiitve Festival of Music May 8-10, 1951, programme for The Princess of the Ice, starring B2 cm of textual records
9061984.034227Membership list with occupations of Union Lodge, Milltown, NB (1851-1866)1J2Item is a membership list of Union Lodge, Milltown, NB (1851-1866). It includes names of 83 members their profession, remarks and town of residence.I item
9071984.3480Diary author unknown, St andrews area January - December 18731.00E+01Item is a diary which may have been kept by a farmowner in Chamcook area as it reports on weather, social activities and farm produce.20 pp of textual records
9081984.12225New Ireland: Loyalists in Eastern Maine During the American Revolution1J2Item is a PHD thesis by Robert Wesley Sloan submitted to Michigan State University, department of history 1971pp 163
9091989450The History of the Morison OR Morrison FamilyRefItem is a copy of the book : The History of the Morison OR Morrison Family by Leonard A. Morrison 1880pp 468
9102011.001107Architects Drawing Courthouse Stepson top MDFred Davis design courthouse steps for the St. Andrews Civic Trust2 pages
9112011.002576St Andrews Skating Club fonds3Cookbook from St. Andrews Skating club, used as a fundraiser April 1997pp 113
9122010.006450Sail And Steam Along the Maine CoastRefItem is a book Sail and Steam along the Maine Coast by Vincent Short and Edwin Sears. Published: Bond Wheelwright Company Portland Maine, 1955pp 203
9132010.007450Acandiensis Vol 3 July 1903RefItem is Acadiensis journal special edition on St. Andrews By-the-Seapp 244
9142010.009205Dr J. Carl Medcof Collection5D1&2Metal Carpenter object (1x3inch), folder - Sue Anderson misc. file, St. Andrews stories folder, flight of the loyalists folder, financial restructuring file misc., envelope, reproduced photo's envelope, genealogy envelope, The New Brunswick census of 185117.6 cm of textural records
9152010.01690Sarah Jameson Craig and Martha Alice Craig fonds.2.00E+05Diaries, memoirs, correspondents, and the history of Joel Bonny Craig and Sarah Jameson Craig, CD of Sarah Jameson Craig's diaries.18cm of textual records
9161984.036226Keay Family fonds1J2Item is a scrap book containing script for 'Tales of a Loyalist Town', 1948 and various articles relating to Canada's centennial 19672 cm of textual records
9171984.038188General Store Account Book 1825-1827, Calais, Maine1ITopItem is an account book which includes names like William Todd, James Moore and record Dates and merchandise purchased. Back of ledger used as a child's sketchbook.
9181984.04230Ledger Fragments 1799-18071J2Fragments found on the walls on back of wallpaper of upstairs room in Cape Cod house on Frederick St. The house was bought by Edith Holmes's father c. 1910-20. Ledgers date from February 1799, used for house rent accounts. Name of William Owen is legibl5 pp of textual records
9191984.042213John O'Neill Collection1J2Advertising flyer for 'Grand Days of Sport' 5 August 1903 ; Automobile owners in Charlotte County 1918 (from Beacon) ; article on Dr Phyllis Gregory Ross 1960 ; Courrier Suppliment 15 December 18874 pp of textual records
9201984.044232Castine Patriot August 11, 1983 and Castine Loyalist August 12, 13, 14, 19831J3two newspapers fron Castine Maine containing articles on the
St Andrews - Castine Bicentiennial celebrations held August 12-14, 1983 in Castine Maine. Includes schedule of activities and brief history of the Castine-St Andrews connection of Loyalists set
24 pp of textual records
9222011.003660A variety of correspondences of George GoodeillA collection of police records and interviews, financial statements, and athletic correspondents.1.1 cm
9252011.004205John Carl Medcof fonds1I5-1J2Papers relating to J.C. Medcof and his works in Fisheries and archiving research done by the CCHS15.5 x 12.5 x 10 inch box
9262011.005698Soldiers of Canada Sheet Music2Piece of original sheet music entitled Soldiers of Canada dedicated to Major-General, The Honorable, Sam Hughes - minister of Militia, Canada By Mrs. Verne (Mollie) Wren Whitman5 pp of textual records
9272011.006689Ledger of unknown St Patrick Merchant for the years Mar 18, 1826 to January 18, 18432Item is a Ledger of unknown St Patrick Merchant for the years Mar 18, 1826 to January 18, 1843
9281984.045223Voters List for the Parish of Saint James, Charlotte County, 19031J2Item is a list of voters in Number 7, in the Parish of Saint James, Charlotte County, 190316 pp of textual records
9291984.046233Pendlebury Lighthouse1J3Item is a copy of a letter from Judith Tulloch to Mr & Mrs MacKay regarding the Pendlebury Lighhouse dated 21 September 19811 p of textual record
9301984.047765The Old 78th Fraser Highlanders2G3Item is a booklet which relates the history to the history, its formationin 1757 and its re-raising in 1967 for the EXPO in Montreal. Emphasis is given to their operations in recent years.12 pp of textual records
9311984.051234The Boy Scouts of Canada Troop Charter for the 1st St Andrews NB Troop of Boy Scouts, 19211J3Item is the first St Andrews Boy Scouts Troop Charter, 19211 pp textual records
9321984.052674Elinor Mawson Collection2E1,2E3-E5The collection consists of Annual Reports for the Town of St Andrews for the years 1948,49,50,51,541.5 cm of textual records
9331984.053173Report on the St Croix river1I4Item is a report on the St Croix river by the hydrographic branchof the US geological survey 1902-032 pp of textual records
9341984.054235The Mann Axe Book1J3A catalogue from Mann Axe Co. St. Stephen with illustration of tools made at the Mann Axe Factory including axe heads, chisels, hammers, wedges and mauls. Index includes prices. Factory located on Dennis stream on the Ledge Road.10 pp of textual records
9351984.05679Hibbard Family fonds1B2Item is a programme of the Patriotic Concert for the Canadian Soldiers' Fund which provided comforts for Canadian volunteers 18991 p of textual records
9361984.118132Wren Drug Store fondsMissingCollection consists of labels used at Wren's prior to 1940
937M 790Blacksmith Account Books D. C. Rollins, St. Andrews 1889 -1912 (4 vols.)
9381984.057132Wren Drug Store fonds2F5Collection contains St Marks Lodge 1882-1893, Masonic Hall 1986 and Independent Order of Foresters 1890-93 and T.R. Wren's documents relating to the St Andrews Brass Band as well as various receipts relating to estate of T. R. Wren- church pew rental, roa
9391984.058237'Elements of Bookkeeping' by Robert Hartford, 18551J3Item consists of five pages of hand written text of how to do book-keeping5 pp of textual records
9401984.0591415Bartlett genealogyMissingItem is a family history of the Bartlett family by Mrs. H. Elaine Clark & H. Beverly Bartlett, 1965
9411984.06238Lawrence/McFarlane Genealogy by Lena Lawrence, Bayside. 19401JTopItem is a Lawrence/McFarlane Genealogy by Lena Lawrence, Bayside. 1940
9421984.06122Census of Northern and Southern Grand Manan, 18211A1Item is a copy of the 1821 census showing names of male and female residents including children over the age of 16 and children under 16 and indicating the numbers of oxen, cows, sheep and hogs owned.2 pp of textual records
9431984.116159Rule of Three1I4Item is a hand written practice arithmetic book with a water colour marine painting of the Jupitwr, the Lapwing and the Dauntless by Samuel V. White 18301 cm of textual records
94484.063239Six photographs and one negative relating to Cockburn's Drug Store, St. Andrews
9451984.067242Eleazer Sanger: Loyalist of New Hampshire and New Brunswick1J3Item is a manuscript about the life of New Hampshire Loyalist Eleazer Sanger, a farmer who was banished from New Hampshire by the Proscription Act of 1778. He arrived in Saint John in 1783 but later settled in Beaver Harbour.21 pp of textual records
9461984.06867203.1/8Plan of Loyalist Burying Ground, St Andrews1D2Item is plan of the Episcopal Ground scale 10 feet to an inch. Map shows burial plots which are numbered 1 to 132, giving names of those designated and vacant plots
9471984.069207List of Loyalists belonging to the Society of Friends (Quakers) who settled in Bever Harbour 17831J2Item consists of a list of Loyalists belonging to the Society of Friends (Quakers) who settled in Beaver Harbour 17832 pp of textual records
9481984.07225Return of Loyalists called Anabaptists August 29, 1783 and Land Petition to his excellency Thomas Carleton dated 15 September 17831J2Item is a list of Anabaptist Loyalists enrolled in Caleb Barrett's Company who had mustered on board the ship Camel, bound for the Saint John River, August 29, 1783. They left Eastport Maine and stopped at St Andrews 8 September 1785 and they petitioned3 pp of textual records
9491984.071413Charlotte County parish officers for 18373.00E+03Item consists of all the parish officers for the Charlotte County parishes of: St Andrews, St Stephen,St David, St Patrick, St George, Pennfield,Campobello, Grend Manan and West Isles for 183715 pp of textual records
9501984.072225Land Grants from Province of Nova Scotia to Penobscot Association - Stephen Roberts and others 17841J2Item is a copy of the land grants given to Penobscott Association in 17849 pp of textual Records
9511984.1983225List of Loyalists banished by Act of 1778 from Massachusetts1J2Item is a segment from the book 'The Loyalist of Massachusetts' by James H. Stark, it lists the names of persons that the Act prevents from returning to Massachusetts. It also includes occupation. The list also includes a number who sought refuge at Fort4 pp of textual records
9521984.073231Martha Barto fonds1J2-1J3Item is a history of the Queen's Rangers by James Hannay an excert from a paper read at the Royal Society of Canada in 1908. It mentions Hugh MacKay, Lt. in the Queen's rangers in 1779.3 pp of textual history
9531984.07480203.1/8Part of the Town Plat of St AndrewsMD5Map is a plan of the market wharf ca. 1820 , scale (1:240)1 p of textual records
9541984.075239Edwin A. Cocburn diaries 1869-19371JTopCollection contains 56 diaries for the years 1869-1937, the diary entries contains, weather information, social activities, family events, births, deaths and marriages and a record of vessels in St Andrews port. Seven notebooks containing prices and order56 cm of textual records
9551984.077244G.W. Ganong fonds1J3Fonds contain, business papers of G.W. Ganong, correspondence, programmes, invoices, catalogues, pages from scrapbook covering the years 1888-1916,Ganong Seasons Greeting with picture of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip7 cm of textual records
9561984.079245Men's Club St Andrews 1947-1981 Visitor's Register with signatures of many eminent people1J3,1JTopThe item first 146 pages was used as a guest register for members and visiters to the St andrews's Men Club. It contains signatures of Govenor General Vincent Massey 1956 and alexander of Tunis in 1949. Notes includecomments on weather condidtions, socia5 cm of textual records
9571984.081247Brief diary of Charles Murchie's voyage to San Francisco and two letters 18961J3The item contains a two page ship log which left New York October 2, 1895 and arrived San Francisco March 4, 1896 ; letter to Charles Murchie written from San Francisco 1986 by Robert Peterson and Harry Butler ; letter to Charles Murchie from his brother16 pp of textual records
9581984.085241Cold Water Army, St Andrews1J3Item lists 25 names of those belonging to Coldwater Army - a Temperance organisation. W.R.M. Law, Marshall and Richard Campbell was Deputy Marshall.1 p of textual record
9591984.083248Barnes' New Brunswick Almanack1J32 Almanacs dated 1881, 1872.
9612011.00770Algonquin Hotel fonds1D2,1DTopItem is a Canadian Pacific Railway company Time Book, Algonquin Hotel, 31 May 1911-Aug 19171.5cm of textual records
9622011.008684St Andrews Board of School Trustees fonds2The fond contains Minutes books: 16 Oct 1906-7 Aug 1918, 27 Sep 1918- 16 Dec 1940, 10 Feb 1941-28 Nov 1952, 2 Jan 1953-27 Sep 1965, 13 Oct 1965-28 Jun 1967
9632011.009369John F. Calder fonds3.00E+01Item is a diary of John F. Calder, who was inspector of fisheries in Campobello, April 1 1909-January 1 19101 cm of textual records
9642011.01679Mace's Bay Post Office Ledger2Item is a ledger for 1871-1877 belonging to the Mace's Bay Post Office1 cm of textual records
9652011.011682Ryder's Harness Shop fonds2Collection contains three ledgers, June 1915-March 1918,
January 1915- December 1915, and 1885-1914
8 cm of textual records
9662011.012677Edward Chase fonds2Item is a cas book 1834-1886 it was found in an attic of Stevenson Hall (Masonic) Water St, at one time in the possession of BR Stevenson and/or M.N. Cocburn who had an office there see Acc 1987.0326 cm of textual records
9672011.013678Patent Steam Brewery Fonds2Fond contains 2 ledgers 31 Dec 1853-31 Dec 1859 , Sept 1853-Mar 1861, and letter head and receipts.6 cm of textual records
9682011.014683D.F. Campbell fonds22 cm of textual records
9692011.015676Rector's fund Glebe Rents 1839-19052Item is a ledger entitled Rector's fund Glebe Rents 1839-19053 cm of textual records
9702011.016368Milltown Presbyterian Church cashbook3.00E+01Item is a cashbook Jan. 1902 to 1924 of the Milltown Presbyterian Church2 cm of textual records
9712011.017685James L. Bradford fonds2FTopfonds contain two ledgers 20 November 1879- 20 Aug 1891 and January 1888-September 19018.5 cm of textual records
9722011.018686Unknown Calais Maine Saddle and Harness Maker2Item is a ledger of an unknown harness and saddle maker in Calais Maine, for the period March 5, 1840 to April 5, 18431.5 cm of textual records
9732011.019688Indendent Order of Foresters, St Andrews2Collection contains: Minute Book 1905-1947 and Financial Secretary's Cash Book 1936-1952, and miscellaneous papers3.5 cm of textual records
9742011.02687Book of Recruits, Charlotte County2Item is a Book of Recruits 1915 for Charlotte County2 cm of textual records
9752011.021689Unknown St Patrick Merchant Ledger2Item is a ledger for March 18, 1826-January 18, 1843 of a merchant from St Patrick1.5 cm of textual records
9762011.022675Boyd Brothers, St George fonds2E5, EtopThe fonds contains aJournal 1900-1904 and a Day Book/Index 1901-02 and miscellaneous papers3 cm of textual records
9771989.0071000203.1/8Plan of the different new roads etc, through the Commons of Saint Andrews as surveyed by James Wilson 1829MD5Item is a plan of the different new roads etc, through the Commons of Saint Andrews as surveyed by James Wilson 18291 sheet
9781984.101256Account Book of the Brig 'Anna P. Odell'1J3Item is an account book of the Brig Anna P. Odell 13 Feb 1882-5 June 1882, Rufus Outhouse was the master1.5 cm of textual records
9801984.086246Town of Milltown fonds1J3Fonds contains Act to Amend Incorporation of Town of Milltown 1883, and Milltown voters lists 1879,1889, Ward 1 voting list, voters list polling sub-division #2, Saint Stephen, Alabetical list of voters for Town Office in Ward No. 1, and receipts of payme12 cm of textual records
9811984.089402Controversy concering a proposed road through Bayside 1840-18463.00E+03The collection contains 2 petitions and one letter and a map regarding a proposed road through Bayside,19 pp of textual records
9821984.09141McCoubrey family fonds1I4Item consists of two articles one on Mockingbirds in New Brunswick and the other on Seaside Soparrows in New Brunswick, written by H. Willa McCoubrey of St Andrews 1966..2 pp of textual records
9831984.091250School Trustees Records of Oak Hill St James School District No. 9 1875-18991J3Item is a minute book for the School Trustees Records of Oak Hill St James School District No. 9 1875-18991 cm of textual records
9841984.092403Canada Elections of 1887, Results from Charlotte County Polling Stations3.00E+03Item is the Results from Charlotte County Polling Stations for the 1887 Canada elections1 p of textual records
9851984.093404Annuals of law: restitution by Paul Brodeur3.00E+03Item is an article published in the New Yorker, Oct 11, 1982 concerning the recent land claims of the Passamaquoddies and other Maine aboriginal people35 pp of textual records
9861984.0941251Alexander Young family and other descendants of John Ketcham WatsonMISSINGItem is genealogical research by donor on Alexander Young family and other descendants of John Ketcham Watsonpp 139 of textual records
9871984.097252F.W. & S. Mason1J3Item is two pay packet envelopes one marked Wells Stewart # 252 for June 1 and the othermarked Wesley Stuart # 356 for A. 13. The pay packets advertise F.W. & S. Mason, home furnishes in the custom House Block, St andrews2 pp of textual records
9881984.9756Granite Town Greetings newspaper2H2Item is a copy of the Granite Town Greetings newspaper for April 12th, 1912.8 pp of textual records
9891984.0981253Distinguished Homes of St StephenMISSINGItem consists if copy bound with boards of Jean Smythe, of distinguished homes in St Stephen for the St Croix Courier, 24 March 1966
9911984.102257Hon. George J. Clarke, Premier of New Brunswick 1915-19171J3The collection contains clippings kept by the Clarke family concerning their relation; the Monetary Times, toronto 1915 article article concerning the Premier ; clipping from the Daily Gleaner, Fredericton March 11, 1915 article relating the first meeting12 pp of textual records
9921984.103257Hon. George J. Clarke fonds1J3Item is a prograame for the dinner given to Dr
Clarke by friens. I t was held at the Kennedy Inn January 26, 1915, it lists the friends committee members W.F. Kennedy, T.A. Hartt, A.B. O'Neill, R.D. Rigby, Goodwill Doughlas, G.S. Grimmer, Percy Odell. It
6 pp of textual records
9931984.105258Record Book of the St Stephen Curling Club 1884-19491J3Item is a record book listing the matches played with clubs in other parts of the province2 cm of textual records
9941984.104405Certificate of Lot in St Stephen Rural Cemetery issued to Mrs Hugh McCormack 23 March 18853.00E+03Item is a Certificate of Lot in St Stephen Rural Cemetery issued to Mrs Hugh McCormack 23 March 18851 p of textual records
9951984.106259School Registers from Oak Bay School District 6, Parish of St David1J4Collection consists of Oak Bay school registers for the years 1925-1926 ; 1931-1949 ; 1952-19536 cm of textual records
9961984.107260Account Book of James Coakly Foundry, St andrews, NB Oct 1873-Oct 18771J4Item is an Account Book of James Coakly Foundry, St andrews, NB Oct 1873 - Oct 18770.5 cm of textual records
9971984.115261Invoices to Joseph Deacon and letter to Eileen Deacon1J4Collection consists of invoices to Joseph Deacon, Nilltown 1891-1893 and letter to Eileen Deacon from her father13 pp of textual records
9981984.108406Minute and Account Book of School District No. 15, St George 4 Nov 1882 - 16 Sep 19223.00E+03Item is a Minute and Account Book of School District No. 15, St George 4 Nov 1882 - 16 Sep 19222 cm of textual records
9991984.109407John Dewar fonds3.00E+03Fond contains an account book for John Dewar's store in St George 23 December 1880 to Nov 13 1908 and an account book for Dec 27 1860 to Dec 19625 cm of textural records
10001984.11408John A. McCallum fonds3.00E+03Account book of John A. McCallum, Fredericton NB 1880-81 and Windsor NS 1887-19064.5 cm of textual records
10011984.111408John A. McCallum fonds3.00E+03Various estate papers of J.A. McCallum, St George 190616 pp of textual records
10021984.112408John A. McCallum fonds3.00E+03Item consists of a portion of McCallum's Surveyor's Day Book 1861-1866. It records surveys in Eastern Charlotte.0.5 cm of textual records
10031984.113408Surveyors' Maps and Plans of William Mahood (1831-1853) John McCallum (1860-1867) and Edward Jack (1859-1861)MD1The Plans were the work of William Mahood, Edward Jack, and John A. McCallum who owned them. All were Deputy Crown Surveyors of NB All the surveys were carried out in Eastern Charlotte.2 cm of textual records
10041984.117416Christ Church: St. Stephen Anglican Parish Colelction3.00E+03Item is a brief history by Dr Don Towers and Dewin N. Gowan. Compiled for the occasion from the Church Archives which were assembled by Mrs Marion Bain based in part from the records of Archdeacon E. Hailstone56 pp of textual records
10051990.004502Parish of West IslesMISSINGItem is a photograph of a map of the Parish of West Isles, Charlotte County
10062011.024749Telephone Directories Collection2Item is a copy of the Southern Division Telephone Directory of the New Brunswick Telephone Co. Limited for Saint John, January 1937.1 cm of textual records
10072011.025699Ken Leslie fondsRef & 1J5Item consists of text and photographs of "Things I Remember Growing up in St Andrews" by Ken Leslie17 pages
10082011.026401Charlotte County Cancer Society Fonds3.00E+03Fonds consists of two ledgers of Charlotte County Cancer society minutes for Oct 30 1950- Nov 8 1945 and Dec 10 1953- Nov 29 1984, loose items found in minute books contains the constitution, minutes of annual meetings, correspondence, financial statement7.5cm of textual records
10092012.003697Marion Storr Fonds2F2Fonds contains autograph books, invoices, receipts, report cards, mementoes, newspapers
10102012.001482Kate Reed Diary 1924-19153G3Item is a photocopy of Kate Reeds Diary for 1924-19151 cm of textual records
10112012.002483Bocabec Black Granite Stock Certificate3G3Photocopy of Stock Certificate for Bocabec Black Granite Co. No.131 to Mr William Gibson for 15 shares, 6th of May 18952 pp. of textual records
10122012.004450Lee family of Somerville Charlotte CountyRef.Family history of the Lee family of Sommerville, Charlotte County by Hank Merchant for the years 1754-19442 cm of textual records
10132012.005450The 104th Regiment of Foot 1803-1817RefItem is a book on the 104th Regiment of Foot ( The New Brunswick Regiment) 1803-1817 by W Austin Squires241 pp. of textual records
10152012.006450Customs and Traditiond of the Canadian Navy, Atlantic Four- Master: The Story of the SchoonerRef2 published books: Customs and Traditiond of the Canadian Navy by Captain Francis E. Bowker ; Atlantic Four- Master: The Story of the Schooner by Lt. (N) Graeme Arbuckle275 pp. of textual records
10172012.007473Marriage Licenses, Certificates Etc from St George Baptist Church3F4Fonds consists of Marriage Licenses, Certificates Etc from St George Baptist Church2 cm
10192012.00893St. Andrews Herald and Commercial Advertiser No. 43 Vol. I August 1st 1820.4H2St. Andrews Herald and Commercial Advertiser No. 43 Vol. I August 1st 1820.2 pp of textual records
10202012.009699St. Andrews (Things I Remember)2Item consists of a record of what Mr. Leslie recalls from growing up in St. Andrews7 pp of textual records
10212012.01461Property records for 50 Elizabeth Street., St. Andrews.3F2Item contains property records for 50 Elizabeth Street., St. Andrews.1.5 cm of textual records
10222012.011444Jackie Gibson Fonds3F1Fonds consists of: Historic houses of St. Andrews 1981 calendar ; Correspondence Re: breakwater on Gibson Property on Water Street ; The Believers Bank Note ; Newspaper Clipping regarding Joseph Gibson Missing in Action ; Love Poem ; The Illustrated Lon4.0 cm of textual records
10232012.012431Letters found at 249 Montague Street3F1Letters found at 249 Montague Street
10242012.013174Conley Family fonds1I42 Documents pertaining to Conley geneology ; 2 Newspaper transcripts from Beacon ; 1 CD Conley Family ; Passamaquoddy Genealogies of West Isles Families by Martha Ford Barton 197510 pp. of documentation
10262012.014432203, 203.1, 203.1/1, 203.1/2, 203.1/5, 203.1/6, 203.1/7, 203.1/8, 203.1/9, 203.1/10, 203.1/11, 203.1/14, 203.1/15, 203.5, 203.7, 203.8, 310, 312, 1100, 1105.Fred Nicholson Maps and Charts Collection5Collection contains Maps and Charts from 1888 to 2004218 maps and charts
10272012.015433Pendlebury Family Collection3F1Collection consists of deeds, letters, receipts and bills relating to the Pendlebury family7.5 cm of textual records
10282012.01618The Beacon Vol XXX No. 20 November 16th, 19182I3Two issues of The Beacon Vol XXX No. 20 November 16th, 191816 pp. of textual records
10292012.017174Conley Family fonds1I4The Lobster and Ed Conley by Edwin Muller with a letter by Mary Conley to Shirley O'Neill, Ed Conley and Family.7 pp. of texual records
10312012.018434Arnold Sampson Fonds3F1Photograph; Menu seaside Inn St Andrews; Poem3 pp.
10322012.019287Indenture of Sale of Todd Point property by William Todd to William Smith on July 21 18871J4Indenture of Sale of Todd Point property by William Todd to William Smith on July 21 1887
10332012.02436John Corey Collection3F1The collection includes Minutes of the Christian Endeavour Society of the Presbyterian Church, 1898- 19031.5 cm of textual records
10342012.021713Insurance plan of the town on St. Andrews, 1905, revised July 1930.Insurance plan of the town on St. Andrews, 1905, revised July 1930.1 Ledger
10352012.022437Mel Turner Collection3F1Collection contains documents regarding easements granted by Canadian Pacific Railway to the town of St. Andrews for the subdivision.1.6 cm of textual records
10362012.023435Hydro-Power Development State of Maine3F1Hydro-Power developemnt State of Maine bu Miles S. Elsemore #111 Submitted to Mrs. L.B. Miller in partial fulfillment of credit in Report Writing, Husson college, Bangor Maine, January 16, 195820 pp. textual records
10372012.024450Bank of New Brunswick booklet by Scotia BankBank of New Brunswick booklet by Scotia Bank
10382012.025750Official Automobile Blue Book5A1Official Automobile Blue Book Vol. 2 1921 showing Main Highways in New England, Adjacent Canada + Maritimes1123 pp of textual records
10392012.026345Town of St. Andrews Fonds3D1Photographs of various events around St. Andrews ; Correspondence between the Right Honourable Romeo LeBlanc and Mayor Nancy Aiken ; Memoralbilia from the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales2.5 cm of Textual records
10402012.027750Maritimes Towns & Cities Yearbook5A1Maritimes Towns & Cities Yearbook; The Working book of the Men Who control Municipal Purchase; 195458 pp. Textual records
10412012.028450St Andrews Historic District (National Historic Site of Canada)5C2Paper written in response to four organizations representing community of St Andrews requesting that town be considered as possible National Historic District76 pp. of textual records
10422012.029450St Andrews ArenarefMaterial relevant to St Andrews arena13 pp. textual records
10432021.031175The First Colony; Crickard Collection of letters; Travels in North Americathree duotangs containing copies of The First Colony by Ruth Spicer; Crickard Collection of letters; Travels in North America by John MannThree Duotangs; 2.2 cm of textual records
10442012.031439Penfield Historic Sketch3F1The parish of Pennfield county of charlotte, Province of New Brunswick. J.G. Lorimer ; Colourful Island historian wrote very readable history, St. Croic courier Wednesday February 6, 198511 pp of textual records
10452012.032443United Church of Canada Camp Fonds3F1Leadership training book for summer camp ; Certificates and Letter for Velma Toft
10462012.03374M. N. Cockburn Fonds1D3-1E1Item is a soft bound report on the case on Appeal between Martha D. Mckenzie (Appellant) and Hugh A. Mcleod and Mary Ann Mcleod (Respondents) at the Supreme Court of Canada37 pp. of textual reclords
10472012.034484General Store Ledger 1857- 18713G3Ledger with degraded spine containing information pertaining to General Store-2.3 cm of Textual records
10482012.035Thomas Dowd Reference MaterialPoem "Ghost in the Gaol"; article "Who Killed Thomas"; Unknown date13 pp. of textual documents
10492012.036581John Williamson Collection1H3Collection contains Hockey Handbook printed for St Andrews Hockey School- Printed (1971); Supplement to St Croix Courier (VE Day) May 3 2005 (Re: Jack Ensor); Magazine article re: Ministers Island from Northern New England Journet (Mar/ Apr 2009)
10502012.03782Fundy Fisherman5A314 issues of Fundy Fisherman from the home of Esther Lord (Mrs Ralph) of Bayside

Vol. XXIII No 19 October 3, 1951
Vol. XXIII No 20 October 17, 1951
Vol. XXXIV No 45 September 18, 1963
Vol. XXXVI No.9 April 29, 1964
Vol. XXXVI no.11 May 27, 1964
Vol. XXX
10522012.038450Generations,The journal of the New Brunswick Genealogical SocietyRefCollection contains 25 copies of Generations The journal of the New Brunswick Genealogical society for-
Summer 1998
Spring 1999
Spring 2000
Fall 2000
Winter 2000
Spring 2001
Summer 2001
Fall 2001
Winter 2001
Spring 2002
Summer 2002
Fall 2002
12 cm of textual records
10532012.039268Provincial elections in Charlotte county and the Riding of Charlotte West 1967-19781J4, 1KTopInformation pertaining to Provincial elections in Charlotte County and the Riding of Charlotte West inclding statistics and candidates.43 pp. of textual records
10542012.041438Jackie Gibson FondsPhotograph with Mcquoids (?) on Island (?) or Hotel (?)
"For Freedom and the Right" Montreal Daily Star
Pamphlet "The flight of the loyalists"
10552012.041386Canadian Club of St Andrews fonds3E1-3E2Newsletters, Annual Reports, Annual meetings and newspaper articles from (July 28 1965 issue) of Daily Gleaner for the Canadian Club of St Andrews 1965-1978Fair
10562012.042143Edward Mitchell Bannister1B3"Edward Mitchell Bannister The New Brunswick years" ; Articles about Edward from ; Nations Mueseum of America Art and New York Times13 pp of Textual Records
10572016.00990Prayer book used on the Brig Prince Royal in 1845 owned by James and Elizabeth Jane DeWolfe1.00E+01Item is an ancient Church of England prayer book, reference is made to this document in the appendix to CCHS Contribution #31 which occupies the whole of Vol 31.5 cm of textual records
10582012.043693Jackie Gibson Fonds2F1Ledger of the Gibson, Cunningham and Ivanward families circa 1950's0.5 cm of Textual records
10592012.044440Ruth Curran Fonds3F1Family records 2 pp of Boyd family, misc. papers1.0 cm of textual records
10602012.045646Dr. Donne Smith fonds4Book - The Canada life Assurance Company in New brunswick Since 1848 ; Article - Bristol Glass; Book -"A sense of place" Granville Street Halifax NS ; Book - "The Past in Focus" ; Article - "The House that Build Americh" ; St. Andrews Bay Pilot Calendar ;1.4 cm of textual records
10612012.046450Toponymy Study 2 : Geographical names of New Brunswick ; New Brunswick check list first supplementrefToponymy Study 2 : Geographical names of New Brunswick ; New Brunswick check list first supplement2.7 cm of textual records
10622012.047749St. Stephen Phone Directory 2009-20102St. Stephen Phone Directory 2009-20101.6 cm of textual records
10632012.048581John Williamson Collection3Poster of book launch 17 July 2010 "St. Andrews Architecture 1604-1966" By John Cororux1 pp of textual records
10642012.049450Books - "This is New Brunswick" "Whispers from the Past" "The Way We Were 1908"refBooks - "This is New Brunswick" by Lawson and Sweet "Whispers from the Past" by Elizabeth McGahan "The Way We Were 1908" by 1982 Print in Press368 pp of textual records
10652012.05441Genealogical Newsletter of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society. No 38 Spring 1982 Vol IV/13F1Genealogical Newsletter of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society. No 38 Spring 1982 Vol IV/132 pp of textual records
10662012.051442Mayfield Home and School Association Minutes3F1Minute Book for the Mayfield home and School association meetings October 1956-1966 & 1967-1969 ; Membership records 1956-1968 ; Treasures records 1989 ; Binder with meeting/guidelines for home and school association of Charlotte County3.5 cm of Textual records
10672012.055554O'Neill Family Fonds3I2High School Entrance Certificate for William O'Neill July 1919
Dr. J. F. Worrell write up on the new skating and hockey arena for St. Andrews and clippings regarding the Finnish Ship launch in BC
10712012.0534502 Books by Graeme F. SomervilleRefA library of Stone Pages and other records of the Wesleyan Burial ground Saint John (338 pp.) ; A century of Methodist Baptisms in Saint John and Portland NB 1811-1910 ( 276 pp.)2 books
10722012.054438Donna Thurber Ramsden Fonds3F12 Deeds John McD Russell and Crawford E Lawrence to Municipality of Charlotte and Hon. L.P. Farris to John Russell and Crawford B Lawrence and a Cash Account book Septembber 1st 1911 to May 31, 1918
10731989.17348John Hanson fonds3D1,3D2The collection contains correspondence and receipts related to the lease of the Blockhouse on Joe's Point, St Andrews and miscellaneous item from the estate of D G Hanson
10742013.001450The Island Times, Grand Manan magazineREFThe collection containscopies of the Island Times Grand Manan: Vol.1- issues 10, 11, 12 ; Vol.2 issues 1-12 ; Vol.3 1-12 ; Vol 4 issues 3, 5, 6, 9, 105.5 cm of textual records
10752013.002450"Generations"- vols 19 thru 21, Vol 22 no 1REF"Generations"- vols 19 thru 21 complete (12 issues) plus Vol 22 no 1
10762013.003450Collection of Books for Reference roomREFFunny Fables of Fundy, Discovering Maine's Archeological Heritage, The First Salute, The Judges of New Brunswick, The Great Migration, The Canadian Historical Review, The Birth of the United States, Colonial Days, The Great Hunger, The United Empire Loyal
10772013.004450Collection of BooksREFMaine Place Names, Immigrants to New England, St Andrews Heritage Handbook, Historical Guide to New Brunswick, Discovering your Scottish Roots, Historic Lunenburg.
10782013.005749St Stephen and Area Telephone Directory 20122Bell Aliant0.5 cm textual record
10792013.00613The boy Who Wasn’t Himself1A1, REF"Trapped in time with Champlain on St. Croix Island", a childrens book by Lafe Locke8 mm of textual materials
10802013.007552St Andrews Bicentennial3H4-5Documentation pertaining to St Andrews Bicentennial Celebrations, committees and events. Finding aid in box. ; Proclamation by Lieutenant Governor proclaim 18th of May Loyalsiot day ;Newspaper clipping: Canada Began on St Croix ; Newspaper Clipping: Histo50cm of textual records
10812013.008450New Brunswick AtlasREFAtlas of New Brunswick; second edition;19981 cm of textual records
10822013.009450Beneath The Barracks; Sails of the MaritimesTwo books; Beneath the Barracks by Neill Depaoli and Sails of the Maritimes by John P. Parker.4cm of textual records
10832013.01459Rollingdam United Church History3F2Rollingdam United Church History, 1839- 1989; Sunday school 1963-19681 cm of textual records
10842013.011458The Mysterious East An Independent Atlantic Magazine3F27 copies of the Mysterious East
November 1969
December 1969
February/March 1970
May 1970
July 1970
August 1970
October 1970
10852013.012457John Saunders fonds3F2Letters of correspondence between John Saunders and Family3 mm of textual records
10862013.013595Sir James Dunn Academy Fonds35 copies of "The Academy Anatomy" 1989;
1 November 1989
9 November 1990
20 December 1990
December 1991 (2)
3mm of textual records
10872013.01479Hibbard Family fonds1.00E+012 insurance policies pertaining to a buiolding on church street in St George in name of Francis Hibbard. Dated 1868 and a renewal in 1878
10882013.015456Milltown Highschool3F2Milltown Highschool semi-monthly reports for Josie Kindry 1888-1889 (4). Lists days pupil absent, tardiness, deportment, class standing, parent sighature and date.pp.4 of textual records
10892013.016205John Medcof Fonds1I5-1J2Letter to J Carl Medcof from Mrs J A Medcof Sept 15/16 1938
Letter to Medcof from his aunt, uncle and grandmother, two separate letters on pages, from Harrington
pp.1 of textual documents
10902013.017486George Cleghorn fonds3G4International steamship co. booklet 1892: the sea cost poasants of Goskerne Maine
New Brunswick History and culture directory
George Cleghorm and descendants 1819-1982

11 Grace Helen Mowat xmas Cards
3cm of textual records
10912013.018452Nina Needler Fonds3F2Nina Needlers Estate- Musical History St Andrews
75th Anniversary of Biological station 1984
Choir/ music ait + Aeoma history/ pictures + artifacts 1974- 1993
St Croix Choral Society- 1984-1988 pictures. Programs
Opera-history/ members/ music
acts Festiva
6cm of textual records
10922013.019510Kiwanis club Fonds3G5Kiwanis bulletin
Service talks 1949
Kiwanis club of St Andrews Bulletins
Kiwanis club of St Andrews reports & meetings
*also includes information for St Andrews playgroud project
5 cm of textual records
10932013.02761St George Heritage Association Fonds5D3Source files Associated wit hHistoric Places with New Brunswick department of culture and Heritage. These Files Represence Historic Places Within The Town of St George6 cm of Textual Records
10942013.021174Conley Family fonds1I4Passamaquoddy Geneaologies of West Isles Families by Martha Ford Barto 1975pp. 228 of textual records
10952013.022450St Andrews Houses Newspaper clippingsVerticle FHistoric places St Andrews
Historic, Modern Homes ab St Abdrews tour
Heritage- consciousness makes progress in St Andrews
newspaper clippings from St Croix Courrier (1 Jan 1976), The Daily Gleaner (15 July 1971) and Courier Weekend (22 February 2008). Cli
pp.3 of textual records
10962013.023123Church of St.Andrew Fonds1G5Church of St. Andrew, St. Andrews, NB ; Fundraising ticket stubp. 1
10972013.024455St Croix Harbour: A great national port for Canada, room for two hundred largest ships aflaot without any expense for dredging3F2 & Ref2 photocopies of original Report and CD version26 pp. and CD
10982013.025345Town of St. Andrews Fonds3D1This addition to the Town of St. Andrews fonds consists of by-laws relating to zoning in St Andrewspp. 14
10992013.026764Cleadie Barnett fonds-Arrivals, our First Families, blue cover ring binder (added to REF)
-Journals; collection of the New Brunswick Historical society; vol. 19 (4), 16, 17 (duplicates)
-New Brunswick History; A ckecklist of Secondary sources, Fredericton 1971 (duplicate)
13 cm of textual records
11002013.027450Karen Small Fonds5D3-Black binder- Ships Built In Charlotte County (combined with other ship building in Carlotte County in REF)
-Morse Geneology, 1 package (added to REF)
-Franklend Cheney + Hall- Pleasant River and Grand Manan; Orange Duotang (added to Ref)
-Campobello and
11012013.028450Sunbury shore newsletters and graduation newspaper supplementsREFSt Andrews News & Views Volume I Number 6- Volume III Number 3 ; December 1997 ; June 1997 - August 1997 ; Seaside Times July 2006 ; Saint Croix Courrier Graduation Tuesday 26 June 2001 ; Milestones 2007 graduation ; Milestones 1999 graduation ; milestone2.5cm of textual records
11022013.029450Journal and maps of a Survey of the Magaguadavic in 1797REFItem is an article from the New Brunswick Historical Society [?] Historical Geographical documents relating to New Brunswick edited by W F Ganong, pp.167-203pp. 36 of textual records
11032013.03764Cleadie Barnett FondsGraves papers, a-d, e-l, mc-p, q-z, 4 Binding cases ; black Binder, combined columes of Finley- Taylor and Rand ; Pink Binder, New Brunswick Political Biography ; Blue Binder, Geneaology of the Boulier Family (REF) ; Ring Binder, History of North East Ma
11042013.03192Grace Helen Mowat FondsIn OfficePamphlet: The Tories' King, George III and the Seeds of Revolution, pp.8, written by Grace Helen Mowat.pp.8
11052013.032666Edward Maxwell Fonds4Copy of Presentation Given by Henry Yates in 12/12 in St Andrews About Maxwell Architechture, including DVD with 30 photos.pp.15 of textual records
11062013.033450REFHistory of William McClure and Sarah Higgins St Andrews, Charlott, New Brunswick (REF)pp.22
11072013.0341475Lila HaugnPictures of Algonquin hotel and Staff brochures and other documentation. Finding aid enclosed.
11082013.035372Bessie Medcof Collection3.00E+01the collection contains 3 certificates honouring Bessie Medcofs 100th birthday and 1 Freemasons certificate for Ranby Wren4 pp of textual records
11092013.036454Chester Hazen Middlemiss fonds3F2Fonds contains a biographical description ; WWI memobrabila.
11102013.037450Pilot's LogRefItem is a book the 'Pilot's Log' which is the log, diary, letters and verse of Lt. Leonard A. Richardson Royal Flying Corps 1917-1918. Edited by Elizabeth Richardson-Whealy.pp 257 of textual records
11112013.038450Cockburn's of Charlotte CountyItem is a book called Cockburn's of Charlotte County by G.W. (Bill) A. Cockburnpp 95 of textual records
11122013.039450Heart and Hand Fire company 1833, St Andrews Firre Company 1833-1984 a historyRefItem is a book called Heart and Hand Fire company 1833, St Andrews Firre Company 1833-1984 a historyby Richard Wilbur and Edward Williamsonpp. 25 of textual records
11132013.04450The St Andrews' Werewolf, 100 Years of Marine Research 1899-1999, In Days Past, St Andrews, NB 1896Refthe collection consists of 2 books and a phamplet139 pp of textural records
11142013.041448The Castine Historical Society fonds3F2The collection contains: The Castine Visitor Vol. 8 No. 3, fall 1998 article on Liet. Gen sir John Cope Sherbrook article on Revolution Era Castine, robust Loyalist Bastian ; the Castine Visitor Vol. 9 No. 1, Spring 1999 article on A year in the life of C3 cm of textual records
11152013.042449St Andrews School, District 1, County of Charlotte3F2Item is a register of children attending school their grade level, it also has a record of visitation, by School Trustees, School Inspectors, MP, Clergyman for the term ending January 28 19168 pp of textual records
11162013.0439Charlotte County Grammar School1A1Item is a graduation exercises for 1936 ; containing programme and list of graduates3 pp of textual records
11172013.044451St Andrews Planning Area fonds5D3Fonds contains 5 volumes of the St Andrews planning area technical background study 1985. Vol. 1 planning background ; Vol. 2 environmental background ; Vol. 3 transportation ; Vol. 4 tourism and recreation ; Vol. 5 tourism development opportunities10 cms of textual records
11182013.045581John Williamson Collection1H3The collection contains ephemera regarding St Croix Island Commemoration 1982 (5 items) ; newspaper article 'Justice is blind' by David Sullivan about Albert McQuoid, Telegraph Journal, 22 Jan 2005, pp 12-16 ; 2 obituaries for George Edward Wright MacLare1.5 cm of textual records
11192014.001450Saint Croix Island, Maine: History, Archaeology, and InterpretationrefThis book explores the island's geology, pre-Contact period and French period (1604 - 1613) archaeology, history, tribal significance, land use, material culture, diet, French skeletal remains, and public interpretation.Edited by Steven R. Pendery.2cm of textual records
11202014.002453Charlotte County Baptist Churches3F2Records date from 1833 to 1962. It covers St. Stephen Baptist Church, St. Andrews Baptist Church, Oak Bay Baptist Church, St. David Baptist Church, and Bayside Baptist Church. Baptisms, memberships, pew rentals, minutes of meetings, and other church matte2cm of textual records
11212014.003450Running for Passamaquoddy Isle: Hardy and the Invasion of Moose IslandrefA book about Captain Hardy, who was the captain tasked with occupying and maintaining possession of the islands in the Bay of Passamaquoddy. Included are captain's logs of the vessels H.M.S. Borer and H.M.S. Ramilles.0.5cm of textual records
11222014.004450Roman Catholic Church of St. Andrew Records, St. Andrews, N.B.: 1827 to 1900refItem is a transcription of microfilm of the Roman Catholic church of St. Andrew in St. Andrews, covering the years from 1827 to 1900. There is also a searchable database on CD.2cm of textual records
11232011.027450Florence MacKubin (1861 - 1918): American Portrait PainterrefInformation regarding the life and history of Florence MacKubin, a famous Italian-American portrait artist who spent many summers in St. Andrews, at the Oriole Cottage on the corner of Queen and Harriet Streets. Contains2cm of textual references
11242013.047450Historic Sites in the Province of New BrunswickrefItem is a reprint of a monograph, originally written in 1899 by William F. Ganong and reprinted in1983, detailing historic sites in New Brunswick from the Prehistoric, Exploration, Acadian, English, Loyalist, and Post-Loyalist periods.145 pp of textual records
11252013.048450Impact of war on border townsrefCollection contains two published articles. The first is the text
of the article "History student studied impact of war on border towns", written by John Cunningham, and originally published in the St. Croix Courier. Second article "Bats Along The Border:
0.5cm of textual records
11262012.056450F. Howard Greenlaw: As I Remember Him and St. Andrews, When It Was a Working Townref2 versions (one an original and the other a copy) of a written account of the story of F. Howard Greenlaw, a fisherman and trader who once lived in a house that is now part of the Seaside Beach Resort. It was written by his son Charles D. Greenlaw. This d0.2cm of textual references (20 pages)
11282013.049450The Allaire Family of New BrunswickrefItem is a family history by John Starnes on the Allaire family of New Brunswick.11 pp of textual record
11292013. 050450Descendants of John Gould; Descendants of John ConleyrefTwo family histories (the Conley and Gould families), both done by Dale Barteau. Includes marriage records, births and deaths, as well as a wide variety of other information.0.1cm (11 pages) of textual references
11302013.051174Conley Family fondsrefCollection contains two items: a written account of the Justason Family of Pennfield ; a family history of Ed Conley and family, complete with photographs and a family tree. Both were written by Mary Conley.0.7cm of textual records
11311991.03450Tayte, Sutherland, geneaologymissing
11321991.032525Payne Family fonds3Fonds consist of financial records, letters, newspaper clippings, travel brochures, a book detailing the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939, painted prints from Japan, bills, perscriptions, and stock receipts.33 cm of textual records
11332013.052450Daniel Grant and Alexander Greenlaw: Penobscot Loyalists and Their DescendantsrefItem contains a family history of the Greenlaws and the Grants of Charlotte County. Written by Virginia L. Horler, prepared in August of 2011.1.6cm of textual records
11342013.053713Ruth Spicer fonds2F3Collection contains 2 items: the first item is a record of ship-building in Charlotte County, containing the names of ships, the person who built them, when and where they were constructed, the owner, and where they ended up, complete with an index of the3cm of textual records
11351991.033526Howard Hannas fonds3Item is a sailmaker's daybook with index, 1869 to 1890.1cm of textual records
11361991.034, 1992.004450Greenlaw HistoryrefItem is a family history of the New Brunswick branch of the Greenlaw family from 1753 to 1951.1.5cm of texual records
11371991.035450Obituaries from Maine newspapers with indexmissingPhotocopies of obituaries from newspapers in Maine, with an incomplete index. The obituaries are of Americans in Maine from Canada.
11381991.036527The Glorious Story of The Fighting 26th: New Brunswick's One Infantry Unit in The Greatest War of All The Ages3Items is the story of the 26th New Brunswick Battalion, who fought in several major battles during World War One, accompanied by newspaper photos and names of the men who were enlisted in the Batallion. Compiled by R. W. Gould and S. K. Smith.48 pp of textual records
11391991.03770Algonquin Hotel fonds1D2,1DTopItem is a newspaper article regarding George Rand and Bertrand E. Taylor, who were the original architects for the Algonquin Hotel in 1889. Originally published in the Winchester Star, Massachusetts, on Sept 11, 1991.2pp of textual records
11401991.038528203.1/14A map of St. Andrews and a map of St. StephenCollection contains two maps ; one of St. Andrews, and the other of St. Stephen. Both were taken out of N.B. Atlas.
11411991.039374Albion Richardson fonds3.00E+01Collection contains two items: an article about Helen Richardson regarding her passion of quilting, dating from the fall of 1939 to October 1984 ; another article about boat building in Charlotte County.6pp of textual records
11421991.04558Heather Curling Club fonds1D1Heather Curling Club minute book, 1922 - 19674cm of textual records
11431991.0421000203.1 & 203.1/8Richard Wilber collectionC1 D1 & D4Collection contains 3 maps: A map of St. Andrews, Chamcook, and Bayside from 1951, A map of Weir privileges in the Bay of Fundy, and a subdivision plan for Minister's Island from 1973.
11441991.043361Richard Wilbur fondsMissingSardine plant labels from different companies.
11451992.001450Josiah Anderson of Sussex, New Brunswick and his descendantsrefItem is a family history of Josiah Anderson of Sussex, New Brunswick, and his descendants. Information was compiled by Mary Lou Convinton Winroth, George Henry Covington, and Priscilla Lottie Covington.93pp of textual records
11461992.002450Haley, Getchell, Marshall, Barlow GenealogyrefItem is a genealogy of James Dill Haley and his descendants, who in early years were living around the St. Stephen area.very good
4cm of textual records
11471992.003450Saint John, New Brunswickmissing
11481992.006550Nehemiah Marks collectionref16 reels of microfilm
11491992.007205Calendar for 19051I5-1J2item is a calendar for 1905, it features a classroom of cats with female cat teacher2 pp of textual records
11501992.0081000203.1/8St. Andrews Planning Area - map of St. Andrews area from St. Croix River to DigdeguashItem's legend area is empty.
11511992.0091000203.1Geological map, New BrunswickD1?
11521992.011000203.1/8Map of crown land grants in the Town of St. AndrewsD4?
11531992.0111000203.1/8Survey map of land granted to James Paul/J.P. KemballD4?Item is a survey map from 1818. Its scale is 1:400.
11541992.0121000203.1/12Survey of map showing lots of land in the Parish of St. JamesD6?
11551992.0131000Survey map showing Oak BayD6?
11561992.0141000203.1/11Saint George, New BrunswickD6?Item is a map of the east half of St. George.
11571992.0151000203.1/11Saint George, New BrunswickC1 D6Item is a map of the west half of St. George.
11581992.0161000203.1/14Plan showing mining rights near the town of St. Stephen, N.B.D7?
11591992.049506Dalton Johnson Collectionmissing
11601992.051450Coin collecting in New Brunswickmissing
11611992.05450Martha Barto fondsrefCollection contains a variety of genealogical research, written by Martha Batro.
11621992.052531Chisolm fonds3Collection contains ledgers, correspondence, postcards, etc.
11631992.053450missingCollection contains genealogical information, reference books, etc.
11641992.05442B.R. Stevenson fonds1A1- 1C1Collection contains correspondence to B.R. Stevenson; seven letters from Sir Leonary Tilly from Ottawa in 1884, 2 letters from Alice Stinson from Cambridge in 1884, a letter from Oliver Kent from Grand Manan in 1884, a letter from Edwin Wetmore from Saint
11651992.0551000203.1/8A plan of the Town of St. AndrewsC2 D5
1166n.d.1992.056550Dalton Johnson collectionC2 D1An unknown map of property divided into blocks with a road going through them.1 ms map.
11671992.0570"Ledger + cotton mill stuff"
11681992.058532H. O'Neill store3Item is a receipt of payment from the H. O'Neil grocery store, to a person with the last name McDowell, from 1914.1pp of textual record
11691992.06506William Mahood Deputy Surveyor CollectionC2 D8Collection contains the appointments of Hugh McKay, Colin Campbell, Peter Stubs, Thomas Wyer, and James Allanshaw as Justices of Inferior Court of Common Pleas, 7 Aug 1831. Includes seal.
11701992.061533Nadine Holmes collection3Collection contains three items relating to the sale of a house in St. George, all dated April 1907.
11711992.0621510203.1/8Ron Matterson collection3
11722014.005450St.Stephens Roman Catholic Church Records Milltown 1838-1900RefItem is a transcription of the St. Stephens Roman Catholic Church, Milltown records 1838-19001.7cm of textual records
11732014.006450Various Issues of "The Second Boat" and "The Dingy"RefIssues of "The Second Boat" and "The Dingy"Textual records
11742014.007450The Stewarts of Pleasant Ridge and their DescendantsRefCollection contains "The Stewarts of Pleasant Ridge and their Decendants","The Pleasant Ridge School Past and Present", "Pleasant Ridge New Brunswick A History of the place and the people that lived there"2cm Textual Records
11752014.008450Vessels built in St. Andrews N.B. and St. Stephen N.B. compiled from various sourcesRefVessels built in St.Andrews N.B and St.Stephen N.B. compiled from various souces22 pp of textual records
11772014.01450'The Townsearch Guide' Canada, By. Mark Gauley and Dayle Chambers- St. Andrews N.BRef'The Townsearch Guide' Canada, By. Mark Gauley and Dayle Chambers- St. Andrews N.B281 pp Textual Records
11782014.011450'The Cockburns of Charlotte County' By. G. William (Bill) CockburnRefBook Tittled 'The Cockburns of Charlotte County' By. G. William (Bill) Cockburn95 pp Textual Records
11792014.012450'Place Names of Atlantic Canada'RefBook Tittled 'Place Names of Atlantic Canada' By. William B. Hamilton502 pp Textual Records
11802014.013450Daniel Grant and Alexandr Greenlaw Penobscot Loyalist and their DescendantsRefItem is a family history of Daniel Grant and Alexander Greenlaw Penobscot Loyalist and their Descendants by Virginia L. Horler, UE2cm of Textual records
11812014.014447Josephine Wren Calder Fonds3F2The Fonds contain: Freemason apron and gloves belonging to Captain John Ranby and Joseph Ranby Wren's "Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry". 6 April1926, two girls bonnets, newspaper clippings: "Saint Andrews' rich history", The Ottawa Citizen, 7 August 19982cm of Textual Records
11822014.01592Grace Helen Mowat fonds1E2-1F5*Book titled: 'Broken Barrier' by. Grace Helen Mowat, and a water colour painting of a vase with flowers made by Grace Helen Mowat5.5 cm of Textual Records
11842014.016750Maine Register5A1Book Tittled Maine Register written by Aurther T. Spring6cm of Textual records
11852012.057445Unknown Lumber Merchant St. Stephen 1905-19143F2Ledger Titled 'Unknown Lumber Merchant St. Stephen 1905-1914'4.5cm textual records
11861993.035544203.1/14Ernest Hanson fonds3The fonds comprises of an account book for the Hanson Blacksmith's shop in Milltown, 1882-1962 and plans for the Cotton Mill in Milltown5 cm of textual records
11882016.0012St. John Daily Telegraph and Morning Advertiser52cm of textual records
11892016.00272Moore-Dewolfe collection1D2Family letters & other documents.8cm of textual records
11902015.001464Young family documents3F4Deed Jacob Young to jacob Young Jr, 23 September 1812 ; Deed Jacob Young Jr. to Jacob Young III for 175 pounds, 1 September 1823 (?) ; Deed Jacob Young Jr. to Jacob Young III, 18 August 1827 ; Bond Jacob Young to Mary Young, 1 September 1827 ; Deed Jaco4 cm textual records
11911977.01312Quoddy Coal Company Ltd1A1The fonds contains 13 legal documents pertaining to property near public landing in St Andrews, drawn up prior to and during the time it was occupied by the Quoddy Coal Co.1.5 cm of textual
11921977.02814Old Oak Bay and United Ledge Cemetery fonds1A1Fonds contain schematic chart of Old Oak Bay (Church of
England) St David's |Ridgge Road and United Church Cemetery in Dufferin
9 pp of textual records
119420016.00115Walter M. Buck fonds1A1Fonds caintains a book of poetry by W.M. Buck published after his death78 pp of textual records
11962016.00327Penobscott Association grant maps1A2Map of West Isles/St. George, Plan of Passamaquoddy Bay, 2nd edition on Basswood Ridge4 maps
11972016.00454Recollections of Tillietudlem1C2Well-known architect died suddenly today" ; photocopy of letter from F.H. Grimmer to Edward Maxwell, 8 September 189912 pages of textual records
12001989.01671Ziba Pope fonds1D2Fonds contains transcribed copy of Ziba Pope's diary 1812-16 ; 5 pp of the Free Baptist Cyclopaedia Historical and Biographical 18890.5 cm of textual records
12011989.01876Ingram family fonds1.00E+01The fonds contains correspondence, legal and miscelaneous papers including a photocopy of a share certificate of the St Andrews Steamboat Wharf Company. Covering the period 1824-18751 cm of textual records
12021989.01569Papers related to Colin Campbell of Shelburne, NS, Collector of Customs in St Andrews in the 1820s1D2Duties collected at the port of St Andrews beginning 5 January 1826 ; Colin Campbell of Barcaldine by William Hyde ; The Campbells of Barcaldine Family in America by William Mitchell ; aticle "The Campbells by Ian Campbee U.E. from Loyalist Gazette Autum0.5 cm of textual records
12032016.00583Post Office receipts and notes on Charlotte County Post Offices1.00E+01The collection contains Post Office receipts from St Andrews and St Stephen ; information on when the Post Offices in St Andrews and St Stepen were established with the names and period of service of each Post Master ; and handwritten notes regarding the1 cm of textual records
12042016.00786Dr John Caleff's petitions for land in Charlotte County1.00E+01Dr John Caleff's petitions for land of January 187
2, February 1785 and August 1802
8 pp of textual records
12052016.006186Hunting licence 19191I4Hunting licence issued in 1919 for taking two deer and one moose1 p of textual records
12062016.00889Memoirs of Miss Annie Holt of the people of Bocabec past and present1.00E+01Item is a history of Bocabec0.5 cm of textual records
12072016.01135St Stephen marriage licences, 16 September 1851- 30 December 19031I4Collection contains 6 volumes, G.S. Hill's name is probably the clerk who wrote them7 cm of textual records
12082016.011139List of Charlotte County Voters1ITopItem is a list of voters for the electoral district of Charlotte for the year 1886
12092016.012166Occupation Murderer1I4Signed copy of David A. Walsh's book. Item is a book written by David Walsh regarding the Bernice Connor's murder and the trial of Thomas Roland Hutching and his death by hanging65 pp of textual records
12102016.013167New Brunswick South African Contiggent fund Reports and Accounts 1899-19011I4Item is a book which gives a history of the fund and provides subscription lists and then lists the names of soldiers who where members of the first and second contingents and those who went as reinforcements, with their regiments they had enlisted, and69 pp of textual records
12112016.014169- Fire insurance in County of Charlotte 1859, 1882 & 1887, 18931I4The 3 books provide tariff of minimum rates of premium for fire insurance in County of Charlotte 1882, 1887 & 1893 and information as to who is insured and their addresses in Saint Andrews, St.George and St Stephen and the type of structure.2 cm of textual records
12122016.015170Greenock Church Saint Andrews, New Brunswick1I4Acc.2016.015: Item is a book written by Melville N. Cockburn and covers the history of the Church from 1821 to 1906.1.5 cm of textual records
12142016.016176The exodus of the loyalists from Penobscott & the loyist settlement at Passamaquoddy1I4Item is a booklet by Prof W.H. Siebert reprinted from the collections of the New Brunswick Historical Society, No. 9 19140.5 cm of textual records
12152016.017178Summer Tours Canadian Pacific Railway 18891I4Item is a book that gives tours along the railroads of the CPR. Including timetables and suggested tors across the whole of canada1 cm of textual records
12162016.018179The sea coast resorts & eastern Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton 18931I4Item is a book published by the Intenational Steamship Company.1 cm of textual records
12172016.028John D. Gilman fonds1A1fonds includes various deeds and mortgages, correspondence & documents3 cm of textual record
12192016.02185Annals of Calais Maine & St Stephen New Brunswick & the village of Milltown ME, & the Town of Milltown, NB1.00E+01Item is a book written by Rev I.C. Knowlton in 1875, it provides a history of the growth of both sides of the border. Gives information regarding the growth of different denomination of Churches. It includes chapters on the medical profession, shipping,1.5 cm of textual records
12202017.00191Dance card for the first annual ball of the Saint Andrews Society1.00E+01Item is a dance card listing the dances for the evening and spaces for gentlemen to mark the card.1 card of textual records
12212017.002131Assessment rolls for parish of St George1G5Collection contains three asssessment rolls for the Parish of St George, Charlotte county for the years 1956,1958 and 19591 cm of textual records
12222017.003152Mary Hashey fonds1ItopFonds contains 9 watercolour paintings by Mary Hashey, who was a resident of St Andrews9 watercolour paintings
12232017.16709Hanson Brothers fondsItem is the Mercantile Agency reference book for Dominion of Canada, September 1892.2 cm of textual records
12242017.004201Attendance records for Pomeroy Ridge, Scotch Ridge 1946, Pomeroy Ridge 1946, Mayfield 1931 and 19451I5The collection names children at the schools and their achievements. Also text books used, and record of visitation1.25 cm of textual records
12252017.005116Post offices of New Brunswick 1783-19301G5Rural Mail Delivery in Canada 1937 and Post Offices of New Brunswick 1783-19302 cm of textual records
12272017.006154"National Ports of Canada"1I4Item is a pamphlet national Ports of Canada a report of R. Morse, Lieut. Colonel Royal Engineers to the British Government. It contains an official description of L'Etang Harbour, With envelope addressed to Mr Howard E. Beedy, Nashwaak Paper Co., St John,6 pp of textual records
12282017.007158"Dreams" Commencement Speech St Stephen High School1I4Item is a hand written transcript of a commencement speech for St Stephen High School10 pages of textual records
12292017.008163E.H. Stinson fonds1I4Small Account book which includes copies of letters to suppliers1.5 cm of textual records
12302017.009165Day Book of Nelson Ingersol, Grand Manan1I4Item is a Day Book belonging to Nelson Ingersol 12 June 1856 -15 Sept 1856. Following his death in September1856 his estate records are kept by Warren Ingersol. Estate records are 22 Oct 1856 0- 16 July 18571 cm of textual records
12312017.01184Log Book of the CPR Steam Ship Renata Amsinch1ITopLog Book of the Canadian Paficic Railway Co. Steam Ship Renata Amsinch Jan-Apr19151 cm of textual records
12322017.011187Charles V. Forster letter 18421I4The letter written by Charles and his wife Jane to his uncle John Miller Forster dated 28 June 1842, there is also a news paper cutting "Letter returns - 165 years later" Telegraph Journal April 20074 pages of textual record
12332017.012190Family Record of Samuel Stuart Butler1I4Collection contains lists of births, deaths and marriages of Samuel Stuart Butler (1848-1920), his wife Ida Adams (1855-1929) and their children7 pp of textual records
12362017.014212Bocabec Presbyterian Church1J2The fonds contains a typed history of the Presbyterian Church in Bocabec, a copy of the CCHS Contribrution No. 64 that was published in the St Croix Courier 21 October 1978, an edited version of the typed history both written by EdithM. McMillan, a floor13 cm of textual records
12372017.018229Master Plan of Minister's Island, October, 1983.1J236 pp. of textual records
12382017.019228Florence Ayscough Collection1J2Collection contains wedding invitation from Sir. Havilland & Lady Sausmarez regarding the wedding of Florence Wheelock Ayscough and Harley Farnsworth MacNair- September 7th, 1935, Newspaper clipping "Autobiography of Chinese Dog is her Latest Book" (ND),
12392017.02240St. Steven Fertilizer fonds1J3Book of Incoming Vessels 1948-1965
12402017.021249St. Stephen High School yearbooks1J32 St. Stephen High School yearbooks, dated 1949, 1951
12412017.022251St. Andrew Blockhouse Management Plan.1J340 pp Textual Records
12432017.025571Girl Guides, Brownies & Rangers Passamaquoddy Division3I4Collection contains Autograph Book The cooking Guide Book of Charlotte County complied by the Passamaquoddy Division of the Canadian Girl Guides2cm of textual records
12442017.017451St. Andrews Planning Area Techincal Background Study Vol 1 to 6 Planning Back ground3F2Item is a report by Underwood McLelland Ltf for the St. Andrews Planning Area Steering committee complied may 19859 cm of textual records
12452017.024446Deer Island Reunion 19903F2Deer Island Community School folder X 2 obituaries and brownie book VHS Tape stamp10cm of textual records
12462017.026460Kaye Walsh fonds3F2-3F33 boxes of Girl Guides and Sea Rangers of the Passamaquoddy division93 cm of textual records
12482015.002463Andraeleo Theatre3F4Show card from Andraeleo
12492015.022466St Andrews Tourism and Local Events3F4Tourism materials for St. Andrews, including: a map for a walking tour (1972); leaflets on historic buildings and sites, driving tours, recreation, shopping, and history of St. Andrews; postcards with sketches and photographs of the Captain’s Loft; catalo1.6 cm of textual records
12502015.014466St. Andrews Tourism and Local Events3F4Promotional materials for local events in St. Andrews and the surrounding area, including: 17th Annual Joint International Canadian-American Local History Festival, June 14, 1997; brochure, St. Croix Island 400th anniversary of the French settlement in No2 cm of textual records
12512015.021467Leigh Smith Fonds3F4Canadian Geographic Journal Vol. I No. 3- 1930
Public Utilities Fortnightly Vol. LXIV No. 10- 1959
St. Andrews Flower Show Flyer The Canadian Quaker History Jornal # 74 Bulletin of the Natural History Society Discoveries at a village of the Stone Age At B
5 cm textual records
12522015.031468Washington County Maine Fonds3F4Woodland the village of Baileyville. Jewell year book 1959. Calais Broadcast year book 1955 Calais yearbook 1959.Sunrise Researh institute3cm Textual records
12532015.032469Kate Akagi Collection3F42 Newspaper Clipping
12542009.012470Jim & Sheryl Crighton Fonds3F42cm textual records
12552004.053471Freda Andrews Fonds3F41 pp. textual records (+1 envelope)
12562004.026472Shirley Gowan-Boutilier Fonds3F4Billy Rabbit- handwritten book45 pp. textual records
12582014.022476Lena Miller Fonds3F4Barbara Ann Scott offical skating programme 4 various pins uniform pin11 pp. textual records (+1 envelope)
12592014.021465Eric Steeves fonds3F4Documents relating to the Heney family of Deer Island2cm of texual records
12602017.189632St. George & Area Heritage Association fonds310 cm textual records
12622017.027224"The Fighting 26th James Ross McDowell" written by Carman Eldridge (26 pages)1J226pages
12632017.028487Town of St. Andrews Strategic planning & Residential surveys 1992 to 19963G4Residential Survey Final Report July 1993. St. Andrews Strategic Planning retreat 1994 WC O'Neill Arena complex strategic plan 1994- 19966cm textual records
12642017.029488Wellington Hatch fonds3G4
12652017.03253Macinni Report, St. Andrews, NB Community plan 19751J336 pages copy of Macinni Report St. Andrews Community Plan 197536 pages
12662017.031254Harry Emerson fonds1J3Register of Attendances at Lambertville School June 1931
Register of Attendances at Greenock School 1933 1934 1935 1936
1.5cm textual records
12682017.033266Rollingdam Account Books 1900 to 19091J43 Rollingdam Account Books from 1900 to 1909
12692017.034274Lee Ann Ward fonds1J4Factors in Railway & Steamship Operation,Luggage label addressed to Mrs George Balfour St Andrews with listed contents from Stone & Wellington Toronto,letter to Mrs. Thompson of St. Andrews sender unknown details of account, account book 1911 to 1956 ass4 cm
12702017.035277Old time Tragedies In St. John NB celbrated Cases before the Courts in St. John NB1J4104 pages copy Old time Tragedies in St. John NB celebrated cases before the Courts in St. John N B1 cm of textual records
12712017.032255Denominationalism in a Loyalist County Thomas William Acheson1J331 pages copies1cm of texual records
12722017.036313kaye Small fonds3C5St. Crox Island 1604 - 2004 a short history by Edwin Atlee Garrett IV the jesuit and allied documents travels and exploations 1610-1791 costume designs of the Port Royal 400th Anniversary society newspaper articles of the 400th anniversary celebration pho3 cm texual records
12732017.037291Ration book belonging to Mary Francis Joy1J4from the home of Topp, St. Andrews5 pages of textaul records
12742017.038294Wren Drug Store Photograph Envelope1J4Brown manila envelope from the Wren drug store St. Andrews W. J. Rollins manager. Customer was Mr. C Hibbardenvelope 16 1/2 x 12 cm
12752017.039295E. Jacqueline Davis Collection1J4Invitation to join the Canadian Club August 1972,some of the speakers for the 1972/3 season, desciption of the Candian Club of St. Andrews. New Brunswick Museum History Bulletin Summer 1964 focusing on the West block House St. Andrews. Notice of memorail2cm
12762017.04297Physicians Visiting List 18941J4Physicians Visiting List from 1894 provides names of patients and their addresses, when the visitation took place and the cost.0.5 cm of textual records
12772017.041302Rifle Exercises and musketry Instructions 18791K2is a book of Rifle and Carbine Exercises which belonged to aJohn A McLeod C.M.R. QSA CCT South Africa 1899332 pages of textual records
12782017.042307Last Will and Testament of David Wright of St. Stephen Trader dated 23 April 18311K24 pages of textaul records
12792017.043308Discovering Two Communities by Stephen C. McCarter Ardmore Pennsylvania U.S.A dated 19761K21976 Lower Merion Penn. - St. Andrews NB student exchange project in Archaelogy1 cm of textual records
12802017.044309Alice Giberson fonds1K2Knights of Pythias Formal Ball dance card, life membership card, \Pythian Sisters for Madeline Caughey, receipt from Knight of Pythias, post card to T.J Caughey from SeaSide Lodge No. 9, Grand Constitution and Bylaws of |Pythian Sisters 1915, Certificate2 cm of textual records
12812017.045314Drawing book used by Julia A Fitzpatrick in 1878, and Miss H Hathway in 1889, St. Andrews NB.3C51cm textual recors
12822017.046315The Golden Wedding and Family Gazette Calais Maine April 18653C5Item is a special edition of the Golden wedding celebration of Mr and Mrs William Boardman1cm of Textual record
12832017.047317St. Stephen NB Ledger 1893 to 19113C5Ledger is of a unknown St. Stephen merchant. It has been indentified as a ST. Stephen mercghant by the names listed in the ledger.2 cm texual records
12842017.048322Ledger containing Marriage licences of Grand Manan 1884 to 19073C5Poor
12852017.049323Transcript of an interview given by John O'Neill to Willa Walker and Barbara Kissick 19853C517 pages of textual records
12862017.05326Transcript of Frank McAleenan on St. Andrews Lighthouse at the St. Andrews meeting of Charlotte Coounty Historical Society on 21 February 19863C516 pages of textual records
12872017.051331Documents from Bessie Linton Thompson and Gladys Muriel Thompson House3C5St John Ambulance Association Certificates issued to Bessie Thompson May 1921 and May 1941. Board of Education Licences for Bessie Thompson dated 1909. District Assement list September 1908.Certificate Of Miltary Instruction dated 20 May 1911. Contracts f1 cm of textaul records
12882017.052327Raymond Johnston fonds3D1High School Enterance Certificate dated July 1926. Graduation Exercise cards dated 1947 and 1948. The Canada War Book dated January 1919 prepared by the Nation War Savings Committee issued by the Dept of Eduaction. Complete St. Andrews Band Uniform circo
12902017.053332Beatrice May Stinson collection3C5High School Entrance Certificate for Eleston Stinson dated July 1916,Prgoramme for the opening and mnaming the New High School in St. Andrews NB July 1956, Offical visit of the GovernorGeneral of Canada to St. Andrews Nb June 1956, Form of Tax Notice for0.5 cm texuatl records
12912017.054341Log Books from the Schooner Gilda Gray3C5Log Books from Engine Room of Schooner Gilda Gray from Chamcook Harbour dated November 1940 to September 1942.2.5 cm
12922017.055343Report of the Auditor Genral on the Public Accounts for the Year 18573C5224 pages showing the Accounts for the Counties of NB1.5 cm texual records
12932017.056357Unknown St. Stephen NB Ledger from 1872 to 18753D23 cm of texutal records
12942017.057358Ledger of J. Lormier of St. Andrews NB from 1872 to 18733D23.5 Cm of texutal records
12952017.058351The Deer Island And Campobello Steamboat Co. Ltd3D2Item is a letter head from the Office of the Deer Island and Campobello Steamboat Co. Ltd1 page textual record
12962017.059396Welcome Milltown Graduates Garnet and Gold 2000 Milltown High School 1922 - 1962 Welcome St. Stephen High School Graduates 1903 - 20003.00E+01Remebrance of Ordination of Rev. E.A LeBlanc; Family Record for the Commemoration of the Holy Souls; excerpt from the Beacon, March 20th 1890; Copy of Thomas Baptismal Record; Registration of Death William Edward Milligan.1 cm of texutal records
12972017.06397Development Strategy Report For recreational Boating In New Brunswick June 19863.00E+01Government of Canada Regional Industrial Expansion report for the Planning and development, Dept of Tourism Recreation and Heritage June 1986 complied by Allan Fiander from Fiander and gold Associates Ltd1.5 cm textual records
12982017.061398Customs and Excise Milltown NB collection3.00E+01letter dated may 15 1925 from the Customs and Excise Canada reference handling the Customs Tyden Seals and Seal Presses. Uncompleted list of entry and list articles form for Export Entry , Customs Uniforms memorandum Feb 1921, I Brown Envelope with stamp.1 cm Textual records
12992017.062399School Register of Attendance for Breadalbane School in St. George Charlotte County NB June 19423.00E+0131 pages register for Breadalbane School St. George NB for the year ending June 19421 cm of texutal records
13002017.063410School Register for Pomeroy Ridge St. James NB 1923.00E+031 cm of textual records
13012017.064411Sure cure for Smallpox3.00E+03handwritten recipe for the Sure cure for Smallpox1 cm
13022017.065412New Brunswick Copy Book Number Four Church3.00E+03Handwritten details of various churches in Charlotte County NB, newpaper clipping of the Presbyterian Church 161 st Anniversary Rev Hugh M Creasar Guest Speaker1 cm
13032017.066415St. Stephen Soldiers Memorial Unveiling Service June 19263.00E+03order of service for the unvieling od the St. Stephen Solidiers Memorial1 cm of textual records
13042017.067418Wally Jones fonds3.00E+03Canadian Pacific Summer Resorts Down East In Canada Guide, Passport for Alfred William Jones issued in 1947 expired in 1952, Application for Non Immigrant Visa and Registration to the USA, Programme to the Scottish Evening at the Andraelo Hall on Nov 30 11.5 cm of textual records
13052017.068424Scrapbook that was once an old ledger and requires conservation3F1Scrapbook contains old newspaper cuttings and requires conservation3 cms of textual records
13062017.069462St. Andrews Band Uniform3F31 Green Jacket,1 Tartan Tie,1 Pair of Grey Flannel Trousers, 1 Pair of Tan Trousers.
13072017.07491Elmsville School St. Patricks Parish Charlotte County NB collection3G4Register of Attendance for 1916 1918 1919 1920 19213 cms of textual records
13082017.071492J. R Bedford Merchant of St. Andrews NB3G4Various receipts and documents relating to J R Bradford Merchant of mostly groceries in St. Andrews NB1 cm of textual records
13092017.072493McAdam McAllister collection3G4
13102017.073477The Early Granite Industry and recollection of its people3F47 pages written by M.Eulalia O'Halloran June 1968 details the Granite Industry in New Brunswick0.5 cm of textual records
13112017.074494John Gilman Fonds3G4Series #1,Waweig Rilfe Club 1894- 1895, 73 p.
Series #2, Greeting Cards
1.5 cm textual record
13122017.075479The laws of the Cutoms by J. D. Hume3G3Published in 18254 cm textual record
13132017.077489Department of Fisheries collection3G4
13142017.078481Tutoris herein lies a record of the Spectacular and or trival events experienced by the 1970 - 1971 Student Body of the NB Teachers college presented we hope in a unique and orginal manner3G32 cm textual record
13152017.079480Unknown Account Book 1887 - 19193G31 cm textual record
13162017.076485Anna Shepherd fonds3G32 medals from First World war and 1 scrapbook8 cms
13172017.08490National Research Council Commision On Natural Resources fonds3G4
13182017.081495Three Christmas Greetings cards3G4Three Christmas “With All Good Wishes” greeting cards. Two from a teacher by the name of Edythe R. Hausen ~ postcards published by Davidson Bros London; one card from Helen McM. (all postcards possibly early 1900’s)0.5 cm textual record
13192017.082496License to Operate a Radio Receiving Equipment 1931 19323G4A “Licence to Operate a Radio Receiving Equipment” issued by the Canadian Department of Marine in accordance with the Radiotelegaph Act, Revised Statutes of Canada 1927, Chapter 195. Issued to H. R. Grearson of St. George, NB for the year 1931-32. Dated0.5 cm textual record
13202017.083497Street Plan of School Street St. Stephen NB date unknown3G4Plan of land on School Street from Union to Queen Streets, St. Stephen NB, date unknown. Contains names of lot owners along this section of street. Last names being Smith, Hull, Todd, Hunter, Gill, Styles, Kennedy, Hinds, Dooley, Christie, Brown, Maxwell,0.5 cm of texual record
13212017.084498Herbert and Jennie S Phillips St. George NB fonds
A collection of genealogical history mostly pertaining to the Phillips and Harvey families.
3G41. Marriage Certificate of Hugh Phillips and Ann Jane Gray at Upper Letang, St. George performed by A.W. Lewis (Presbyterian Minister), witnessed by Herbert Harvey & Isaac Spinney, October 30th, 1895.
2. Marriage certificate of Hubert Wesley Phillips and
1 cm textual record
13222017.085499Canada Post Cards 1886 18933G4Six postcards addressed to the bank Of Nova Scotia in Winnipeg, MB and Montreal, QC. Senders include the Eastern Townships Bank (1891,1893), Merchants Bank of Canada ( all three from 1886) and one from Calgary, AB (1886). They seem to be confirmation of r0.5cm textual record
13232017.086502Boston Braves vs Kiwanis Baseball Card from St. Stephen NB Diamond July 17 year unknown3G50.5 cm textual record
13242017.087509St, Stephen NB Rural Cemetery collection3G5Accounts and Statements for 1963 1965 1966 19671 cm of textual record
13252017.088506William Mahood Depty Surveyor collection3G5Diary of William Mahood Deputy Surveyor Dairy and one 66 foot chain1.5 cm textual record
13262017.089508St Croix Motor Bus Company Ltd Collection3G5Blank invoices from St. Croix Motor Bus Company Ltd1 cm of textual record
13272017.09513Harold Beck Collection3G5Stock ledger from 1925 to 19261 cm of textual record
13282017.091514Logbook of the Bark Neilly 1855 18563G5Ribbon Copy of the Bark Neilly Nov 15th 1855 to Feb 1856 transcription from the orginal Prepared by Mrs. D. R. Harriott of St. Andrews NB 19771 cm Textual Record
13292017.092515Saint John NB Regional Plan Population Technical Report December 19773G5Population Rport prepared by Muhammad Arif Province of New Brunswick Dept of Municipal Affairs 286 pages2.5 cm of textual records
13302017.093516Blackland St James Parish Charlotte County NB School Register 19253G50.5 cm textual record
13312017.094517Boyds Hotel St. George NB Collection3G5,3GTop10 Advertisement cards for Boyds Hotel St. George NB0.5 Cm textual records
13322017.095518Bessie Hazel Spinney Collection3G54 pages of Poem transcibed by Bessie Hazel Spinney on the Murder of Bernice Connors4 pp textaul record
13332017.096519Mayfield School St. Stephen NB School Register 192131 cm textual record
13342017.097520St. Croix Harbour NB Collection3Offical Report by A. D. Swan on St. Croix Harbour NB contains Reoprt of Three Masters Mariners, Letter of Captain Mowatt extracts from Report of Mr. GoodSpeed Reports issued by St. Stephen Board of Trade.0.5 cm textual record
13352017.098521Prince Arthur School. St. Andrews NB School Register June 19643G4Good0.5 cm Texual record
13362017.099534Deer Island Band Concert Collection3Program from Deer Island Band second concert 17 April 1914 , contains correspondance relating to others from Deer Island and one postcard0.5 Cm textual record
13372017.1535New Brunswick Custom House 1784 1816 By Robert F. Fellows355 paged reoprt C 1984 of the NB Custom House 1784 1816 by Robert F Fellows1 cm textual records
13382017.101537Scrap Book of Newspaper articles on New Brunswick Parades and Industrial New Brunswick3Most of the articles are written by Ian Sclanders2.5 Cm textual record
13392017.102538Ledgers of Competition 1960 St. Stephen New Brunswick32 ledgers showing enteries for competitions in St. Stephen Charlotte County N. B1 cm of textual record
13402017.1035391869 Deed from Samuel Murphy of Calais Maine to Donald Johnson Saint Andrews Charlotte County NB30.5 cm of textual record
13412017.104540List of Voters Polling Sub-division number 14 & 16 in the parish of St. George Charlotte County NB 19163Contains other voting forms1 cm textual record
13422017.105541Mrs. Christine Wilcox Collection3Adventure in St. Andrews by Christine Wilkins Stebbing 1993, Details on Link's Crest Property undated0.5 Cm of Textual record
13432017.106542Enoch and Sarah Matthews Family Register3One Page Register showing the dates of Birth , marriages and deaths of the family of Enoch and Sarah Matthews0.5 cm textual record
13442017.107543The Forgotten Settlers of the St. Croix By Shirley O'Neill January 199330.5 Cm textual record
13452017.108543The St. Andrews Loyalists By Shirley O'Neill December 199331 cm of Textual record
13461993.037548MV Grand Manan 1113H4
13472017.109546Register of attendance for Andersonville School Parish Of St. James Charlotte County NB 192130.05 Cm Textaul record
13482017.11547Mrs John McMorran Scrapbook3Scrap Book from 1940 to 1947 contains details of Ofiicers at war3 cm of textual record
13492017.111549St. Andrews & Lubec Railroad Collection3Blank pages only printed by the railway and land Company of St Andrews.0.5 cm textual record
13502017.112524History of Beaver and Blacks Harbour3A History Project by Grade 9 Students of Blacks Harbour date of project unknown0.5 cm textaul record
13511993.026550203.1/8Dalton Johnson CollectionD5Item is a plan of the different new roads etc. through the commons of St Andrews as suveyed by James Wilson, October 18291ms map
13521993.03108Willa Walker fonds1F5-1G1*History Greenock Church Memorial Hall, written by Mrs Walker for the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the hall0.5 cm of textual records
13531993.041560Carman Eldridge fonds3H4Fonds contains bicentennial song written by Carmen Eldridge for the the event and a calendar of events2 cm of textual records
13541999.007577Provincial Normal School entrance examinations 18903i4Item is the geography examination for entrance to the Normal School1 p. of textual records
13551999.015579Two invitations for Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mothers visit to St Andrews3I42 pp. of textual records
13561999.022580Jean Holt Kirouac Collection4A2Collection contains newspaper clippings St George, Memories to commemorate the 100th anniversary of St George Superior School calandar with photographs of places and people of St George, Charlotte County Hospital Year Book 1965, New Brunswick Historic Eve3 cm of textual records
13571995.016559Richard Hooper RN Shipping JournalItem contains a journal of Richard Hooper on the first page it lists names and dates of birth, it then lists 5 ships with descriptions, most of the journal lists provisions and prices paid, at the back of the journal relate to his naval service, plus thre1.5 cm of textual records
13581994.006551The Town of St Stephen fonds3HTopThe fonds contains detailed accountsd of the Town of St Stephen for the years, 31 December 1892 and 31 December 19000.5 cm of textual records
13591994.013555Robert Cockburn fonds3Item consists of a copy book belonging to Robert Cockburn of Digdeguash dated 29 April 1837, the frontispiece of the copy book has been beautifully designed by the his school master Charles Leslie from Ireland.1 cm of textual records
13601995.007557Deer Island Regional school fonds3Item is a year book produced by the student council of the Deer Island Regional High Schoolcalled the Flood Tide for 195283 pp of textual records
13611995.026561Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick- Charlotte County Chapter fonds3Copy of Ann Breault's speech for the dedication ceremony held at Indian Point. Program and dedication for the event.8 pp. textual records
13621995.027562St. Stephen Shoe Company- Clarke Brothers Limited fonds3Bankruptcy notices for St. Stephen Shoe Company (1935) and Clarke Brothers Ltd. (1928). Newspaper article (St. Croix Courier- Oct. 1, 1914 "St. Stephen is Visited by Destructive Fire"). Newspaper ad for Clarke Shoe Company..5 cm textual records
13631996.004565Burns Getchell fonds3Transcriptions of audio tapes concerning HAM radio history1 cm. textual records, photocopied
13641996.019570Vanstone Family fonds31 cheque book, 1 receipt for a long-distance call, 2 newspaper clippings, ~6 loose pages- appear to be a correspondance with one "Chairman Jack"- 1 highschool report card for Harry Robinson. 1 flyer for a polo game, 1 sheet of names & dates, 4 sheets type5cm textual records
13651998.001572James Little fonds32 account books belonging to James Little, one of which is likely from Canterbury Station- York County.2 notebooks- 2cm textual records
13662017.113566Ralph Welch Collection3
13672017.114564Dorthy Flewelling fonds3Graduation Prgrame Acadia Buiness College 1911, Prices and specs guide to Touring Cars 1913, Sub Dealers Agreement Studibakers Corp 1913.0.5 cm texutal record
13682017.115567John B. Robinson General Merchant St. Stephen NB Collection3Blank Invoices only 1800 and 19000.5 Cm textaul record
13692017.116568Maine Central railway Company fonds3Invoices of goods for export to Canada 1928 & 1929 Bulk Corn and Oyster Shells0.5 cm textaul record
13701996.018569Deeds to Property in Basswood Ridge Charlotte County NB312 Deeds to property unknown in Basswood Ridge Charlotte County NB2 cm textual record
13712017.117582Alfred Thomas fonds3Recipts from J. Clark & Son St. Stephen, Ernest Vail, Hill Brothers, S. O Mehan & Son St. Stephen NB for the funeral costs for Mrs Myra C Thomas April 19400.5 Cm textual record
13722017.118583Charles Mason fonds3
13732017.125571Girl Guides, Brownies & Rangers Passamaquoddy Division3I4Girl Guides Financials, 1988
Brownie Newspaper Clippings
Girl Guides Pamphlets
Girl Guides Various Writings
Brownies “Flying-Up” Ceremonies, 1963
Girl Guides Members Lists, 1961 – 1983
Girl Guides Reports & Minutes, 1954 – 1993
Girl Guides Newspaper Clip
13742017.122584Whidden Ganong fonds3Receipts from 1940 to 1950 from the Estate of Whidden Ganong from various merchants in St. Stephen NB1 cm textual record
13752017.119585School District No 1 St. Stephen NB Assement lists 1913 191630.5 cm textual record
13762017.12586Grace L Coughlin Teachers Licence 191030.5 cm textual record
13772017.121587Weather Reports Milltown NB 1914 to 191530.5 cm textual record
13782017.123588Town of St, George NB Annual Report 192430.5 cm textual record
13792017.124589Bonnie Delaney fonds3ledger found in Toft family home on Hwy # 1 St Stephen NB.1 cm textual record
13802017.126590Edna Harvey Stevenson Flagg fonds32 Deeds to Herbert Flagg St George NB 1894 18980.5 cm textaul record
13812017.127551Town Of St. Stephen NB Aessement Ledger 1877 - 18883Book with hardcovetr Brown leather binding, printed lined pages listing by wards names of tax payment payees6 cm
13822017.128593Sunshine Workshops fonds3History Sunshine Workshops inc 1973- 1977,Charlotte County group homes Inc St. Stephen NB Minutes 1975-1986, St. Stepehn and District Association for Retarded Children Inc minutes 1963-1973,1974-1979, 1980-1985, Annual general meetings 194 - 198518.5 cm textaul records
13832002.009596Nicholson Turner White fonds4Deeds 1859 - 1979
13842017.129600Ministers Island Documentation of Plant material as Established by Sir Willima Van Horne 1893 - 1919 Researched and Prepared by Andreas Haun 1992 - 1994440 pages in bound book1 cm of Textula record
13852017.13608Geology of the Passamaquoddy Bay Region Charlotte County NB4Geological Survey of Canada Publication By Leslie Merrill Cumming also a memorial Tribute to L M Cumming by Gordon Goss Dec 21 19961.5 Cm textual record
13862017.133611Dorthy G Tompkins Scrapbooks4DTopThis scrapbook contains article clippings on the Algoquin Hotel fire (1914); Obadiah Conley and his flying machine (St Andrews c. 1850s); the resort town of St Andrews; Royal Navy Shipyards; Shipbuilding; Saint Andrews arena fire (1939); local drownings;9.5 cm textual record
13872017.131624Music Books Collection4
13882017.132626The Early Court Houses of New Brunswick C. A. Hale 19774Manuscript Report Number 290 contains other docyments relating to research on the Manuscript1.5 Cm textual record
13892017.134362Hill and Robinson Account Books3D4-3D5*
13902017.135635S. R. Haida fonds4Collection of Girl Guide Books5.5 cm texuual record
13912017.136652Gordon Keith Higgins fonds4Illustrated Autobiography of Gordon K higgins and Genealogical Lineage of Pamela Own & Gordon Higgins, Mae Currie & Gordon Papp, Mary Wiebe & Henry Voth, California Hartfords.Birth Cerificate Gordon Keith Higgins.Contribution To War Effort Certificate.Wed3.5 Cm textual record
13922017.138657St Croix Courier Centennial Issue 24 March 19664Newspaper has been set into a book0.5 cm
13932017.139673Colin & Elinor Mawson fonds4
13942017.14664Clarke House fonds4
13952017.141669Nehemiah Marks Papers412 cm
13962004.052634Richard Sylvester Hanson of Bobabec and St. David Ridge Charlotte County. Ancestors, Descendents, and siblings a family history.41.5 Cm textual record
13972017.142691Canadian Army Manuals 1849- 18652.00E+05Army Equipment Part VI Comissariat 1864
Army Equipment Part IV Comissariat 1865
Part III. Jebb on Duties required to be performed by officers and soliders of the armyat a Siege 1849
Annual of Outpost Duties by Lieut. Col. G.T. Denison, Jr.1866
13982017.143691Jackie Gibson fonds4
13992017.144696Rose McKay Haughan fonds2
14002017.145692Debbie and Robert Connell fonds2
14012017.146694Eulalia O'Haloran fonds242.5 cm textual record
14022017.147695St. Andrews School Registers 1907- 1915. 1916-1922. 1923-192823 Registers for St. Andrews School11 cm textual records
14032017.148681S. H. Hitchings Papers2Court Cases Albee - Eaton, Emerson - Mitchell, Pike -Turner,Vickery- Wilson. Correspondences 1831 to 1895. Deeds 1850 - 1883, Crownlands, Bonds, Leases, Financials 1829 to 189321 cm textual records
14042017.137672National Historic Parks and Sites Manuscript Report # 13441.5 Cm textual record
14052017.149749Telephone Directories collection26 cm Textual Record
14062017.15749Telephone Directories Collection2Telephone directories for 2001.2002.2003 & 20144 cm textual record
14072017.151700United Church of Milltown NB Order Of Service October 19492Order of Service for the One hundreth Anniversary of the United Church Of Milltown NB and letter dated Sept 1949 advising of the celebration0.5 cm textual record
14082017.152701Victoria Smith Teachers Licence April 1857 for St. Davids Parish Charlotte County NB2Victoria Smith Teachers Licence 18570.5 cm textual record
14092017.153702The Story of our King & Queen A Pictorial Souvenir of the Silver Jubille2Hardcover Book of the story of the King & Queen printed for Jubille1 cm
14102017.154703Milltown NB fonds23 Brown Envelopes & 7 White Envelopes with the Milltown emblam on the left hand side0.5 cm textaul record
14112017.155704Haley & Son Limited St. Stephen NB Advert from the Daily Journal 23 January 19232Advert from the Daily Journal advertising Haley & Son Ltd St. Stephen NB1 Page
14122017.156705Dominion Fertilizer Co Ltd St. Stephen NB advert from the daily Journal Jan 19232Dominion Fertilizer Co Ltd St. Stephen NB advert from the daily Journal Jan 19231 page
14132017.157706William Hayman fonds2Map of Parish St. James Charlotte County NB, Map of Saint Andrews & Quebec Railway Company2 maps
14142017.158707Victor Hamilton fonds21 poster Advertisement for a Paddlewheeler. Excursions to Welshpool Campobello NB0.5 cm textual record
14152017.159708A. I. Teed Company Ltd of Saint Stephen & Woodstock NB & Calais Maine fonds20.5 Cm textual record
14172017.161450Origins of Barlett's Mills Charlotte County NB By Lance S Howard 2016missingStory of the first generations of Barletts who built the community at Bartletts Mills written By lance S Howard in Memory of H. Lawrence Bartlett his father27 pages of textual records
14182017.162174Ed Conley and Family fonds1I452 pages of Ed Conley and Family
14192017.163174Conley's Lobsters Ltd fonds1I405. cm textusl record
14202017.164712Garbutt Collection2
14212017.165710Coughlan Collection216 Callings cards, Account Book 1838 to 1882 unknown would appear to have accounts as well as minutes of the Freemasons of the Sunlight Lodge No 131 of St. Stephen NB. Grace L Coughlan Lone Star Milltown High School Excerise Book 1909.2 cm textual record
14222017.166711Frank G. Curran Calais Maine Collection2Life Insurance from Columbian National Life Insurance Company of Boston Mass dated 1912. City Taxes 1907. Letter from Charles A. Eaton Company Makers of Shoes For Men Augusta Maine dated 1913 to Frank Curran. Commencement Excecises of Calais Academy Class0.5 cm textual record
14232017.167710Recipe Book Circa 1910 possibly belonged to Alice Coughlin of Milltown Charlotte County NB2Hand written Recipe Book1 ledger 0.5 cm
14242017.168713Ruth Spicer fonds2F3
14252017.169205John Carl Medcof fonds1I5-1J296 cm textual record
14262017.17715Madeline Holmes fonds2F3•Invitation to the Coronation ball at the Algonquin Hotel Casino, 1937 (Featured in display case); Miscellaneous notes, 1954; Farmers Pageant Pamphlet; School Certificates for Ruth Greenlaw and Madeline Merril, 1930’s; Canadian Club Journal, 1946-1953; Me31 cm textual record
14272017.171716Jeff Holmes fonds2F431 cm texutal record
14282017.172717Ardeth Holmes fonds2Account book, 1907-1909; Scrapbook of WW2 officers from Charlotte County and other news clippings; address book; documents pertaining to Sheritt Gordon Mines; Documents regarding business improvement association;Account book 1910-1912; Scrapbook with pict50 cm textual record
14292017.173718Richmond Elmer and Mabel Viola Steeves2F5Passport belonging to Mabel Viola Steeves; North American Life Assurance Company of Richmond Steeves; Travel Permit application , Mabel Steeves; Nonresident Alien's border crossing identificatio
n card, 1912; Shares for Lage George Mines Ltd; Shares for t
14302017.17419Grimmer family fonds1A1,1ATopCorrespondance 1922 1923. Our trip to Nova Scotia & Boston 1908. Receipt for Furniture purchased 1881 from E. C. Young.Teachers report for Ray Grimmer from Public School of St. Andrews dated 1891.3 small newspaper cuttings. Obituary for George Skeffington0.5 cm textual record
14312017.175719Victims and Scene in Chamcook Lake Tragedy. The day The Town Lost its Soul 1994 The fire at The St. Andrews Nb Wharf.2F5Victims and Scene in Chamcook Lake Tragedy. The day The Town Lost its Soul 1994 The fire AT The St. Andrews Nb Wharf.0.5 cm textaul record
14322017.176720World War II postcards23 Black and White Postcards from 19433 Black & white Postcards
14332017.177450In Oliver's Shadow The Story of Henry Goldsmith By Lance S. Howard222 pages on the life of Henry Goldsmith written in 2016 by Lance S. HowardGood
14342017.178721The House That Hurricane Jack Built or The Story of Bayside By Grace Helen MowattCart in #4Carbon copy 6 pages of the manuscript typed by Grace helen Mowatt of the House that Hurricane Jack Built or The story of Bayside.0.5 cm textual record
14352017.179552St. Andrews Bicentennial Committee 19823H4-5Correspondance, Minutes, Cluippings10.5 cm textual record
14362017.18722Transportation Sections of Technical Background Studies Document St. Andrews Development Study 19852Report prepared by Allan Fiander of Fiander Good Associates Ltd regarding the development plan for the St. Andrews Harbour1.5 cm textula record
14372017.181723The Archaelogical Significance of the Chiputneticook-St. Croix Drainage System complied by Michael Deal281 pages complied by Michael Deal with an appendix by Michael Gaunce1 cm textual record
14382017.182282Wesley United Church fonds1J4-1J5Annual Report of The Womans Missionary Society 1961. Annual Report of the Trustees 1962, 1963. Agenda for the annual meeting 1964. Annual Reports 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977,1978,1979,1980,1982,1983,1984,1985,1986,1987, 1989,1990,1991.1997. Our Fam6 cm textual record
14392017.183617All Saints Anglican Church St. Andrews Charlotte County NB Collection2Photo Directory 20030.5 cm Textual record
14402017.187725Chocolate Cove Players Deer Island NB collection2Program for the Chocolate Cove Players at the St. Andrews Summer Theatre 19760.5 cm textual record
14412017.184617All Saints Anglican Church St. Andrews Charlotte County NB Collection2Copy of the Deed from the Justice of the Peace of the County of Chalrlotte to the Rector, church Wardens and vestry All St. Church 18 April 1831. Extract from the Rector, church warden and Vestry of St. Andrews January 18080.5 cm textual record
14422017.188750Charlotte County NB Directory 1870/18712Copy of the Charlotte County Directory. Shows by region and name. and occupation.0.5 cm textual record
14432017.186284St Stephen Rural Cemetery1J4Rules and Regulations of the St.Stephen Rural Cemetery with a catalogue of Proprietors to April 18590.5 cm textual record
14442017.185714Joan McLean Collection2Andrews Family History and otherv research information
14452015.035674Elinor Mawson Collection2E1, 2H3-53 pp of textual records
14472019.033478Charlotte County Historical Society fonds3F4-3G3Newspaper clipping of the unveiling of Quaker Memorial Plaque
Letter from C.C.H.S to Jacqueline Davis, sent September 12th, 1968, on a meeting held in St. Stephen; Letter from C.C.H.S to the New Brunswick Museum listing the names and addresses of officers
14482019.001592Phoebe Ann Magee Fonds4A4,4ATopWatercolour paintings by Phoebe Ann Magee :
St. Andrews house, corner of William and Montague Streets, 2001 ; former St. Andrews visitor centre (former Lionel Walsh house), 2001 ; Post card of St. Andrews Fish Market, from a watercolour painting, 1988 ;
2 watercolours (29 cm X 38 cm) (23.5 cm X 15.5 cm) ; 1 postcard ; 1 cm of textual records
14492019.002592Phoebe Ann Magee collection4A41 copy of an article from "Homemakers Magazine" re: Allan and Phoebe Magee house ; 1 newspaper article, "St. Andrews: Getting Older…and Better," Telegraph Journal, Saint John, NB, June 21, 1975.2 pp of textual records
14502019.003144Mallory Family fonds1I41 Pack of scenes of Quaint Cape Cod, Mass. ; 1 Quoddy Cash Systems book with Cash Stamps, Holmes' Twins store, Eastport, Maine ; 1 Algonquin Hotel glued back picture ; 1 Algonquin Golf Club brochure, Season of 1897, Opens June 30th ; I Ration Book 2 for1 cm of textual records
14512019.00462McQuoid family fonds1C5Descendants of Charles McQuoid
14522019.00562McQuoid family fonds1C5Typed copy of a poem, "The Tragedy at Chamcook Lake, January 23, 1938," written by Albert McCurty
14532019.006592Phoebe Ann Magee fonds4A41 Graphite sketch by Phoebe Ann Magee of the Hansen House, St. Andrews, NB, 2009 ; 1 Watercolour painting by Ferd Eisman of the Oneill House, 1981 ; 1 watercolour painting by Ferd Eisman of the Children's Playhouse, St. Andrews NB, 1990.
14542019.007727Lord Family FondsBooklet, "In Days Past, St. Andrews, N.B., 1896" ; Black and white photo postcard, "The Arena, St. Andrews, New Brunswick" ; Large Colour photograph postcard, "Campobello summerhome of Franklin Delano Roosevelt" ; Newspaper clipping, "St. Andrews Town Ban1 cm of textual documents
14552019.008469Kate Akagi Collection3F4Cemetery study of Milltown Cemetery with large hand drawn map of cemetery ; Cemetery study of Old Loyalist cemetery, King Street, St. Andrews, NB, with pencil rubbings of gravestones, graphs, and a large hand drawn map of cemetery,1.5 cm of textual material
14562019.00959"Passamaquoddy Reporter"1C21964, Volume 1, issues #7 ; #8 ; #9 ; #10 ; #12 ; #13 : "The St. Croix Courier" June 1983, "The Royal Visit Souvenir Album"2 cm of textual newspaper
14572019.01450BookReferenceRoss, Ken., "Washington County, Maine in the Civil War 1861-66," St. Croix Historical Society, Calais, Maine., Second Edition, 2015.2.5 cm of textual documentation
14582019.011450BookReferenceFulton, Pamela J., "Displaced Names of New Brunswick, (A Zany Gazeteer of Actual Places for Travellers, School Children, and Armchair Geomorphologists)," Allpress Ink, New Maryland, New Brunswick, Canada. March 1992.0.7 cm of textual material
14592019.012450BookReferenceLeroux, John., "Building New Brunswick: An Architectural History," Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, New Brunswick, 2008.2 cm of textual material
14602019.013467topographical maps ; newspaper clippings ; reports ; brochures ; ephemera23 topographical maps of Charlotte County ; newspaper clippings and materials related to LNG proposal ; tourism materials on St. Andrews, New Brunswick ; reports on Point Lepreau
14612019.014450bookReferenceSmith, Charles., "Pomeroy Ridge: Home for 200 Years," Daniel Smith Farms Ltd., Pomeroy Ridge, New Brunswick. 2012.1.5 cm of textual documentation
14622019.015728Mundie Family Fonds2F4scrapbook with newspaper clippings and photographs ; account books ; minute books ; hardcover books ; documents."Session of St. James Pastoral Charge, 1963" ; "A Service of Covenating St. Stephen Presbytery, St. Andrews Pastoral Charge, September 29, 2002
14632019.016729medallions with ribbons ; photographic postcards ; newspaper clippings ; booklets ; Pamphlet ; clothing articles (beret and uniform segment) ; badges and pins.2F4Colour photograph of Nat Smith ; Royal Canadian Legion beret ; Swatch of Canadian military uniform with rank and unit badges ; Royal Canadian Legion medal commemorating 75 years (1926-2001) with burgandy and white striped ribbon ; Canada Voluntary Service
14652019.017730"Report & Resolves in relation to the North Eastern Boundary"2F4A book regarding the dispute of the border dispute between New Brunswick and Maine, 1838.
14662019.018345Town of St. Andrews, New Brunswick2G1Canadian Ports and Shipping Directory compiled by Frederick William Wallace, 1958; Happy New Year, 2000 signed by the residents of St. Andrews on December 31st, 1999
;Quarantine Regulations issued by Department of Health, May 1923;Quarantine Regulations i
14672019.019189Glimpses of the Past by James Vroom2G1Manuscript of series of articles published in the Saint Croix Courier from 1892-18957.5 cm
14682019.02731St. Croix Report & St. Andrews Senators Photograph2F4St. Croix Harbor Official Report: A Great National Port for Canada includes letter of Captain Mowatt, Late Superintendent for the C.P.R at Liverpool. Photograph of the St. Andrews Senators (undated).
14692019.021548Gerrish House Society (Grand Manan)3H4Mission statement and general information about the Gerrish House; Correspondence to Mrs. Eisemen from The American Museum of Natural History 1961; “A Paper Read at Grand Manan”by W.A. 1951;Correspondence to Mrs. Eiseman from Alfred Gross of Bowdoin Colle
14702019.022726Report on Agriculture for the Province of New Brunswick for the Year 18812F5
14722019.02342BR Stevenson Fonds: Reports on Status of the property occupied by Fort Tipperary. 18831B1Papers that belonged to B.R Stevenson regarding Fort Tipperary. Included: Photocopy and genuine copy of town plan of Prince of Wales Street; Notes regarding the state of the property4cm
14732019.024186Hunting License 19191I4Hunting license made out to E.S Greenlaw of Bayside priced at $2.00. The back of the license details the regulations regarding hunting in the province of New Brunswick.
14742019.025732Thomas Jones Caughey’s finger prints and application for birth certificate2F4Thomas Jones Caughey's finger prints recorded by the City Magistrate's Court of the City of New York 1929 (Caughey's residence listed as St. Andrews NB); Thomas Jones Caughey application for birth certificate
14752019.026733Passamaquoddy Genealogies of West Isles Families by Martha Ford Barto2F4Published in 1975, the book is now out of print. Martha Ford Barto was from Deer Island, NB.2cm
14762019.027386Canadian Club of St. Andrews fonds3.00E+01Minute book 1969; Thank you card addressed to secretary (still enclosed), 1976; Letters to Leslie Linkletter from the Association of Canadian Clubs; NotebookFair to poor
14772019.028734Estate of Esther Lord2F4Huntsman Marine Science News, Winter 1990; Appeal to Mr. and Mrs. Lord from Sunbury Shores to continue their membership; Sunbury Shores Gallery Schedule celebrating their 25 year anniversary; "Know your Ducks" publication from Ducks Unlimited; 1 Christma
14782019.029735Hardware Store ledgers 1941-19552F4Two ledgers recording sales and transactions.3cm
14792019.03736Items from 1944 Road Taxes Ledger:2F4Various documents including: Record of Road Taxes collected by Leo J.Shields ; Letters addressed to E.M Balka Esq. District Highway engineer regarding the road tax; Envelope addressed to Mr. G.P Rigby of St. Stephen; card for G.Murchie Beer; Two form "B"
14802019.031270Charlotte County TeachersReflections Magazine- a magazine for and by retired teachers of New Brunswick. Articles pertaining to Charlotte County have been cut out and dated, ranging from 1997-1978.
14812019.032737Various Tourism NB itemsNB motor guide; Letter inviting tourists to New Brunswick; New Brunswick Museum Annual Report 1968; New Brunswick Tourism Guide
14822019.034738Saint Andrews Senior Citizens Club Fond4G1Various documents pertaining to the Senior Club:Guest Book dating 1976
Book of Minutes from 1981 to 1986
Book containing Minutes from 1974 to 1980
Book of Financial Accounts dating 1981
A descriptive piece on the Consquamcook Seniors Club of Saint Andrews
14832019.036740Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire (IODE) Passamaquoddy Chapter2G1, 2GTopCollection includes: Paper Crown decoration
Ration Quota authorization for the Red Cross Blood Donor Clinic, St. Stephen , March 1943
Thank you card to the “ladies of the IODE and Nellie Cumberland”
Constitution & By-laws of the IODE, 1969
Application fo
14842019.037571Girl Guides Passamaquoddy Division2G1Papers entitled “Indian Names from Hiawatha Wabanaki – People who Live in the East” listing indigenous names for various birds, animals, fish, insects, plants etc ;Notebook for Guiders Training Courses with questions and completed answers by Mrs. Estella
14852019.038340Huntsman Marine Laboratory3C5Invitation to official opening, August 24th, 1970; Programme for the official opening of the Huntsman Marine Laboratory, August 24th 1970; Pamphlet for the Huntsman Marine Laboratory Official Opening August 24th-25th, 1970; Notice of Grand Opening, August
14862019.039234Boy Scouts1J33 pamphlets for Camp Utopia 1947, 1948 and undated
Application for Boy Scout Navy Island
14872019.0450The King's HighwayNotice of Expropriation, Election & Possession
14882019.041510Kiwanis Club of St. Andrews Collection3G5Kiwanis bulletin, April 14th 1970; Certificate of Appreciation; Expression of Appreciation, 1962; correspondence, 1969; Recreation Survey 1959
14892019.042386Canadian Club3.00E+01Annual Report, 1968-1969; Antique Exhibit- 1850 or Before
14902019.043741Elmer Scott Collection2G2Diary – Date unknown; Diary – Date unknown;Diary – Date unknown; Seed records - began approx. 1936 (multiple dates recorded); Seed records - began approx. 1946 (multiple dates recorded) ; Diary – 1946; Diary – 1952/1953; Diary – 1954; Diary – 1957; Diary
14942019.045742Rose Golding Fonds2G2Announcement of marriage between Leona Mae to Rev. Robert Knight Barrows; Christmas 1955; Christmas card 1936; Christmas Card 1973; Announcement of birth of Richard Golding Barrows 1954; Announcement of birth of Roger Edwin Barrows 1955; Seasons Greetings
14972019.044581John Williamson Collection4A3Annual Report of St. Croix, 2004
Pamphlets of former Charlotte County businesses 2000-2010
Algonquin newsletters, June 1991; July 1991; September/October 1991
The Algonquin History
“Come Back With Me”, book by Steve Campbell
Guide to New Brunswick
14982019.046743Frances Smith Sutherland Collection2G2Items related to Frances Smith's nursing career and information regarding the Smith- Toal- Pettigrove Family of Deer Island, Rollingdam, Bayside and St. Andrews.Included: Photocopy of birth certificate of Frances Carolyn Smith, 1917;Pedigree of Frances Ca
15002019.04742B.R Stevenson Collection1C1Assurance claim; Correspondence; account book of glebe rents; Declaration of trust2cm
15012019.048310Hill Family Fonds1K2Various business correspondence to and from Burton Hill 1926-1966Good
15022019.049744The Old St. Andrews Road Vol 1 & 2Books by Carle A.Rigby. The volumes feature historical and contemporary stories of the area complete with black and white pictures of the town.
15032019.05745Connors Brothers/ Brunswick Sardines FondCorrespondence from National Parks of Canada 1936; Business correspodence to the Connors Bros Limited, 1926-1927; Information regarding International Markets, Java, Singapore & Malaya, Siam and Bangkok, New Zealand, and Australia.; Employee's Newsletter F0.3 cm
15042019.05160Henry O'Neill1C2General Accounts 18550.02 cm
15052019.052746“County at War”, Charlotte County War Exhibit 2016CD titled "Last Post", newspaper articles regarding local veterans from Homeport News, exhibit organization information,financial information, facilities reports, "The Summer the Soldiers Came to Town"- John Cunningham, posters, Postcards designed by stud3cm
15062019.053747War of 1812 Commemorative Event Posters2G23 posters from the Speaker Series:Dr. Marc Milner, "NB & the war of 1813",July 29th; Bob Dallison,"NB's Participation in the War of 1812", June 24th; Gary Hughes, "Objects of war:A Material History, 1776-1814", May 27th; Dr. Gary Campbell, "The Epic March
15072019.054558Heather Curling Club Fonds3I3Balance sheet 1974-1975; Financial Statements, 1974-1975; Lists of members, 1963; information titled"A Cradle of Sport"; By-laws of curling club; Documents pertaining to various tournaments,1954-1966; Minutes of meeting 1972-19883.5 cm
15082019.055629Sir James Dunn Academy Fonds3C2Staff handbook 1964-1965, 1965-1966; Register of Attendance, 1970; Salary Scheduling Brief, 1963; St. Andrews School System grading regulation changes, 1965; SJDA pamphlet; news article "Sir James Dunn Academy for St. Andrews", October 29th, 1965, Daily G
15092019.056609Lady Dunn Fonds4B3Financial statement for St. Andrews Health Center audit and pre-audit, 1976; Documents pertaining to the construction of the Sir James Dunn firestation.
15102019.057571Girl Guides, Brownies & Rangers Passamaquoddy Division2G2Minute books of Girl Guides Association; Yearly Report 1999-2000; Year end Report, 2000; Minutes of Meetings September 1997-2001 and attendance sheets 1973-1995; minutes of annual meetings 1985-1997
15112019.05833Duston-Dustin Family Geneaology1A22 editions one revised October 2002, and September 20022 volumes
15122019.06748Registers from Bayside School1881 & 19052G2Two registers of attendance, standards of instruction, and general standing for the years of 1881 and 1905
15132019.061426Ships Manifest from 18423F1Photocopy of ships manifest 1842 to the port of St. Andrews from Eastport
15142019.062394Milligan Family Fonds3.00E+01Remebrance of Ordination of Rev. E.A LeBlanc; Family Record for the Commemoration of the Holy Souls; excerpt from the Beacon, March 20th 1890; Copy of Thomas Baptismal Record; Registration of Death William Edward Milligan.
15152019.063416Christ Church: St. Stephen Anglican Parish3.00E+03Article "Christ Church, St. Stephen: The First Hundred Years" written for the Anglican Parish of St. Stephen bicentennial. Author unknown.0.2 cm
15162019.065752Passamaquoddy Tribal Life and Times in Maine & NB2G3Three volumes of Passamaquoddy Tribal Life and Times in Maine and New Brunswick written by David Soctomah. Each volume has a respective title: "Save Land for the Children, 1800-1850", "Let Me Live as my Ancestors had , 1850-1890", and "Passamaquoddy at t6cm
15172019.066478Charlotte County Historical Society fonds3G3Memorandum of Agreement regarding the incorporation of the Charlotte County Historical Society, 1968; Letters Patent incorporating Charlotte County Historical Society Inc, 19680.3 CM
15192019.067751NB Almanac and Register 18492G3
15202019.0687531884 Leatherbound diary from Upper Mills2G3Leather bound diary dated 1884. Information in diary suggests it belonged to a female resident of Upper Mills.0.4 cm
15212019.069754Shiretown CrierShiretown Crier Vol 1. No 1. January 22nd 1891
15232019.071646Donne Smith FondsCorrespondence from Lady Beaverbrook to Donne Smith 1975-1994
NB Reader regarding Lady Beaverbrook
0.4 cm
15242019.072756Gail E. Logan Family Fonds2G3Family history includes photocopies of letter, photocopies of newspapers, photocopies of birth and death certificates.0.3 cm
15252019.073757“Kids for a Night”Script for the "Kids for a Night" fundraiser for the St. Andrews Community Playground, the play was performed at NBCC in March 1993.0.3cm
15262019.074758Thomas Odell Collection2G3Matter of estate of Thomas Turner Odell, photocopies of excerpts from family bible regarding family births and deaths, Dr. Arthur Odell obituary, citation for the legion of merit, St. Andrews Rural Cemetery Record for Thomas Turner Odell 19320.2cm
15272019.075759School Board Records and Store Ledgers2G3Store ledgers: 1854-1855,1912, 1868-1870
School Board Records: "School Book" 1919-1925; District Budget 1944-1945; Assessment List 1935-1941; Correspodence to County Superintendent
15282019.076760St. Andrews Lions Club2G3Bulletin No.2, 19690.3 cm
15292019.077761Regulations to Preserve Peace and an Ordinance to Establish Police in St. Andrews2G3Ordered on January 20th, 1886
15302019.078762Gramer Skool ReviewNewsletter Vol 2, No. 9 dated Decmber 2nd 1935
15312019.079762Argyll Hotel Fonds2G3Administrative notes 1881 & 18992 piece of textual documents
15322019.08349Harris Hatch Fonds3D2A copy of the plan of the estate of the Honorable Harris Hatch dated December,1848 by William Mahood2 pages
15332019.081174Conley Family Fonds1I45 pages of photocopies from the Rhode Islander, January 15th, 1956.
15342019.082774Chris Lister Fonds2G3Two postcards: 1 blank feauturing the Algonquin Resort and the other Pendlebury Lighthouse addressed to 'cousin Paul' from 'Granny', date unclear.
15352019.08392Grace Helen Mowat FondsHistory of central New Brunswick by Lilian M.Beckwith Maxwell, 1937, signed and owned by Grace Helen Mowat; Cottage Craft brochure "Cottage Craft tweeds"'; Cottage Craft fabric and samples, 1990
15362019.085152Mary Hashey FondsMary Hashey brochure for 1990 water colour exhibition; coloured poster for 1990 watercolour exhibition
15372019.086754Shiretown CrierUndated, with map and illustrations of Charlotte County attractions.
15382019.087775Undated Witness Account of Altercation in St. Andrews2G3Undated witness account of altercation occuring in St. Andrews between Belle Henderson and Hattie McRanolds.
15392019.088776Richard Wilbur Collection'Grand Manan' by Eric Allaby; 'St. Andrews Remembered: Recollections over the years' by Richard Wilbur assisted by Irene Scarrett; 'Heart and Hand: St. Andrews Fire company, 1833-1984' by Richard Wilbur and Edward Williamson (signed); 'Greenock Presbyteri
15402019.089132Wren Drug Store Fonds
15412019.0930Baptist Church Roster1A2Roster of Parishioners of the St. George Baptist church with pictures, 1987.0.5 cm
15422019.091777Loyalist QuarterlyVolume 10, Part 1, Jan 2013
15432019.092778Town of St. Andrews Registry of Historic PlacesProduced by the St. Andrews Civic Trust and researched by Derek Thurber, 2010.
15442019.0934Frances Wren Fonds1A1Copy of colouring book illustrated by Frances Wren and published by The Beacon Press, 1982, in celebration of the St. Andrews bicentennial.
15452019.094522Dewolfe Family fond3H2Geneaological information
15462019.095779Milltown United Church Women's AssociationAccount book, 1938-1961.
15472019.096780Atlantic InsightArticles relevant to Charlotte County
15482019.097781A note to Richard JohnstonWritten in 1878 from Wisconsin
15492019.098782Daily Journal 19471947 Daily Journal recording the daily weather and account, owner unknown.
15502019.099783Sunbury Shores CollectionMinutes of meetings 1970; Memos, 1970; Progress Report, 1969; Workshops & excursion programs
15512019.1784McCurdy BibleCopy of McCurdy Bible with family births, death, marriages.
15522019.101785Charles Carson Collection6 paintings for the House and Garden Tour, 2019
15532019.102786Charlotte County Gaol Medical ReportMedical report of Hallis Percy Cook, 1970 by Dr. Donne Smith.
15542019.103787Diary Belonging to Henry Phipps RossPartially written in code and the rest in writing. Discusses the individuals day to day schedule.
15552019.104788Alice Cockburn CollectionCorrespondence 1994-2000; pamphlet 'Lets all Sing!' Llyod Burnett; Wallace family information; report 'A Viking Saga of the 20th Century'
15562019.105789Claire Maker CollectionSmall poster prototypes; Speaker Series posters: Donald Soctomah, Brent Suttie, Matthew Abbot; Greenock Church Poster; Archives Poster
15572019.106790Richard and Barb Tatton Collection2G3Vincent Massey High School graduation certificate; Fundy Regional Games Ribbon, 1988; Eastern Charlotte Regional High School graduation exercises, 1967, 1969,1977; correspondence; Beer ration book; Fundy High school graduation exercises, 1984; Passamaquod
15582019.107791MacLean’s Magazine with article regarding St. Andrews, 19522G3
15592019.108792Shoreline Railroad2G3
15602019.109793Letter from John M. Brine to Colonel N.Marks, 18472G3
15612019.11794Hill, Shillington and Hawkins Family HistoryCmpiled and researched by Leora (?) Hill, 1984
15622019.111795'Winter Mishap in the Woods took Doctor to Court'Article written by Amelia C. Blair, 1988. Featured in the St. Croix Courier. The article discusses how a man lost his hands and feet after a doctor neglected to treat him properly for frostbite.
15632019.112795Blueprint for the residence of Mrs. EC Walker, St. Andrews2G3
15642019.113797'The Old Mines of Mascarene' by A.A Rutenbeg2G3Published in 1969.
15652019.114785Charles Carson Collection2G3Paintings dated from 2018, potentially from that years Heritage Home Tour. Barb Stanley's house, Oriole Cottage, Peacock Farm, Pagan House and Peacock Farm.
15662019.115798The Turner Family Geneaology2G3Photocopy
15672019.116799St.Andrews: A Conceptual Plan for the Downtown and Waterfront, 1984'2G3
15682019.117641St. Croix Branch Royal Canadian Legion4C3Membership register, 1991; Membership Report, 1992, 1992; Presidents Report, 1992
15692019.118800Two letters dated from the 1920's2G3Paul Truxton letter to Mother from Colorado, 1922
Letter to Father from __________ Miller, 1927
15702019.119801Postcard advertising Keay’s Hardware Store2G3
15712019.12802Donna Mackenzie CollectionVariety Store paper bag, Bicentennial St. Andrews/ Castine celebration schedule, bye-laws rules and regulations of the St. Andrews Rural Cemetery, 1879, Castine Patriot, 1983.
15722020.001803Saint Andrews House and Garden Tour2G4A) File "Canadian Club, House and Garden Tour Financial Statements 1977-79 & 1983" and 1983 reportreport 7 cue cards and 4 pages of textual material
15732020.002803Saint Andrews Home and Garden Tour2G4File "House and Garden Tour 1963" Communications and publicity7mm
15742020.003803Saint Andrews Home and Garden Tour2G4File "House and Garden Day - 1963 - Publicity Convener - Muriel Carrothers8 pages of textual material
15752020.004803Saint Andrews House and Garden Tour2G4Duotang "House and Garden Tour Publicity & Correspondence 1969, 1971"7mm
15762020.005803Saint Andrews House and Garden Tour2G4Envelope "House and Garden Tour Publicity & Correspondence 1975"3mm
15772020.006409Postcard: Interior "The Inn" C.P.R. Hotel, St. Andrews, NB3.00E+03Postcard of "The Inn" C.P.R. Hotel, St. Andrews, NB. Canadian souvenirpostcard by Warwick and Bro's & Rutter Limited Printers, Toronto1 postcard
15782020.007716Court Summons to Jeffery Holmes; Trial of Earl G. Cleghorn (victim Rachael Mae Cleghorn)2F4Court summons to Jefferey Holmes to appear to give evidence regarding the case of Earl G. Cleghorn in the murder of Rachael Mae Cleghorn.1 sheet
15792020.008206St. Croix Harbor: A Great National Port for Canada1J2: Item is a booklet containing a report on St Croix Harbour by A.D. Swan, M. Inst. C.E., M. Inst. M.E., a report of three master-mariners, representing the Shipping Federation of Canada and a letter from Capt. Mowatt, late superintendent for the C.P.R. ItBooklet of 4 pages; small map
15802020.009617Ministers Island Community Service4B4Order of Service for the Ministers Island Community Service6 pages
15812020.01617A Service Commemorating the One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary of the Consecration of All Saints Church, Saint Andrews, New Brunswick4B4Order of Service bulletin: A Service Commemorating the One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary of the Consecration of All Saints Church, Saint Andrews, New Brunswick8 pages
15822020.011447Memorial Service of Holy Communion; Josephine (Wren) Calder3F2Order of Service Bulletin: Memorial Service of Josephine (Wren) Calder4 pages
15832020.012641Remembrance Day Service 20174C3-C4Order of Service Bulletin: Remembrance Day Service 2017 held at All Saints Anglican Church for the Royal Canadian Legion, Passamaquoddy Branch #84 pages
15842020.013617Memorial Service of Kenneth Stafford Dunn4B4Order of Service Bulletin for Memorial Service of Kenneth Stafford Dunn, 22 October 20184 pages
15852020.014617Memorial Service of Evelyn Mae Hatt4B4Order of Service Bulletin for the Memorial Service of Evelyn Mae Hatt, 28 April 20192 pages
15862020.015617Memorial Service of Joan Covell Carson4B4Order of Service Bulletin for the Memorial Service of Joan Covell Carson, 7 August 20196 pages
15872020.016617Memorial Service of Donald Paul Oxner4B4Order of Service Bulletin for the Memorial Service of Donald Paul Oxner, 8 April 20194 pages
15882020.017617Memorial Service of Gregory Francis Thompson4B4Order of Service bulletin for the Memorial Service of Gregory Francis Thompson4 pages
15892020.018617A Service of Evening Prayer On The Feast of Saint Michael & All Angels in Thanksgiving for Those Who Protect and Care For Us4B4Church bulletin for: A Service of Evening Prayer On The Feast of Saint Michael & All Angels in Thanksgiving for Those Who Protect and Care For Us; 29th September 20196 pages
15902020.019804In the matter of the application of the “CANADIAN TERMINAL RAILWAY COMPANY” for legislation authorizing the Provincial Government to guarantee bonds in the aid of the construction of its railway.2G4Description of the inception of The Canadian Terminal Railway Company; promotion and benfits of Canadian ports; the intention of the railway to reach both Saint John and Fredericton8 pages of textual material
15912020.02804By-Laws, Rules, Orders and Regulations Made and Adopted by the Shareholders of THE CANADIAN TERMINAL RAILWAY COMPANY2G4By-Laws, Rules, Orders and Regulations Made and Adopted by the Shareholders of THE CANADIAN TERMINAL RAILWAY COMPANY. Adopted at the first general meeting on the 29th of January 1913. Signed by GilbertW. Ganong, Chairman.12 pages of textual material
15922020.021804The Canadian Terminal Railway Company. First General Meeting of Shareholders and Annual Meeting of Shareholders.2G4Minutes - The Canadian Terminal Railway Company. First General Meeting of Shareholders – 29th January 1913 and Annual Meeting of Shareholders – 28th January 1914.5 pages of textual material
15932020.022804The Canadian Terminal Railway Company. Meeting of Provincial Directors2G4Minutes – The Canadian Terminal Railway Company. Meeting of Provincial Directors; 29th January 1913.2 pages of textual material
15942020.023804The Canadian Terminal Railway Company Meeting of Directors2G4Motions/Agenda – The Canadian Terminal Railway Company Meeting of Directors; 29th January 1913.3 pages of textual material
15952020.024804The Canadian Terminal Railway Company Directors meeting2G4Minutes – The Canadian Terminal Railway Company Directors meeting 27th and 28th January 1914.4 pages of textual material
15962020.025804Correspondence between Mr. Clark and Mrs. Hugh McNabb, Eastport, Maine; Report of the Managing Directors of the Canadian Terminal Railway Company2G4Correspondence between Mr. Clark (Secretary & Treasurer, Canadian Terminal Railway Company) and Mrs. Hugh McNabb, Eastport, Maine; Report of the Managing Directors of the Canadian Terminal Railway Company for the years ending 31st December 1913 and 1914.6 pages of textual material
15972020.026804Stock Book of the Canadian Terminal Railway Company2G4Stock Book of the Canadian Terminal Railway Company. Lists the names, no. of shares, location of residence and amounts paid by the stockholders in 1913.1 page of textual material
15982020.027804Land acquisition (?) notice - For the Rector, Churchwardens and Vestry of the Parish of Saint George and County of Charlotte; Survey and acquisition of land for Thomas Hatheway Lot 2 Block 12 and Lots No. 14 & 15 ; Sale of land by Zachariah Chipman to Da2G4: Land acquisition (?) notice - For the Rector, Churchwardens and Vestry of the Parish of Saint George and County of Charlotte; Robert Snell, a Deputy Surveyor of Crown Lands, surveyed Lot Number 2 in Block 12 Sitwato on the New Canaan River in the Parish4 pages of textual material
15992020.02880515 photographic / watercolour postcards of Saint Andrews and area businesses, historic sites and residences.2G59 Photographic Post cards of Saint Andrews businesses / Historic locations and 6 water colour postcards of businesses / residences by Phoebe Anne Magee, 1989. 1) Salty Towers 2) Historic Courthouse and Gaol 3, 4, 5 & 6) Algonquin Hotel 7) Historic Dochet15 postcards
16002020.029805Three summary excerpts on the possible transition of the current Leather House building from R.A. Stuart, High Sheriff of Charlotte County to the first in town location Cottage Craft.2G5: “Local News and Gossip” of Saint Andrews businesses – possibly The Leather House building transition and beginning of Cottage Craft business in the downtown. 1) 1893 R.A. Stuart High Sheriff of Charlotte County strikes a bonanza of Granite 2) 1896 3 sto1 page of textual material
16012020.03805Three copied excerpts from The Standard on Saint Andrews businesses.2G5Three copied excerpts from The Standard on Saint Andrews business 1) Doran’s Tavern (Mrs. Mary Doran & Mr. Peter Doran) ~ Water and William Street, 1875 2) barbershop (Thomas Rooney) ~ Water and Edward Street, 1875 3) Sale at auction of NB&C Railway 1863/1 page of textual material
16022020.032805Research on Saint Andrews businesses garnered from area newspapers.2G5Research on businesses in Saint Andrews garnered from area newspapers: Bay Pilot (1883, 1887), Island News – Grand Manan (1881), St. Andrews Standard (1874) and The Beacon (1905, 1909). Mentions Mr. James Neill – Megantic Hotel; Mr. George J. Richardson –9 pages of textual material
16032020.033805Research on the Doon family and businesses. Also a small amount of information on the Short House.2G5Research done on the Doon family and businesses ie. Gardener & Doon fish business. John Andrew Doon – J. A. Doon & Co Grocery Store (Sunbury Shores). Information on the Short House built c.1840.3 pages of textual material
16042020.031805Courier Article on Fort Tipperary2G5Article from the Saint Croix Courier on Fort Tipperary, February 12 19?1 page textual information
16052020.034805Information on Harry Mallory and Mallory Barn and House2G5Research on Harry Mallory and family as well as information on Mallory barn and house. Information on various business ventures and talk of first telephone (theirs? Or for the town?) installed in 1900 between the Algonquin and the livery barn.1 page textual information
16062020.035805Interview with Ian McKay on select businesses in Saint Andrews.2G5An interview with Ian McKay (June 1997) about Cottage Craft plus additional information on Groomes Insurance, Chef’s Restaurant, Save Easy, Shiretown Inn and 224 Water Street (Waterfront Trading Company).1 page textual information
16072020.036805Interview with Cindy Armstrong on select businesses in Saint Andrews.2G5An interview with Cindy Armstrong (June 1997) with information on “Hole in the Wall” and Cockburn’s Drugstore.1 page textual information
16082020.037805Information gathered on businesses at 13 Douglas Street2G5Information gathered on businesses at 13 Douglas Street – Harbour Cottage Gallery; Patricia Staples and Paula Cooper. Sheet of information that began to be gathered.1 sheet textual information
16092020.038805Information on Fundy Tide Runners.2G5Information on Fundy Tide Runners. Information that began to be gathered.1 sheet textual information
16102020.039805Information on Heritage Discovery Tours2G5Information on Heritage Discovery Tours at 233A Water Street and 205 Water Street; Sheila Washburn & Elaine Haun. Information that began to be gathered.1 sheet textual information
16112020.04805Information on 270, 260, 252, 238 and 234 Water Street via apparent interview with Harry Mallory.2G5Information gathered from what appears to be an interview with Harry Mallory on businesses at 270 Water Street – Saint Andrews Land Company/CPR; Dr. Chris Kennedy; Dr. Fletcher Maloney; Dr. Worrell; Beacon Press; R. E. Armstrong; Dr. Brood. 260 Water Stre4 pages of textual information
16122020.041805Information on Edmund Hailstone, Saint Andrews Yacht Club, Rigby House, 241/239 Water Street,235 & 233 Water Street, 48 King Street and O'Neill family tree as per interview with Harry Mallory.2G5Ongoing interview with Harry Mallory. Edmund Hailstone &wife Miss Turner. Smugglers Village - Captain Howard Rigby House; Saint Andrews Yacht Club; Mr. Frost; Langmaid house; daughters Miss Madge (Margaret) Rigby, Miss Caroline Rigby and Helen Rigby; Ala4 pages of textual information
16132020.042805Ongoing interview with Harry Mallory on history of downtown business addresses: 245, 241/239, 235, 233, Open Space &225 Water Street.2G5Ongoing interview with Harry Mallory. 245 Water Street – Connors Bros.; Bob Knorr; Ian McKay. 241/239 Water Street (Laundromat) – site of O’Dell’s Manchester House; Thomas Turner II; Roy Thurber. 235 Water Street – Tiny House – Miss Austin; Cecil Williams3 pages of textual information
16142020.043805Harry Mallory interview notes. Seaside Beach Resort; Harris Hatch House; Five men in car; 217 Water Street and Cottage Craft.2G5Interview with Harry Mallory. Seaside Beach Resort (former Livery stable) – Albert Denley; Sarah Denley; Mrs. Marjorie Clark (Jones) Richardson; Gordon Higgins; McQuoid. Harris Hatch House – Marjorie Coakly & Antoinette Hwon. Five men in car – Louis Hwon,4 pages of textual information
16152020.044805Harry Mallory interview notes on 213 Water Street; Customs; 211 Water Street and Men's Club.2G5Notes – interview with Harry Mallory. 213 Water Street (Grist Mill) Nelson Boyd m. Bessie Hanson; Ben Snell and Henry Fulton; DeWolfe’s Hardware – Robert Mallory; William McAuley; Ian McKay. Customs – Daniel Hanson Jr.; Thomas Wren. 211 Water Street – Joe2 pages of textual information
16162020.045805Harry Mallory interview notes - Market Square - Public Weigh Scales; Post Office; 232 Water Street; 224 Water Street; 218 Water Street.2 G5Notes – interview with Harry Mallory. Market Square – Public Weigh Scales – Captain Wren & Edward Finnigan with Quoddy Coal Co.. Post Office (present site) – Burton & Murphy Livery Stable (talk of Chipman House); Sam Masons mattress factory; Len Smith sho4 pages of textual information
16172020.046805Harry Mallory interview notes.Jones Bros. at Apohaqui; 212 Water Street; 204 Water Street; 189 Water Street and 185 Water Street.2G5Notes- interview with Harry Mallory. Jones Bros. at Apohaqui (Jonesville) – Will Jones; G.B. Jones – MLA under Premier George Clark (of St. Andrews). 212 Water Street – (Town Office) Mr. Grimmer; Mr. Pallier; Frank Mallony; Raymond Bartlett; Keith Robiche3 pages of textual information
16182020.047805Harry Mallory interview notes. 185, 183, 177, 173, 171, 167, 163/161, 192, 188, 184, & 182 Water Street. Armistice Parade photo description.2G5Notes –Interview with Harry Mallory. 183 Water Street (Gumshel’s Sewing Centre) James McDowell Sr.; Viola McDowell (Spinder); NB Telephone Co.; CN Telegraph; Western Union Telegraph Co. (Mrs. Lottie [Charlotte] Maloney-Parker; McCarlie; Fuat Gumushel. 1858 pages of textual information
16192020.048805Notes on Harry Mallory interview. 180, 176, 174, 172, 170, 168, 162 Water Street.2G5Notes from Harry Mallory interview. 180 Water Street (Chef’s Restaurant / Tradewinds / Honeybeans Coffee, Tea & Treats) John S. Magee, clothing store; Ira Stinson’s Restaurant; Ronald J. Hewitt, Helen Archibald; Cliff Brown & Margaret Brown; Claude Lord;5 pages of textual information
16202020.049805Notes on Harry Mallory interview. Notes from Bobby Cockburn’s scrapbook. Photo description - The Crowd at Cockburn's and Xmas 1934. Descriptions on 158/154, 152, 144, 140, 136, 132, 159 & 157 Water Street.2G5Notes on interview with Harry Mallory. Photo The Crowd at Cockburn’s Dour Everett, Bobby Cockburn, Eric Thompson, Old Mr. Edwin A. Cockburn, Burns, Uncle Frank Mallory. Xmas 1934 Harold Glew, Uncle Frank Mallory, Bobby Cockburn, Albert Thomson, Doug Evere4 pages of textual information.
16212020.05805Notes on Harry Mallory interview. Information on Argyll Hotel picture. Continuation of 157 Water Street. Information on 153, 100, 143, 139, space, 129 Water Street. McLaren Contractors, Short House, Building between Gull's Landing & 111 Water Street.2G5Notes on interview with Harry Mallory. Postcard and information “Argyll Hotel”. 157 Water Street (cont’d) Mrs. Viola McDowell, dress shop; buildings demise. 153 Water Street (Olde Tyme Pizza) Grimmer Store (Davidson Grimmer); Grimmer & Keay; Frank Grimmer6 pages of textual information
16222020.051805Notes on Harry Mallory interview. Recollections on "Shoe Store";"Captain Howard Rigby's Boat Building"; "1918 The Epidemic"; "Doone Fish Factory"; "Tannery on Pagan Street"; "Robicheau's Fish Market".2G5Notes on interview with Harry Mallory. Recollections Shoe Store Grandfather Doone; Urania Jack; Melvin Dougherty. Captain Howard Rigby’s Boat Building Mrs. Ayscough; Elmer Rigby; Jack Frost; Sigma. 1918 The Epidemic Mr. Burton. Doone Fish Factory pencil d3 pages of textual information
16232020.052805Notes on Harry Mallory interview. Recollections from Harrys youth on a variety of topics including people, places and activities.2G5Notes on Harry Mallory interview. Memories of a Foundry; “Rooftree Cottage”; Sam Fields Blacksmith Shop – Barbara Voterro, John Voterro; Memories of Harry’s youth and working; Nelson Pye, wheelwright – Harry’s memories surrounding this; Frank Gilman; Howa6 pages of textual information
16242020.053805Research on 229 Parr (HMS Transportation Building), Superfine Oils and Charles Edward Taylor.2G5Notes on research into 229 Parr (HMS Transportation Building); Superfine Oils – Ken Murray; Charles Edward Taylor; Bob Treadwell; Hot Stove League; Les MacMullen.1 page textual information
16252020.054805Notes from a vdeo on the History of the Mallory Livery Barn, William E. Mallory and Harry Mallory. Notes from interview with Harry Mallory on local blacksmiths. Harry Mallory immediate family tree. Early outline guide to later Harry Mallory interviews.2G5Notes from video on Mallory history, particularly William E. Mallory, Harry Mallory and details on the Mallory barn evolution and activities there. Harry’s immediate family tree and education experience. More interview notes from Harry Mallory, particular5 pages, double sided textual information
16262020.055805Notes from interviews with Nancy (?) and Don McFarlane on 234, 217, 213-215 and 182 Water Street. Plus information on various postmasters and Sea Tourism Companies. Information on Sea Captain's Loft.2G5Notes from interview with Nancy (?) on the following: 234 Water Street (China Chest) Fraser Keay; RAF Pennfield; Jenny Horsmell Hare; Hattie Johnson. 217 Water Street (Garden by the Sea) Debi & Jeff Bowins; Evelyn Kristoff; Postmasters of Saint Andrews: J11 pages of textual information
16272020.056805List of business people and their professions in Saint Andrews, 18772G5List of business people and their professions in Saint Andrews, 1877. Robert Alexander; H. Armstrong; Miss E. Bailey; John Balson; Mrs. M. Bamon; J. P. Beckerton; Samuel Billings; T. Black; J. R. Bradford; William Bradley; John Breen; John Burton; D. J.2 pages of textual information
16282020.05752History of Port of Saint Andrews1C1-1C2Correspondence between H. A. MacNichol and National Revenue Canada. A history of the Port of Saint Andrews by H. A. (Harry) MacNichol. Also listing accounts of staple articles exported. Samples of duties charged and lineage of the rolls of Collector and C11 pages of textual material
16292020.058504St. Croix Courier newspaper article on Ministers Islande.3g4, 3FtopSt. Croix Courier newspaper article on Ministers Island and Sir William Van Horne.1 sheet textual information
16302020.05970Telegraph Journal newspaper article on the Algonquin Hotel.1D2, 1DtopTelegraph Journal newspaper article on the Algonquin Hotel under the management of Canadian Pacific.1 sheet of textual information
16312020.0635Local rate card for “The Saint Andrews Bay Pilot”..2I3Local rate card for “The Saint Andrews Bay Pilot”. Listing issue dates and advertising rates.1 sheet textual information
16322020.061805Information on the Commodore Hotel from a discussion with Leni McKay; Newspaper article on the Commodore Hotel changing hands.2G5Information on the Commodore Hotel from a discussion with Leni McKay; Newspaper article on the Commodore Hotel changing hands. Mention of Magdalena McKay; Ian McKay; Thomas Wyer; Edward Pheasant; Angus Kennedy; Leonard MarKee.2 pages of textual material
16332020.062737Various newspaper articles on Saint Andrews or events that have affected the town.2F4Various newspaper articles on Saint Andrews or events that have affected the town. Promotional article from The Globe and Mail on Saint Andrews, 29 May 1982; a series of articles on an MGM movie “They Only Kill their Masters” that was to be filmed here, t8 pages of textual material
16342020.06359“Historic St. Croix Island” Passamaquoddy Reporter, Volume 2, No. 10.2H, 1C2A summertime guide to St. Stephen, St. Andrews, Deer Island, Campobello and Grand Manan.
16352020.064805Two Saint Andrews business pamphlets - Pagan's House & Fancy Notion; Seaside Beach Resort.2G5Two pamphlets. Reverse side of Seaside beach Resort contains map of Saint Andrews; Pagan's House brochure is promoting their one year anniversary.2 pages of textual information
16362020.065803Brochure for the Saint Andrews House and Garden Tour.2G4Brochure for the Saint Andrews House and Garden Tour. Contains a map and drawing/description of each house on the tour.1 sheet of textual information
16372020.066655Three business brochures on Saint Andrews and an article relating to the Saint Andrews Chamber of Commerce.4D5Three business brochures on Saint Andrews (one Chamber of Commerce, 1981 and two from the St. Andrews Business Association 1967 &196?) and an article relating to the St. Andrews Chamber of Commerce and their Adorn-a-Door Contest winners, 31 December 19803 pages of textual information and 1 brochure/booklet of 50 pages
16382020.067805Information regarding Sea Captain's Loft - history, news clippings and promotional material.2G5Information regarding “Sea Captain’s Loft” history and news clippings. Mention of Sea Captain’ Loft in a newspaper column on style, 25 January 1971. Newspaper photo in Middleton, Nova Scotia’s “The Mirror”, 5 September 1979; New Brunswick Travel Bureau ad1 postcard & 13 pages of textual material
16392020.068806Dissertation by Joshua M. Smith. The Rogues of 'Quoddy: Smuggling in Maine New Brunswick Borderlands 1783 - 1820. Chapters 1 & 2.2G5Joshua M. Smith – Dissertation – “The Rogues of ‘Quoddy: Smuggling in the Maine New Brunswick Borderlands 1783 – 1820. Chapter One: The Global Context of Smuggling Introduction; Understanding Smuggling; International Examples of smuggling; Smuggling and t95 pages of textual information
16402020.069806Joshua M. Smith dissertation The Rogues of 'Quoddy: Smuggling in the Maine New Brunswick Borderlands 1783 - 1820. Capters 3, 4, & 5.2G5Dissertation continued. Chapter Three: American Enforcement Methods Introduction; Borderland Residents and state Authority; American Customs Regulations; Passamaquoddy Customs Collectors; Lesser Customhouse Officers and Revenue Cutters; Catching and Punis113 pages of textual information
16412020.07806Dissertation by Joshua M. Smith. The Rogues of 'Quoddy: Smuggling in Maine New Brunswick Borderlands 1783 - 1820. Chapters 6, 7, & 8.2G5Dissertation Continued. Chapter Six: Adventurers and Enforcers Introduction; The Adventurers; James Colles; Richard Hasluck; Constantino Llufrio; John McMaster; The Enforcers; Naval Officers; Army Units; The Transition to Capitalism; Conclusion. Chapter S111 pages of textual information
16422020.071806Dissertation by Joshua M. Smith. The Rogues of 'Quoddy: Smuggling in Maine New Brunswick Borderlands 1783 - 1820. Chapters 9 & 10.2G5Dissertation continued. Chapter Nine: The Plaster War Introduction; Background to the Plaster War; The Plaster Trade in Operation; New Brunswick’s Plaster Law; Humbert’s Dilemma Begins; Humbert’s Dilemma Continues; The Plastermen; Conclusion. Chapter Ten:91 pages of textual information
16432020.072581Collection of Obituaries, and obituary articles.4A3A collection of Obituaries: for William “Allan” Williamson, son of Cecil & Margaret (Lord) Williamson from Telegraph Journal, 1 April 2019; James A. Stewart, St. Croix Courier (23 April 2019) and Telegraph Journal (22 April 2019); Edna C. Higgins (wife of17 clippings of textual material
16442020.073581Booklet – Men Behind the Scenes: Curates in the Anglican Parish of Saint Andrews New Brunswick. By John L. Williamson.4A3Booklet – Men Behind the Scenes: Curates in the Anglican Parish of Saint Andrews New Brunswick. By John L. Williamson.49 pages of textual material
16452020.074345Plans and estimate of cost of “proposed extension of the Market Wharf ” from Gilbert G. Murdoch, Deputy Land Surveyor, Province of New Brunswick, 190?.3F5Plans and estimate of cost of “proposed extension of the Market Wharf ” from Gilbert G. Murdoch, Deputy Land Surveyor, Province of New Brunswick, 190?.2 pages of textual material
16462020.07541Town Improvement Association addressed envelope. Various Town Improvement Association issued receipts/confirmation of payment.1A2Town Improvement Association addressed envelope, 15 April 1895, complete with 3 cent stamp, addressed R.E. Armstrong, Esq., Sec’y Town Improvement Association. Various Town Improvement Association issued receipts to various people: Thomas Sheehan; James D1 envelope & 13 partial pages of textual material
16472020.07641Town Improvement Association Audit.1A2Town Improvement Association Audit. T.R. Coven; W. Snodgrass; Angus Kennedy. 1 May 1896 – 7 April 1896.1 page textual material
16482020.077378Communication between Alfred Markham of The Sun Printing Company and John S. Magee.3.00E+01Communication between Alfred Markham of The Sun Printing Company and John S. Magee regarding subscriptions and inclusion of court cases in paper. 16 March and 19 May, 1897.2 pages of textual material
16492020.07841Blank letterhead for the Town Improvement Association of Saint Andrews for the year 189_.1A2Blank letterhead for the Town Improvement Association of Saint Andrews for the year 189_.46 pages of blank letterherad
16502020.079378Hand written preliminary examination for Charles Martin and hand written court summons for John Key plus evidence.3.00E+01Hand written preliminary examination for Charles Martin; J.H. Grimmer. 23 January 1904. Hand written court summons for John Key for outstanding debt (26 January 1904) plus copy of the receipt of unpaid moneys owed to Richardson Brothers (29 December 1903)3 pages of textual material
16512020.0841Invoices to the Town Improvement Association from various retailers for supplies and jobs executed.1A2Invoices to the Town Improvement Association from various retailers for supplies and jobs executed. George D. Grimmer, General Trader, 27 July 1895; R. E. Armstrong, Dr., St. Andrews Beacon, 22 June 1875 / 6 April 1896 / May 1896; The Steamer “Arbutus”, B6 Invoices with letterhead
16522020.08141List of members. 53 names listed. Late 1800’s.1A2List of members. 53 names listed. Late 1800’s.1 page textual information
16532020.082629“The Tide” 1964 Yearbook for Vincent Massey High School.4C1 Box 9“The Tide” 1964 Yearbook for Vincent Massey High School. Dedicated to the MacNichol brothers with brief biography. Local advertising in back.Yearbook
16542020.083629“Academician” 1967 Yearbook for Sir James Dunn Academy.4C1 Box 9“Academician” 1967 Yearbook for Sir James Dunn Academy. Dedicated to Henry McQuoid and contains a brief biography. Contains photos of the construction of Sir James Dunn Academy. Lots of local business advertisements in back.Yearbook
16552020.084629“Seaside Sagas” 1961 Yearbook for Vincent Massey High School.4C1 Box 9“Seaside Sagas” 1961 Yearbook for Vincent Massey High School. Dedicated to RCMP Constable Mitchell Bell with small biography. Advertisements for local businesses in back.Yearbook; 59 pages
16562020.085629“Whitecaps” 1976 Yearbook for Sir James Dunn Academy.4C1 Box 10“Whitecaps” 1976 Yearbook for Sir James Dunn Academy.Yearbook; 63 pages
16572020.086807Bank draft from John S. Magee to the Bank of Nova Scotia for the amount of $24; 27 November 1901.Bank draft from John S. Magee to the Bank of Nova Scotia for the amount of $24; 27 November 1901.1 quarter sheet textual information
16582020.087807Four receipts for John S. Magee from various New Brunswick retailor/wholesalers and one receipt issued by John S. Magee to Thomas Williamson for confirmation of payment.Two receipts from D. Magee’s Sons (Successors to D. Magee & Co.) to John S. Magee; Correspondence from D. Magee’s Son’s to John S. Magee re. loss of money order and correct charging; also mentions Mr. Armstrong. Two receipts from J. Flanagan to John S. Ma6 pages of textual information
16592020.089688Partial receipt and letter from the Independent Order of Foresters to E. A. Cockburn.4A5Partial receipt from the Independent Order of Foresters; 25 May 1892. Letter from the Independent Order of Foresters addressed to E. A. Cockburn regarding T. Armstrong, accounting errors and James Stoup; signed John McGillivray; 9 March 1898.two pages of textual information
16602020.088807Correspondence between John S. Magee and Hart & Tuckwell.Correspondence between John S. Magee and Hart & Tuckwell regarding the quality of fruit being shipped from California; 5 July 1902.1 page textual information
16612020.0967Receipt from Arthur Dolly to Charles McRanolds for digging and filling a grave in the Saint Andrews Rural Cemetery.1D2Receipt from Arthur Dolly to Charles McRanolds for digging and filling a grave in the Saint Andrews Rural Cemetery.1 piece of textual information
16622020.091805Two milk receipt slips for Rockhurst Dairy Farm, St. Andrews, NB; E. G. Allen; July & August 1906.2G5Two milk receipt slips for Rockhurst Dairy Farm, St. Andrews, NB; E. G. Allen; July & August 1906.2 piece of textual information
16632020.092336Statement of the shipment of freight from the port of St. Andrews during the year 1868.3C5Statement of the shipment of freight from the port of St. Andrews during the year 1868. Lists names of people shipping, commodities and quantities shipped.1 page textual information
16642020.093449Tax invoice for James V. Russell for School District No. 1 ~ Parish of St. Andrews, Charlotte County.3F2Tax invoice for James V. Russell for School District No. 1 ~ Parish of St. Andrews, Charlotte County, from J. S. MacMaster, Secretary of School Trustees; 22 April 1901.1 page textual information
16652020.094169Two receipts for insurance coverage to the Board of Firewards and blank compliance forms for the Firewards.1I4Two receipts for insurance coverage from The Western Assurance Company to the Board of Firewards; dated 24 April 1896 & 1899. Blank forms issued by the Firewards indicating number and types of ladders required by building owners (?).5 pages of textual information
16662020.095670Six Tax assessment invoices for the parish of St. Andrews; 1899.4.00E+02Six Tax assessment invoices for the parish of St. Andrews; 1899. Recipients are Charles McReynolds, Alex McFarlane and James Ryan, Alex M. MacClerc, Joseph Doherty, Richard McCafferty.6 invoices
16672020.096617All Saints Anglican Church Special Subsciption Statement.4B4: Ledger sheet outlining church Special Subscriptions Statement. Investments and liabilities from Easter to Easter 1883 – 1888. We have associated this piece with All Saints Anglican Church due to the reference of B. R. Stevenson and Williamson listed und1 sheet textual information
16682020.097336Saint Andrews & Quebec afterwards New Brunswick and Canada Railway: Estimates of Total Expenditure on Construction and Expansion to Finish 65 Miles from Saint Andrews to Canterbury Station.3C5Saint Andrews & Quebec afterwards New Brunswick and Canada Railway: Estimates of Total Expenditure on Construction and Expansion to Finish 65 Miles from Saint Andrews to Canterbury Station. 1852 – 1868. Notes list benefits to the town and how it would hur6 pages of textual information
16692020.098169Agreement between the Firewards of Saint Andrews and the contractors for excavating a site near the Court House for a Water tank.1I4Agreement between the Firewards of Saint Andrews and the contractors for excavating a site near the Court House for a Water tank; H.B. Key and J.D. Johnson; T. R. Wren. 13 June, 1892.1 page textual information
16702020.099378Drunk and disorderly report by Town Marshall, Spurgeon H. Rigby about Frederick Shultz.3.00E+01Drunk and disorderly report by Town Marshall, Spurgeon H. Rigby about Frederick Shultz. 8 June, 1905.1 sheet textual information
16712020.1378Court documents hand written account regarding the break and entry and robbery by dynamite of the Bank of Nova Scotia.3.00E+01Court documents hand written account regarding the break and entry and robbery by dynamite of the Bank of Nova Scotia on 16th October, 1903. Allan Loggie Kerr; Charles Martin; Robert Worrell; John S. Magee. 19 & 23 January 1904.2 pages of textual information
16722020.101378Court documents (Warrant of Distress; Summons; Record of Trial) hand written account regarding a dispute between Bell Henderson and Hattee McRanolds.3.00E+01Court documents (Warrant of Distress; Summons; Record of Trial) hand written account regarding a dispute between Bell Henderson (wife of George Henderson, full Christian name R. Cordelia [or Cornelia] Henderson) and Hattee McRanolds (also spelt Hatie McRe6 pages of textual material
16732020.102378Record of Trial – Action for debt between Robert Stackhouse vs. Henry McCurdy over watch repairs.3.00E+01Record of Trial – Action for debt between Robert Stackhouse vs. Henry McCurdy over watch repairs. 2 August, 1903. Jurors: Hatfield DeLong (rejected), Jacob Loal (rejected), James Stoop, Thomas Williamson & John Stickney. Receipt to G. H. Williamson 2nd Ja3 pages of textual information
16752020.103378Four issues of capias to Captain Edward Brett from Benjamin F. DeWolfe, all dated 8 March, 1904; signed by John S. Magee. One list mentioning various court related words and the name B. F. DeWolfe.3.00E+01Four issues of capias to Captain Edward Brett from Benjamin F. DeWolfe, all dated 8 March, 1904; signed by John S. Magee. One list mentioning various court related words and the name B. F. DeWolfe. Receipt of payment slip.6 pages of textual information
16762020.104378Court Summons served at the Dinsmore residence, Chamcook. Arthur Doon Vs. Peter Dinsmore3.00E+01Court Summons served at the Dinsmore residence, Chamcook. Arthur Doon Vs. Peter Dinsmore for default of $6. Plus supporting documentation (receipt). 30 November 19032 pages of textual information
16772020.105378Court Summons served George (Guy?) Flynn vs. K. McLaren for default of $1.3.00E+01Court Summons served George (Guy?) Flynn vs. K. McLaren for default of $1 (2 copies). Plus supporting documentation (receipt). 5 March 1904. Trial to be held on the 13 March 1904.3 pages of textual material
16782020.106378Court Documents. Robert R. Billings vs. Theodore Holmes.3.00E+01Court Documents. Robert R. Billings vs. Theodore Holmes. Slip from John S. Magee requesting constables to find jurors for the trial and response from constable (2 copies). Supporting documentation (receipt). Trial record – M. N. Cockburn appeared for the5 pages of textual information
16792020.107139List of voters for the year commencing 1st January, 1886 for polling district No. 31 , St. Andrews, South, of the electoral district of Charlotte.1I topList of voters for the year commencing 1st January, 1886 for polling district No. 31 , St. Andrews, South, of the electoral district of Charlotte.3 pages of textual information
16802020.108169Blank forms from the Board of Firewards.1I4Blank forms from the Board of Firewards. Some for ladder quantity requirements and some for Fireman’s absence excuse form.7mm
16812020.109670Various tax assessment receipts4.00E+02Various tax assessment receipts for 1899 – William Ross Jr.; James Robbins; George Swift Jr.; Obadiah Conley; A. W. Bolby; Peter Judge; William Ryan; John Ryan; William Graham. Receipts for 1900 – J. V. Russell. Receipts for 1901 – J. V. Russell; John S.14 tax assessments
16822020.11390Two paid invoices from James Stoop to John S. Magee. 1893.3.00E+01Two paid invoices from James Stoop to John S. Magee. 1893.2 small sheets of textual information
16832020.111522Invoice from John P. O’Leary to B. F. DeWolfe. Dated December 23, 1903.3H2Invoice from John P. O’Leary to B. F. DeWolfe. Dated December 23, 1903.1 sheet textual information
16842020.112320Invoice from John Pnightey (?) to J. L. Ross; 2 November, 1901.3C5Invoice from John Pnightey (?) to J. L. Ross; 2 November, 1901.1 sheet textual information
16852020.113649Invoice from Mr. Leame of Bayside Farms to Arthur Doon4D4Invoice from Mr. Leame of Bayside Farms to Arthur Doon for harness repairs; July – November 1903.1 page textual material
16862020.114132Four invoices To/from T. Rudolph Wren.1I3Four invoices. Two to T. Rudolph Wren from A. J. White Limited (3 March, 1888) and S. McDarmid, Wholesale Druggist (30 March, 1895) and two from T. R. Wren to F. Stinson (19 August) and James Truly, G. Lamb (28 April 1896).4 sheets textual material
16872020.1152Daily Telegraph payment slip to John Stam. 1900/01.1A1Daily Telegraph payment slip to John Stam. 1900/01.1 sheet textual information
16882020.116807Six invoices and one money order receipt to/between John S. Magee and various retailers.Six invoices and one money order receipt to/between John S. Magee and various retailers. Money Order receipt to J. Vipond (9 July, 1901). Invoices from: The Telegraph Publishing Co. (29 January, 1901); Vroom Brothers, Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers (13 M7 pages of textual information
16892020.117807Eleven invoices from Hart & Tuckwell, Fruit & Commission Merchants to John S. Magee.Eleven invoices from Hart & Tuckwell, Fruit & Commission Merchants to John S. Magee. Dates range from June 1902 to July 1903.11 pages of textual material
16902020.118807Two notes from John S. Magee to John McFarlaneTwo notes from John S. Magee to John McFarlane acknowledging payment for the upkeep of a cemetery lot. 14 November, 1899 & 21 December, 1901.2 pages of textual information
16912020.119807Record of John S. Magee account with W. D. Forster. 1895 – 1898.Record of John S. Magee account with W. D. Forster. 1895 – 1898.3 pages of textual information
16922020.12807One cheque from W. M. Magee (dated 11 January, 1896) to the Bank of Nova Scotia and five blank cheques.One cheque from W. M. Magee (dated 11 January, 1896) to the Bank of Nova Scotia and five blank cheques.6 pages of textual information
16932020.121807Record of the account of C. W. Wardlow with John S. Magee as well as a note of communication between the two discussing payments. 1864.Record of the account of C. W. Wardlow with John S. Magee as well as a note of communication between the two discussing payments. 1864.4 pages of textual information
16942020.122807Sixteen pages of invoices from Beard & Venning, Importers of British and Foreign Merchandise to John S. Magee. April to May of 1862.Sixteen pages of invoices from Beard & Venning, Importers of British and Foreign Merchandise to John S. Magee. April to May of 1862.16 pages of textual information
16952020.123807Correspondence between John S. Magee and Alex Lindsey of Londonderry. Another correspondence from P. J. McNamara.Communication. Correspondence between John S. Magee and Alex Lindsey of Londonderry regarding Lindsey going out of business and selling stock to Magee ; 8 April & 4 September 1863. Another correspondence from P. J. McNamara of St. Stephen to J. S. Magee.4 pages of textual information
16962020.124762Communication. “Requisition for Public Meeting on the Hotel”. Addressed to Alexander Thompson Paul, Sheriff of Charlotte County2G3Communication. “Requisition for Public Meeting on the Hotel”. Addressed to Alexander Thompson Paul, Sheriff of Charlotte County; February 1871. Signed by committee members – not all legible but some: Magee; Stevenson; Stoop; Hatch; Valentine; Hipwell and1 folded sheet textual information
16972020.125762Four Resolutions to bring a hotel to Saint Andrews.2G3Four initial resolutions proposed by the committee to bring a hotel to Saint Andrews. Each acknowledged as accepted. Later written up in Accession 2020.124.4 pages of textual material
16982020.126762Report regarding the proposed site for a hotel (Argyll Hotel?) and funding for its creation2G3Report regarding the proposed site for a hotel (Argyll Hotel?) and funding for its creation. Signed by the committee. No date, but presumed 1871 in conjunction with Accessions 2020.124 & 2020.125.1 folded page of textual material
16992020.127378Two court documents regarding seamen aboard the Dominion Fisheries Protection Steamer Curlew, who refused to work.3.00E+01Two court complaint documents regarding seamen aboard the Dominion Fishery protection Steamer Curlew who refused to work. Complaint filed by 1st Officer David Reid. Witness – Havelock Mason. Charged Frank King, Ordinary Seaman and William Lacey, Ordinarypages of textual material
17002020.128378Court documents. Two court summons. Charles McRanolds vs. Arthur Dolly for a debt of $1.50 plus administrative fees.3.00E+01Court documents. Initial summons for Arthur Dolly (15th February, 1904) ; Second summons for Charles McRanolds vs. Arthur Dolly for a debt of $1.50 plus administrative fees (25th February, 1904). See accession 2020.090 for possible reason for the outstand2 pages of textual information
17012020.129378Court Documentation for Emma Craig vs. John A. Craig, Chamcook.3.00E+01Court Documentation for Emma Craig vs. John A. Craig, Chamcook. “Recognizance to Keep the Peace”, “Memo of Costs” – 14th September, 1903 and “Information of Emma Craig, wif of John A Craig, Praying for Bonds of the Peace” (Victim statement) 12th Septembe3 pages of textual information
17022020.13378Court Summons for Medley Batson vs. G. H. Lamb for debt, 30th August, 1906 along with corresponding unpaid invoice dated 23rd August 1906.3.00E+01Court Summons for Medley Batson vs. G. H. Lamb for debt, 30th August, 1906 along with corresponding unpaid invoice dated 23rd August 1906.2 pages of textual information
17032020.131378Court documents. Written complaint from Hattie Mc Ranolds against Bell Henderson – (two copies, signed by John S. Magee). Court ruling in the case of Hattie McRanolds vs. Bell Henderson – half the document is missing.3.00E+01Court documents. Written complaint from Hattie Mc Ranolds against Bell Henderson – (two copies, signed by John S. Magee). Court ruling in the case of Hattie McRanolds vs. Bell Henderson – half the document is missing.3 pages of textual material
17042020.132688Batch of receipts from the Independent Order of Foresters4A5Batch of receipts from the Independent Order of Foresters received from T. R. Wren, signed by Walter M. Magee / J. S. Malory – Treasurer. Dates range from June 1892 – May 1895.5 mm
17052020.133378Court documents. Hattie McRanolds vs. Bell Henderson.3.00E+01Court documents. Hattie McRanolds vs. Bell Henderson. List of court case expenditures.1 page of textual material
17062020.134378Court documents. Conviction of Frederick Shultz.3.00E+01Court documents. Conviction of Frederick Shultz for drunkenness and fighting on Water Street. Signed by John S. Magee and F. Shultz.1 page of textual material
17072020.135378Court documents. Summons – William Holmes vs. Frank Calder.3.00E+01Court documents. Summons – William Holmes vs. Frank Calder for an action of debt. 23 October, 1903. Signed John S. Magee.1 page textual information
17082020.136378Court documents. Letter of Capias (16th November, 1903) and Oath of Capias (16th November, 1903). William Rigby vs. Edgar Wilson.3.00E+01Court documents. Letter of Capias (16th November, 1903) and Oath of Capias (16th November, 1903). William Rigby vs. Edgar Wilson. Bail posted by George Langmaid. Signed by John S. Magee. Also mentioned in the letter of capias: Fred Leeman, George Mears an3 pages of textual information
17092020.137807Four receipt / invoices to J. S. Magee.2G4Four receipt / invoices to J. S. Magee. School District No. 1 taxes (12th April, 1901); John A. Wasburn, Broker and Commission Merchant (5th August, 1899); Thomas Williamson (18th November, 1899); Sun Printing Company (16th December, 1895).4 pieces of textual material
17102020.138807Four Letters of communication between John S. Magee and the Telegraph Publishing Company and one receipt.3.00E+01Four Letters of communication between John S. Magee and the Telegraph Publishing Company and one receipt; 3rd July 1896 – 11th October 1902.5 pages of textual information
17112020.139807Six invoices for J. S. Magee from Woodstock Steam Laundry.Six invoices for J. S. Magee from Woodstock Steam Laundry. One for doing the Algonquin laundry and five for doing Lady Shaugnessy’s laundry. July – September 1904.6 pieces of textual information
17122020.14807Receipt and correspondence between J. S. Magee and Hart & Tuckwell, Fruit and Commission Merchants.Receipt and correspondence between J. S. Magee and Hart & Tuckwell, Fruit and Commission Merchants. Communication is in regards to some poor quality fruit that was shipped. 2nd September, 1902.2 pieces of textual information
17132020.141666Letter from Judith T. Sapers to Ms. Irena Murray of McGill University.4D5Letter from Judith T. Sapers to Ms. Irena Murray of McGill University. Letter discusses sending donated copies of Tillietudlem plans to the university for safe keeping and conservation, with copies being made and sent to the Charlotte County Archives.1 page of textual material
17142020.142808Letter from Lucinda and John Flemer to Mrs. Robert (Alice) Cockburn.2G4Letter from Lucinda and John Flemer to Mrs. Robert (Alice) Cockburn regarding the gifting of land to be known as “Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden” and the construction costs.2 pages of textual material plus envelope
17152020.14341Three records of payments made by or to the Town Improvement Society listing various labourers.1A2Three records of payments made by or to the Town Improvement Society listing various labourers.3 pieces of textual information
17162020.14441Three letters of correspondence between individuals and the Town Improvement Society.1A2Three letters of correspondence between individuals and the Town Improvement Society. One from D. Blakely Hoar (8th April, 1895), one from J. Emory Hoar (6th April, 1895) and one from M. S. Carlei (9th April 1895).4 pages of textual information
17172020.14541Three letters of acceptance / appreciation for being elected honorary members of the Town Improvement Association.1A2Three letters of acceptance / appreciation for being elected honorary members of the Town Improvement Association. Honorary mambers: W. C. VanHorne (CPR); 13th April, 1895, illegible (Hudson’s Bay Company); 13th April, 1895 and F. W. Cram (Bangor & Aroost3 pages of textual information
17182020.146132Two waivers.1I4Two waivers. One for one for a meeting of the board of directors for the Wren Drug store (7th July, 1977) and one for the general meeting of shareholders (7th July, 1977).2 pages of textual information
17192020.147132Wren Drug Store . Minutes from the Board of Directors meeting and minutes from the shareholders meeting.1I4Wren Drug Store . Minutes from the Board of Directors meeting and minutes from the shareholders meeting. Board of Directors meeting discusses the sale of the Wren Drug store to Cockburns; the sale price and the reasoning; 28th November, 1976. Directors me3 pages of textual material
17202020.148809Pencil drawing - Murray Coat of Arms.2G4Hand drawn sketch of Murray Family coat of arms. Latin motto means “From henceforth I will (hunt) press on even unto things above”. Drawing is dated 7th July, 1881.1 page visual material
17212020.149169Insurance policy - Firewards and blank ladder requirement form.1I4Insurance Policy from Western Assurance Company of Saint John to the Saint Andrews Board of Firewards for the Engine House, Tower & Bell – located on the north side of Water street; 24th April, 1895. Blank ladder requirements form from the Firewards.2 pages of textual material
17222020.15426Manifest of Amounts Paid by Robert Ross for Freight from St. Andrews to Sundry Ports in the Year 1868.3F1Manifest of Amounts Paid by Robert Ross for Freight from St. Andrews to Sundry Ports in the Year 1868.1 page of textual material
17232020.151244Ganong Brothers. Ganong’s Chocolates Mother’s Day Greeting Card.1J3Ganong Brothers. Ganong’s Chocolates Mother’s Day Greeting Card.1 sheet visual/textual material
17242020.152169Chimney condition report.1I4Hand written condition report on the chimneys of Neal Lockary and Edward Irwin; 5th November, 1891.1 page of textual material
17252020.153807Correspondence between John S. Magee and Alex Lindsay of Londonderry, England; 1st July, 1863.Correspondence between John S. Magee and Alex Lindsay of Londonderry, England; 1st July, 1863.4 pages of textual information
17262020.154807Three records of Ground Rent paid by John S. Magee to All Saints Anglican Corporation; 1st of May, 1900, 1901, 1904.Three records of Ground Rent paid by John S. Magee to All Saints Anglican Corporation; 1st of May, 1900, 1901, 1904.3 pieces of textual information
17272020.155617All Saints Anglican Church Corporation Statements and Pew Rentals.4B4All saints Church Annual Easter Statement. Investments, Disbursements and Rector’s Salary; 1883 - 1888. Pew Rents due All saints Church Corporation at Easter 1887.7 pages of textual information
17282020.156617Statement of Moneys Received and Disbursed by the Church Wardens from March 31st, 1888 to March 31st, 1889. St. Georges Anglican Church, Moncton, NB.4B4Statement of Moneys Received and Disbursed by the Church Wardens from March 31st, 1888 to March 31st, 1889. St. Georges Anglican Church, Moncton, NB. This document is Printed, not hand written and useful for reference purposes to local Anglican church rec3 pages of textual material
17292020.157641Remembrance Day Service program.4C4Passamaquoddy Branch: Remembrance Day Service program. Rev. B D. Price; Rev. F Raduazo; Rev. W. H. McMahon; Rev. R. Wicks; Rev. H. E. Mullen; Rev. A. D. Cann.1 page of textual material
17302020.158810Promotional card for Lord George Hamilton of the Conservative and Unionist Party, Ealing Division Parliamentary Election, 1892.2G4Promotional card for Lord George Hamilton of the Conservative and Unionist Party, Ealing Division Parliamentary Election, 1892. Lists the pro’s and accomplishments of the party.1 card, visual and textual material front/back
17312020.159811Two empty envelopes to Ingalls family members and one orphaned stamp.2G4Two empty envelopes. One addressed to Irvin D. Ingalls, Grand Harbour, Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada; post marked 14th October, 1950. Sender: Mrs. Irvin N. Ingalls, 63 Westfield Gardens, Kenton, Middlesex, England. Second envelope, To: Y – 32836, Pri2 envelopes, 1 lone stamp
17322020.16670Tax Payment checklist for 1899.4.00E+02Tax Assessment checklist for 1899 as to who has paid. Some corresponding names with cross referenced tax receipts can be found in Acc.2020.109 and Acc.2020.095. 28 names.1 page of textual information
17332020.161812Needlecraft the Home Arts Magazine. February, 1932.2G4Needlecraft the Home Arts Magazine. February, 1932.3mm
17342020.162812Needlecraft the Home Arts Magazine. May, 1932.2G4Needlecraft the Home Arts Magazine. May, 1932.27 pages of textual/visual material
17352020.163694Letter of acknowledgment for providing service.2F2Letter of acknowledgment for providing service. From Daniel Warzeecha (Tourism New Brunswick) to Ms. M. Elalia O’Halloran. 15 November, 1985.1 page textual information + envelope
17362020.164694Three newspaper clippings.2F2Three newspaper clippings. Flashback to musicians in St. George band; photo and article on the officers of the New Brunswick Heart Foundation: M. Eulalia O’Halloran, Vincent E. Galbraith, Mrs Joan Taylor, Mrs. Heather Campbell; article on various question3 pieces of textual information
17372020.165694Two photo descriptions.2F2Two photo descriptions. One for newspaper article in acc.2020.164 listing band member names, location of photo and photographer; the second description for P#662 discussing Moses Shaw (c.1790) and wife Phoebe; Captain Peter Clinck; Moses Vernon, Magistrat2 pages of textual material
17382020.166813News Article from the Daily Gleaner. Dance Baton Seminar.News Article from the Daily Gleaner. Dance Baton Seminar. 14 August, 1968.1 piec of textual information + photograph
17392020.167813Six articles from various newspapers.Six articles from various newspapers regarding the St. Louis Blues training camp held in the arena in September 1969.6 pieces of textual information + photos
17402020.168813Decal / StickerPromotional (?) design concept decal as to what the arena would look like.1 piece of visual material
17412020.169813Six newspaper articles - Saint Andrews Summer Hockey School.2G4Six articles from various newspapers highlighting the St. Andrews Summer Hockey School. Dating 1968, 1971 & 1974.6 pieces of textual information + photos
17422020.17813Six articles from various newspapers/publications on the opening / annversary of the arena.Six articles from various newspapers/publications. Three to do with the board overseeing the construction (with photograh of board) plus one construction photo; Two deal with the announcement of the grand opening; one announces celebrations for its ten y6 pieces of textual information + photographs
17432020.171813Newspaper article on the “Fifth Summer Skating School” in St. Andrews at the arena.Newspaper article on the “Fifth Summer Skating School” in St. Andrews at the arena. From the Daily Gleaner; 10 August, 1968. Six photographs.1 piece of textual information & 6 photographs
17442020.172813Four articles and photos from various newspapers regarding bonspiels held at the arena.Four articles and photos from various newspapers regarding bonspiels held at the arena. Lobster Bonspiel (1964); Sir James Dunn Curling Bonspiel (1964, 1972); Summer Bonspiel (1964).4 pieces of textual information + photos
17452020.173558Official program for the Second Sir James Dunn Bonspiel3I3Official program for the Second Sir James Dunn Bonspiel; October 31st – November 2nd, 1963. Put on by The Heather Curling Club.1 folded page of textual information
17462020.17425Correspondence between Robert Thompson and Lady Beaverbrook regarding the opening of the new Sir James Dunn Fire Station1A2Correspondence between Robert Thompson and Lady Beaverbrook regarding the opening of the new Sir James Dunn Fire Station (29th October, 1990) and the transition of the old fire hall to the St. Andrews branch of the Royal Canadian Legion which they will in1 page textual information
17472020.175554Press releases from various publications regarding the death of William (Bill) Charles O’Neill.2G2Press releases from various publications regarding the death of William (Bill) Charles O’Neill.3 pieces of textual information
17482020.176142Three newspaper articles commemorating Sir James Dunn Day.1I4Three newspaper articles commemorating Sir James Dunn Day. Two are duplicates. 30th October, 1974.3 pieces (0.2mm) of textual material
17492020.177737Feature on Saint Andrews.2F4Feature on Saint Andrews. Three articles on Saint Andrews: one discussing tourism after the highway was moved; one discussing a long-time visitor’s view; one discussing the Huntsman Marine and Sccience Centre. 30th July, 1971.1 Sheet of textual material
17502020.178617Pamphlet - "Brief History of All Saints Anglican Church" and an Order of Service for the Royal Visit in 1983.4B4Pamphlet – “A Brief History of All Saints Anglican Church”; Bulletin for “Service of Thanksgiving in Commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Landing of the Loyalists in St. Andrews in 1783 and of The First Anglican Services Conducted in the Parish in the13 pages (1 mm) of textual informatio; two invitations
17512020.179609Four seasonal greeting cards from Lady Beaverbrook.4B3Four seasonal greeting cards from Lady Beaverbrook.4 greeting cards (4 mm textual material)
17522020.18609Two newspaper clippings to do with Sir James Dunn and Lady Dunn.4B3Two newspaper clippings: One announcing a scholarship to William A. Craig, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Craig, of St. Andrews; the second clipping is announcing the marriage of Lady Queensbury to Sir James Dunn in Paris.2 newspaper clippings (0.5 mm textual material)
17532020.181194Telegraph Journal newspaper clipping announcing the Beaverbrook Art Gallery to be built; 11th June, 1959.1I4Telegraph Journal newspaper clipping announcing the Beaverbrook Art Gallery to be built; 11th June, 1959.1 newspaper clipping (0.2 mm of textual material)
17542020.182194The Atlantic Advocate magazine with a feature article on The Beaverbrook Art Gallery. September, 1959.1I4The Atlantic Advocate magazine with a feature article on The Beaverbrook Art Gallery. September, 1959.5mm textual material
17552020.183399Blank Budget Forms for School District #12 of St. George.3.00E+01Blank Form – School District Budget for Ordinary Operating Expenses (1 copy) and School District Supplementary Budget for Special Expenditures (3 copies) all for the Calendar Year ending December 31st, 1945; Schol District 12, Parish of St. George, Count4 pages (0.5 mm) of textual material
17562020.184655Four Chamber of Commerce Map and Directories.4D5Four Saint Andrews town maps and directories produced by the Chamber of Commerce. Contains map of town and locations of businesses that were members of the Chamber of Commerce. Dates: 1965*, 1992, 1993 & 2000. *1965 map may predate Chamber of Commerce as4mm
17572020.185655Ten Brochures on Saint Andrews.4D5Ten brochures advertising Saint Andrews. One all encompassing brochure produced by the St. Andrews Business Association listing recreation and places of interest along with an aerial photo of the downtown shoreline. The remaining nine brochures are topic10 brochures (3 mm): textual and visual information
17582020.186655Two copies: St. Andrews by the Sea Historic Guide; Copy of St. Andrews Bicentennial Calendar of Events.4D5Two copies of the St. Andrews by-the-Sea Historic Guide, produced by the Chamber of Commerce. Discusses history of the town, specific historic places of interest, St. Andrews businesses and historic activities. One copy of the St. Andrews Bicentennial Ca16 pages (1 mm) of textual information
17592020.187558Eight Receipts to the Heather Curling Club and a letter discussing a lifetime membership.3I3Eight receipts from various St. Andrews Businesses to the Heather Curling Club in 1964. Businesses include: R. R. Stinson, J. A. Doon & Co. Ltd., St. Andrews Dairy & Choice Meats, Fish, Groceries, Fruit. Letter from D. A. Wood to Dr. Donne Smith presentin8 Carbon copy receipts and 1 page textual information (1 mm)
17602020.188595Two Sir James Dunn Academy Graduation and Closing Exercises programs.4A4Two programs for the Sir James Dunn Academy Graduation and Closing Exercises, 25th June, 1970 and 26th June, 1979. Contains names of senior class and class officers along with officiating VIP’s.8 pages (2 mm) of textual materials
17612020.189558Blank/empty Second Sir James Dunn Bonspiel envelope and Newspaper clipping photo of 1967 Bonspiel winners.3I3Blank, empty envelope for the Second Sir James Dunn Bonspiel, 31st October, 1st, 2nd November, 1963. Newspaper clipping photograph of winning rink from Heather Curling Club in 1967 Bonspiel. Mentioned: Bill Ross, sr. & Elwood Greenough. Pictured: Owen Gre1 envelope; 1 newspaper clipping photograph (0.5 mm)
17622020.19226Two copies of the script "Tales of a Loyalist Town"1J2Two copies of: "Tales of a Loyalist Town" (1948) a script written for a pageant by Mrs. R. Fraser Keay adapted from Grace Helen Mowat's book 'A Diverting History of a Loyalist Town'. It was presented by the Music, Art and Drama club on July 14th and 15th6mm textual material
17632020.191609Two formal invitations from Lady Beaverbrook.4B3Two formal invitations from Lady Beaverbrook. One for the laying of the cornerstone of the Bowling and Dance Addition to the Sir James Dunn Arena, 29th October (no year). The second to the Official Opening of the Sir James Dunn Fire Station18th August, 192 pieces (1 mm) of textual material
17642020.192812Two Booklets. 1) Country Songs sung at the Farmers Pageant and 2) Cottage Craft Tweeds2G4Two booklets 1) Country Songs Local and Traditional sung at the Farmers’ Pageant given annually at St. Andrews, N.B. under the direction of the Charlotte County Cottage Craft. 2) Cottage Craft Tweeds – a pamphlet with price list, colour range and story of13 pages of textual information
17652020.193170Two orders of service for Greenock Presbyterian Church.1I4Two orders of service for Greenock Presbyterian Church. One is for the Centenary Celebration in 1924. Rev. Frank Baird; Rev. A. W. Mahon; Rev. Canon Hooper; Rev. Richard Opie; Rev. R.W. Ross; Rev. John Cassilis; Rev; Alexander MacLean; Rev. Earle M. Hand.6 pages (1 mm) of textual material
17662020.1949Charlotte County Grammar School Graduation Exercises1A1Six Charlotte County Grammar School graduation exercise programs, also listing the names of graduates and officiants from the years 1920, 1933, 1938, 1939, 1941 and one unknown year.12 pages (2 mm) of textual material
17672020.1959Grammar School Review, St. Andrews, NB, Vol.2, No.71A1St. Andrews - Grammar School Review Vol. 2, No.7. Contains information on past graduates, interesting facts of St. Andrews, Current Events – the European Situation (Italy invading Africa), some sporting news regarding local teams, local sketches and lots4 pages (0.2 mm) of textual material
17682020.196814List of names with corresponding amounts owed for road taxes.2G4List of names with corresponding amounts owed for road taxes. District Number 5, Parish of St. James, County of Charlotte. Addressed to Samuel Pomeroy Commissioner of Highways, signed by John W. Mann, Joseph M. Maxwell, John C. McLeod – Assessors. Dated 26 pages (1 mm) of textual records
17692020.197815Newspaper article on the reopening of the St. Andrews Arena and a program from the arena titled “The Princess of the Ice” featuring Barbara Ann Scott.2G4Newspaper article on the reopening of the St. Andrews Arena and a program from the arena titled “The Princess of the Ice” featuring Barbara Ann Scott. The program also lists the officiants and a history of the St. Andrews Arena, 17th – 18th March, 1949. T6 (2mm) pages of textual material
17702020.198174Two brochures for Conley’s Lobster Company.1I4Two brochures for Conley’s Lobster Company. The first gives an overview of Conley’s operations to guests along with “Facts of the Lobsters Life and Habits” and two images of their facilities; the second is a promotional advertising who their well known cu2 pages (0.5 mm) of textual amd visua material
17712020.199655Placemat advertising numerous business in St. Andrews on front and town map on the reverse side.4D5Placemat advertising numerous business in St. Andrews on front and town map on the reverse side. Curiously no mention of Sheriff Andrews house or Ross Museum; first year for the Leather House.2 pages (0.2 mm) of textual/visual material
17722020.2805Invoice from H. Owen Rigby Dr., Undertaker and Dealer in Funeral Goods.Invoice from H. Owen Rigby Dr., Undertaker and Dealer in Funeral Goods. Invoiced to Mr. Hubert Greenlaw – paid in full for casket and box. 22nd March, 1917.1 piece of textual information
17732020.201816Program from St. George School Reunion. 1888 – 1988.2G4Program from St. George School Reunion. 1888 – 1988. Held on 17th July, 1988. 2 copies4 pages (0.5 mm) of textual material
17742020.202340Fisheries Research Board of Canada. 50 Year Anniversary History book. 1908 - 1958.3C5Two copies - Brief history of the Biological Station and lists the scientists who worked there up to 1958.St Andrews, NB 1908-1958. "Fifty Years in Aquatic Biology" by J.L. Hart with a list of scientists.70 pages (5 mm) of textual material with some photographs
17752020.203244The Maritime Advocate and Busy East, Vol. 33, No. 10.1J3The Maritime Advocate and Busy East, Vol. 33, No. 10. Article on the history of Ganong’s; also an interesting article on Kennington Cove with picture of fortress of Louisburg before it was rebuilt. May, 1943.33 pages (3 mm) of textual/visual material
17762020.204595Program. Sir James Dunn Academy 26th Graduation and Closing Exercises.4A4Program. Sir James Dunn Academy 26th Graduation and Closing Exercises. List of graduates, class officers and officiants. 23rd June, 1992.4 pages (1 mm) of textual information
17772020.20526Program. “Hector” A Farce in one act by Maurice Hageman. A play/concert in support of the Saint Andrews Parish Library.1A2Program. “Hector” A Farce in one act by Maurice Hageman. A play/concert in support of the Saint Andrews Parish Library. Actors: Mr. Calder; Mr. Ferguson; Mr. Topp; Mr. McConvey; Mr. C. Richardson; Mr. S. Grimmer; Miss Morris; Miss Graham. Orchestra: Mr. E4 pages (0.5mm) of textual material
17782020.206553Rate card for the Seaside Inn. Lists daily summer rates for a European Plan and for an American Plan. No date.3I2Rate card for the Seaside Inn. Lists daily summer rates for a European Plan and for an American Plan. No date.1 page (0.2 mm) of textual material
17792020.207209St John Ambulance certificate to Richard Boone1J2St John Ambulance certificate to Richard Boone for completing the course in Fundamentals of First Aid. 28th February, 1961.1 page (0.2 mm) of textual material
17802020.208398Border Travel Permit Card for Stanley Wm. Tattum of St. George, New Brunswick3.00E+01Border Travel Permit Card for Stanley Wm. Tattum of St. George, New Brunswick for crossing at St. Stephen, NB. Lists the conditions under which the permit r may be used. 14th July, 1944.1 page (0.2 mm) of textual material
17812020.209817Air raid precaution information card and instructions.2G4Air raid precaution information card and instructions. Information on dealing with the event of an air raid and being acquainted with your N.B.C.V.C.A.R.P. Warden or New Brunswick Civilian Volunteer Corps Air Raid Precaution Warden in cooperation with the1 page (0.2mm) of textual material
17822020.21152Print of Market Wharf on blank greeting card by Mary Hashey.1ItopPrint of Market Wharf on blank greeting card by Mary Hashey. Part of a collection (?) St. Andrews N.B. Scenes.1 page (0.2mm) visual material
17832020.211180Pamphlet. International Old Home Week1I4Pamphlet. International Old Home Week ~ Lobster Festival in St. Andrews and Annual Calais Rod & Gun Club Field Day in Calaise, Maine. 21st – 22nd July (No year listed).2 pages (0.2 mm) of textual material
17842020.212745Invoice from Connors Bros., Limited to Fred Armstrong.2G2Invoice from Connors Bros., Limited to Fred Armstrong. 19th August, 1935.1 page (0.2 mm) textual information
17852020.213818Correspondence. From Norwegian-Canadian Packers to Mr. George McVicars2G4Correspondence. From Norwegian-Canadian Packers to Mr. George McVicars requesting his assistance in the construction of a new dock in Chamcook. 18th June, 1942.1 page (0.2 mm) of textual material
17862020.214819Program. New Brunswick Community College Graduation Exercise.2G4Program. New Brunswick Community College Graduation Exercise. Lists names of officiants and graduates of the following classes: Industrial/ Construction Electricity; Refrigeration & Air Conditioning; Motor Vehicle Repair; Beauty Culture; Dressmaking; Gene4 pages (1 mm) of textual material
17872020.21525Book – “Heart and Hand” Fire Company 1833, St. Andrews Fire Company 1833 – 1984 A History1A2Book – “Heart and Hand” Fire Company 1833, St. Andrews Fire Company 1833 – 1984 A History, Richard Wilbur and Edward Williamson. 1984. Mentions history of the Firewards.25 pages (4 mm) of textual material, some photos
17882020.216183Pamphlet – St. Andrews Woolens, handweaving.1I4Pamphlet – St. Andrews Woolens, handweaving. 22 Douglas Street, Saint Andrews. Operated by the Merrill family. Business overview; map; pricelist.2 pages (0.2 mm) textual information
17892020.217805Work record for Victoria Garage (Fred Armstrong)2G4Work record for Victoria Garage (Fred Armstrong) listing 28 customer/ residents of St. Andrews during the years 1926 to 1933.1 page of textual information
17902020.21818The Beacon2I3The Beacon, Saint Andrews, NB. Newspaper for Charlotte County. Vol. XXVII. 26th August, 1915. Large speech from Rt. Hon. A.J. Balfour regarding the war effort.1 newspaper
17912020.219440Ruth Curran Fonds3F1Diary of Michael Dyers and John Boyd 1873-18963 cm of textual material
17922020.221820Roosevelt Collection2G4Booklet. “Eleanor Roosevelt on Campobello,” a description of Eleanor’s visits to the Roosevelt family home on Campobello island from 1903-1962, including photographs.0.2 cm textual records
17932020.222821Photocopied Maps and Plans2G4This collection contains a map of the Chamcook Watershed; plans of the town of St. Andrews; maps of St. Andrews, including the Arden Hotel, and the surrounding area; a map of Nova Scotia at the time of the American Revolution, and maps detailing the dispu0.1 cm textual records
17942020.224823Alain Bublex, Glooscap Collection2G4This collection consists of documents pertaining to Glooscap, a fictional city in Charlotte County, New Brunswick created by French artist Alain Bublex (1985-present). The documents includes a description of the process of the creation of the city, acompa2.5 cm textual material
17952020.22322426th Battalion (New Brunswick) CAF1J2“The Story of the Fighting 26th” by R.W. Gould and S.K. Smith, 2nd edition (48 pages).48 pages textual material
17962020.225170Greenock Church Saint Andrews, New BrunswickRoll of Greenock Church Congregation, as well as Tryon Settlement and the Presbyterian Church at Rolling Dam. 1870. The rolls list the families of the congregations and their street of residence, including those in the poor house. Includes also a letter f0.5 cm textual materials
17972020.226812Cottage / Needlecraft Industry2G4Booklet. "A Story of Cottage Craft." assembled by Grace Helen Mowat, St. Andrews N.B.15 pages textual material
17982020.227824Brig Load Disbursment Book2G4Ship log book of expenses. (1820-1859). Incoming and outgoing dry goods shipments. Pilotage, repairs, postage, bills, and wages. Ports of call include St. Andrews, N.B.; Berbice; Bristol; Liverpool; Naples; Palermo, Kingston Jamaica; The Island of Trinid1.2 cm textual material
17992020.228825Shipbuilding Collection: "New Brunswick Shipbuilders Chechkilst - Charlotte County Wooden Sailing Vessels (over 50 tons).2G4“New Brunswick Shipbuilders Checklist – Charlotte County Wooden Sailing Vessels (over 50 tons). The lists are organized seperately by launch date, shipbuilder, tonnage, and vessel name. The details recorded include the vessel name, year built, where builtCD-Rom. 23 megabytes
18012020.22942203.72Land Survey for Emigrants, Parish of Dalhousie, County Restigouche, by order of the Honorable Benjamin R. StevensonC2 - D1Plan of a survey of a tract of land in the parish of Dalhousie, in the County Restigouche: surveyed for the location of emigrants, by order of the Honorable Benjamin R. Stevenson, Surveyor General David Sadler. Shows the plots of land A-H and 1-71. Some p1 map
18022020.23826Richard “Dick” Clarke CartoonsC2-D1Hand drawn cartoons by Dick Clarke. “Yeah He Got Caught in My Political Machine!” pen and ink on paper, date unknown; graphite pencil, “No Kidding Warden-They Could Have Knocked Me Over With A Feather” date unknown; “Oh, He’s the New Butler Dear, He Just8 pieces (7 mm) visual material
18032020.231205203.7Land Grant Map Henry F. Eaton, Parishes of Dumfries and Prince WilliamC2-D1Copies of a plan of land grants in the parishes of Dumfries and Prince William, York County, showing Caledonia Settlement (Established 1831. Later named Magaguadavic). Includes the "Big Magaguadavic Lake" and "Second Magaguadavic Lake." Shows land granted2 copies of map
18042020.232MC 1000 - 203.1/8Plan of Saint Andrews 1877 and 1880C1 D4Three town plans of Saint Andrews in 1877 and 1880. Shows the individual plots of land the names of the individuals holding them. Includes the Blockhouse, and the New Brunswick and Canada Railroad Station. The military lands of the Fort Tipperary Division1 Map
18052020.2334203.1/8Francis Wren fondsC1-D4Copy of colouring book illustrated by Frances Wren and published by The Beacon Press, in celebration of the bicentennial.
18062020.233b4203.66Map of the Shire Town of Saint AndrewsC2-D1Map of the Shire Town of Saint Andrews, designed, printed, and coloured by Francis Wren (1932). Includes illustrations and text from her colouring book on the history of Saint Andrews around the outside. Marks points of interest in the area including: Min1 map
18072020.2341000MC 1000 - 203.1/8Plan of the Estate of the Honourable H. HatchC2-D5Copy of original. Plan of part of the estate of the Honorable H. Hatch in Saint Andrews, by William Mahood, December 1848. Visible are Joes Point road, St. John road, Hariet Street, and Water St.1 map
18082020.235107Charlotte County Gaol RegisterC2 D10Two pages from the Charlotte County Jail Register 1890-1891. Causes of commitment include: drunkeness, violations of Scott Act (temperance), burning and shooting, assault with intent to murder, larceny, debt, non payment of School Tax, want of bail, throw
18092020.236828St. Croix Courier “Journey Through Time”5-AprA series of six issues published by the St. Croix Courier containing “a collection of amusing and informative news and opinion from past issues. Includes: The Early Years 1865-1885; A New Century Begins: 1886-1905; A Wind of Change: 1906-1925; Good Times,7.5 cm textual, visual, and photographic material
18102020.237697Interview with Marion StorrCart in #4Notes from an interview with Marion Storr. Date unknown. Topics include working at Eldon Doon general store in 1967 and operating a grocery shop until 1980; changeovers of other local businesses; Bob Stinson’s butcher shop; smugglers; shipbuilding; collec3 pages, 1 mm, textual material
18112020.238713Ship Repair Log2F3Ship repair log, copied onto index cards. Includes the names of the vessels, details of repairs completed, dates, and costs for the repairs. Location unknown. Saint Andrew’s shipyard?? 1869-18782.5 cm textual material
18121977.0261000MC 1000 - 203.1/8Hydrographic Chart of Passamaquoddy Bay. Port Saint AndrewsC2 D5Copy. Hydrographic chart of Passamaquoddy Bay, Port Saint Andrews. From a British Survey in 1844. Hydrographic Office, U.S. Navy, 17th edition, 1931. Surveyed by Lts. A. Kortright and P.F. Shortland. Marks depths at high water spring tides. Price two shil1 map
18132020.2391000MC 1000 - 203.1/8Survey Map of Chamcook Glebe LandsC1-D5Two copies. Map of Chamcook Glebe Lands, Surveyed for the Reverend Jerome Alley by William Mahood. Includes farm subdivisions, with the tenants’ names. Part of Chamcook Lake and Passamaquoddy Bay are visible, as well as the road from Saint Andrews to Sain2 copies
18142020.241000MC 1000 - 203.1/8Survey Map of Chamcook Glebe EstateC1-D5Copy. Detailed land survey of the Chamcook Estate, showing the divisions of land and the names of land owners. Part of Chamcook Lake and Passamaquoddy Bay. Executed for the appointees by George N. Smith.1 map.
18152020.2411000MC 1000 - 203.1/8Proposed Saint Andrews Municipal Development Plan, 1982C2-D5Original. Proposed municipal development plant for Saint Andrews, drafted by B.L. Hatt, D.O.T. (Planning Branch). Marks a proposed collector street, alongside the existing collector street and arterial streets. Also marks residential areas, residential es1 map.
18162015.014b829Charlotte County Archives Fundraising Materials2G5News clippings, posters, tickets, and event committee minutes for the “Gaol House Hop” Dinner Dance held as a fundraiser for the Charlotte County Archives on November 8th, 2003.
18172020.242721The House that Hurricane Jack BuiltCart in #4Book written by Grace Helen Mowatt on the history of the area of Bayside, between St Andrews and St Stephen. Published in Fredericton by the University of New Brunswick Press. Limited edition.1 cm textual and visual material
18182020.2521000MC 1000 - 203.1/8Town of St Andrews Water Supply SystemC2-D5Plan. Water supply system for the town of St Andrews in March 1972, by Godfrey Associates Ltd., engineers, Saint John NB. Division No 110. Shows the intake, pumping station, and reservoir. Note: datum geodetic.1 map
18192020.251830Plan for Hotel Building for John W. Sime, Chamcook NBC2-D6: Original architectural plans of a “hotel building for John W. Sime” (now the Rossmount Inn, Chamcook). Includes three sheets, the first a cross section of the building and plan of the basement, the second a plan of the basement and the second floor, and3 sheets.
18202015.023831View of the Town and Harbour of St. Andrews N.B. America Taken from Navy IslandC1-D5Lithograph by John Kelly of the town and harbour of St. Andrews, viewed from Navy Island. Notes points of interest, including Watts’ Wharf, Raits’ Wharf, Roman Catholic Church, Wilson’s Wharf, Fort Tipperary, Greenock Presbyterian Church, Church of Engla1 sheet.
18212020.2541000MC 1000 - 203.1/8Plan, St. Andrews, N.B. Land to be Conveyed to the Biological Board of CanadaC2-D5Plan showing, edged in red, land proposed to be conveyed to the Biological Board of Canada. Right of Way and Tax Department, C.P.R., Montreal. Also marks land transferred from the Saint Andrews Land Company to the Canadian War Department. Also land trans1 map
18222020.255 - 10MC 1000 - 203.1/8Sketch of the Military Land at Fort Tipperary, St. Andrews, N.B., 1856C2 - D2Copy. Sketch of the Military Land at Fort Tipperary, St. Andrews, N.B. 1856. Surveyed by William Mahood LD.CC, November 20th 1847.1 map
18232020.255 - 20MC 1000 - 203.1/8Town and Harbour of Saint Andrews New Brunswick showing the locality of the Military lands and forts. 1856C2 - D2Copy. Town and Harbour of Saint Andrews New Brunswick showing the locality of the Military lands and forts. War Office "I.G.F." (Inspector General of Fortifications). 1856.1 map
18242020.255 - 30MC 1000 - 203.1/8Plan of property in town of St. Andrews N.B. known as Fort Tipperary. 1925.C2 - D2Copy. Plan of property in town of St. Andrews known as Fort Tipperary. Tracing handed over to Department of the Interior February 1925. Includes the Prince of Wales street and land belonging to Charles R. Hosmer. There is a note of the lease of land to Th1 map
18252020.255 - 40MC 1000 - 203.1/8Sketch Showing the Military Land at Joe’s Point, St. Andrews, New Brunswick. 1856.Copy. Sketch Showing the Military Land at Joe’s Point, St. Andrews, New Brunswick. War Office 1856."I.G.F." (Inspector General of Fortifications). Includes the lands of Reverend John Dunn. Surveyed by William Mahood, November 14, 1847.
18262020.255 - 50MC 1000 - 203.1/8Plan of St. Andrews and Vicinity Showing Joe’s Point Reserve. Date Unknown.C2 - D2Copy. Plan of St. Andrews and Vicinity Showing Joe’s Point Reserve. Date Unknown.Also visible are Kitty Cove, Passamaquoddy Bay, Inner Harbour, Navy Island, and the mouth of the St. Croix river. Tracing handed over to Department of the Interior February 11 map
18272020.255 - 60MC 1000 - 203.1/8Plan showing Location of the roads and lots of the St. Andrews Land Co. at Indian Point, Saint Andrews N.B. No date.C2 - D2Copy. Plan showing Location of the roads and lots of the St. Andrews Land Co. at Indian Point. E.A.W. Hammatt, 5 Pemberton Square, Boston. Includes railway lands, a section of the N.B. railway line, Argyll Hotel, the estate of Henry Osburn Esquire, an "In1 map
18282020.255 - 70MC 1000 - 203.1/8Saint Andrews New Brunswick Plan of the Government Buildings at Fort Tipperary Tomkins HillC2 - D2Plan of the Government Buildings at Fort Tipperary Tomkins Hill with a Table showing the Barracks accommodation in compliance with the Inspector General of Fortifications. Also visible are lands of William Hatch. British Ordinance. April 18571 map
18292020.255 - 80MC 1000 - 203.1/8Sketch Showing the military land at the West Block House Saint Andrews, N.B., from a survey by William Mahood. 1847C2 - D2Copy. Sketch showing the military land at the West Block House Saint Andrews, N.B., from a survey by William Mahood. Includes the lands of William Hatch. 1847.1 map
18302020.255 - 90MC 1000 - 203.1/8Sketch showing the military land at the East Block House Saint Andrews, N.B., from a survey by William Mahood. 1847C2 - D2Copy. Sketch showing the military land at the East Block House Saint Andrews, N.B., from a survey by William Mahood. Includes the lighthouse. 1847.1 map
18312020.255 - 100MC 1000 - 203.1/8Copy. Plan of the City and Harbour of St. Andrews, New Brunswick. British Ordinance. 1849C2 - D2Copy. Plan of the City and Harbour of St. Andrews, New Brunswick.Showing the existing lines of fire as copied for by the I.G.F. (Inspector General of Fortifications). Memo of the 19th October 1848 no 93. To accompany the CRC letter to IGF dated 10th Jaunu1 map
18322020.255 - 110MC 1000 - 203.1/8Plan of the Military Reserves of St. Andrews, New Brunswick. 1830C2 - D2Plan of the Military Reserves of St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Points marked include land granted to the Church; West Point Block House and Battery; Reserve of ground dry at low water; Joes Point Blockhouse and Battery; 10 acres given to the Church for A; a1 map
18332020.255 - 120MC 1000 - 203.1/8Copy. Tracings of Simpson’s, Joe’s Point, the West Blockhouse, and Tomkins Hill-Fort Tipperary. 1818C2 - D2Copy. Tracings of Simpson’s, Joe’s Point, the West Blockhouse, and Tomkins Hill-Fort Tipperary. 1818 Tracing handed over to the Department of the Interior February 1925.1 map
18342020.255 - 130MC 1000 - 203.1/8Tracing of the West Blockhouse, Saint Andrews. Date Unknown.C2 - D2Copy. Tracing of the West Blockhouse, Saint Andrews. Tracing handed over to the Department of the Interior, February 1925. Traced from a plan on lease H.Q. 40-3 Folio 27.1 map
18352020.255 - 140MC 1000 - 203.1/8Tracing of the road to Joe’s Point. Date unknownC2 - D2Copy. Tracing of the road to Joe’s Point. Date unknown. Tracing handed over to the Department of the Interior February 19251 map
18362020.256833Unidentified Account Books2G4Two unidentified account books, appear to be general store ledgers. The first (1829-1831) appears to be a log of purchases made by ships' doctors resupplying in port. Contains a list of purchases made by doctors including: Doctor’s accounts, for purchase5 cm textual records
18372020.257478Official Opening Charlotte County MuseumA pamhplet advertising the official opening ceremony of the Charlotte County Museum, presented by Dr. Stuart Smith of the History Department at the University of New Brunswick, on June 12, 1991.1 leaflet
18382020.255 - 151000MC 1000 - 203.1/8Military Map of Castine, MaineC2-D2Copy. Military map of Castine, Maine, showing Fort Castine, the Old Fort, the Town of Castine, old building works, "works thrown up by the Americans in 1779, and the place of landing of the British on September 1, 1814. Done by R.H. Bonnycastle, 1814. Cop1 map
18392020.2591000MC 1000 - 203.1/14Plan of Todd and Church Lands. St Stephen 1944C2 - D3Blueprint. Plan of Todd and Church Lands (United Church, Milltown?). Includes the lands of Charles Todd, Emerson Beck, Charles Eagan, Paul Curcell, Henry Eagan, Lewis McAllister, S. Eagen, James Warnock, Jack Mahar, Herbert Dewar, Sellars, Maxwell Estate,1 blueprint
18402020.261000MC 1000 - 203.1/14Plan of St Stephen 1840C2-D3Blueprint tracing. Plan of St. Stephen, N.D. Traced from a plan of part of St Stephen and Calais. Includes the St. Stephen Bank, tole house and the lands of M. [Cutoch], Bradberry, M. Tooney, Pike, Colonel N. Mores, [Tulte], Colonel N. Marks, J. McAlliste1 blueprint
18412020.2611000MC 1000 - 1201United States - East Coast Maine. Calais to West Quoddy Head. Department of Commerce, USA, 1969.C2 - D3Map. United States – East Coast Maine. Calais to West Quoddy Head. Also maps part of Charlotte County, including: Saint Andrews, with Navy Island, Minister's Island and St Croix Mountain; Chamcook; Lower Bayside; Upper Bayside; McCann Head; Simpson Hill;1 map
18422020.262504Plans for Canada’s Model Barn for Sir William C Van Horne2G4Architectural Drawings. Plans for Canada’s Model Barn for Sir William C Van Horne. Includes: basement and ground floor plans; longitudinal, transverse, long, engine house, hay mow, sheep and poultry house, and silo floor cross sections; north, south, wes20 sheets, 1 cm textual and visual material
18432020.263829"The Burglars Ball"2G4“The Burglar’s Ball.” Fundraising plan for St Andrews Archives, proposing the event take place at Rossmount Inn, Windsor House, L'Europe, Niger Reef, and the Court House. December 2003.8 sheets textual material
18442020.264 A611Dorthy G Tompkins Scrapbooks4DTopScrapbook containing news clippings on the lives of individuals from New Brunswick, obituaries, and local events. The articles directly connected to Charlotte County are: "A Viking Saga of the Twentient Century" by Janet MacLellan Toole; a history of the0.8 cm textual and visual materials
18452016.004b7361944 Road Tax Ledger Charlotte County2F top*1944 Road Taxes Ledger for Charlotte County. "Form A." Includes names of individual tax payers, listed alphabetically; addresses; tax, property and income; total tax; default 1939-1943; and total tax current and default. Names listed alphabetically by par5.2 cm textual materials
18462020.265832New Brunswick Department of Public Works, Job Cost Cards and Expense Vouchers St Stephen Garage2G5Job Cost Cards and Expense Vouchers for a St Stephen garage, 1936-1940. Includes names of the payees (individuals and companies); address; license; maintenance, sundry, labour, gas and oil, overhead, parts and accessories, account amount, and the machine3.5 cm textual material
18472020.26692Two hand coloured Cottage Craft Christmas cards from the Bill Rosses, 1952 and 1953.1F5Two hand coloured Cottage Craft Christmas cards from the Bill Rosses, and "all of us at Cottage Craft," 1952 and 1953. Not addressed.3 mm textual and visual material
18482020.267834Thompson's Taxi St Andrews logbook, 1966-1968. Includes the name of the customer, type of service (taxi, ambulance, delivery, snow plowing), destination, and total balance. Customers, named alphabetically, include: Lady Beaverbrook; Sam Carson; James S.2G4
18492020.268345Province of New Brunswick Referall Register No 2085, December 3 1959Province of New Brunswick,Referral Register St Andrews, No 2085, December 3, 1959. Assessment Act 25, Regulations Form 5. Contains applications for tax exemption, reassesmets of property value, and appeals tribunal decisions. Years of Assessment 1967-1972.3 cm textual material
18502020.269835Weddings at St Andrews2G4Three leaflets relating to weddings in St Andrews. Invitation to the wedding of Claire Findlay and Gislain Deslongchamps (August 18, 1990); reception for Claire and Gislain (Algonquin Hotel, August 18, 1990); ceremony for Kelly Lynne Rozenberg-Payne and J1 mm textual and visual material
18512020.264 B611Dorthy G Tompkins Scrapbooks4D TopThis scrapbook contains obituaries and wedding invitations from Charlotte County (1991-1992); the Greenock Presbyterian Church; David Walker, soldier, prisoner of war, novelist; Wren Drug Store; All Saints Church; Bicentennial of the Loyalists’ landing; B0.8 cm textual and visual materials
18522020.264 C611Dorthy G Tompkins Scrapbooks4D TopThis scrapbook contains: obituaries, and wedding and anniversary invitations from Charlotte County (c.1992-1994); Association of New Brunswick Museum Merritt Awards 1990 (Ruth Spicer and Marian Bain); Algonquin Hotel Expansion; St Paul’s Church, Grand Man1.2 cm textual, photographic and visual materials
18532020.270 - 1345St Andrews and Chamcook Account Book, 1840-18443I TopGeneral account book for St Andrews and Chamcook, 1840-1844. Records items such as the purchase of general goods, timber, salaries, costs for ship repairs, letters, loans, bible proceeds, insurance, and advertising.6.5 cm textual material (oversized book)
18542020.270 - 2345Town of St. Andrews General Fund Journal 1954-19733D1Town fund journal 1954-1973. Includes expenses for snow removal, sanding, and plowing; roadworks; water and sewer works; chip sealing; general administration; legal expenses; town office lights and postage; town office supplies, telephone, fuel, insurance2.5 cm textual records
18552020.270 - 3345Town of St Andrews General Fund Journal 1961 to 19683D1Town general fund journal 1961 to 1968. Includes a records of trust funds and endowments bank and reserve; serial bonds; bank charges; Canada Pension; town pension; water and utilities account; machinery and equipment fund. Also general credit and expense2 cm textual material
18562020.270 - 4345Town of St Andrews General Fund Journal, 1969 to 1981.3D1Town general fund journal, 1969 to 1981. Includes a records of trust funds and endowments bank and reserve; serial bonds; bank charges; Canada Pension; town pension; water and utilities account; machinery and equipment fund. Also general credit and expen2 cm textual material
18572020.270 - 5345Town of St Andrews Assessment List and Tax Roll, 1958-19633I TopTown assessment list and tax roll, 1958-1963. Records the real estate held, personal property, name and address, total valuation, real and personal taxes, poll taxes, total taxes, arrears, fireman’s allowance, tax due, paid during discount period, discoun7.5 cm textual material
18582020.270 - 6345Town of St Andrews Assessment List and Tax Roll. 1964-19663I TopTown assessment list and tax roll, 1964-1966. Records the real estate held, personal property, name and address, total valuation, real and personal taxes, poll taxes, total taxes, arrears, fireman’s allowance, tax due, paid during discount period, discoun7 cm textual material
18592020.270 - 7345Town of St Andrews Local Improvement Assessment Roll 19733I TopTown local improvement assessment roll 1973. Under Town of St. Andrews By-Law No. 30. Records the account number, name and address, lot numbers, actual foot frontage, reduction or exemption of foot frontage, net foot frontage, rate per foot, total assessm
18602020.270 - 8345Sir James Dunn Arena Minute Book3D1Sir James Dunn Arena Minute Book. Includes the Town of St. Andrews By-law relating to the Arena; members of the Board of Management; curling, skating, hockey, maintenance, grounds, and special events committees. 1962 – 1973.2 cm textual material.
18612020.270 - 9345Parks Canada Visitor Book, St Andrews Blockhouse, July 1986 – August 19873I TopSigned Parks Canada visitor book for the St Andrews Blockhouse, July 1986 - August 1987
18622020.271680Charlotte County Hospital School of Nursing4A3Yearbook for the Charlotte Count Hospital School of Nursing, 1958. Contains a list of the faculty, attending doctors, graduating class (with photographs), valedictory speech, class prophecy, history of the hospital, a note on the affiliation with the Mont1 book, 0.8 cm textual records.
18632020.272836McBean Family - John McBean Master Mason Certificate2G4Master Mason certificate for John McBean, Brooklyn Lodge 288, New York, 1836. Signed by Joseph E. Brown, and Charles O. Kellogg1 certificate, folded inside a leather wallet.
18642020.273837Medical Study and Practice: Medical Test Notebook 1858-18592G4Notes on medical tests and treatments from lectures given by Clarke, Bacon, Stoner, Biglow, and Jackson from 1858-1859. Location and identity of notetake unknown. 1 booklet, brown leather cover. Among the topics included are: tests for diabetics; gonorrh1 booklet, 2 cm textual material
18652020.274838Guestbooks2G4Guestbook. Kate Broad’s cottage, 41 King St Saint Andrews, 1974-1976.1.5 cm texutal material
18662020.275 - 1170Record book of the Kirk Session, Vol 1. 1825-18501I4Record of the Proceeding of Session of the Scottish Greenock Presbyterian Church in St Andrew's. Volume 1. Opened by the Reverend Alexander MacLean, First Incumbent.1.8 cm textual material
18672020.275 - 3170Communion Records of the Greenock Presbyterian Church, 1868-18701I4Communion records 1868-1870, with lists of male and female comunicants; Note marriages and deaths in 1867 recorded on back cover.1 cm textual records
18682020.275 - 2170Record book of the Kirk Session, Vol 2. 1834 -19751I4Kirk sessions records 1834 - 1975. Note the first few pages contain an introduction by Alexander MacLean outlining the history of the church and a condensed abstract of the proceedings from 1825 to 1834.
18692020.275 - 4170Greenock Church Communion Register 1946 - 19511I4Communion register 1946-1951, 150 names.Note tally of attendance by year on the final page.0.5 cm
18702020.275 - 5170Greenock Church Communion Register 1951 - 19821I4Communion register 1951 -1982, 150 names. Note tally of attendance by year on the final page.0.5 cm textual records
18712020.275 - 6170Minutes of Greenock Church St Andrews 1884 - 18881I4Minutes of Greenock Church St Andrews 1884 - 1888, Reverend A. McDougal Pastor. D.F. Campbell Secretary.0.7 cm textual records
18722020.275 - 7170Greenock Church Baptismal Record 1926 - 19851I4Bapitsm register for the Greenock Presbyterian Church, 1926-1985. 1000 names. Includes the child's names, father's name, mother's Christian name, birth place, date of birth, date of baptism, father's occupation, residence, and minister's signature. Note a1.5 cm textual records
18732020.275 - 8170Greenock Church Baptismal, Marriage, and Death Register 1824 - 19871I4Record of baptisms, marriages, and deaths for Greenock Church. Baptisms from 1824 - 1926. Marriages from 1824 - 1987. Includes some hand-written marriage licenses. Deaths 1868 - 1981.3.5 cm textual material
18742020.275 - 9170Records of the Trustees of Greenock Church 1888 - 19061I4Minutes of the meetings of the Trustees of Greenock Church 1888 -1906. Included with the minutes are a pastoral address of the session of Greenock Church, June 14, 1899; statements of finance; reports of guilds and associations; and correspondence with th2 cm textual records
18752020.275 - 10170Records of the Trustees of Greenock Church 1902 - 19511I4Minutes of the meetings of the Trustees of Greenock Church 1902 - 1951. Included with the minutes are statements of finance; reports of guilds and associations; and correspondence with the Board of Trustees.3.5 cm textual material
18762020.275 - 11170Records of the Trustees of Greenock Church 1951 - 19551I4Minutes of the meetings of the Trustees of Greenock Church 1951 - 1955. Included with the minutes are statements of finance; annual reports; and correspondence with the Board of Trustees.0.5 cm
18772020.275 - 12170Records of the Trustees of Greenock Church 1955 - 19671I4Minutes of the meetings of the Trustees of Greenock Church 1955 - 1967. Included with the minutes are statements of finance; annual reports; and correspondence with the Board of Trustees.1 cm textual material
18782020.275 - 13170Records of the Trustees of Greenock Church 1962 - 19701I4Minutes of the meetings of the Trustees of Greenock Church 1962 - 1970. Included with the minutes are statements of finance; annual reports; and correspondence with the Board of Trustees.1 cm textual material
18792020.275 - 14170Greenock Church Extract from Minutes and Resolutions on the Death of Reverend William Richardson and others. 1878 and 18851I4This item consists of a single page extract from the Minutes of the Elders and Trustees of Greenock Church, July 19, 1878 regarding the deat of Rev William Richardson. Also resolutions regarding the death of Robert Stevenson Esquire, February 10, 17885 [17 sheets, 2 mm textual material
18802020.275 - 15170Greenock Church Wiring Diagram Enclosed Organ Fan Motor (The Robbins and Myers Co.)1I4Blueprint of the wiring for the Greenock Church organ fan motor. The Robbins and Myers Company of Canada Limited.0.5 mm textual materials
18812020.275 - 16170Letter. Minnie Keay to Miss Irene V. Rollins, 19281I4Photocopy Letter from Minnie Keay, President, Greenock Church Guild, to Miss Irene V. Rollins. Accompanied a gift from the Guild when Irene Rollins married one of the McQuoid brothers in 1928 and moved to Brookline Mast, where she resided until her death1 sheet. 0.5 mm textual material
18822020.275 - 17170Family Worship by Ministers of the Presbyterian Churches. 1864.1I4Book. Family Worship: a Series of Devotional Services for Every Morning and Evening by Ministers of the Presbyterian Churches, 1864. Illustrated by Engravings on Steel. Presented to the Presbyterian Church in loving memory of the late John Jacob Mallory
18832020.2761000203.1Land grant map. Parishes of St Patrick, St George, and Pennfield.C2-D1Map of land granted in the parishes of St Patrick, St George, and Pennfield. Visible are Lake Eutopia, Magaguavic River, Didequash Le, McDougald Lake, and Red Rock Lake. No date.Tracing. 1 map
18842020.277827Charlotte County Gaol Blueprints. “Renovation Phase II.” Province of NB Department of Supply and Services, Buildings and Properties, Professional Services Division. 1982.FlatteningBlueprints of the renovations on the Charlotte County Gaol. Four sheets. Includes schematics of the ground floor, second floor, basement, substructure, jamb panel inlay, thru window, control wiring diagram, mechanical room, and notes on the renovation. ThTechnical drawing, 4 sheets, 2 mm
18852020.2781000203.1/11Plan, Part of the estate of Harie I Thomson. Town of Saint George, 1870. By John McCallum.C1 D6Plan of the estate of Harie I Thomson and the Town of St George, by John MacCallum. 1870. Traced from original plan June 1917 by M.G. Rigby, Imperial Tracing. Includes town plots, with names of owners noted. Also marked are the brickyard, customs house, hTracing. 1 Map.
18862020.279385Cross Family Genealogy3.00E+01Three generation genealogy starting with George Young Cross (1828 – 1926) and Mary Alice Young (1841 – 1930). It is narrative lineage form and is about a dozen pages long.12 pages
18872020.2811000203.1/14St Stephen Traffic CircleC1 D7Blueprint, St Stephen Traffic Circle.1 blueprint
18882020.2821000203.1/14St Stephen Town PlanC1 D7Blueprint. Town plan, St Stephen. Drawn by O. Ormrod Jr. Traced by L.B. McNutt. Scale 400' : 1"1 blueprint
18892020.2831000203.1/14Town Plan St Stephen and RectoryC1 D7Copy. Plan of the town of St Stephen, with a detailed plan of lots in the rear of the Rectory fronting on Union Street. n.d.1 map.
18902020.284827Charlotte County Gaol FloorplansGaol floorplans, first and second floor. By F. Cunningham 1983Two sheets.
18912020.2851000203.1/9Port St CroixFlatenningBlueprint. Port St Croix. Traced from plan by Captain H. Mowatt, Late Port Captain Canadian Pacific Railway Line Liverpool England. 1914. Scale 870’ : 1”1 blueprint
18922020.286 - 11000203.1Land Grants Parishes of St Andrews, St Croix, Dumbarton, St David, and St Patrick.C2 D2Copy. Map of origional land grants for the parishes of St Andrews, St Croix, Dumbarton, St David, and St Patrick. C. 1830s?1 map
18932020.286 - 21000203.1/8Field Sketch, School Land St Andrews Town School, 1839C2-D5Field sketch of the School Land belonging to St Andrews Town School adjoining the Glebe Lands. 1839?1 map
18942020.2871000203.1/9Bayside Subdivision plans. Claude McFarlane. 1979.C1 D6Survey map. Bayside subdivision plans by Claude McFarlane. February 28. 1979.1 map
18952020.287 - 21000203.1/14Survey map. Bartlett Mills, St Stephen, 1986C1 D7Planimetric map. Bartlett Mills, St Stephen. Shows Waweig River, Limeburners Lake, Goldsmith Lake, Canty Lake, Haddock Lake, Hartford Mountain, Gibson Lake, St Croix Mountain and Frye Road. April 2 1986. Compiled from aerial photographs. Scale 1 : 10 0001 map. Two copies
18962020.287 - 31000203.1/8St Andrews Joes Point. Brandy Cove to Harriet Street. 1968C2-D5Contour map. St Andrews Joes Point. Brandy Cove to Harriet Street. Includes the biological station at Brandy Cove. 1968. Atlantic Air Survey. Compiled from aerial photographs. 400’ : 1”1 map
18972020.287 - 41000203.1/14Ingrams Lake, St Stephen 1971C1 D7Planimetric map. Ingrams Lake, St Stephen. Shows Russell Ridge, Chickohominy Mountain, Clark’s Mountain, Stein Lake, Round Pond, Bill’s Lake, Mud Lake, Johnson Lake, Bonoparte Lake, and Taggerts Brook. 1971. Scale 1 : 10 0001 map
18982020.280 - 1571Brownies, Blue Birds, and Girl Guides Publications c. 1948 - 19913I4Publications c. 1948-1991: Brownies/Blue Birds and Girl Guides training material – handbooks, training courses, Brownie training packet; Brownies fundamentals, year training program outline, Girl Guides history notes; journals, “The Brownie,” vol. 3 no 235 cm textual and graphic material
18992020.280 - 2571Camps c. 1946 - 19553I4Camps: Girl Guide camp brochures, application forms, health certificate, information packets, camp rules, camp programmes and reports c. 1946 – 1955. Wabanaki International Friendship Camp 1953-1955.2 cm textual material
19002020.280 - 3571Correspondence c. 1953 - 19553I4Correspondence: 1953 Earl T. Caughey to Hon. Norman Buchanan, Minister of Lands and Mines, on Eastern Canadian-New England International Girl Guide camp; Christmas 19553 mm textual material
19012020. 280 - 4571Minutes 1954, 19693I4Girl Guides Minutes: “Minutes of Eastern Canadian-New England International Encampment Committee” 1954; speech by Milton Orris, Programme Committee full meeting 19693 mm textual material
19022020.280 - 5571Conferences 1946 - 19583I4Conferences: 1958 Girl Guide conferences – Mother’s Bazar, Conference on Education, Fly Up Ceremony; 1946 conferences - International Commissioners, Golden Hand, Golden Bar; Western Hemisphere Conference 1954;3 mm textual material
19032020.280 - 6571Girl Guides, Brownies, Activities and Ceremonies3I46. Activities, ceremonies: Brownie pack holidays, 1949; Brownies Thinking Day, 1949; Brownie games; Brownie “Fly Up” Ceremony 1962; “Report on ‘Questionnaire about Programme for Teen-age Girls;” Summer 1964 periods for booking a chalet in Abelboden Switz1.8 cm textual materials
19042020.280 - 7571Sea Rangers, Girl Guides, and Brownies: Certifications, Regulations, and Applications3I4Certifications, Regulations, and Applications: Rangers International Certificate and Regulations for Canada; Girl Guides Application Form5 mm textual material
19052020.280 - 8571Organizational History, Brownies and Sea Rangers3I4Organizational history: “Brownie Information Clippings from Magazines etc;” A Brownie Prayer; Sea Rangers.1 cm textual material
19062020.280 - 9571Girl Guides, Brownies, and Sea Rangers Sheet Music and Lyrics3I4Sheet music and lyrics for Girl Guides, Brownies and Sea Rangers songs, including marching songs, campfire songs, folk songs, safety songs, waltzes, ballads, loggers’ songs, and sea shanties.7.5 cm textual and graphic material
19072020.288839John Babbit McNair 1948 Campaign PostersC2 D10John Babbit McNair 1948 Campaign Posters: “McNair Government Plans a Bright Future for Your Child;” “Keep Everything Going Ahead with McNair;” “Remember what happened the Last Time the Tories Gave you a Change;” “Good Roads Under the McNair Government;” “18 sheets, 1 cm textual and graphic material
19082020.28992Grace Helen Mowat family tree.C2 D10“The Mowat connection.” Grace Helen Mowat's family tree.Goes back six generations on her father’s side, through her grandmother Mehetible Caleff. Nothing for her mother’s family.1 sheet, oversize
19092020.29840St Stephen Businesses - The Rose Store Stationary2G4The Rose Store, A.G. Chisolm Proprietor, General Dealers St. Stephen N.B. Blank statement forms.0.5 mm textual material
19102020.29142Benjamin Stevenson French Exercise booklet. 18531C1Exercise booklet belonging to Benjamin R. Stevenson, containing excercises on French grammar.0.5 cm textual material
19112020.292841St. Croix Estuary Project2G5Research on the St Croix Estuary/ St Croix River. Oak Bay – Water Testing. 13 booklets, spiral bound: “Report on 1995 New Brunswick Sewage Treatment Plant Monitoring” (two copies); “Measuring Water Movement as a Way to Track Wastewater Effluent in the St7.5 cm textual materials
19122020.293 - 1641Ladies Auxiliary Passamaquoddy Branch Ladies Auxiliary Minutes 1998 – 2016 and 2006 Directory4C42 cm textual material
19132020.293 - 2641Ladies Auxiliary Passamaquoddy Branch Rollcall 1972 – 2010 and Charter Members (organized 1947)4C41.5 cm textual material
19142020.293 - 3641Ladies Auxiliary Passamaquoddy Branch Receipts 1999 - 20144C41 cm textual material
19152020.293 - 4641Ladies Auxiliary Passamaquoddy Branch 2018 Directory2C41 mm textual material
19162020.293 - 5641Ladies Auxiliary Passamaquoddy Branch Surrender of Charter (2018 - 2019)4C41 mm textual material
19172020.293 - 6641Ladies Auxiliary Passamaquoddy Branch Financial and New Officer Reports 2018-20194C41 mm textual material
19182020.293 - 7641Royal Canadian Legion Passamaquoddy Division Minutes 2018-20194C41 mm textual material
19192020.29318St Andrews Beacon "Dignitaries arrive by Train - Visitors Charmed at Algonquin's Formal Opening," May 12, 1889Hall A50.5 mm textual material
19202020.294842Royal Canadian Airforce Women's Division Scrapbooks by Mrs David Walker2GA4 Scrapbooks containing news clippings of the Women’s Division of the RCAF, including the formation of the Canadian Women's Auxiliary Airforce, actions during the Second World War, notable individuals, and plans for their post war role. Assembled by Mrs D12.5 cm textual and photographic material.
19212020.295 - 1843Rural Schools of Charlotte County ScrapbookScrapbook compiled by Mary Elizabeth Mundie containing news clippings on rural schools of Charlotte County. C. 1935 – 1944.1 cm textual and photographic materials
19222020.295 - 2843Men and Women from Charlotte County in WW2 Scrapbook2G5Scrapbook assembled by Mary Elizabeth Mundie containing news clippings on men and women from Charlotte County serving oversees, missing in action, wounded, killed, or returned home from the Second World War. C 1941 – 19462.5 cm textual material
19232020.295728Mary Elizabeth Mundie Scrapbooks2G51. Scrapbook containing news clippings on rural schools of Charlotte County. C. 1935 – 1944
2. Scrapbook containing news clippings on men and women from Charlotte County serving oversees, missing in action, wounded, killed, or returned home from the Secon
0.5 cm textual material
19242020.29670Algonquin Hotel Ltd. Co. Notice Meeting of Shareholders 19031D2Notice, General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Algonquin Hotel Co. Ltd., January 31, 1904, to discuss lease proposition to Harvey and Wood; operation of the Hotel; repairs and additions; rents; and Directors and Officers of the company.1 card
19252020.297845Canadian Red Cross Society Blood Donor Honor Roll, Second World War, Canadian Cotons Ltd., MilltownC2 D10Honor roll for individuals from Canadian Cottons Ltd. who donated blood during the Second World War. The list includes: Philip Trecartin, Marcus Towers, Fred Talbot, Isabelle Simmon, Charles Verhille, Dehma Voutour, Fred Williston, Alex Armstrong, Mrs EveOne poster
19262020.29892Illustrations of the Music, Arts, and Drama Club by Grace Helen Mowat c. 1934 - 19641F5Illustrations by Grace Helen Mowat of her friends from the St Andrews Music, Arts and Drama Club engaged in their in stage and off-stag antics. Includes: “In the Tempest;” “Returning from a Rehearsal in Bobby Cockburn’s Roadster;” “Vincent Arranges for Ji6 sheet
19272020.299840A.G. Chisholm, General Dealer2G4Letterheads for A.G. Chisholm, General Dealer, St Stephen.0.5 cm textual material
19282020.3209God in Nature Poetry Scrapbook1J2Scrapbook assembled by C.V. Boon containing poetry clippings. God In Nature: “Gardens,” “Trees,” “Flowers,” and other poems. There is an booklet inserted behind the first cover, "Mr Everett St Andrews Polling," containing a list of names with no dates.3 cm textual and visual material
19292020.302833Unidentified Account Books 1920 - 1939 and 1966 - 19724 Cart TopTwo unidentified account books. Possibly from a general store based out of Saint Stephen? 1920 – 1939 and 1952 – 1966. Includes a list of merchants and other businesses, accounts paid out, taxes, investments, and general sales.6.5 cm textual material
19302020.303847Crown Land Grant Index 19884 Cart Top6 cm textual material, 945 pages
19312020.304848Mrs Florence Albert Thomson' Scrapbook4 Cart TopItem is a scrapbook compiled by Mrs Florence Albert Thomson containing new clippings from the St Croix Courier and the Bay Pilot dating c. 1880s – 1930s. Topics contained include: weddings and brides, c. 1887 – 1904; obituaries c. 1896 – 1931; drownings;
19322020.305849Canadian Cottons Ltd. MilltownC1D10Item is block plan for housing for Canadian Cottons Ltd. in Milltown. From the office of William Lyon Sommerville. (Toronto Architects, 1104 Bay Street). Project 556 Drawing A-1. Scale 1” = 50’. 19471 architectural draft
19332020.306850Poster. Maritime Hockey Intermediate Playoffs 1937C2D10Item is a poster for the Maritime Hockey Intermediate Playoffs Championship 1937. Victoria Unions (Champions of P.E.I. and Nova Scotia) vs. Senators (Champions of New Brunswick). The score has been noted on the poster, along with a list of goal scorers. F2 sheets
19342020.30710001784 Land Grant John Barr Esquire Governor of Nova Scotia to John Dunbar and Nehemiah Marks.Copy. 1784 land grant John Barr Esquire Governor and Commander in Chief of Nova Scotia to John Dunbar and Nehemiah Marks. Garden lots. Passamaquoddy, River Scoodick “alias St Croix” (St Stephen). No 157.
19352020.31805Ordways Hall FloorplansC1 D10Floorplans of Ordways Hall (RCMP building), ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, and basement. F.B. Cunningham. Scale 1/2" : 1' 19734 sheets
19362020.311830Renovations and additions for Dr. D.J. Scarratt, Pagan Street.Floor plans and cross-sections, renovations and additions for Dr. D.J. Scarratt (Environmental Studies Junior Deputy Director and Coordinator Biological Station St Andrews, 1972), Pagan Street. Two sheets. No date. 1/4” : 1’ Also included with it a short2 sheets
19372020.31270Algonquin Hotel Renovations 1909C1 D10Floor plans. Algonquin hotel renovations, first, second, third, and fourth floors. 1909.Two sheets
19382020.3130Saint Andrews Beach House for Mr and Mrs EidlitzC1 D10Blueprints, Saint Andrews Beach House for Mr and Mrs Eidlitz by John C. Merrill (Architect, Scarsdale NY). 1957. 10 drawings.10 sheets
19392020.3141000Charlotte County Census Map 1961C2 D 2Map of the 1961 census in Charlotte County, showing the population per city or parish.1 map
1940acc.2020.3151000203.1/8Survey of the First Landowners, St Andrews, NB. St Andrews Civic Trust 1978C2 D5Survey of the First Landowners, St Andrews, NB. Prepared by St Andrews Civic Trust Jan, 1978. Sources "A Plan of the Town of St Andrews, June 1785," by Charles Morris, Surveyor General (British Reference Library, London); "List of Persons Located in the T1 map
19412020.3161000203.1/9Preliminary Survey Champlain Industrial Park 1966Preliminary Property Survey Control. Champlain Industrial Park. Seaboard Surveys Ltd. Plan No 705-0-0. Drawn by A.E. Breau. Surveyed by R. Brown. 1966. 1” = 400’1 map
19422020.3151000203.1/8Survey plan Wilson Estate St Andrews 1991Survey plan Landmark Estates Property Phase I. Wilson Estate, St Andrews. Deed No 114745 book 423 page 255. Survey by R. Carleton Vail. 1991.1 map
19432020.317851The Grand Manan Historian publications, no. V, XI, XII, XIII, XVII, XVIII, XX, XXI, XXII, XXIV2G5The Grand Manan Historian:
No. V: 1938 - The Histort and Settlement of Grand Manan; The Origin and History of the Name Grand Manan
No. XI: 1967 - Grand Manan as Part of the New Dominion (1867)
No. XII: 1968 - The Great Debate of 1877
No. XIII: 1972 - A
5.5 cm textual records
19442020.318851Correspondence, Mr William Thompson, St Stephen.1. Charles Adams, Saint John, to William Thompson, St Stephen. September 30, 1844. Regarding the review of an Act before it is brought to Court.
2. Charles Adams, Saint John, to William Thompson, St Stephen. July 21, 1845. Regarding the situation and
19452020.319852A Journal of a Voyage on Board the barque Royal William from the Port of St Andrews bound the the South Atlantic Ocean by Liburs Washburn. July 18, 1835 – July 24, 1836.Remarks on board the barque Royal William by Liburs Washburn, on a whaling expedition from the port of St Andrews to the South Atlantic Ocean. Contains remarks on the weather, sailing direction and location (latitude and longitude), the crew, repairs to t0.8 cm textual records
19462020.321000203.1/8Survey. Cummings Corner, Chamcook.C2 D5Survey of Cummings Corner, Chamcook. NB topographical series, sheet 5J - C1. 1963. 1" : 400'1 map
19472020.3211000203.1/8Chamcook Lake. Aerial Survey.C2 D5Aerial survey of Chamcook Lake. Black and white photograph. No date. 3/4" : 1 mile.1 map
19482020.3221000203.1/13Survey First Penobscot Grant 1952C2 D5Tracing from aerial surveys. Retracment survey first Pnebscot grant Parish of St Patrick. 1952. 1" : 20 chainsOne Map
19492020.3231000203.1Penobscot Association Grant First Division. Oakbay - Waweig - Elmsville. 1952C2 D2Penobscot Association grant First Division. J-29 Oakbay – Waweig – Elmsville. Surveyed by W. Astermas Vail N.B.L.S. 1952.1 map
19502020.324282Wesley's Thoughts on SlaveryBook. “Wesley’s Thoughts on Slavery,” by Reverend John Wesley, written 1774, published 1839 by Amn. A.S. society, New York.1 cm textual material
19512020.325853Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada. A tourism and trade booklet2G4Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada. A tourism and trade booklet produced by the people and businesses of Grand Manan. It discusses the history, geology, natural history, industry and popular opinions of the island along with tourism information (ie. Where5mm
19522020.326a1000203.1Cadastral map no. 153 St James and St DavidC2 D2Cadastral map no. 154. Shows the basic features of the province along with the boundaries, lot number, and grantee’s name for land granted by the province. These maps are cumulative, showing all grants regardless of date. Parishes St James and St David1 map
19532020.326b1000203.1Cadastral map no. 154 St David, Dumbarton, St Patrick, and St Andrews.C2 D2Cadastral map no. 154. Shows the basic features of the province along with the boundaries, lot number, and grantee’s name for land granted by the province.These maps are cumulative, showing all grants regardless of date. Parishes St David, Dumbarton, St P1 map
19542020.326c1000203.1Cadastral map no. 160 St James, St Stephen, St David, and DufferinC2 D2Cadastral map no. 160. Shows the basic features of the province along with the boundaries, lot number, and grantee’s name for land granted by the province.These maps are cumulative, showing all grants regardless of date. Parishes St James, St Stephen, St1 map
19552020.326d1000203.1Cadastral map no 161. Dumbarton, St David, St Croix, St Patrick, and St Andrews.C2 D2Cadastral map no. 161. Shows the basic features of the province along with theboundaries, lot number, and grantee’s name for land granted by the province.These maps are cumulative, showing all grants regardless of date. Parishes Dumbarton, St David, St Cr1 map
19562020.328854Art & Artists
Two Paintings
3ATopTwo landscape paintings:
1. Helen Haughn – River winding through a field, forest in background; notated on back “Painting by Helen Haughn – My Aunt – Received 8/09”
2. River in foreground, forest in background. Unknown artist, sticker on back says “Wanda
19572020.32972Book – “Spiritual Treasury for the Children of God”1D2: Book – “Spiritual Treasury for the Children of God”. Published in 1809. Owned by Robert Pagan. Passed onto Maria (nee Pagan) DeWolfe in 1820. Passed onto daughter and only surviving child of five Susan Maria Pagan DeWolfe by father, Dr. Edward DeWolfe i20cmx11cmx3.5cm
19582020.334Book on writings/letters of John Fletcher.Book. The first 48 pages are missing. 240 pages total. Contains letters and history of John Fletcher. Possibly 1790’s publication based on design/print elements. Owned by John Wren. Other names inside front cover – Alexander ???12cmx7.5cmx1.7cm
19592020.327510Kiwanis Club Minutes, Financial, Reports, Correspondence, and Events 1964 - 2011Kiwanis Club Minutes, Directors Minutes, Financial, Monthly Reports, Correspondence, Club Bulletins, Club Elections, and Special Events (including Christmas tree planting, and Kiwanis International. Also includes Armstrong Trust Summary. 1964 – 2011. See
1960acc.2020.331466St Andrews Tourism Materials3F4Tourism pamphlets, brochures and booklets: St Andrews by the Sea (brochure); New Brunswick Tour Book (1972); Conley’s Lobster Company brochure, and news clippings on 1974 St Andrews plant fire; 2 postcards, the Algonquin, and Greenock Church. St Andrews G1.8 cm textual and graphic material
19612020.332855Margaret Harriet Scrapbooks#4 CarttopItem is two scrapbooks compiled by Margaret Harriett containing obituaries c.1998-2011, church services, and news clippings pertaining to individuals and events in Charlotte County.
1. Topics included are: Dr John Carl Medcof; Santa Claus; Christmas; Harl
7.5 cm textual and photographic material
19622020.3331000203Heiring Weirs for International Passamaquoddy Fisheries Commission.C2 D1Map. Herring Weirs in Operation in Recent Years. Compiled by Michel Graham for the International Passamaquoddy Fisheries Commission in 1932. From information from the Inspectors of Fisheries and others.1 map
19632020.3361000203.1/9Parish of St Croix Surveyed by E.R. Jamieson 1962C2 D6Parish of St Croix County of Charlotte surveyed by E.R. Jamieson N.B. Land Surveyor. Scale 200 feet to an inch. c. 1962. 2 copies.1 map. 2 copies.
19642020.335478J.C. Medcof's Retirement from the Charlotte County Archives Board. November 1987.3F4Item is an audiotape from J.C. Medcof's Retirement from the Charlotte County Archives Board. November 1987. Tape made at a reception in his hhonour at the Charlotte County Court House and includes an accout of the efforts by Elinor Mawson, volunter worked
19652020.337856Charlotte County Business Development Commission2G4St Stephen: Employment Adjustment and Employment Development Strategy. May 1985; Study to Identify Potential Business Opportunities in Charlotte County – Final Report. December 1988; Town of St Andrews Community Profile. September 1989; Proposal: A Commer8 cm textual material
19662020.3381000Plan of Campobello Island 1883C2 D3Map (copy). Plan of Campobello Island New Brunswick. Granted by the Government of Nova Scotia September 30, 1767. To William Owen, David Owen, Arthur Davies Owen, and William Owen Jr., their heirs an assignees. Surveyed by Francis W. Dean. Drawn by Louis1 map
19672020.339453Oak Bay and Bayside United Baptist Church3F2, C2D10founding principles upon which the United Baptist Convention was formed (pamphlet); Oak Bay United Baptist Church Sunday School Certificate Adult Bible Class 1920; Oak Bay Baptist Church Sunday School Certificate 1949 – 1950; record book, Monday Night Cl1.2 cm textual material
19682020.34450Weatherby Weavings by Jean M ParkerReferenceWeatherby family history for the descendants of David Wetherby and Nancy Campbell of Charlotte County. By Jean M Parker with mentions of Charlotte County, including copies of clippings from the St Croix Courier (1865-1912).1.2 cm textual and photographic material
19692020.3411000203.1/13Land Grant Map, St Patrick Parish. On the road from Saint Andrews to Fredericton. Surveyed by Colin Campbell. Scale 20 chains to an inch. 4 sheets. 1819.C2 D5Copy.
19702020.343752Passamaquoddy Tribal Life and Times in Maine & NB2G3This file consists of two volumes of Passamaquoddy Tribal Life and times in Maine & NB: "Passamaquoddy at the Turn of the Century, 1890-1920" (2002); and “Hard Times at Passamaquoddy, 1921 – 1950” (2003). Written by Donal Soctomah2 volumes, 2.7 cm textual material
19712020.344858Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nation Chiefs: Educational MaterialThis file consists of four files of educational documents produced by the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs: “Moving Toward Implementation: Mi’kmaq, Maliseet And Passamaquoddy Treaty Rights With Respect to Fish” (2001-2002); “Apoqonmluktimk1.8 cm
19722020.345450ReferenceFour publications: "Tercentenary of De Monts' Settlement at St Croix Island" (1904, article); "Naissance de la Nouvelle - France : Pierre Dugua de Mons" (booklet); "Maine Indians: The People of the Early Dawn" (booklet); "Early Families of 'The Mackadavy'4.5 cm textual material
19732020.346107Charlotte County Gaol Inmate Records [Restricted Records]1F5This series consists of records of inmates of the Charlotte County Gaol from c. 1960 - 1975. The documents include RCMP criminal backgrounds, warrants of commitments, medical reports, prisoner property sheets, prisoner purchase orders, parole application54 cm textual material (4 boxes)
19742020.347158St Stephen High School Graduation Excercises 1936It is a leaflet containing St Stephen High school graduation excercises 1936, Gilbert W. Ganong Memorial School. Includes a programme of events, class officers, and class roll.1 sheet
19752020.348466Sheriff Andrews House and Gardens
19762020.349829Proposed Additions to Charlotte County Gaol 20022G4Item is a schematic and a letter from the NB Department of Supply and Services Buildings Group (Deputy Minister G. Stephenson Wheatley, P.Eng.) regarding proposed additions to the Charlotte County Gaol. 2002.
19772020.35223St James Parish History, De Wolfe Corner1J2This series consists of administrative documents including minute books, by-laws, membership lists, charters, accounts, constitutions, attendance books and collection books for the Agricultural Society, Men’s Club, Christian Endeavour Society, and churche21.5 cm textual material
19782020.350(B)728Mary Elizabeth Mundie Scrapbooks4-Cart Top): Collection of scrapbooks assembled by Mary Elizabeth Mundie
1. Scrapbook containing news clippings of deaths in Charlotte County. C. 1934 – 1961
2. Scrapbook of poetry
3. Scrapbook of poetry and hyms, and news clippings on the drowning of Christiana J
12 cm textual material
19792020.351511Spinney Family fonds
Personal Papers
3G5, 3FTopThis fonds consists of the personal papers of the Spinney family, as well deeds and court documents, and flyers, programs, newspapers, scrapbooks, and other gathered by the family (primarily Llewellyn Spinney) relating to local and world events connected10.5 cm textual material
19802008-20202020.352859Honey FondsA collection of documents belonging to Matthew and Shannon Angela Honey related to the operation of their coffee shop "Honeybeans". It includes documents related to the operation of the business and several St. Andrews related documents.
19812020.353620New Brunswick Women’s Institute District No. 10 Charlotte County District Convention 1929 - 19784B4This series consists of the Minutes of the Charlotte County District # 10 Women’s Institute, 1929 – 1977. The minute books usually contain some financial and membership information.10 cm
19822020.354504Public Auction from the estate of William C. van Horne19773G4Item is a catalogue of the public auction from the collection of the late William C. van Horne. Russell L. Bond Auctioneer. March 10, 12, and 13 19772 cm textual material
19832020.35558St. Andrews Standard Vol 21 1954C2D10Item is 8 photocopied pages from the St. Andrews Standard Vol 21, from May 10, 1854 and September 6, 1854.4 laminated sheets
19842020.356378Case on Appeal In the Supreme Court Martha D. McKenzie vs Hugh A. Mcleod and Mary Ann McLeod February 4 1908Item is a published copy of court proceedings: In the Supreme Court (On Appeal) Martha D. McKenzie (Appellant) and Hugh A. McLeod and Mary Ann McLeod (Respondents). Regarding a mortgage sale in St Stephen. 4 February, 1908
19852020.357551Town of St Stephen Board of School Trustees Account Book 1928 - 19383H5Item is an account book for the St Stephen Board of School Trustees from 1928 - 1938, including a record of debit, credit and total balance of the board members: F.B. De Wolfe; H.R. McAuley; B.L. McIntee; F.L. Flagg; K.K. Kennedy; B.S. McLean; and A.E. O'1 book. 1.3 cm textual material
19862020.358713Chignecto Ship Railway researchItem is research by Ruth Spicer on the Chignecto Ship Railway, Henry G.C. Ketchum, and the Baie Verte Canal, including news clippings, photographs, a typed article by Stanley C. Spicer for the CBC, and a booklet "Public Opinion on the Chignecto Ship Railw0.3 cm textual material
19872020.359174Balance Sheet Statements R.J. Conley Company Limited, October 30, 19371I4Item is Balance Sheet Statements of Assets, Liabilities, Capital and Surplus, R.J. Conley Company Limited, St. Andrews N.B. as at October 30, 19375 cm
19882020.36208Correspondence, Robert F. Charlton to Donna Muir Regarding a Last Converstation with Thomas Hutchins on the Murder of Bernice Connors. 2015
19892020.361115Memorial Contract, Augustus, Ada, Elmer, and Marion Greenlaww, St Andrews 19661G5Item is a memorial contract, St Andrews 1966. Mrs Effie Gibson for Augustus Greenlaw (1862 – 1939); Ada Greenlaw (1865 – 1922); Elmer Greenlaw (1885 – 1907); and Marion Greenlaw (1903 – 1919)1 sheet
19901977.113617History of the Anglican Church, St Andrews 19674B4It is two pamphlets: Brief History of the Anglican Church, St Andrews; 100th Anniversary of the present All Saints Church St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Rector the Rev. J.F.N. Jones 19670.5 cm textual material
19911993.028617Deeds no 114 William Townsend to Rector Church Wardens of All Saints Anglican Chapel of Ease Chamcook Parish 1888; No. 115 John Townsend to James A. Townsend, Parish of Saint Andrews; no. 141 Justices of Charlotte County for a Glebe and School 18874B46 sheetsPhotocopies
1992acc.2020.362225Samuel Spencer to Brook Watson, Ship of Loyalist Refugees August 2, 17831J2Item is a copy of a letter from Samuel Spencer, Fort George, Penobscot to Brook Watson, New York. Regarding the Loyalist refugees arriving on a ship from New York on their way to settle land granted them in “Passamaquoddy,” including a list of names of th5 cm
19932020.36341Account book, Town Improvement Association, T. R. Wren treasurer. 1895 - 1896Item is an account book for the Town Improvement Association of St Andrews, in account with T.R. Wren, treasurer. 1895- 1896.1 book, 1.5 cm textual material
19942020.364860Charlotte County Board of Trade Stamps2G4Charlotte County Board of Trade sheet of stamps: “Come and Visit Beautiful Charlotte County NB, Canada” No date.1 sheet
19952020.365428Sheriff Andrews House 200th Anniversary Celebration September 2020