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Audiovisual Gallery

The Charlotte County Archives

Audiovisual Collection

The Charlotte County Archives Audio Visual Collection contains video and audio files of County-wide interest, produced by the Archives, ranging from short “Charlotte County Moments” (on this web site) to archival film records of 20th Century life in St Andrews and around the County. We also have videos donated by producers from across the County.

The Collection also includes 174 hours of indexed recordings of local TV programming from Channel 10 in the 1990s, digitized directly from VHS tapes at CHCOtv. These give a broad perspective on events and prominent people around Charlotte County through that decade.

The Historic Home Movies of St Andrews N.B. series includes 12 hours of amateur movies shot from 1923 to recent times, which have been digitized, processed, edited, and produced with informative voice-over commentaries recorded by current residents. Summaries of these videos are included under the Gallery tab on this website.

The collection also includes over five hours of audio recordings of public lectures delivered at the Court House and Anglican Church Hall and a variety of informal interviews of archival interest.

All files in the Collection are listed in the AV Catalogue and can be experienced at the Archives on request. Many are also available on our Youtube Channel.